Serendipity Ch. 27


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – 27 The Queens Necklace

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27 – The Queens necklace

Saturday. Oh glorious Saturday! I had no more concrete, painting, or any other ‘fun’ tasks today. I could enjoy the day with all my ladies around me. Of course it wasn’t the same group of ladies I had started out with on Friday, but I’ll live with it since Nicole was here. It would be a nice smooth day. Well that was the dream anyway. Let’s see how close we get to it. I woke with Nicole sitting there on her elbow again looking at me. “Hey there lover boy, I smell bacon. Want to go get breakfast?”

“Sounds good!” and we headed down. We came around the corner to three naked women, with the exception of Maria in one of her half cup bras.

Maria slipped a plate in front of Nicole and loaded her up. Nicole pushed my bowl of cereal and then the milk to me, but stopped with the milk and picked it up and headed to the sink. “What are you doing Mistress?”

“The milk is warm, I don’t want Master to get sick.”

Maria took the milk from Nicole and put it back beside my bowl. OH SHIT, I FORGOT ABOUT THIS! “The milk is warm because it is fresh Mistress.”

“What do you mean fresh? We don’t have a cow that I know of.” I dumped the milk on my cereal and began eating. The best defense at this point is a full mouth!

“No Mistress, I’m the only cow that gets milked around here.” and she turned back to the stove a bit miffed.

Nicole and Brittany were confused. Sam was looking on worried. I just took another bite of my cereal. “I didn’t mean… I mean I…” Nicole was sputtering.

“Would you like to understand Mistress?” Maria said without turning around.

“I…I would Maria.” And she sat down to eat like she had a reprieve.

“Thank you Mistress.” as she turned back to us. “It is pretty easy actually. The day after Master arrived back, he sat down and used my milk by accident on his cereal. Since he liked it and a future taste test proved it, I have used nothing else since.”

“So where do you get your milk that it’s so special?”

Maria lifted a tit and squeezed a nipple letting a drop fall on her finger. “From mother nature Mistress.”

Sam was about to burst, I took another bite and chewed SLOOOOOWLY. Nicole and Brittany were looking between me and Maria’s dripping nipple.

“You mean you…”

“Yes Mistress. I produce almost twice what Maya drinks now. Most of that excess goes to Cassie, an enlightened lady you will probably meet today. She doesn’t produce enough and her boy won’t take formula. The little that remains Master uses for cereal and I put in meals when necessary. We actually use very little milk here so it works out well.”

“And you say you taste tested this?” looking like she couldn’t believe she was actually saying this.

“Of course Mistress, I made two batches of cookies the other night. I told everyone I was testing two different cookie recipes. It actually was true, but the only difference was the milk I used. One was made with mine, and one with milk from the store. Nobody wanted the store milk cookies.”

Sam and I were about done eating. Nicole and Brittany had barely touched theirs. They began eating and thinking. Nicole reached out for the last of the glass of milk, hesitated, and then picked it up and took a sip. She took a second, and then smiled putting it back down. “I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions Maria. It is quite delicious”, even if she was looking at me with ‘the eye’.

Maria looked quite pleased with herself, “Thank you Mistress. It’s still a little chilly out there, so I suspect we’ll all start in shorts and t-shirts.”

The ordeal was over, so it was safe to take the last bite and drink my milk from the bowl, or should I say Maria’s milk.

“Sam, Chuck and Christine are going to be here today with paperwork. Would you give me a hand getting the three barrels and a door out by the pool?”

“Can I get dressed first Master?” Sam asked like the wise ass she was.

“I would prefer not, but since it’s a bit chilly and I wouldn’t want any of my lovely ladies getting sick. So I guess I’ll have to allow it for a little while at least.” That got napkins thrown at me from all of them. We all ran up and got dressed and began hauling the materials out. I called Martin and had him call Mary to see if we could borrow one of the low platforms for the weekend.

We got the barrels hauled out, and were hauling the door around when the first of the crowd began showing up. A few of the ladies began to drag loungers toward the concrete. They did not appreciate it that they would have to stay in the grass for another few days or over behind the main sarışın porno house away from everybody else. Since we didn’t have any plywood or something similar, we wound up hauling another door around to put chairs for Chuck and Christine to sit on. On one end of the door Maria set a big cooler filled with ice for those that needed it, and several big stacks of plastic cups of all sorts of different colors and styles. It looked like they raided the thrift stores for several counties around us.

