Sex Kitten of the Month Pt. 08

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It is another cold Friday afternoon outside the gymnasium. The college wrestling team bus pulls into the parking lot. Kerri (27 yrs.) is a former “gents” magazine “sex kitten of the month” (38-24-36). She is sitting in her 4-door, black Mazda, sports car. Her right fingers turn up the heat inside. She wears a homemade, white wool sweater with no bra on underneath. Both of her large areoles and nipples peak through. Her sandy-blonde hair is tied into a ponytail.

She watches the college wrestlers climb off of the bus. She’s looking for Marshall (21 yrs.) who stands at 5’10” who weighs 174 lbs. He steps off of the bus last, wearing Levi jeans and his thick, college jacket. His jet-black hair is combed from the face. He has dark brown eyes.

Kerri whispers, “Well Marshall, this is the 3rd time I’ve waited. I hope you finally get into my car.”

Inside the gym locker room. Marshall is naked who just finished taking his shower. He holds a towel in his hands and is bent over near the locker. His wet hair sticks to his forehead and he deeply breathes. The iPhone rings inside of his sport bag. He sits down on the bench and reaches inside a pocket. He puts the iPhone next to his ear as he wipes the wet hair.

Kerri: I’m waiting outside again.

Marshall: Sorry, she showed up both times.

Kerri: güvenilir bahis I saw her. What about tonight?

Marshall: She’s with her best friend. I have a small window before our bus leaves.

Kerri: Okay, are you jacking-off to my nude layout?

Marshall: (laughs) How do you know that?

Kerri: I just know. Tonight, I’ll whack you off if you want.

Marshall: (laughs again) Okay, but this can’t get back to her. You hear me?

Kerri: Yes. I hear you. Just get your dick into my car.

Marshall: Okay.

Off campus parking lot. Kerri’s sport car sits alone. The windows are fogged up. “Hardcore Rap” music plays inside.

The nude bodies of Kerri and Marshall are on the back seat which is covered with black fur. They both are in the “doggy-style” position. She is leaning on her hands. He is kneeling behind her butt-cheeks with both of his hands gripping her shoulders.

Marshall’s thick, 6 and ¼-inch cock is buried halfway inside of her blonde pussy. He controls his short thrusts so as not to, go all the way in because he has filled her up enough. His shaft is that thick. His eyes look down to watch his cock.

She responds, “Unnhh.. Unnhh.. M-Marshall.. Uh-Unnh.. You’re so.. Big-big.!!”

He pushes in and pulls out exactly. Never shoving all the way inside türkçe bahis of her hot cunt.

“Just like that?” he asks.

She answers, “Gawd-Yes.. Gawd… Y-Yes.. Unnhh.. Uh-unnh.. Gawd… Marshall.!!”

Her beautiful tits jiggle uncontrollably as her left hand grips the door handle rest.

His own hands still grip her shoulders while controlling those thrusts.

“Oh-Gawd.. R-Right.. There… Ohhh.. Gawd… F-Fill.. Me up… Marshall.!!” she screams.

He answers, “I will. I am.”

“Damn.. It’s.. Worth the.. Wait…! Unnh-Unnh.. Gawd.!!” she says.

His watches his shaft pushing in and pulling out.

He says, “I can feel it… It’s Goddman cumming.!!”

Both of his hands move down and they grip her beautiful hips. He still keeps his thrusts short and controlled. Marshall then stops.

He explodes, “Gu-Gu-aawwdd… Gawddd.. Gawd.!!”

His cock pulls out and he falls over her body. They breathe loudly.

He whispers, “That’s my favorite position.”

She says, “You do it good.”

20 minutes later. A rain drizzle hits the car windows which are still fogged up inside. The “Hardcore Rap” music still plays.

The naked bodies of Kerri and Marshall are wrapped around each other. He is leaning back against the black fur. She is straddling him and her tits güvenilir bahis siteleri are in his face. His right hand grips her right areole and his left hand grips the left while his mouth sucks on her nipple.

Kerri grinds down onto his thick cock with her blonde pussy tapping his black crotch hair. Her head is thrown back as she rides his thickness.

She moans, “Ohhh.. Gawd.. Gawd.. Marshall.. You’re so.. Fucking thick.. Thick.!!”

He keeps sucking on her tit as she grinds down on his shaft.

A guttural scream comes from her throat, “Uuuuhh. Uuuuuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuhh… Gawd.. I came.!!”

Marshall moves his mouth over to her right tit and begins sucking. His left fingers pinch her left nipple.

She leans forward and grinds her hips in a circle.

She breathes, “Huh.. Huhh.. Marshall.. I came twice.. Twice.!!”

He lifts his mouth off her tit, “Keep going. I-I’m almost there.”

She stops moving for a few seconds and then begins riding him up and down.

Marshall grips her tits with both hands and jerks his head to the right.

He yells, “My Gawd… Ride it.. Ride it… Kerri.. Ride it.!!”

She pushes down hard upon his shaft at least four more times. It’s fucking hot.

He explodes, “Gu-Gaawwwdd. Gaawwwdd. My Gawd.!!”

Kerri stops and leans over to kiss him. She climbs off of his shaft and her hand also yanks off the condom.

She still straddles him, but opens the door and throws out the condom. The door closes.

She asks, “Did you see God or what?”

They both laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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