Seducing The Virgin Next Door

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Simon was pushing his lawnmower up and down the lawn. He hated cutting the grass. He’d never wanted to buy a house with a lawn in the first place, heck, he hadn’t wanted to buy a house. He’d wanted a penthouse. But his ex-wife had been adamant. She loved gardening; she was going to spend hours making their garden a haven of colours and smells. The bitch had made it into the garden maybe once in their three years in the house. Every week it was the same. Nag, nag, nag to get Simon to cut the grass. And now the bitch had left him with this stupid house that he didn’t want and couldn’t sell because none of the viewers liked his ex-wife’s décor. Simon’s life really sucked.

Well, there was one advantage to mowing the lawn. It gave him an opportunity to ogle Karen, the beautiful redhead next door. She’d caught his eye already three years ago when Simon and his ex-wife moved in and she’d become so much more beautiful in that time. And now she was legal. As Simon came home from work the other day he’d seen balloons and signs shouting out the fact that it was her 18th birthday. He felt a familiar stir in his pants as he watched her. He hadn’t gotten laid in 4 months, he was desperate for pussy and he was sure Karen would be a great lay. She was rather tall, about 5’9″, she had an athletic body that was covered in freckles. Her tits were lovely and firm, somewhere between B and C-cup, he judged. And judging from the miniscule bikini bottoms she insisted on wearing she either shaved completely or left only a tiny little bush. He knew he had to have her.

Karen was watering her mom’s flower baskets when Mr Keller next door called her over. Karen liked Mr Keller. He was younger than the other neighbours, early to mid-30’s, she guessed. He was rather good looking too and she knew that she was going to miss seeing him when he moved.

“Hi Mr Keller,” she smiled.

“Hi Karen,” his eyes met hers. “Do you still make those bags out of people’s old clothes that you used to sell at the craft fair?”

“You bet! It’s made me a lot of money for my college fund over the years.”

“Are you in need of any more clothes to use?”

“I always need more material. I usually go down to the charity shop. Designer labels are particularly popular.”

“Well, my ex-wife left a lot of her old clothes when she took off and I can’t get her to come back and pick them up. I’ve taken a week off work to clear out the house and get it sold so you’d do me a big favour if you’d come over and take what you can use so that I can throw the rest of it out.”


“The sooner the better.”

“OK, let me just lock the doors and I’ll be right over,” Karen skipped into the house and grabbed her material sack and the keys. She was just about to knock on Simon’s door when he opened it. He took her up to the bedroom and opened the closets for Karen to see.

“Wow, Mr Keller,” she gasped when she saw the treasure trove that Simon’s wife had left behind. “You could sell this to the second-hand boutique and make a lot of money.”

“I don’t care about the money,” he said, masking the bitterness in his voice. “I just want to get rid of it and if it can make money for your college fund then at least it’ll do something good.”

“Thank you so much, Mr Keller,” Karen dove straight into the closet again, taking masses of designer wear off the hangers. The contents of the closet filled not only her sack, but also two plastic bags that Simon supplied her with.

“There’s some underwear too,” Simon said and opened one of the underwear drawers.

Karen gasped as she saw the fine silk materials and the beautiful lace. She knew she was going to be able to use the lace, maybe even the silk. She wondered what underwear like that felt like. It was proper grown-up underwear that her mom didn’t let her buy. She took one bra and felt it between her fingers.

“It’s so soft,” she mumbled.

“It’s beautiful,” Simon agreed, imagining what it would be like to buy lingerie for Karen. All the stuff his ex-wife had left behind was lingerie that he’d bought for her.

Karen picked up the bras and put them in her bags and proceeded to the next drawer that was filled with panties. She started picking them up and then she suddenly gasped and stepped back, blushing all over her body.

“What’s the matter Karen,” Simon said, standing right behind her and knowing perfectly well what she’d found.

“Uhm, I think I’m done here, Mr Keller,” Karen stuttered.

“Is it the dildos?” he asked and put his hands on her shoulders.

“Yes,” Karen whispered in reply.

“Have you never seen a dildo before?”

“No, I didn’t think married women kept them.”

“Oh they do,” Simon’s body brushed against Karen’s back now. “There’s nothing sexier for a man to watch his wife fucking herself with a dildo, pleasuring herself before his eyes.”

