Sexting Pt. 16


Its three weeks since Colonel Darr pulled the plug on the Mexican operation. She later sent an email stating that the groups involved decided to quietly cancel the operation. The pace of work in Jennifer’s office picked up and Jennifer had had a rough week, and they decided to get away. The Major and Jennifer left San Antonio Friday afternoon and headed to the cabin.

Jennifer was restless and awake. They had arrived at about 19:00 and before going to bed the made love. As they engaged in sex the cares of the office were lifted off her shoulders. She enjoyed the session but wanted more, the Major fell asleep before she could act. Jennifer picked up her phone and looked at the time. 03:30, and she was wide-awake. Beside her was Major Chip Johnson her husband of about 9 months. He had kicked the sheets off and was naked. There were shafts of moonlight coming through the windows. Jennifer studied Chip’s cock, which was showing signs of becoming aroused. “Chip must be having an erotic dream,” she though. Jennifer moved quietly to get a better look. She studied his cock; she would have loved to go down and suck on his stick, but she would work him over later that morning. “No sir we are not running this morning; I have other plans for you mister,” Jennifer though to herself.

She quietly got out of bed and walked into the living room, pulling the door closed. She went to the kitchen and got a glass of ice water. She sat naked on the couch looking through the sliding glass door out at the ripples of light coming off the wavelets in the pond. On the Couch she remembers the messages her mother sent asking about the plans for their first anniversary. We have to do something but it is not a priority. They would figure something out and let her mother know.

She walked outside and felt the coolness of the morning. She was returning to the couch when she heard a large splash coming from the opposite side of the pond. It was louder than raccoon or other nocturnal animal. The sounds that came were sounds coming from either late high school or early college students.

Jennifer did not turn on any lights so the house was dark and allowed her to observe the couple. She stood beside the sliding door looking out. The pair was naked and the male had sexual conquest on his mind. The girl was receptive, and she spread a blanket out on the bank of the pond. She sat on the cover and the young man stood beside her and allowed her to take him in her mouth.

“You go girl,” said Jennifer.

The scene she was observing was getting her excited and her pussy began getting wet. The moon was in the western sky illuminating the scene with steely grey light. The woman stopped giving the young man head and while Jennifer could not see for sure. it looked like the girl was installing a condom on the boy’s penis. Jennifer was only able to see the figures, but the male seemed to be well endowed. The girl laid back and the young man climbed on top of her and they began to fuck. She wished that she could see more. The young man seemed to be taking his time and not spraying quickly.

Chip opened the door with enough noise to inform Jennifer that he was awake. He came up beside her. “What are you looking at?” asked Chip.

“A young couple found a way on the property and are making love by the tree,” said Jennifer.

Chip walked back to the bedroom and returned with a weird looking pair of binoculars. “Night-vision,” said Chip as he handed them to Jennifer. The image was a ghostly green but Jennifer could make out the couple as they were making love. “Do you always have a set of night-vision binoculars with you Major?” asked Jennifer.

“I thought I would give them a try this weekend it would let us see what kind of critters use the pond. I did not think that we would see Youngus Americanus demonstrating the mating ritual,” said Chip.

“You very funny Major,” said Jennifer as she batted away Chip and continued to look at the scene.

“Come on let me look,” said Chip.

“No honey it is for your own good if you watched this you would get all excited and we don’t want that, or maybe I do,” said Jennifer with a laugh. The Major kept poking and playing with her.

Chip finally wrested the binoculars away from Jennifer and looked at the scene. “Looks like the show is over, they are lying next to each other. Now it looks like they are going for a second act. I hope that the pick up the spent condoms,” said Chip.

“He will take them with him and use it as a trophy. I wonder if either one of them achieved orgasm?” asked Jennifer.

“On a scale of one to ten with one being so, so and ten being, I just wet my pussy what would you rate the performance at?” asked the Major.

“If I was closer I might have given it an eight but from here I think a very strong five,” said Jennifer with a slight laugh.

Chip handed the binoculars to Jennifer and reached down and picked her up at the knees and just above her butt. Jennifer put her arm around Chip’s neck. He 1080 porno walked toward the bedroom. He used his foot to close the door and placed her on the bed, letting her legs dangle over the end. He got one of her pillows and placed it under her pelvis and sat between her legs. Jennifer began to protest, “Shush woman, I want to make love to you,” commanded the Major.

