Sex and the Sheldrakes Ch. 04

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Author’s Note: Again, thanks for the positive feedback. I’m glad you are enjoying reading my stories as much as I am enjoying writing them and I hope they get you nice and horny.


Carol lay on the flat of her back on the bed, her legs in the air, writhing and squirming as she enjoyed every second of the hard incestuous pounding her obedient pussy was taking from her eldest son Ryan’s juicy fat prick. As he gave it everything he had, her cries of the intense satisfaction she was again experiencing echoed round the room. Carol was a real family fuck slut and proud of it, though she often thought how odd it was that the ignoramuses of this world should label anybody who loved sex as much as she did “a slut” while a man who loved sex was regarded as “a stud”.

Not that Carol cared what anybody else thought, she loved sex in all its conotations, all the sucking, fucking and rimming and occasional watersports fun that she and her family enjoyed together and if that made her a slut, then so be it. What made this latest fucking by Ryan doubly enjoyable, however, as well as her husband Ray and youngest son Luke wanking and watching, was that it had all been so unexpected. She and Ray had enjoyed a hot and horny threesome with Luke earlier in the day, all of them thinking Ryan was fifty miles away in the city slaving in the accountants’ office where he worked. When he’d suddenly walked in on them, his tight shorts emphasizing his beautiful round ass and wanking his deliciously hard cock which he had released through the right leg of his shorts and was holding in his hand, Carol had thought she was dreaming.

But no, there was her tall, handsome and horny eldest son, smiling and wanking, having watched his mother get a good seeing to from his brother Luke as he’d stood outside on the landing, waiting to surprise his family with his presence. And what a surprise it had been for them, the first complete gathering of the Sheldrake Family Sex Club since Carol’s never-to-be-forgotten Mother’s Day party a couple of months earlier.

Carol’s head was dangling over the side of the bed as Ryan, now fully experienced in the art of fucking as he was in just about everything else to do with sex after three years in the club, continued to ensure his mother received maximum enjoyment.

“Keep it going, son,” said Ray, unable to conceal the pride in his voice as Ryan exhibited all the consummate expertise of one who could easily have made it in professional porn movies like the great Peter North, “you’re gonna make her cum, soon.”

As if to confirm her husband’s words, Carol let out a shriek that Ray, in his fancy, felt sure could have been heard in Australia. Fortunately, he had closed the windows earlier in the day, it having been a very hot sultry summer afternoon, so that, in reality, the sound of sex could not be heard by the neighbors, since they all lived in detached houses separated by several hundred yards of lush rich gardens. With the windows closed, the bedroom had become almost furnace-like as the Sheldrake family sucked and fucked the day away but so horny and turned on were they to enjoying themselves that nobody seemed to be bothered by the heat nor to take much notice of it. One thing was for sure, it certainly hadn’t had any adverse effects on their performances.

Ryan was sweating like a pig, however, as he gave it all he had, he’d missed being with his family for two months, working by day and studying by night, and it had been on a sudden whim that he had begged his boss for the afternoon off and then gotten his ass fifty miles from the city to his parents’ home, otherwise he would have gone mad had he had to İstanbul Escort spend another night wanking on his own. Not that Ryan wasn’t open to offers from both men and women but, like the good son and brother he was, he reserved his sexual energies for his family, the three people whom he loved more than anything else, almost more than he loved life itself …


Dusk was falling rapidly now and Ryan had only a short while left before he would reluctantly have to depart back to the city since he had to go to work in the morning, unlike Mother’s Day when he’d managed to get the following morning off and had stayed the night, the Sheldrake family continuing to suck and fuck into the early hours until they were all too exhausted to continue, by which time there had not been much of the night left.

Earlier at this latest club meeting, Ryan had fucked his father Ray and his brother Luke and been rewarded for pleasuring them by taking it in the butt himself from his male relatives. Carol loved watching her men exploring their gay sides and she’d almost creamed herself as she’d watched Ryan taking it up the ass one after the other from Ray and Luke and then the three of them shooting their rich creamy loads over each other. Ryan had deposited several spurts over Ray’s chest and tits with Luke following suit almost immediately and Ray had revelled in the feel of his sons’ warm sperm running down him as they tossed themselves off over their father to show their male parent much they loved him, as equally as they loved their mother whom they both adored and who was the whole world to them.