“Really?” Karen uttered in disbelief. “Some of them are so big.”

“That’s the bahis siteleri size of an erect penis, sweetheart. When a woman is turned on it will fit snugly inside her vagina.”

“Then what are the small ones for?”

“Ah, they spice things up. A woman can for instance wear one of the small ones in her vagina all day, keeping her turned on and desperate for her husband’s dick when she comes home. Or one can lube one of them up and slide it into her ass while fucking, thus increasing her pleasure.”

“In her ass???” Karen turned around and looked at Simon in utter amazement. “Won’t that hurt?”

“Some women swear by it, they can’t get an orgasm without a finger, dildo or dick up their ass.”

Karen looked as though she didn’t believe him. He sat down on the bed and pulled Karen down next to him.

“Have you ever had sex, Karen?” he asked her and caressed her arm.

“No,” Karen blushed. “But some of my friends have and they didn’t say anything about dildos.”

“They’re usually something that come as you learn more about your sexuality, your likes and dislikes. Are you curious about sex?”

“A little,” she admitted, looking more and more uncomfortable with the situation.

Simon leaned forward and caressed her lips with his. She responded willingly until he slipped his tongue between her lips. She pulled away.

“Mr Keller,” she protested. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Please Karen, call me Simon. Mr Keller makes me feel so old,” Simon replied and continued placing little kisses on her lips while holding on to her arms, thus preventing her from standing up.

“Simon, stop! This isn’t right.”

“Oh yes it’s right!” Simon’s hand found its way between her thighs and his thumb felt her slit through the thin fabric of her bikini bottoms. “I want it and I can feel that you want it too.”

Karen couldn’t deny it. She wanted him to kiss her, to touch her, but that didn’t mean that it was something she should let him do.

“But I’m a virgin,” she whispered as her last defence as Simon pulled one of her breasts out of the bikini bra and started sucking on her erect nipple.

“I know you are,” he said against her soft breast. “That’s why it’ll be so special. I’ll teach you how a man should really give pleasure to a woman, not how inexperienced teenage boys do it. I don’t have to fuck you if you don’t want me to. You can still leave here a virgin.”

Simon knew that he was going to make her beg him to pop her cherry before she left here today, but she didn’t need to know that. He pulled off her bikini bra and caressed her tits and watched her face. She was debating with herself. He moved in and started kissing her again, kissing her doubts away.”

“OK, Simon,” she gasped.

“What’s that, honey?” he had to hear it.

“I want you to do whatever you want to do. But no fucking.”

Simon pulled off her bikini bottoms and positioned Karen on the middle of the bed. He’d been right, she shaved completely. She was so beautiful. So ripe and ready for the taking. But this time he was going to have to take it slowly. He pulled his clothes off and smiled as Karen gasped at his hard 8 inches. He was every bit as big as the dildos she’s just seen and his cock-head was glistening with pre-cum. He crawled up and kneeled next to Karen’s face.

“Taste me, honey,” he smiled. “Take my cock in your mouth and taste it.”

She parted her lips tentatively and he pressed his cock against them, soon slipping inside her warm mouth. He felt her tongue getting acquainted with the swollen mushroom at the end of his shaft and he had to resist an urge to start fucking her mouth. He slowly pulled out and winked at her when he saw the disappointment in her face. She’d enjoyed her first taste of cock.

He lay next to Karen and started caressing her. With his hands on her tits he started kissing her. He soon moved his lips down her neck to her tits and his hands found their way down her stomach to her pussy. He parted her legs with his hand and his finger rubbed up and down her wet slit. She gasped as his finger found its way between her swollen pussy lips and onto her aching clit. He gently circled it with his finger, mimicking the motion of his tongue around her nipple. Her body bucked, she raised her hips to feel more of him, wanting his finger to slide into her hungry cunt. Her pussy was tingling with the new sensations and she soon started moaning with pleasure.

Simon kneaded her wonderful tits with his hands as he moved himself down between her legs. For a moment Karen was going to protest, thinking that he was going to fuck her after all, but he leaned forward and pressed his lips against her pussy. He kissed the wet lips and slid his tongue through. She tasted sweet, innocent and very horny. He started lapping up her juices. She could feel the rough texture of his tongue against her slippery folds and she started tweaking her nipples, pulling them in all directions, canlı bahis trying to deal with the pleasurable feelings that Simon was giving her.