There was the steady trickle for a while. Chuck and Christine showed up around eight thirty, Martin and Mary shortly after with a three by eight platform that had seen its better days – a long, long time ago. Mary’s only comment was ‘pitch it when you’re done with it.’ Dean and Jean showed up, Dean in a bright red Cincinnati hat and Jean in her red collar and nipple strings beaming like a new bride. A few of what I would call regulars, along with Gladys with her giant. I say that because you have to picture this little midget lady with her almost six foot husband George. I only knew he was her husband because she introduced us. I’d never met or known about him until now.

And then the clock struck nine thirty. I know because I had to look at my watch. “Who opened the flood gates?” It looked like somebody was directing every car on the road down my driveway.

Jean just smiled. “They are here for your ten o’clock grand opening speech Master Danny.”

“MY WHAT!!” My girls were giggling… I’m going to have to learn about the gigglers!

“Well it is your grand opening, and it is your house, so that makes it YOUR grand opening speech.” She stuck her tongue out and turned away with Dean in tow.

You remember when I said I wouldn’t have any more of those ‘fun’ projects today. WELL THAT WENT OUT THE WINDOW ON A ROCKET!! I don’t mind talking a little in front of a few friends, and a little spontaneous announcement isn’t too bad. BUT A SPEECH! The girls giggled and smiled and did the little wiggly finger wave at me as they turned to abandon me to mingle! I managed to walk over to the makeshift desk and plop down on a chair near Christine.

“You look like hell Danny.”

“I was just informed I’m making a speech in…” I looked at my watch. “Twenty four minutes.”

She laughed, “Just do what I do and imagine them naked. Oh wait, they already are!”

“Funny Christine, veeerrry funny. Give me one of those contracts and maybe I’ll be inspired by some legalese.” She stuck out her tongue and handed me a copy before she went back to getting signatures and dollar bills. The contract was actually pretty straight forward and simple for four pages. Anything not covered or disputed was at the sole discretion of me or my agent. I did manage to track Brittany down and had her keep the necklace handy for the ten o’clock speech, and tell her to wear as much of her jewelry as she could without looking too obvious or gaudy.

I had about ten minutes to go and I wasn’t sure we could fit any more people in here, but then I did see a lot more men than usual. I’m guessing there were more spouses than usual. I ran into Beth and James, and then Jake and some beautiful Asian woman, and then it was speech time. I knew that because Jean had raided the kitchen for a cast iron frying pan and a wooden spoon and was beating it to death. LIKE I NEEDED A REMINDER…

“Ladies and Gentlemen.” Jean hollered out. The crowed died down some, but not enough to her liking. “OK, Ladies and Gentlemen and those of you that don’t qualify as either.” That got them laughing but quiet.

“Thank you. I’m glad you all could make it today. We wanted to do this before things got too cold out. I know it will soon be too cold for all but the polar bear group, but we know where we can come on warm days. For those of you that brought your own beverages in glass containers there are plastic cups by the cooler for today. Please remember no glass by the pool in the future. So now that I have your attention, I will turn things over to the Master of the house, Danny.” She grinned at that double meaning.

She came down and I headed up giving her a bit of a swat on the ass. That’s when I caught the sight of Gladys, or more concisely the sight of Gladys up on her husband’s shoulders like a lone nymph in the middle of the crowd. That made me smile and I knew it would work out. “Well I hope you don’t expect some fancy speech, since SOMEBODY,” and I glared at Jean, “didn’t bother to inform me I had to make one until a few minutes ago.” That got a good laugh and set the tone.

“First off, what do you think of the wonderful pools Martin has built for us?” That got a BIG round of applause. “I would say keep the applause up, but I haven’t seen the bill yet and I don’t need any more inflation.” That got a nice little laugh. “Sorry about the no loungers this weekend, but the concrete is still a little green and we didn’t want to chance any problems. We should be in full operational mode by mid-week. Speaking of which, the spa’s and kiddie pool are up to temp. The main sex hikayeleri pool is for polar bears and those wanting a heart attack.” They liked that one, maybe I was going to make it through this after all!