His fingers searched out her pussy and began to rub the clitoris. He kissed her behind her knees, and blew farts on her inner thighs. His lips finally found her vulva and he began to suck on her nether lips. He pushed his tongue into the inner reaches of her pussy. He could see her reaction. This time she was the one beating the bed in ecstasy. Chip stood and positioned his cock at the entrance and easily slipped in. The pillow propping her pelvis allowed him greater penetration. He gave her four of five quick strokes and held. He leaned down and kissed his wife. His hands kept her hands under control.

“Ok what do you want to know from me, darling,” said Jennifer.

“Nothing dear, I just want to pleasure you,” said Chip as he began to fuck her again. Chip started to tweak her breasts.

“Are you always fascinated with female breasts, darling?” asked Jennifer.

“I am fascinated with yours, darling. Everyday I thank who ever brought us together. I know that the first photo you sent me sealed the deal. I knew that I needed to make love to who ever owned those,” said Chip.

Jennifer started to breath quickly and went stiff flooding his cock. Chip continued to move his cock in and out of Jennifer’s pussy. He leaned down and kissed her. His rhythm got faster and suddenly he went stiff and they both felt Chip letting go. Chip slipped out of her cunt and his mouth replaced his cock in her cunt. They looked around and saw that the sun was peeking over the trees.

“Pond, shower or another fuck, darling?” said Jennifer.

“I am not ready for a cold dip plus our neighbors might still be on the bank,” said Chip who picked up his wife and put her on her feet. She grabbed his cock and fell to her knees and took it in her mouth. She was cleaning his shaft of their combined spend. She was surprised that he was becoming erect again. She pushed him on the bed and guided his cock in her pussy. It slipped in easily. She enjoyed the feeling of being filled. She leaned down and their lips met, their tongues danced with each other. She moved up and down his rod and felt a climax coming and she began to increase her moves on his cock. She felt her climax and she lay on her husband. Chip’s cock fell out of her cunt, and he slipped out from under her. He pulled her off the bed and they walked to the one bathroom in the cabin. Twenty minutes later they both emerged wrapped in bathrobes.

“Let’s go to the iron skillet?” asked Jennifer.

Chip walked into the bedroom and came out a few minutes later dressed in shorts and a polo shirt. Jennifer followed and came out in shorts and a blouse. They were in the car and on the road. “Missing the Bemer, Chip?” asked Jennifer.

“I will not lie I do miss that car,” said Chip.

They pulled into the parking lot and parked. After settling in to the booth a waitress brought menus and took their orders. In the booth behind them sat two young women.

“That pond was really cold, and there is this creepy house across from where we entered. I wonder if anyone lives there?” said one of the women.

“You both went in?” said the second woman.

“Yes we went in naked and then did it after we got out of the pond,” said the first woman.

Jennifer and Chip looked at each other and could barely keep from laughing. Jennifer put her hand over Chip’s mouth. “Shush,” Jennifer whispered in his ear.

“Chad was real big, bigger than any boy I’ve been with,” said woman number 1.

“Like you have a lot of experience. You were using some protection?” asked the second woman.

“Of course I am not stupid. I brought raincoats and Chad was happy to put it on,” said the first woman.

“I wonder if Bill would go up there,” said the second woman.

“I could get Chad to go up again as long as we can do it, would you and Bill want to have some fun?” said woman number 1.

The waitress brought their orders and Chip and Jennifer had something to occupy themselves other than listening to the two girl friends talk about their love life. They finished leaving Chip and Jennifer eating. When they were out of the building Chip exploded in laughter. Jennifer gave him a dirty look to get him under control; but he could not control himself.

The waitress came over to check on them, “Who you laughing at those two girls, I know their mommas and they would be sick to hear about their nighttime activities.”

“Are they well known, around town?” asked Jennifer.

“Let’s just say yes and leave it at that. Would you like something else?”

“No ma’am just the check,” said Chip

Jennifer’s phone indicated that she 2 k porno had a text. “Was able to get off, Just hit San Antonio. See you in an hour, Barb.”

“What was that?” asked Chip.

“Barbara Dawson my Maid of Honor and her boyfriend will be joining us she didn’t know if she could get away. We will have company,” said Jennifer.

