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Serena had been our babysitter for four or five years now. As you can imagine I’d grown to know her quite well in that time. She’d started as a polite young lady (for a teenager), morphed into a surly brat who still managed to get on well with the kids, and finally crystallised into a refined young lady who was a credit to her parents.

Watching her walk up the drive it registered with me that she really was an adult now, probably around nineteen. It was odd as I’d always considered her to be the fifteen year old kid I’d first met.

It seemed to me that she has a bit of a sensuous sway to her hips as she strolled along, a way of moving that drew a man’s attention, and that was on top of her other characteristics. A blue eyed blonde with what I decided was a truly startling chest development. Surely she hadn’t had boobs like that last time she was here?

She was wearing a black flared a-line skirt and a loose v-neck peasant blouse. (That information was given to me by my wife when I asked what the fuck Serena was wearing? The reason I’d asked was because I thought that skirt was way too short for her and the blouse far too loose. Really, if she bent over anyone in front of her would have an amazing cleavage view while anyone behind was going to a different but just as amazing view. Actually, when Serena saw me waiting for her she smiled and seemed to throw her shoulders back a little. This promptly demonstrated that that blouse was not too loose in one specific area.)

Almost as soon as Serena was in the house little Mike made a bee-line for her, holding out his hands to be picked up. Serena, naturally enough, smiled and bent down to pick him up, proving me both right and wrong about the view from the front. I could see down her top easily enough but cleavage only applies if you’re wearing a bra, and she wasn’t. For a second or two I got a full view of a pair of very nice breasts, and then she had Mike in her arms and was standing up again.

“Are you going to tell me where the others are?” she asked Mike who crowed and pointed. Nodding to me she went trotting of with Mike, totally oblivious to the fact that he was holding on to the v-neck of that blouse, thereby exposing almost all of one breast and most certainly exposing one nipple.

(It was at this point that I’d asked my wife what the fuck Serena was wearing and she’d told me, seeming vastly amused by the incident.)

I was just stooging around, doing nothing while Margaret finished packing her bag. She was flying to stay with her mother for a couple of days as both her parents had the flu and needed someone there while they recovered. Damned if I knew why they didn’t take flu shots. Margaret and I did.

I wandered down to the playroom to see how Serena and the kids were getting on, not that I expected to find any problems. She always got on very well with them. As soon as I reached the playroom Serena demonstrated I’d been right and wrong about the rear view as well. She was bending over and that silly little skirt had ridden up as expected but, and it was a big but, for panties to show in a situation like that you needed a certain amount of panties. What my view actually encompassed was effectively a bare bottom with just a hint of material running down between her buttocks. Discretion seemed to be the order of the day and I beat a fast retreat.

As soon as Margaret was ready we were in the car Niğde Escort and heading for the airport. The traffic was reasonable but it still took us forty minutes to get there. Margaret checked in on time and then it was a case of wait for the flight to be ready. Who invented the asinine rule that passengers had to check in an hour before the flight time? Silliest rule I ever heard of. Eventually the passengers started boarding, I kissed Margaret goodbye, and faced the journey home.

Typical of any long trip. The time I’d saved on the way in was lost on the way home. An hour and twenty minutes to do the return trip and there’s our government blathering on about how good the infrastructure was. You don’t see government types driving through crowded suburbs so how the hell would they know how good the infrastructure was or wasn’t?

I am a competent driver but that doesn’t mean I’m a happy driver. I just plain don’t like driving. After what was effectively two hours on the road and a long boring wait in the middle I was feeling a little bit narked and greatly relieved to be home.

I let myself into the house. The kids would have been asleep long ago and I guessed Serena was watching TV. I could hear it playing quietly in the front room. I strolled in and there was Serena curled up on the couch watching Chucky. An unusual film for her to watch, I thought, but to each his or her own. I moved quietly up behind her and as the suspense built I dropped my hand onto her head.

She gave a squeal and finished up on the far side of the room, sitting on the floor and looking around. She finally focused on me.

“You. . . You. . .” she spluttered, getting to her feet and flouncing back to the couch and dropping onto it, hand held against her breast.

“That was so uncalled for. You scared the hell out of me,” she snapped.

“Just letting you know I was home,” I said innocently. “I hadn’t realised you were of such a nervous disposition.”

She pointedly ignored me, turning to continue watching the film. I settled onto the couch beside her.

I had no ulterior motives. I was just keeping her company for the duration of the film, after which she’d be off home. I sat and watched and the next scary bit had her edging closer to me. She actually edged so close to me that I moved my arm around her, letting her snuggle up. She had one hand on my thigh, clutching me tightly every so often.

I’d never found Chucky particularly scary, rather amusing if pushed to describe it. Serena, on the other hand, was getting right into the mood of the film, enjoying being scared. What I did find distracting was that every so often Serena would lean forward a little, the neck line of her blouse would gape, and I’d have an excellent view of her breasts.

After this happened several times I waited for the next occurrence and when she leaned forward I reached over and slipped my hand down into her blouse, cupping and stroking her breast.

Her reaction? Zilch. Not a sign that I was fondling her breast. Oh, the hand gripping my thigh might have tightened a very little but that could just have easily be because Chucky popped up. I shrugged and kept on playing with my new toy.

After a few moments I realised that she did have a reaction (apart from her nipple puckering up). She stayed where she was, leaning a little forward so that my access wasn’t hindered Niğde Escort Bayan by her top tightening when she straightened up.