Now, Ryan was well and truly into his straight persona as he fucked his mother, determined to prove his love for her as Carol’s screams resounded around the rapidly darkening room. Luke hadn’t minded being left out a bit earlier but he wasn’t going to be left out now and moved over to the one and only female member of the club, whose head was still half on and half off the bed, facing the ceiling, and placed his legs either side of the lady he revered so much. He lowered his beautiful bum, still in the first bloom of youth, until he was sitting on Carol’s face and muffling her screams as she stuck out her tongue and sent it sword-like into the clean rosy-red hole between Luke’s divinely smooth and hairless buttocks.

“I love you all so much,” said Luke as he spread his cheeks,letting the familiar lines form on the walls of his ass, to give his mother’s tongue complete access to his inner sanctum, “you’re the best family in the world.”

“Thank you, son,” said Ray, “the feeling is mutual, I assure you.”

Luke was facing outwards with his back to his brother so that Ryan could watch Carol licking his ass as he beckoned to his father to come and stand in front of him. Ray needed no encouragement, his hard cock was poised in front of Luke’s mouth quicker than the speed of lightning as he rushed to stand in front of him, Luke opening his facial orifice and swallowing his father’s prick whole in one go. The entire family were then joined as one, passionately locked together in a naked twisted mass of hardcore incestuous flesh, Ryan in his mother’s cunt, Carol with her tongue up Luke’s ass and Luke with his father’s prick in his mouth as they abandoned themselves to the sheer joy that only a family like theirs could experience.

Luke gagged on his father’s prick, tugging on his own aroused membrane and making little whimpering sounds as Ray’s knobhead hit the back of his throat while Carol’s tongue continued to tickle his asshole. Ryan, still pounding his stiff fuck pole in and out of Carol’s compliant cunt, was beside Anadolu Yakası Escort himself with joy for his brother, knowing how difficult it had been for Luke to sit on the sidelines for two years until he was eligible to participate in the family sex club while, he, Ryan, enjoyed many threesomes with their mother and father. Now, as if making up for lost time, Luke was determined to make sure he enjoyed every minute of the club meetings and Ryan felt an enormous feeling of love for his brother swell through him as he watched him sucking their father’s cock and getting his ass licked by their mother while the air seemed to swarm with the sounds of a family at sex …


Ryan withdrew his hard throbbing cock from Carol’s cunt and placed his mother on her hands and knees on the bed as Ray and Luke stood in front of her, waving their cocks in her face. Before Carol even had a chance to draw breath, Ryan had reinserted himself only this time in her ass and Carol gasped as her eldest son’s thick rod slid between her cheeks until it was all the way in up to his balls. Ryan was in his element and feeling really pleased with himself as he always did when he fucked his mother, especially after waiting two months to get his cock inside her again after Carol’s stupendous Mother’s Day celebrations.

Ryan knew he would have to leave soon and was determined to enjoy these last minutes to the full as he upped the pressure while, at the other end, Carol opened her mouth and engulfed Luke’s cock while Ray stood back, his usual proud smile on his face as he watched his wife being serviced by his sons.

“Fuck, that looks so good,” said Ray and then, unsurprisingly, he grabbed the camera and again began snapping away. “These are gonna be some of our best porn pics yet,” he said as Carol moaned and groaned from the onslaught of Ryan’s prick in her cunt, while her face cheeks caved in as Luke slammed his rock hard appendage into her mouth to enjoy another of his mother’s fabulous cock suckings. As Ryan’s balls slapped against Carol’s spread legs, Luke’s balls slapped simultaneously against her chin and Ray was going back and forth trying valiantly to capture all the action for the hardcore pornographic family album.

“Should have got the camcorder out,” he said, remembering the superb home-made porno movie he’d made of Carol’s Mother’s Day party and which he, Carol and Luke had enjoyed watching many times since then. Ray would have been happy to play it again that day for Ryan’s benefit but Ryan had other things on his mind since doing it was, in his estimation, far better than simply watching it.

“Gee, dad,” laughed Luke as he continued to pound his prick in and out of Carol’s mouth, “haven’t you got enough dirty pictures of us, now?”