Soon Simon’s tongue slipped inside her virgin hole. Karen gasped with surprise and satisfaction as she finally felt something other than her own inexperienced fingers in her most intimate place. Simon started tongue fucking her. Slowly at first, but then he placed a finger by her nub and rubbed it as his tongue slid in and out of her at an ever increasing speed. Karen was panting. She didn’t know how much more of this she could take.

Then she gave in. With a desperate cry of utter happiness Karen’s body shook uncontrollably as she came in wave upon wave. Her cunt contracted hard, but Simon kept fucking it with his tongue. The young virgin was panting on his bed when Simon crawled up and kissed her with his pussy juice covered lips.

“Did you enjoy that, honey?” he asked with a smile.

“Oh, it was wonderful,” she said. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” he winked at her and pressed his cock against her side.

“What, uhm, how, errr, your…” Karen pointed at his bone hard shaft.

“Would you mind sucking it so that I can cum too?” he said sweetly, wanting desperately to shove it up her cunt.

“OK,” she said keenly. “How do I do it?”

“Straddle my chest and lean forward. Take my cock in your mouth and suck on it as if it was a popsicle.”

Karen straddled his chest, unknowingly opening up her ass and her wet cunt to Simon’s eyes again. She opened her mouth wide and closed it over his thick cock head, tasting even more pre-cum now. She felt her way with her tongue as she slowly sucked him as deep into her throat as she could. She started bobbing her head up and down, tasting every inch of him as it slid in and out. She played around with her tongue and caressed Simon’s balls and was met by a satisfied moan.

Simon was fully enjoying himself. His cock was being seen to by a very enthusiastic virgin mouth and his eyes were treated to the ever wetter virgin slit. He reached up and started caressing her sweet ass. With his fingers he pulled her pussy lips apart and watched the juices drip from her hole. She loved sucking his cock. Her cunt wanted more. So did he. He slid a finger inside her wet cunt and lubricated it liberally. He then pressed it against her puckered asshole and slid it inside. Karen stopped sucking his cock and sat up, forcing his finger deeper inside her ass. Simon started rubbing her clit with his other finger.

“What are you doing Simon?” she asked and moaned as the pleasure that his fingers were giving her spread to the pit of her stomach.

“I’m showing you how good sex between two adults can be,” he said, not stopping his finger action. “Men my age know all the tricks of how to please a woman, no matter how inexperienced.”

“It feels so good,” Karen moaned. “I didn’t think it would.”

“Your cunt is dripping, babe,” Simon said softly. “You’re so unbelievably wet.”

“I know, please make me cum again.”

“I’m not hungry enough to eat more pussy right now,” he said and stopped stroking her clit.

“Then… maybe… how about…”

“What are you trying to say Karen?” he teased her ass some more and was rewarded with a frustrated groan from the virgin.

“Maybe if you’re very careful…”


“Maybe we should fuck…”

“Do you want me to fuck you?”


“Do you want me to fill your tight virgin cunt with my big, thick cock?”


“Then say it. You won’t get it unless you ask for it.”

“Please fuck me, Simon.”

“What was that?”

“Please take me. Take my wet cunt with your big cock!”

Simon pulled his finger out of Karen’s ass and quickly whipped her around on her back. He placed himself between her legs, letting his cock get lubricated by sliding up and down her wet slit. He lowered himself on her, sucking on her tits and then kissing her. His cock head found its own way into her slit. He rested for a while and then pressed forward, making his way inside her hole. She gasped as the swollen mushroom opened her cunt wider than anything ever before. He stopped and let her adjust to his size. Then he slowly slid further inside until he reached her barrier. He could feel her tensing up; this was going to hurt her. He pulled out slightly and placed her legs across his shoulders, giving him more control over her movements, enabling him to pin her down if necessary.

Without warning Simon then slammed his cock into Karen’s virgin cunt. The pain ripped through her and she cried out. She wanted it to stop but she couldn’t move under Simon’s body and her cries were muffled as he leaned forward to kiss her while his thick meat was splitting her cunt apart. Then the weirdest thing happened. The pain went away. Karen stopped moaning in pain and started panting for more. She tried to move her hips upwards to get more of güvenilir bahis Simon’s cock inside her cunt. He recognised her movements as those of a very horny little slut and he grinned to himself as he started pumping her cunt. He slid in and out. Each time he moved faster and harder and deeper. Each time he slammed into her clit and his balls slapped her wet ass.

