Sex In The Rain


It was a dark and stormy night, and it had always been a fantasy of mine to have sex in a rain storm, thunder, lightning, an all. My boyfriend and I were just sitting around watching another dull boring Sunday night line- up on the tube.

“There’s nothing worth watching anyway,” I told him, “I want to get out of the house.” We decided to go get some ice cream. We live about ten miles outside a very small town, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to go dressed as I was. I had on an over sized silky sleep shirt and panties. Besides, he could go in and get the ice cream and we could eat it on the way home. I grabbed my hair clip an pulled my hair back and we were ready to go. It was coming a down pour. It had been raining consistently for about three hours. We got drenched on the way to the car. The material of my shirt clung to my skin as to reveal every curve of my body. When I got in the car the interior light was still on, and he took notice of these curves. Just then I thought to myself, this could be the best opportunity to try out my fantasy . We had only made it about five miles from the house, when suddenly it started raining harder. By now it was imposable to see the divider lines on the road, so he eased the car into the entrance of a field. When the rain calmed down a bit, we tried to take off again but the back tires just sank in the mud.

He was fuming now, because we were stuck in the mud, not in a very good mood at all. We sat quietly for a few minutes while he tried to think of a way out of this mess and then I started laughing. He gives me a look masaj porno so stern and aggravated.

“What the hell is so funny?” he asked.

But he soon cooled down once I told him about my little fantasy. Then things really started to heat up! He started to kiss my neck, and I slid my hand between his legs. I could feel his cock bulging tight against his jeans. This instantly makes me wet. Now he slid his hand down on my thigh, he slowly inched his fingers under my already wet panties. I quiver with excitement as he slides one finger in, then two.

My clit was swollen, aching to be touched. I start to rub my clit as he fingers my hot wet pussy. Then, when the sky lit up followed by a loud boom of thunder in the distance, I realized ‘THIS IS IT’! My fantasy was about to become reality. I reached down and unzipped his jeans, slid my fingers under the waste band of his briefs, freeing his hard throbbing cock.

I told him “I want to taste you…. ” and give him a wicked grin.

His eyes widened with excitement as I tilted my head toward his lap. I touched the head with just the tip of my tongue, I could taste his pre cum. I thought I was gonna have an orgasm right then and there, without him even touching me!

I heard him moan in pleasure as I wrapped my lips around the head of his throbbing cock, then I take him all the way to the back of my throat. Then I did something I had never tried before, I started to hum.

By this time he was moaning louder and squirming all over the seat. He couldn’t sit still! I’m loving öğretmen porno this; teasing him; knowing he was not gonna cum until I was ready for it to happen. I began sucking harder and he started to move his hips, sliding in an out of my mouth slowly at first. He was really getting into it now. He grabbed me by my hair, and pushed me down hard on his cock.

‘HEY! This is suppose to be MY fantasy!’ I thought to myself.

Then I stopped, bringing my face to his and gave him a big juicy kiss.Then I told him that the biggest part of my fantasy was to fuck in the rain. When we got out of the car I followed him to the front, where he then leans over me and gives me a gentle bite on my neck. He grabbed my hips to help me get on the hood of the car. The hood was still warm from the motor, and it felt good on my ass. I started to worry that someone might drive by and see us but he assured me that no one other than us is crazy enough to be out in this storm. I think the idea of getting caught might have been part of the excitement.

As I was laying on of the hood of the car, I could feel the coolness of the rain, It felt like thousands of tiny fingers massaging my entire body. He slid his hands up under my ass and pulled my panties off, lifted my hips and held me from my waist .He began kissing my inner thigh and licking my clit on occasion, just to tease me. He worked one finger in slowly, then another, but I was trembling by now and he knew I wanted more. He started sucking my clit and darting his tongue in and out of my oral porno hot wet pussy, swirling it around and around. He knew I was about cum! As I grabbed his head pulling him closer into me, I began to moan louder and louder .

It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced; the coolness of the rain; the warmth of his mouth devouring my pussy; the roar of the thunder; the excitement of being caught.

He inserted his fingers back in my dripping wet pussy and began licking my clit with force. I felt my inner muscles contracting around his fingers.

My juices flowing, my body shaking all over, I let out a scream “OH GOD!”

He looked up at me with a big grin on his face, and said, “Baby God had nothing to do with that.” He told me to get down off the car and bend over the hood “It’s my turn now.” He said.

As I bent over the hood, he grabbed my inner thighs and spread my legs further apart. As I felt the swollen head of his cock brush against my wet pussy lips, I shook with anticipation, he entered slowly, inching himself deeper and deeper. I wanted to feel his entire length fill me up. As I backed up, he grabbed my hips to stop me.

He said, “Slow down Baby, you’ll like this.” He knew I like it rough. He reached up grabbed a hand full of my hair and thrust into me hard. I don’t think he’d ever went that deep before. I was screaming for him to fuck me harder. He began to thrust faster and faster. I could feel him throbbing, my muscles pulsating around his big hard cock. I was cumming again. My body shook uncontrollably. His moaning became louder. I felt his hot sticky load filling my body as he collapsed on top of me.

It was like we were complete different people than the ones sitting around the house watching TV. My fantasy had become reality, and I’m sure it’s a storm neither of us will ever forget.