I contemplated the situation while observing Serena. Her breast felt very nice but my position was just a little uncomfortable. Her blouse, as I’d earlier noticed, was a bit on the loose side. It was also not tucked into her skirt making it a simple matter for me to extract my hand from the top of her blouse and slide it up from the bottom. This was far more comfortable and permitted me freer access to both breasts.

Serena still didn’t say anything though she did seem to move a little restlessly. I’m sure that it was just coincidence that those restless movements resulted in her hand sliding along my thigh a little until the back of her hand was pressing against an unseemly bulge in my trousers. I ignored her hand and it appeared that her hand was ignoring any movement from within that bulge.

If you don’t ask you don’t get has always been my philosophy not that the asking had to be verbal. Sign language is quite good and I thought putting my hand on her thigh was a useful sign. My hand dropped away from her breasts, settled on her thigh, and then drifted up under her skirt. It didn’t have to drift very far where that skirt was concerned before it found itself in interesting territory.

Her knees were together so I just lightly pressed between her upper thighs and waited. The next time Chucky appeared on screen she gave a little squeak and pressed closer to me, her legs moving slightly apart. Animal that I am I took advantage of this fact, my hand darting into the space provided and started rubbing her crotch.

I decided that I didn’t like the feel of her panties so I hooked a finger under them and moved them to one side, not that there was much in the way of material to move. With that done I resumed the gentle rubbing that I’d been doing, the only difference being that it was on her naked flesh.

As far as I was concerned she was warming up nicely and I was looking forward to my reward. She finally broached the subject.

“Um, just how far do you intend going?” she asked, sounding a little breathless.

“Well,” I said, being all considerate and all that, “I don’t intend to do anything until the video is finished. Once it’s finished I’m going to lay you on the floor and make love to you in a most energetic fashion.”

“Oh, really,” she said, sounding just a trifle narked. “And what happens if I say no?”

“Irrelevant,” I pointed out, “as you have no intention of saying no. Why don’t you unzip me and check out what you’re doing to me?”

“I can say no if I want to,” she protested.

“Mmm,” I said in way of agreement. “Are you going to unzip me?”

“No,” she snapped. “I’m watching the video.”

She turned her attention back to the screen but a couple of minutes later I could hear her softly swearing as she slid my zip down. With that done her hand slipped in and captured her prize, holding it quite firmly. Her hand idly explored, while I felt like swearing myself. For the next ten minutes while the Chucky came to its conclusion she played with me. Fair enough, I suppose, as I continued to play with her.

As soon as the credits for the film started to roll I was on my feet, pulling her to hers as well. I had her blouse up and over her head in nothing flat with her skirt and panties Escort Niğde not staying on for much longer. With that done I was easing her down to the floor, dropping my trousers and leaning over her, my erection slapping against her tummy. For the first time she seemed a little hesitant, nervous even. I stayed right where I was, doing nothing. She couldn’t stand it.

“What are you doing?” she finally asked.


“What for?” she demanded, sounding a trifle narked.

“For you to steer me into position, of course,” I said softly.

She looked shocking. A ‘you’re kidding’ expression flashed across her face, followed by an irritated glare. She reached down, grabbing hold of me, her other hand moving between her legs. She fiddled for a few moments, swearing while she did so. I gathered that she’d never had to initiate the action before. Understandable. Most boys her age would just leap on her with a wild cry and start humping for all they were worth, not wanting to wait while she got ready.

As soon as she had me in position I drove firmly into her, feeling her buck under me, pushing up to meet me with a cry of, “Yessss”. I have to admit that I felt like yelling the same thing. My cock was so rigid that if I’d had to wait much longer I might have done myself an injury. Now that her magical presence was surrounding me I was set to go and in no particular hurry to get there.

While I wasn’t in a hurry the same didn’t apply to Serena. She was trying to make like a mink on heat, seeming frustrated that I wouldn’t go along with her.

“Take it easy,” I told her. “There’s no need to rush things. You’ll find that if you take a little time to enjoy yourself it gets a lot better.”

She didn’t comment but the expression on her face was showing her disbelief. It didn’t matter. I was in control and she had to go along with what I wanted.

I talked to her, softly, soothingly, matching the tempo of my voice to the tempo of my thrusting, forcing her to take it easy and just enjoy her body. (I was certainly enjoying it.) Once I finally got her to move at a reasonable pace I worked her over, building on her arousal, teasing her breasts, my hands wandering over her body, touching various sensitive points.

When I considered the time was right I built up the pace, Serena responding very nicely, eagerly even. I stretched things out, seeing how close I could take her to a climax without letting her go. Very close, was my guess, seeing the desperate look on her face and hearing her exhortations to finish things. (Quite rudely expressed, they were, too.)

Seeing I was quite close to finishing (hanging on by the skin of my teeth) I obliged, speeding things up and driving in hard. We were both way too close for the extra effort to be needed for more than a moment or two. Serena seemed to explode under me while I turned on the firehose, letting everything go.

Almost as soon as we separated Serena had bounced to her feet and was throwing her clothes on. I followed suit, not that I had to do much more than pull up my trousers.

“That was something different,” she said, sounding incredibly smug. “Still, I have to go now.”

With that she blew me a kiss and headed for the door. Belatedly I thought of her pay for the babysitting and hastened to mention it.

“Already got it,” she said. “Margaret gave it to me before you left. She said you’d be bound to forget it and having it would save me having to ask.”

With that she was gone, skipping down the drive and heading for her car, leaving me wondering which of us took advantage of the other. I had a nasty suspicion that I was the sucker in the deal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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