“We better hit the grocery if we will be entertaining folks,” said Chip.

Jennifer laid enough cash to cover the check and tip and they got up and left. Chip pointed the car toward the grocery. On the way to the store they both laughed at the scene that played out behind them at the restaurant. At the store they got steaks and other items. Chip got two bottles of red wine. They checked out and drove back to the cabin.

Jennifer got another set of sheets and made the bed in the other bedroom. Chip put the groceries up and found her in the bedroom that her father used.

“You feeling ok I know that you avoid this room?” asked Chip.

“Darling I am getting better, and I’m fine. I see Rosemary on Monday, and I think that she will decide that we are done,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer finished by laying out some towels on the bed and she joined Chip out on the deck. “Do you think we need to check up on the love nest?” asked Jennifer as she sat next to Chip.

“I feel like putting some remote control lights that we can turn on if we get some nocturnal visitors,” said chip.

“You’re mean Major,” said Jennifer.

They heard a car pull up to the house and Jennifer got up to open the door. Chip was right behind her. She opened the door and Barbara stopped and did a crisp salute “Lt. Barbara Dawson requests permission to come aboard Ma’am”

“You are crazier than my husband, it is good to see you, get in here you two,” said Jennifer.

This is Lt. Bret Forester he is in the supply Corp. Bret; these are Majors Jennifer Connolly and Chip Johnson. Bret was one of first people I met at OCS. He and I were both assigned to Corpus Christi,” said Barbara.

“Let me show you the deck,” said Jennifer to Barbara.

Chip saw that as the women walked outside they were pulling off their tops and bras, “It’s going to be one of those weekends,” Chip thought.

Bret was carrying two small bags and a cooler “I guess we need to put that in the kitchen, and I will show you which bedroom you will use,” said Chip, and he directed Bret to the kitchen and the bedroom at the front of the house.

“Chip, it must be afternoon somewhere, there are two women that need some refreshment,” said Jennifer.

“I think that I have this under control sir,” said Bret who pulled a bottle and several cocktail glasses out of the cooler. He poured four drinks, but chip pulled one glass off the counter and poured the contents back in the original bottle. He went to the fridge and pulled a bottle of club soda and refilled the glass.

“Please make sure my wife gets that one, and you can drop the sir when out of uniform,” said Chip.

They each grabbed two of the glasses and walked to the deck. The two women were sunning on lounges, displaying their breasts. Chip handed Jennifer the glass with the club soda. She took one sip and gave him a weird look, and then resigned to non-alcoholic refreshment.

“Has Barbara exhibited the learned helplessness that my dear wife displays at time’s?” asked Chip.

Before Bret could answer, “I know someone who might not get any tonight,” said Jennifer.

“I think that I will not make any comment,” said Bret.

“Good choice, darling,” said Barbara.

“By the way Barbara, I want to thank you for everything you did to make our wedding a success. Several of my Army friends wanted to know who the beautiful woman was and were sad that you were joining the enemy,” Said the Major.

“The Navy made me a good offer, they need lawyers also,” said Barbara.

Bret got up and brought the bottle out and refilled the glasses, Chip got up and took Jennifer’s glass and returned refilled. The group spent the afternoon catching up on each other’s activities Jennifer got up and dropped her shorts and panties. “Everyone needs to take the plunge,” said Jennifer as she jumped into the water. Bret followed by taking his clothes off and jumped into the pond. Barbara followed him with Chip dropping his clothes off and reluctantly being the last in the water. They all used the ladder to climb out of the pond and stood in the sun stark naked. Jennifer stood beside Chip and Barbara stood beside Bret. Everyone gathered their clothing.

Jennifer put her arm around Chip and they walked inside. Barbara and Bret followed. Jennifer pointed to the bedroom that Barbara and Bret would use and she directed Chip to their bedroom. Chip kissed her and they lay on the bed. He slipped on top and again kissed his wife. “I have eyes only for you, Jennifer,” said Chip.

“Barbara is nice looking you will have to admit,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer used her hands on Chip’s cock and finished 3 k porno the arousal that he was experiencing. She moved out from under chip and slid down and brought her mouth to his pole. She took his length in her mouth and massaged his balls.

“Now I am in trouble,” said Chip.

Jennifer lifted her mouth off but kept her hand on chip’s cock. “What makes you say that, dear?”

