Seductress in the Window

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Since turning 30, I have been more focused on maintaining and improving my good health and my youthfulness so I began to take up running on a regular basis. I would routinely run out of my neighborhood, about a 1/2 mile down to two other neighborhood courts and then I would make my final destination a short little cul-de-sac of custom homes with beautifully tendend gardens and then I would head back home.

I always liked this run because it kept me out of traffic and I could make each court a small victory in and of itself. However, for the past several months that I had been running, I would always be anxious to get to the fourth and final court because I knew that I would hopefully get a chance to see the gorgeous girl who lived at the second house from the end.

I would run pretty much at the same time in the morning every day and, during the summer months, it became pretty obvious that we were both intending to keep our scheduled time so that she was there when I’d come by her house. Over the past several weeks, when I’d run by, she’d be out on the lawn either laying out in her bikini, walking around in her stunningly sexy, black Ralph Lauren knit dress, or just be out washing her car or taking care of her flowers. We had exchanged glances many times and had even gotten to the point where we would wave and make brief, friendly comments to each other as I passed by her house.

As the summer progressed, I started to find myself getting horny when I would leave on the run. The anticipation of seeing her outside in one of her sexy outfits provided me with more than enough incentive to keep up with my running schedule. Throughout my daily run, I became so accustomed to seeing her that I would begin to guess the type of cute little outfit she would be wearing that day. It was with no surprise that as I’d get closer to her house, my cock would begin to stir with anticipation. I wondered if the bulge in my gym shorts would be noticeable as I would be approaching her house but the incredible rush of anticipation provided me with the drive to be able to push myself to finish my route.

It was on a quiet Friday morning as I was getting toward finishing my run when I came down her street. Hoping to see her, I could feel the adrenaline surge through my body. As I neared the end of her court, I didn’t see her outside and was beginning to feel pretty let down. As I got to the front of her house, however, I slowed my pace, hoping that she would be on her way out. As I did this, I looked up and there I saw her…inside what appeared to be her bedroom standing full view in the picture window.

I brought myself to a stop, bending over to catch my breath, I looked up at her and saw her standing, naked, and looking back down at me. I straightened myself up, watching her as she ran her tongue over her Trabzon Escort lips and her hand caressed her firm breast. My cock immediately started to stiffen and I wiped the sweat from my face. She lifted her vibrator in the window so that I could see it as she lifted her leg onto the ledge of her window sill. She placed the gold tone sex toy in her mouth, softly closing her eyes and sucking on it as if it were my own throbbing cock. I watched her as she then turned it on and began to run the wet tip of it over her firm breast and around her hard nipple. “God!” I thought to myself, “how I wanted to be that golden sex rod!”

At this point, I reached down to my gym shorts where my long, thick, rock hard cock was poking out under the shorts and I grasped my shaft to help control it. I was standing at the end of the quiet court, starting to stroke my cock and oblivious to everything around me except the sight of the gorgeous beauty standing in her window. I watched as she guided the vibrator over her stunning breast and down her taut stomach. She placed the tip of the vibrator over her tiny patch of tufted hair and she circled her clit with the vibrating sex toy.

I watched as she thrust her pussy forward and used her left hand to part her glistening lips. Taking the gold fuck toy, she began to guide the head along her dripping wet slit. Up and down she guided the toy along her opening…covering the vibrator in her love juice. At this point, I pulled my cock completely outside of the leg of my gym shorts and I begin circling the head of my knob, rubbing the precum around the ridge between the shaft and head of my cock. I felt myself becoming slick in my own fluid.

Watching me enjoying her show, she began to guide the vibrator back up along her wet opening, circling her engorged clit with her free hand massaging her breast. I imagined the taste and feel of her erect nipple in my mouth as I took my other hand to fondle my smooth shaven balls. Soon I began to clasp my left hand around my shaft wishing it were the silky, wet walls of her love tunnel. She continued to run her tongue over her lips watching me with lust as I publicly jerked my rock hard cock at the sight of her fucking herself with her golden love toy.

My breath quickens as I watch her sliding the golden shaft inside of her dripping pussy….sliding it in and out. I imagine that it is my own rock hard tool being sucked up inside of her, feeling her warm wetness as she clenches my shaft and refuses to let me out. I began stroking harder and faster at the sight, my heart pounding as I watched her thrust the vibrator deeper and faster inside of her. As she slides the toy out of herself, she slowly turned around in the window, bending over revealing her gorgeous ass. I watched her reach up and between her spread legs, Escort Trabzon guiding the vibrator deep inside of her wet pussy. I try to pace myself as I continue to stroke my cock, straining to not blow my load in the middle of the road.