“Can never have enough, son,” replied Ray, “not when this is just about the horniest sex mad family the world has ever known.”

He snapped a few more of his wife sucking his youngest son and then a couple of Luke’s bare ass, the cheeks of which were quivering and working together as he rocked back and forth on his young sportsman’s legs while Carol continued working her magic. Ray was just about to put the camera down when, from the rear, came a guttural groaning sound from Ryan, signifying his approaching orgasm.

“Oh shit!” Ryan cried, pulling out his cock and tugging on it as he held it aloft over Carol’s ass, his legs buckling with the approaching orgasm, “I’m there!”

He certainly was. Almost before Ryan’s words were out, the first of his spunk was out, too, another thick rich load of creamy incestuous sperm that rained down on Carol’s ass cheeks, disfiguring Kartal Escort them as the globules started to run in rivulets across the firm round mounds and seeping into her ass crack. Carol let out a low moan as she responded to the thrill of the thick globules plastering her bum, her body swaying on the bed while Ray was so besotted with pride that he could scarcely hold the camera steady and handed it to Luke.

“Here, Luke, I think I’m going to cum myself,” said Ray and immediately let fly over his wife’s face. Luke managed to capture his father shooting over his mother and then went to get some close-ups of his mother’s bum smothered in his brother’s spunk. After taking what seemed like a dozen or more hardcore photographs, Luke put the camera down and resumed wanking, moving round to stand in front of Carol to give her his load.

Ryan fell across Carol, smearing his spunk across his body and clasping his mother’s tits as he nuzzled his head into the back of her neck. Carol’s eyes were shut tight but her mouth was wide open and very soon she sighed with pride and happiness as Luke let out a loud moan and came his load, sending several long spurts of his semen to land on his mother’s face where it mingled with his father’s loads.

“Oh, yeah, mom,” cried Luke, “here it is, take it all, you love it, don’t you?”

“Mmm,” was all Carol could manage to say, smiling as much as she was able through all the spunk that now threatened to run down her neck and onto her tits and which indeed did as she savored the thrill of being spunked over by her three wonderful horny men.

“Don’t wipe it off, honey,” said Ray, “you look great covered in all our spunk.”

“Mmm,” Carol murmured again, “it feels good, too,” she managed to say, opening her mouth and licking her lips and taking some of the goo onto her tongue to swallow it, “you boys are so good at this.”

Then Carol fell back on to the bed on her back and began to finger her fanny, working up her pussy juices until she had given herself a veritable string of orgasms. The men climbed onto the bed, which threatened to give way under their combined weight, and the family snuggled into each other’s arms.

They lay there quietly, Ryan listening to the clock ticking by and, loath as he was, deciding that the time, alas, had arrived to get himself cleaned up and off back to the city. He reluctantly shifted his body from the bed and walked towards the door, treating his parents and brother to a nice view of his tight naked ass cheeks, as he headed to the bathroom.

“I’d best get myself cleaned up,” he said, looking over his shoulder. “That was a great club meeting, I can’t wait for the next one.”

“Neither can we, bruv,” said Luke, “don’t leave it so long before you visit us again.”

Ryan smiled and went into the bathroom, switching the light on as it had grown quite dark outside now. He was about to turn the shower on when the door opened and his father stood there, smiling at him.

“Don’t mind if I join you, eh son?”

“‘course not, dad,” Ryan replied, “d’you want to get in the shower with me?”

“I’ve got a better idea,” said Ray, sitting down on the toilet and smiling up at him. Carol and Luke appeared in the doorway and Ryan didn’t need telling just what was about to happen next.

Smiling at his father in return, Ryan walked over to Ray and stood in front of him with his now semi-erect cock poised in front of him.

“Go on, Ryan,” said Carol, “give your dad a wash. But save some for me.”

“If he hasn’t enough, mom,” said Luke, “I’ll have plenty for you.”

Ryan glanced over at his mother and brother, his smile growing broader and then turned back to his father. “OK, dad,” he said, “your wish is my command.”

Then he let fly with a long stream of hot steaming piss over Ray’s chest, his hot juice splashing down on his father’s tits and running down to matt his pubic hair …


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