Sex Games In The City Ch. 05

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Sunday, 4 am.

She didn’t want to confess: she’d been a naughty little girl. That morning she woke up early after a dirty dream where she was sucking off one guy while the other one fucked her. She felt really turned on lying in the big, hotel bed, so she started to stroke her pussy and play with her tits. She spread her legs and slipped two, wet fingers inside her cunt, pushing them up against her G-spot and circling her clit with her thumb. But it wasn’t enough to satisfy her after that dream…

She needed something more fulfilling inside her. Looking in her case, she found her dildo – 10 inches of hard plastic. She put it in her mouth, wetting the end, then began rubbing it against the edge of her pussy. It was cold and it felt really good. She opened her legs wider and slid the end inside. As she fingered her clit with one hand, she pushed the dildo deeper into her cunt with the other, until it was all the way inside her. Then she began to move it in and out, feeling it filling her, waves of pleasure shooting through her cunt and her clit. If anyone had come into her room then, they would have got an awful fright seeing her fucking herself like that. But she was so caught up in the feelings of pleasure, she didn’t care. She just kept on driving that cock deep inside her as she writhed on the bed, until her cunt exploded and cum poured out of her.

He came in as she lay on the bed, gasping for breath. She tried to hide the dildo under her pillow, but he saw that she had something in her hand. From the flushed look on her face and the trickle of sweat between her tits, Niğde Escort he guessed what she had been doing. She denied everything, so he decided to use pressure to extract a confession…

Sitting down on the end of the bed, he picked her up by the waist and threw her face down over his knees. Picking one of her soft leather sandals up from the floor, he brought it down hard on her ass. She cried out as the dull heat spread over her. Again and again he spanked her, alternating between cheeks, slapping the backs of her thighs, and every few strokes he pulled her head back and asked what she had been doing. She still wouldn’t answer: he needed to try something else.

Flipping her back onto the bed, face up, he slowly unbuckled his belt. Gripping her wrists with one hand, he ran the leather over her flesh, between her breasts, down her belly and over her burning clit. She knew what he was threatening, but she knew the punishment he would meet out if she confessed would be worse. She grit her teeth, closed her eyes and waited for the sting of leather as he brought it down on her inner thigh. It was a hot, searing pain, too close to her pussy for comfort, but still she didn’t tell. He tickled the leather over her cunt again, and then brought it down onto her left breast. The stinging was unbearable; she squirmed against his grasp. He leaned close to her ear and asked again: what had she been doing? She whispered her reply.

His face changed to a look of triumph. He told her that she had been a dirty little whore and she had to be punished: he was the only Niğde Escort Bayan person allowed to touch her and he would make sure that she never forgot that again.

He pulled her to her feet and pushed her against the bedroom wall, her arms pinned above her head. Legs barely open, he drove his cock deep into her cunt. The friction was unbelievable and she tried to open her legs wider to accommodate him; he kicked them together again and pushed harder.

“You like to take it deep, don’t you, you slut? Oh yes, you fill your cunt with a dirty piece of plastic but you don’t want to feel a real man inside you. Well your cunt is mine now so you’d better get used to having my cock in there. I’m going to take you whenever I want you and there’s nothing you can do about it”.

He turned her round and pushed her face down onto the bed. She tried to fight him off but he was behind her and she wasn’t strong enough to push him away. He entered her again, thrusting into her from behind, his hand pulling her hair, lifting her head so that she could see them both in the mirror. He had a wicked look in his eyes. His other hand reached under the pillow and pulled out the dildo. Grinning, you pushed it deep into her ass. Oh God, she had never felt so full! Every thrust of his cock seemed harder and tighter. He let go of her hair and circled her clit with his other hand; the pain and pleasure was more than she had ever felt and she couldn’t breathe. He fucked her harder, all the while telling her that she was a nasty little girl and that she would have to learn the Escort Niğde hard way. Her eyes rolled back in her head: the sight of him doing such unspeakable things to her was almost too much to bear. But she did bear it, and as he thrust into her hot, wet cunt and her tight little ass, she came like she had never come before, her entire body convulsing and tears pouring from her eyes. He let her fall onto the bed, then rolled her onto her back and pulled her head up to his cock. Pushing into her mouth, he fucked her there too: she almost gagged at the force with which he filled her, but she kept sucking and licking, tasting her own cum on him, until his muscles tightened and she knew he was about to come too. He pulled away from her and shot his load all over her tits, the hot white fluid dribbling over her nipples and down her belly; returning his cock to her mouth he made her suck him clean. He then rubbed his cum into her skin, soothing the lash marks on her breasts, and blew gently on her pussy to cool it down. A broad smile spread across her face: she loved it when he caught her.

Then, just as she thought that her punishment was over, he gripped her wrists again, clicking handcuffs around them so that she was chained to the bed. She protested, but he slapped her across the thighs so she closed her mouth.

“I told you that your cunt was mine now. You’ll be staying here for me to use whenever I feel like it. Now, I’m going to have a shower. If you scream for help, I’ll gag you; if you try to break free, I’ll spank you harder. See you later.”

He walked away, leaving her tied naked to the bed. Her clit was on fire, desperate to be stroked again, but there was nothing she could do. He had control of her now and he was going to make sure that she never forgot who was in control. Her heart raced… this was shaping up to be a good day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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