The bed was rocking with their movements. Karen panted louder and louder and Simon gyrated his hips when his cock was buried in her tight cunt, making her feel every inch of meet that was filling her. He knew that he could release any time now, but he was far from done yet. This was an exercise in self control and he was the champion. He was going to fuck this girl good. He was going to ruin her for any other guy. His cock was going to make her beg to be his slut.

Karen’s breathing got heavier. She recognised that she was going to cum soon.

“I’m gonna cum,” she panted.

“Cum for me, baby,” he replied. “Cum while I fuck your horny little cunt.”

Her moans got louder and then she shrieked as an orgasm infinitely more powerful than the previous one took over her body. Simon’s long, hard and deep strokes didn’t stop once as her cunt squeezed him hard in a thirsty action for his sperm. As soon as she was done cumming he pulled out and dragged her onto the floor with him. He made her stand facing the bed and then he pushed her upper body forward so that her ass and dripping cunt were available to him. He was tempted to take her ass, but he realised that she was not ready for that yet. He slammed into her gaping hole and buried himself in her warmth once again.

Karen gasped as she felt the hard cock sliding even deeper inside her. She felt his hands cupping her tits as his balls slammed into her wet clit and she looked to the side where there were mirrors on the wardrobe doors. The image of her neighbour with her tits in hand and his cock sliding in and out of her from behind was so deprived, and such a turn-on. She loved what they were doing. She wanted more and more. He tweaked her nipples hard and pulled her tits, but there was no pain. It was all pleasure from Simon now. He was fucking her like a man possessed. His cock owned her cunt. His cock could bring her pleasure and he was in control of it. His face was even more concentrated than before.

He couldn’t hold back much longer. Now was the time to make her explode into her final and most powerful orgasm. He released one of her tits and started lubricating his finger by teasing her engorged clit. When she was looking into the mirror he smiled and took his finger from her pussy. Just as her face told him that she was wondering what he was going to do he put his finger against her asshole and slid it inside. She opened her mouth in protest, but the pleasure of having both holes filled soon took over and she shrieked out. Her body started shaking and once again her cunt convulsed around his thick cock. Finally, the time had come. He roared out as he let go and his body shook while he shot out load after load after load straight up her tight cunt that was milking him for every drop.

Simon pulled out and they collapsed on the bed again. They were both covered in sweat and panting heavily. Simon was the first one to recover. He caressed her tit and looked into her eyes.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“I loved it. Thank you Simon.”

“My pleasure. Do you want to do it again?”

“Again? I need a nap after this!”

“I didn’t mean now. I meant that maybe you could sneak out tonight and come on over. I wouldn’t mind getting a chance to teach you more about your sexuality.”

“I’d love that.”

“Maybe I’ll have some nice gifts for you once you’ve learnt to satisfy me.”

“You weren’t satisfied now?”

“It was nice, but you’ll learn to do better.”

“Oh please, promise you’ll teach me.”

“I promise. As long as you keep coming over to fuck me and don’t fuck anyone else, I’ll teach you how to satisfy me completely.”

“I promise, Simon. I promise. I want to make you happy.”

“Good girl. Now get dressed and go home. Your parents will be home soon and you need a shower.”

Karen put her bikini back on and Simon smiled as he saw the little bruises that were starting to appear all over her body. She’d soon learn to mask the telltale signs of fucking. He lay back, completely satisfied and smiled at his own genius. Karen was going to make a good little mistress for him.

Karen came back that night, and every day that week. She eagerly participated in his games as he made her go for hours on end with dildos in her cunt before he fucked her. She became more and more dependant on his cock. When Simon had sold his house and moved it was time for her to go away to college. On the eve of her departure she announced that she wasn’t going to go to her chosen college, but she was going to go to the one in the city down the road. Her parents paid for her dorm room, but she never set foot in the dorm. On Simon’s request she moved into his penthouse apartment and became his mistress. Simon soon discovered that he had a particular fetish for pregnant 18-year olds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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