“The other amenities and cameras will be installed in the next few weeks. A minor change in the gate signal from what we discussed the last time I made this speech, for logistical reasons we will be using lights instead of flags. And a red light bikini here is NOT something you would parade around in down on the strip. It’s something you would wear over to your neighbors unless you neighbor is Gladys.” That got me chuckles, a raspberry from Gladys and a big grin from her husband.

“Since we will be open to you seven days a week, I would like to introduce you to the ladies you will be seeing around here. Would you ladies please join me?” Nicole and Brittany came right up, Maria and Sam were a little slower, and Maria was nursing Cassie’s little boy instead of Maya. “A lot of our progress this last week or so has been on the interior of the other house. You may check it out later if you wish. We have laid the carpet and most of the linoleum on the second and third floors, and I would sincerely like to thank James for that. I might have made it to the second room by now if I was doing it, so please thank him for me.” That got him a nice little round of applause once Beth stood back and pointed to him with both hands.

“That leads me to the first of my ladies I want to introduce. This is Sam, the young lady responsible for the nice painting job over there, and help with many other little projects. She hails from somewhere in Iowa where the local church ladies didn’t appreciate her crew’s work uniforms, or lack there-of.” That got LOTS of hoots and hollers making her blush. “A word of warning gentlemen, if you value your life do not call her by her given name unless you are suicidal or out of swinging range.” That got more laughs and a hands on hips glare to which I smiled back at.

“Next is Maria, although from the looks of the lingerie I see many of the ladies almost wearing I don’t need to introduce her to you. She is quite the seamstress and cook. But if I were you ladies I’d mark my things before I brought them over. Seems she lost her daughter and stole someone else’s son.” She started to get a bit huffy until I kissed the tip of my finger and put it to her lips. Then she blushed as much as a Mexican woman could.

“On this side I have Brittany.” She had on her nipple and pussy jewelry as well as a necklace and ear ring set along with a bracelet and a belly chain. “She escaped Vegas, but I managed to drag her back to finish her sentence.” That got some boos from the crowd with a laugh. “She is a custom jeweler making both regular and intimate jewelry. In fact I believe she made everything she is wearing today?” I looked at her and she nodded back.

“And down here on this end we have… Well what can I say about her?” Nicole gasped and shook her finger at me, which the crowd laughed at. I put my arm out and drew her to me. “I would like to introduce the love of my life, my little chocolate pixie Nicole.” She scowled at me for saying that but then smiled and gave me a nice kiss which got some ohhs and ahhs from the crowd.

I nodded to Brittany while Nicole was looking elsewhere. “Nicole is from The City, and will be back and forth quite a bit but I hope she will be joining me here on a permanent basis if you people don’t scare her off. In fact she’s the reason that I’m fixing up all the rooms in the other house.”

That got lots of ohhs and ahhs at the implied meaning, which made Nicole smile. “I see all your minds are in the gutter.” That got some laughs. “The real reason Nicole is responsible for the improvements made over there is that as soon as things come together she will be opening a by appointment only store for the enlightened women. It will feature quality items from several manufacturers, and NONE of the junk. In addition we will hopefully be offering custom items from both Maria and Brittany, who currently have workshops up on the second floor. Although Brittany’s is not completed yet because she and Nicole chose to surprise me yesterday and show up unannounced.” I leaned over and kissed Nicole, which got me some applause.

“Now since she decided to surprise me yesterday, do you think it’s fair I surprise her today?” Nicole snapped her head around to look at me as the crowd erupted. Once they died down I continued. “A while back I had a thought, and yes ladies we men do have them from time to time.” Gladys made a comment about that. “As much as I enjoy looking at Nicole’s nipples and her jewelry.” Everyone looked and Nicole had to clamp her legs together and glare at me. “I didn’t feel they properly showed off her status as the Mistress of the household on special occasions. To that end I commissioned Miss Brittany here to make something for her. Now Nicole has heard it described, but has never seen it. Do you think this is a good time to give it to her?”

