Sexual Healing


It’s like a drug, but I can’t help it. I must see him. I know he said it was the last time but would he really let me suffer this way. Its two broken ribs and a stab wound this time. I could have avoided it but it seems everywhere I go trouble brews. I couldn’t just walk past; past the sounds, the cries and the screams. It was dark, I had been drinking. The club music had began to die away as I made my way down the dark streets, but soon the sound of screaming took it’s place.

My instincts kicked in. Someone was in trouble; a woman, three men. They had her by the neck, her arms pinned to her back. I had to act fast; I ran forward and attacked. They were strong and faster than I’d anticipated, the knife speared into my left side and the pain took away my focus and the other two began to punch me in the ribs. I could hear the clicking away of heels against tarmac fast and panicked; a part of me was glad. I tasted blood in my mouth as the blows kept coming. It’s then I realised what was actually happening. I had to act fast or else the shadows from below Betturkey would soon devour me.

The tallest of the three raised his fist to give a blow but stopped midsection. My strength had returned and my sharp fangs appeared. I was hungry, hungry for revenge. It only took a few seconds before they scattered away, confused by what had befallen them. But soon the pain began to register again; I was wounded, wounded badly.

So here I am again at the door of his flat. Number 303, bottle green door, white buzzer to the right side. My heart beats fast; I’m afraid and excited all at the same time. Will he turn me away, will Sean refuse to heal me tonight?’

I press the buzzer, footsteps, rattling of keys, and the clang of the door opening. He’s in his jeans, bare chest. His midnight hair wet. I catch a whiff of his aftershave, cedar and spice with a sexy helping of white musk. My cock hardens. I want him so bad.

‘Steve, what — ‘

Before he can utter another word my lips press against his. He pulls back breathing Betturkey Giriş heavily.

‘I told you I can’t keep rescuing you like this, you’ve got to start healing your –‘

Again I force my lips on his. I can feel the strong beats of his heart against my chest, his breaths, short and heavy. My breaths, heavy and needy. He pulls me in and slams the door behind us. His tongue dips deeper into my mouth, my cock is rock hard. His hand rubs against my chest, blood drips into his hands. He gazes at the blood then licks his fingers.

‘Steve,’ he mutters into me. ‘I meant what I said!’ With his animal strength he rips off my bloody shirt. Our lips meet again. He stops, then pulls off my blooded jeans. My sex standing to attention as he lowers his pants, his wand in my sight.

‘Fuck you Steve! Fuck you!’ He turns me forcefully. The pain in my ribs jolts through the rest of my body. But I can’t ignore the excitement below, the tiny zaps of energy that flood my body as I feel his extra large member enter me with great force.

‘I Betturkey Güncel Giriş said fuck you Steve!’ He ramps into my behind as if to tear me apart.

‘AAAAAAH!’ The pain grips me; it’s a good pain, a pain of lust.

‘Fuck you!’ Another thrust and another and another. He turns my head towards him almost snapping my neck, his face lovely, he lowers towards me and we kiss. Soon I feel as though I’m being burned alive from the inside out. As the warmth makes its way through each vein, each vessel I begin to feel the wound close.

Suddenly he retracts, places both hands on my hips and fucks me! Solid thick mass tears my crack, it rubs against my prostate, and the heat once again floods my body.

‘AAAAA!’ Sean slams into me and a rib clicks back into place. Again and again his member widens me until I’m completely healed, until I’m whole, until I feel the warm splash within me. It’s done, it’s over. I’m healed.

Sean limp withdraws but says nothing. I open my mouth to speak but he raises his hand to stop me.

‘Just…just put your clothes on and leave!’


‘Please, just leave!’ He leaves me to put on my clothes.

He doesn’t walk me to the door, as I silently slip out and close the door behind me, but not without a sly grin across my face. It was worth it!