Sexercise with Minxy

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Being the Commanding Officer of a military manoeuvres camp was no skive, but – given a good assistant helped – in more ways than one.

It made for smoother running of the accounts for which recently promoted Sgt Taylor was responsible as treasurer and, although she could be very disobedient at times, she was a Godsend for Peter Carr who, without her, would have had more on his plate than he could chew.

And apart from all that he’d fell completely in love with her but was in a position where he couldn’t show it as becoming an item would have meant a posting for Rachel Taylor because fraternisation was not allowed – it was generally thought that this could disarray the discipline of the trainees who needed to concentrate entirely on the job in hand.

If it got around that Sgt Taylor was having it away with her commanding officer, he would be immediately demoted because you can bet your life that someone out there would report any bit of juicy scandal to Peter’s superiors.

That why he got Rachel a job as his assistant, so they could be together most times and, given prudent planning their shared office could be their love nest.

They always needed to be careful though because often, if there was an emergency, the Commanding Officer was expected to be on the ball, so if they found they could not help themselves, the temptations being too great, Pete had to ensure his uniform was at hand so he could never be caught with his trousers down.

With Rachel it was no problem because she could instantly run into her adjoining office and dress quite easily at her leisure

It was not that often though that emergencies did occur but you can bet your life, Ordu Escort if they did – it would usually happen when they were in a compromising position.

Most memorable and almost embarrassing for Pete was in the early days not long after Pete had set his eyes on the stunning Rachel for the first time.- when she was just a private soldier and doing everything not to conform, but she had a good reason for that knowing that she would get Pete as she wanted him, and the first time was a thrill she would never forget.

On that occasion she had been seen by the female drill officer to be wearing a sheer black laced thong beneath her army khaki skirt and – on reporting to her Commanding Officer Carr- she made no secret of the fact, defiantly raising her skirt to reveal what was for Peter the start of a very sexual extravaganza, and by the time they’d finished and she departed his office looking more than happy, her cheeks flushed and her rear swaying very provocatively, a couple of hours had gone by, Pete telling her as she went out the door to ensure she wore army supply underwear in future at all times, that is except when she had to report to him, and he’d keep her well used thongs in his safe for, as they say in army lingo ” for the use off when the time was right.”

“Like Tomorrow same time” Rachel whispered in an ever so lustful sounding voice, her eyes lowering, feasting almost on his lunch basket which, to her, still looked as alluring as ever – and although he was spent, or so he said, she stopped, closed and locked the door again, turned and said: “or like now!?”

Pete looking almost helpless was muttering something about he was well spent Ordu Escort Bayan and could not raise an eyebrow, so perhaps tomorrow would be better.

But as he came to know there was another side of Rachel Taylor, her Minxy side when all hell was let loose, when she went for what she wanted lock, stock and barrel – and she felt she was still not fulfilled even after two hours of sexercise.

It was about then that Peter Carr realised his true potential, something that had remained dormant almost for so long, it took Minxy to bring all that out into the open and bring it out she did, in many more ways than one..

“So what was that you was saying, Sir about my very endearing commanding officer not being able to raise an eyebrow?”

“Erm, Erm” he replied lavishing what Minxy was doing to him, he was discovering another facet of her lustful ways that she wanted oral as much as he did and with her hand’s roly-polying his fast swelling erection like it was a roll of dough being prepared for baking , whatever, it was certainly soon to be ready to go inside her oven and swell all the more until it was well done, Minxy made sure of that stooped over him on the office settee and fucking him to her heart’s content

“Now what was that about you being well spent before?, that didn’t look much like it to me! Now I shall go and return tomorrow, Sir.”

“No you wont, Sgt Taylor, come here stat!”

Now it was Pete who was doing the demanding, she had really set his flame burning and he couldn’t get enough of her fuck – or come to that everything that brewed it up..

He ordered her to place herself on the edge of the seat and , rolling Escort Ordu her skirt well back, prompting her to open her thighs, he planted himself between her legs and went for it, sucking her over her silky wet red thong, tasting her like an animal, enjoying her freshly wet warm fucked pussy and ass.

Rachel, sweet wonderful Rachel enjoyed every moment and her moans allured him to undo the tie on thong and rub her up with his very stiff throbbing cock which was more than welcome, Rachel bending her knees so her legs straddled his back, enticing him to go into her once again and gave her the deep fucking she craved for,

They fucked for a good half hour and came two times, they made the perfect pair made for each other.

He was completely taken by her and well away when there was a knock on the door, panicking he ordered Rachel to disappear in the adjoining office as he struggled to pull up his trousers and hide his still aroused embarrassment, he didn’t quite make the zipping up as the Drill sergeant came though the door.

He scorned he for not waiting for him to say come in as she looked open eyed and red faced at his offering.. Stuttering and searching his mind for a feasible excuse he yelled that he’d just been in the toilet.

But of course she did not believe that for one moment, the reason in fact she had called on him was to report the absence of Private Taylor.

Somehow he managed to cover up, and his embarrassment too! There was only one thing for it to prevent scandal going around , to post the drill instructor to Scotland which he did!

After that they had to make more stringent arrangement but the real solution was to promote her to Sgt and make her his assistant, then they could have a rollicking time when the need was there, with all due discretion and prudence of course!

But they had fell hopelessly in love with each other and soon they would be together in the married quarters …

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