The crowd erupted şişman porno again, but with lots of chants and hollers. “That was my thought exactly.” I went behind Nicole and covered her eyes and rested the tip of my cock at the top of the crack of her ass. “Brittany if you please.” Brittany stepped in front of Nicole, and then positioned Sam and Maria on either side for cover. She slipped Nicole’s collar off, and then her nipple bands. I heard Nicole gasp as they came off. She slipped the collar on while holding the chains away from her skin, then one by one wetted her nipples and slid the disks up against her areola, tugging on her nipples a little to seat them, giving Nicole a mini orgasm right there.

Then straightened out the chains and making sure the white crystal heart was centered in her chocolate cleavage. Brittany held the mirror against her own chest to let me look. The disks were amazing, hiding her areola almost completely making her nipples stand out even more. I nodded and smiled and she took the mirror and put it in Nicole’s hands and pushed it up against her chest to hide the jewelry from the crowd. Nicole was starting to tremble as the girls backed away.

I uncovered her eyes and whispered ‘I love you’ into her ear. She pulled the mirror away enough for her to look and her mouth dropped open and her hand came up to cover. I took the mirror away from her to show everyone else, and they were silent for a moment. Then the entire crowd erupted with applause and wolf whistles. Nicole turned to me crying and cumming, quite the combination. She pulled me down for a nice kiss. “I love you too Master,” and collapsed on the platform holding the mirror to look at her new jewelry.

I stood there for a few seconds and then got out of the way for the rush of ladies. Thank God my speech time was over.

I grabbed a cold Pepsi and headed for the spa. I got a thumbs up from both Chuck and Christine. Christine was a little watery eyed. I sunk down in the hot water and relaxed, I hadn’t realized how tense I had gotten up there. Dean and George weren’t far behind me. “Got while the getting was good did ya?”

G – “Hell yes!”

D – “You know you set a real bad precedent for us don’t you?” Dean said shaking his finger and grinning.

“You know how it is guys, every once in a while they actually let us think we’re running things.” Martin and Jake were the next two to arrive.

M – “So you really going to open something over there with the girls? Where’d that idea come from?”

“Started with a comment someone in The City made when we had to go to several different shops to get all the things we were looking for. Nicole has the background and experience and I had the space.” I took a drink of my Pepsi and leaned back closing my eyes.

J – “So what’s next Danny, you going to buy a mall to put it in?”

“Only if the price is right Jake, only if the price is right.” There was silence so I cracked one eye and they were looking at me. “What? I’ll even offer a finders fee…”

J – “You’re…you’re serious?”

Now I had to actually open my eyes and raise my head. “Why not? As long as I’m not getting someone else’s problems, and it’s a good deal, sure. If I can help someone out of a jam in the process then we both win.”

M – “But a finders fee? Why not just go to a bunch of realtors?”

I wanted to laugh, but that would not have been good right now. “Because they will polish what they can and do their best to hide or ignore the warts. I’d rather deal direct with the property owner and look him in the eye. If he’s good people and we can come to an agreement then a couple thousand is worth it.”

M – “That’s a lot of money for just an introduction.”

“You pay once for a good introduction. You pay for the rest of your life for a bad one. Just like with women.” That got them all laughing and us off the subject and back to describing and ogling women. I watched a bunch of women head for the big spa and it looked like several of my girls were part of the crowd. I kicked back and relaxed putting in the occasional comments where necessary until things got quiet.

I opened my eyes to find four very beautiful wet naked women with white collars, and one with a red one. Nicole was in the lead, “I need to talk to you Mister.” She said with a capitol ‘M’. I drank the last of my Pepsi and managed to get out. My girls headed me over to the house, and Jean headed back to the other spa.

I stopped long enough to yell at her. “Don’t forget to tell them next weekend is family day, but no whiners or tantrums, and that includes the kids as well!” I saw her shake her head and keep walking and the guys were hollering their condolences. The girls marched me up the steps and laid me back on the bed. I was starting to get hard, but Nicole made sure with a few NICE deep strokes feeling her grasp the head of my cock in her throat before releasing me for the next stroke. Maria and Sam gasped and Brittany licked her lips. As soon as I was hard enough Nicole swung her leg over and mounted me, riding full force for maybe half a dozen strokes before erupting and collapsing on me still cumming, with cheers from the other girls. “You know what people looking at my nipples does to me and you HAD to have Brittany put this on me today.” She panted a bit and rolled beside me. “Maria, would you finish Master off for me?”