My stroking quickens as she fucks the toy harder and faster. She repeatedly rocks her hips down hard on the fuck toy as I watch her beginning to cum. Slowing her pace, she slides the toy dick out of her and turns around, facing me again. I watch in awe as she takes the dripping wet vibrator to her mouth. She slides it over her parted lips as she opens her mouth and her tongue begins to bathe her juices off of the shiny toy. My cock is raging and ready to explode when I see her looking at me with her sultry eyes, she takes her fore finger and motions me inside…

I walk up to the open door and surge ahead, not knowing my way. I find a flight of stairs and quickly ascend to the upper floor. I can practically taste her as I can smell the sex in the air. I come upon the master bedroom where I see her laying on her bed. Her stunningly naked body waiting for me.

I kick my shoes off, peel off my socks and slide out of my gym shorts and ripped t shirt. As I jump onto the bed, I grab her knees and guide her sexy legs apart. My tongue is instantly out and running along the inside of her silky, soft thigh. I make my way toward the promised land, running my tongue over the flesh between her pussy and her tight ass. Her smell is intoxicating as my tongue darts out and the tip of it slides up along her already parted lips. The taste of her makes my cock surge to unprecedented proportions. I clasp her hands with mine as I trace my tongue over her erect love button. Pressuring it and gently sucking on her clit, I feel her buck her hips up toward my mouth as my tongue traces circles over her clit. My head and tongue moving up and down in rhythm with her fucking motion. I feel her begin to cum and my mouth craves to taste her juices Her pussy fucking my mouth faster and harder, I begin to feel her creamy wetness surge out from deep inside of her. I take my tongue and press it deep into her hole. Her hands squeezing mine harder as I probe deeper inside of her pussy. My tongue fucking her tunnel as my mouth wraps around her mound. I am covered in her cum as she envelopes my face with her hot, wet pussy.

Taking my wet face, I began to run my tongue over her mound, up her stomach, circling her belly button, and running it up over the peaks of her delicious breasts. Tracing my tongue up from the bottom of her breast to her nipple and feeling it’s stiffness in my mouth as I had only imagined minutes earlier. Her juices covering my face, I draw my tongue over her neck to her chin. I gently lick her bottom lip and feel her body surge with a sexual energy, Trabzon Escort Bayan ready to be fucked again.

My mouth covers hers and my tongue reaches inside, I am mixing our fluids and letting her taste her sweet juices as I passionately kiss her as she had never been kissed before. As we kiss, I feel her reaching under me, grabbing my pulsating shaft. The feel of her pullling on my cock begins to relieve some of the tension.

Suddenly, I feel her move to flip me over onto the bed and see her as she rises onto her knees and straddles me. My huge cock still in her hand as she tugs on my shaft. She moves down to lean over and her tongue expertly circles the swollen head of my rod. The pre cum oozing out, I feel a surge of excitement as I watch her put the glistening pre cum on the tip of her tongue, licking her lips and swallowing it down.

Rising up on her knees, she guides the head of my throbbing cock beneath her willing fuck hole. As she lowers herself, I feel her using my cock like a dildo as she guides it between her wet lips. I watch her slide my cock back and forth, smearing my pre cum over the opening of her wet pussy. Suddenly….she drops down, impaling herself on my rock hard pole. She leans over me, her brown and blonde highlighted hair dropping around her face, I feel her rise and lower as she uses me as her living fuck toy. Her tits hanging in front of me and my hands wrapped around her ass, I am able to run my mouth over her nipples as she lowers herself again and again.

She continues fucking herself faster and faster. Leaning back, she uses her fingers to rub her clit as I watch my cock re-emerge and then disappear ever deeper inside of her. As she feels me build into a near crescendo, she stops, pulls me out and leans down to take my dick deep into her mouth. I watch as she sucks her juices off of my cock keeping me ready to explode.

Looking at me, she tells me that she wants me to fuck her until her pussy is overflowing with my hot cum. She gets on her hands and knees and I get behind her. I take one long lick of her wet pussy with my tongue as I get up on my feet and press my pulsating shaft deep inside of her gaping hole. I begin fucking her so hard I can’t stop myself. All of this build up has made my balls ache for a mind blowing release.

As I fuck her pussy, I reach around her hips and use my middle finger to rub her clit. She gasps with each thrust and tells me to fuck her harder and faster. As I plunge deeper and faster inside I feel her pussy contract on my cock, fighting to not let me out. My balls slamming into her with each penetrating drive and her hips rocking against my cock as we fuck each other like wild animals. I begin to feel her cum as her pussy grabs my cock into her deepest recesses and I feel my own hot, thick, ropey sperm shoot deep inside of her as I am overcome in my own orgasm. I thrust deeper and shoot my spunk, wad after wad, filling her pussy just as instructed. We finally fall over together, my cock still inside but beginning to recede. I feel my cum mixed with hers as it slowly oozes out and we kiss…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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