Serafina Joins the Local WI… Ch. 02


Soon after she moved into the sleepy Gloucestershire village of Brompton Regis, Serafina found herself at rather loose end. The slow pace of charming country life was a far cry from her exotic paradise home of Basse Terre in the idyllic island paradise of Guadaloupe, where she met her new husband, the eccentric philanthropist Professor Montgomery Havelock.

Despite the almost twenty year age gap, part of her fell in love with the silly old man who, for a 62 year old, still had plenty of lead in his pencil as she found out on their first night together. Well he did meet at her place of work – the Black Cockerel Burlesque Club! But it wasn’t just her fantastic breasts, her Basque and stockings he fell in love with. Serafina reminded him of his dearly departed wife… and also reminded him of things he had almost forgotten, the stirring a man gets in his loins when he meets a beautiful woman.

‘How could she refuse a dinner invitation on his yacht? What could possibly happen?’ she asked herself. Her eyes almost fell out of their sockets when she was helped on deck of ‘The Searcher’ by a very handsome member of his crew. ‘His little boat…? It was a bloody floating palace!’ she thought as she took in the grandeur of the seventy foot ocean-going scientific exploration vessel.

Later that night, as they stood by the aft-rail enjoying a Mojito (her favourite drink) Serafina found out exactly how much pent-up sexual frustration a man can possess! She had never been taken on the deck of a ship… by the Captain.. before! What he slightly lacked in sexual stamina he more than made up for in his caresses, his charm, his attentiveness to her every need. And he reminded her of her favourite actor, Harrison Ford, another dishy older guy. She realised, after that first night, that she had hit the jackpot. No more prancing around on a stage for her.

The cruise home had been something straight out of a fairy-tale for her. Monty attended to most of her needs slavishly, and everyone on the ship fell in love with this exotic coffee coloured creature. Monty was, however, unaware of his new love’s darker side. Serafina wasn’t just a Burlesque dancer par excellence, she was an avid practitioner of voodoo and was also an insatiable dominatrix. As the ship’s chef found out one night.

After another sumptuous banquet of the finest seafood she had ever tasted, Serafina was in the mood for a party. Professor Havelock left his soon to be new wife to it as he had some urgent research to finish in his study. Two or three of the crew entertained her royally on the upper deck, one of them broke out a guitar and they sang and danced the moon-lit night away. Soon, they were joined by a very grumpy chef, who always complained about having to wash an army of dinner plates whilst everyone else partied. But all was put right as the chef downed a pint of finest Belgian lager.

Two or three later Serafina found herself and the chef alone on the after deck. The chef was busy fixing another Mojito for her when Serafina pounced, her hands wrapped around the crispy white uniform, surprising the chef, who turned wide-eyed.

‘What the fuck!…I didn’t know you liked m….’ The chef’s response was cut short as Serafina kissed the chef full on the lips. ‘Mmmm.. that felt nice. Very nice Miss H.’ the chef panted.

‘I want to fuck you.’ Serafina stated boldly. ‘I’ve never fucked a chef before.’

‘But what about the Professor…’ the chef started to say.

‘This.’ Serafina said urgently, ‘This is what I want right now!’ Without further ado she tugged impatiently at the buttons on the chef’s crisp white jacket. ‘Hmmm… now that’s much better…’ Serafina said satisfyingly, as she took in the delicious sight of Monique’s breasts heaving under her flimsy black lace bra.

‘Not here!’ Monique ordered, ‘Follow me.’ Serafina happily followed Monique’s heaving breasts to the galley… the chef’s personal space. Facing the pretty blonde girl, Serafina slipped a finger inside her low-cut vest and slipped her right breast out. She sensed Monique’s pulse quicken.

‘Bite my nipple!’ she ordered. The chef, wide eyed, obeyed immediately. As her nipple was being deliciously sucked and bitten, she slipped her hands down the back of Monique’s crisp white trousers. ‘Hmmm… Now I want to see your panties!’ Monique obliged, quickly shedding her trousers which she awkwardly stepped out of. She coolly appraised Monique, standing in front of her like a naughty school girl about to be punished.

She roughly grabbed her and span her around, forcing her over the spotless stainless-steel work-top. Monique gasped in anticipation as she felt Serafina’s fingers re-arranging her panties.

‘Yes, yes! Much better no?’ Serafina enquired of the breathless chef, whose creamy white bottom was now fully exposed, deliciously high-lighted by her wicked black panties, which she was now wearing like a thong.

‘Ow!’ Monique’s luscious bottom quivered as Serafina administered a sharp slap. ‘What was that for?’

‘Just because…’

‘Ow! Because what?’ the now helpless Monique demanded.

‘Because you have a perfect bottom for spanking.’

‘Ow! Serafina eyed the array of kitchen tools dangling in front of her. She selected one.

‘Ow! Fuck! That really hurt!’ Monique tried to turn around, catching a glimpse of a stainless-steel spatula descending towards her sore bottom. She closed her eyes and winced in expectation. ‘Ow! You fucking bitch! Again! Oooohhh.’

Monique’s last expression was caused by the heavenly sensation of having her nipples expertly teased by Serafina’s merciless fingers. ‘Oh my god!’

Monique then felt a very different sensation, as Serafina deftly changed her position, bending behind the helpless prostrate gorgeous blonde chef. Monique felt Serafina’s tongue exploring her now very wet panties. She felt her fingers spreading the cheeks of her sore, reddened bottom wide apart to allow her tongue uninterrupted access to the soaking wet gusset of her black lace panties.

Serafina’s tongue expertly teased Monique’s swollen pussy through her wet panties, making her moan with delight. She felt Serafina’s fingers slip inside her panties once again, pulling them roughly to one side. Lying over the kitchen work-top, she was now fully exposed. ‘What on earth would this gorgeous coffee coloured bitch do next?’ She didn’t have to wait long to find out…