Session in Skype


Allie sipped on her chardonnay, glancing often at the clock on the computer as she waited for Tim to get online for their “date”. As usual he was running late, nights at the office tended to keep him, but she knew he’d be on sooner or later so she occupied herself with the latest Facebook game of Candy Crush. Just as she was about to finally finish a level she’d been working on for four days the Skype icon began to flash. A grin and the game was forgotten as she clicked on it in hopes that their night would soon be underway.

HarleyFan: Hey babe, you on tonight?

MagicTale: Have I ever not been on a date night? You’re a bit late tonight.

HarleyFan: I know, I know. Boss kept me late working on a report she has to give in the morning. Hope your day went better than mine.

MagicTale: Oh you know, same old same old. Librarian by day, wanton slut at night –evil grin- But seriously, the superintendent is starting to really drive me nuts. Worst thing is the rumor mill has it that she’s pushing for another contract extension. Like she doesn’t have enough damned money already.

HarleyFan: I hear you, but at least it’s a decent gig and you only have to make twenty years to get fully vested in the pension right?

MagicTale: Yup, only another twelve years and I’ll be vested. Ten more after that and I’ll have paid healthcare too. God, that makes me feel old and all grown up now. Thought thirty was the new twenty?

HarleyFan: Ha! That’s what I’ve heard, yet to hear it. But it does mean that you’ve got more experience where it counts.

MagicTale: Hehe, one track mind you have love. Does that mean you’d like me to turn the cam on now?

HarleyFan: Of course!

Allie quickly touched up her lipstick and fluffed her hair, running her fingers through it. Even though they’d met in person and he’d seen what she really looked like after work, it was a habit that was hard to break. The straps of her purple bra were adjusted and the girls resettled into their cups, they both knew where their cam sessions always ended up so she’d long ago stopped wearing shirts and more than one night had just started out topless. Once everything was set, she clicked the camera on and gave it a quick smile before turning her gaze to the monitor.

HarleyFan: Gorgeous Onwin as always! Makes the stress of my day feel like it’s melting away.

MagicTale: Always the charmer, aren’t you? Your turn!

She leaned back a bit in her chair, fiddling with the waistband of her sweatpants as she waited for the invite for his camera. It took a few seconds for the camera picture to show up, his connection wasn’t quite as fast as hers, but the image of Steve brought a little smile to her lips. His shirt was unbuttoned at the collar and showed the impeccably white t-shirt underneath. When she’d met him, one of the things that had impressed her was how well he took care of himself and that included the clothes he chose to wear. Tonight, like most nights, was no surprise.

MagicTale: Nice shirt, though I’m a little surprised you still have it on.

HarleyFan: Literally just got through the door, didn’t want to keep you waiting much longer.

MagicTale: Uh huh, suuuure. You’re just looking forwards to the show that’s all.

She made sure to give the camera a long grin so that he would notice and know she was just teasing. Then she grabbed the top of a cup and pulled it down, revealing the light brown nipple underneath to him. Once she watched his reaction on the camera, she slid the material back up.

Noting she had his full attention now, Allie leaned back in the office chair and reached out of sight of the camera to wrap her fingers around one of the toys on the desk. In front of the camera she brought out the pink jelly dildo, a favorite toy of theirs. Across the top of her chest she caressed it, teasing the tip between the luscious globes nestled in fabric.

Slowly she raised the toy up to her lips, letting the tip linger on them before pushing it’s way within her mouth. When the head was in, she turned so that he had a sideways look at her face and could watch as she slowly swallowed down the toy. Allie let the toy work her mouth and throat for a few strokes, then slowly pulled it free and turned to look at the camera. Her grey eyes were greeted with the view of Steve leaning back in his chair, pants unzipped and his thick cock being slowly stroked. Her tongue ran over her lips and she took that view as her signal to keep going.

The dildo was Onwin giriş placed in her lap so her hands could slip behind her back and undo the clasp of the bra, shrugging her shoulders to let the purple fabric fall free. Leaning back in the chair so that he could get a good look at her nude chest, Allie picked the dildo back up and began to slowly fellate it, her grey eyes watching his reactions. In and out the dildo slid, glistening with the layer of saliva, her tongue caressing the head each time it left her mouth.

She watched as his hand slowly stroked his shaft, thumb matching her tongue by caressing the head with each upstroke. The movements of his hand matched the speed at which she throat fucked herself with the dildo. It was one of her favorite games, matching them so that he could simulate what she would do to him. Allie paused, drooling over the head of the dildo while he poured a generous amount of Astroglide to his swollen member.

As she resumed the slow throat fucking, working the dildo ever deeper, her free hand slid down and undid the snap of her jeans. Sliding in, her fingers found her slit already drenched and began to caress her hard clit in circles. Moans were muffled by the jelly dildo shoved down her throat, contentedly suckling away as she watched his muscular hand flex and squeeze while it stroked his hard cock.

When Allie could no longer stand the aching need to be filled, she pushed the chair back, stood up, and bent over. Slowly she worked the material of the jeans and panties down, letting her full rear and swollen pussy lips be exposed to his gaze. Looking back at the monitor, she grinned and reached a hand between her thighs to part her pussy lips with a pair of fingers.

Once she was satisfied that he’d gotten a good look, she turned around and picked up a second dildo from the desk. This one was noticeably thicker than the one she’d been suckling on, not necessarily her preference but it did a wonderful job of splitting her pussy open for the camera. A quick click of the mouse and the microphone was turned on. Allie pressed the suction cup base down hard on the surface of the chair, wiggling to be sure that it had taken hold of the material. Climbing aboard the chair, she took a kneeling position over the dildo and began to rub the head against her slit to get it moist.

A quick rub down with lube ensured that the dildo would be slick enough and slowly she began to settled herself on it, being sure to take it slow and easy. Gently she guided the toy inside of her till she felt the base press against the hard button of her clit. Rubbing herself lightly against the textured balls, she wiggled around to get used to the girth. Bracing her hands upon the arms of the chair, Allie began to rock her body up and down upon the toy, feeling each simulated vein as it slid in and out of her tight hole.

Once she’d built up a good rhythm, Allie leaned back on the chair, grasping the arms to give him a better view of her pussy being split open by the purple monster. Her moans filled the air, she watched his eyes follow her body through it’s motions, his hand stroking and squeezing that cock she loved. Every time she saw his hand muscles flexed, she would flex her kegel muscles, imagining that she was squeezing down upon him.

As she felt more comfortable balanced in the chair, her right hand slipped down to let her fingers begin to tease and rub her swollen clit. She could feel the need for release coming and the extra caressing would increase the intensity. Her eyes were focused solely on his cock, watching it pulse and waiting for it to explode. Insides were clenched tight, ready to explode themselves, but she held back as best she could, trying to time hers to as close to his as possible.

Her eyes went wide as she could see the slight expansion of flesh at the base of his cock when the cum began to surge through him. The sight of his oncoming orgasm triggered her own, back slamming against the chair as her jaw dropped open to bellow out the screams of orgasm. In those brief moments everything but pleasure disappeared from her mind and as the feeling subsided, down into the chair she slumped, ignorant of the dildo pushed fully within her.

Upon recovery her eyes settled upon his cleaning up the small mess made by her display. A satisfied smile crossed her face as she noted the cum soaked dish towel. Leaning forwards her fingers found the keyboard again.

MagicTale: Glad you enjoyed, hope your dinner goes well.

HarleyFan: Yours as well and thanks! Really needed that tonight!

She watched his camera go dark and clicked hers off as well, knowing that she would most likely be turning it on again in an hour or so.