“Because the last time I was in this position I had to tell you my life story,” said Chip.

Jennifer started to suck on his pole again. She then placed him on his back, and slid on top and inserted his cock in her cunt. She kissed her husband. “Do your thing darling,” said Jennifer. She felt chip’s cock move in and out of her pussy. With each stroke of his cock her climax was building. Her pussy contracted around his cock and she felt him climax. They kissed and chip moved down and began to suck on her breasts. Chip fell out of her pussy, and Jennifer rose and went to the bathroom.

She came out and walked by her guests door and she heard Barbara and Bret making enthusiastic love. She joined Chip back in the bedroom and they kissed.

“Our new friends are going at each other,” said Jennifer.

“Can you blame him, she is a very beautiful woman. She probably looks good in the uniform,” said Chip. Jennifer consulted her phone.

“Darling it is 17:00 and I think we need to feed them, also can I have some wine during dinner?” said Jennifer.

“Chip kissed her “Yes you can have wine with dinner,” said Chip.

Chip’s hand found her pussy and he started to massage her vulva. Jennifer fell on the bed and she and Chip began to kiss. Chip’s cock found her pussy and easily slipped in. He began to fuck his wife. Jennifer maneuvered to get her on top. They stopped and kissed again. Jennifer started to move up and down; every time she came down she kissed him. “Come on Chip flood me with your cum.”

Jennifer got off of his cock and started to suck on his stick. “Bring you pussy her darling I have not worked on that in a while,” said Chip.

Jennifer straddled him and brought her cunt down to his mouth. Chip reached up and put his arms around her and explored her pussy with his tongue. Suddenly Jennifer froze and covered his mouth with her cum. Chip felt his climax building and he also shot a wad in Jennifer’s mouth.

“That was fabulous, darling, I might keep you around,” said Jennifer with a laugh. She kissed her husband and brought one of her breasts to his mouth. “Have some dessert, darling,” said Jennifer.

Chip sucked the nipple in his mouth and massaged the other nipple with his fingers. He felt Jennifer climax again. He got off the bed and left her to gather herself. He left the room and moved toward the bathroom. Before he could open the door Barbara walked out stark naked. She reached out and embraced him. “Thanks for inviting us it was good to get away. They parted and Chip held Barbara until he could find two of the four bathrobes that they kept in the linen cabinet. “This will be dinner Uniform,” said Chip.

“When do I get to eat you? Don’t answer you will just get in trouble,” said Barbara.

Chip finished his business and he brought a robe for Jennifer. She got off the bed and kissed him. “Do those still work, Darling?” said Jennifer.

“They always do. Come on we have to feed our guests,” replied the Major.

Chip went out on the deck and started the grill. Jennifer pulled the steaks out and got them ready. She also got some ears of corn and took them and the steaks out to Chip. He started grilling the steaks and the corn, while Jennifer brought out plates and silverware. Barbara brought our four wine glasses and one of the bottles of wine. She produced a corkscrew and opened the wine. She poured four glassed and she and Jennifer sat back and watched the boys grill the food.

“Darling, we are starving when will you be done?” asked Jennifer.

“It will be done when it is done,” replied Chip.

“Barbara, how many times do you and Bret fuck?” asked Jennifer.

“That is my wife, no preliminaries just straight to the point, you would think she’s a lawyer,” said Chip.

“The last time I checked I was not addressing you, dear,” replied Jennifer.

“Bret do we have an active sex life, do we fuck enough to satisfy you,” said Barbara.

“I get the feeling that we are having sex enough for both of us, I’ve never felt an unfulfilled need,” said Bret.

Jennifer got up and refilled her wine glass and asked if anyone else wanted a refill. Barbara raised her glass and Jennifer emptied the bottle in her glass.

Chip started to move the steaks and cord to platters and put them on the table. He walked into the house and returned with the second bottle of wine. Every one passed the platters and took one of the steaks and the corn. Chip opened the new bottle of wine and placed it in the center. Barbara slipped out of the robe exposing her ample breasts. Jennifer did the same giving the men view of two beautiful women.

“Did you both mesh when you finally started living together?” asked Barbara.

“Actually it went fairly smooth, we only fought about everything,” said Jennifer.

“Oh woman,” Chip’s mouth was covered by Jennifer’s, and they kissed.