Sexual Initiation Training

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Lesson 1

Karl and Alexis had been dating for the last two years of high school. They got along well and everyone thought they were the perfect couple, but no one knew that they had never had sex. They had never done more than kiss, and not much of that. Every time Karl tried to take it any further, Alexis would tense up and shut him down. But they were in love, so he waited, hoping she would eventually come around.

He wasn’t normally the sort to use the word “frigid”, but he was pretty sure it would fit in this case. He also wondered if it wasn’t his own fault somehow. He was tall, but a little skinny. He was kind of on the nerdy side, but at times other girls seemed to show some interest in him. Or maybe that was just wishful thinking on his part. He was so sexually frustrated, though, that it was really starting to wear down his confidence.

Secretly, Alexis was thinking there must be something wrong with her, too. Karl was sweet and good looking. He never pressured her to do anything she wasn’t comfortable with. But she didn’t seem to be comfortable with anything.

One night, the summer after graduation, they were sitting in Karl’s bedroom in the basement of his house watching a movie. Alexis was focused on the film, but Karl was having trouble concentrating. The edge of her tank top had somehow slipped down enough to show a tiny strip of dark pink lace from her bra. A strand of her long brown hair was curled over her breast and he was completely mesmerized by her cleavage. The realization that he had never seen her bra before or been allowed to do with his hands what that strand of hair was so casually doing to her breast suddenly aroused and infuriated him.

As gently as he could manage while trying to maintain control of himself, Karl put his hands in her hair and turned her face toward him for a deep kiss. When he pushed his tongue past her lips, she began to squirm, and when he moved one hand down her neck to the side of her breast, she roughly pushed him away. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she snapped at him.

With a roar of frustration, he jumped up from the couch and began pacing the small, cramped room, running his hands through his dark, curly hair. “I can’t take this anymore, Alexis! It’s been two years. I’ve been as patient as I can be. But I’m done. If you’re not gonna put out, then I’ll find someone who will!”

Alexis’ lip trembled and two tears rolled down her cheeks as she began to sniffle. Karl’s anger melted into guilt and he took a breath to reign in his frustrated libido. He sat down next to her and put his arms around her consolingly, despite the discomfort of the large bulge in his pants.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you. I didn’t mean it.”

“I’m sorry too,” Alexis mumbled into his shirt, still sniffling. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. The other girls all drool over you and I know any one of them would totally have sex with you given the chance. I’ve always been afraid that I’d lose you to one of them.”

His ego somewhat mollified, Karl hesitantly broached a subject he had been considering for some time. “There are these… people…” he began.

“What sort of people?” She looked up at him with her big, beautiful, innocent, teary eyes.

“They help people with… problems… like this, I’ve heard.” He had heard a number of things about this couple, but decided not to give any more details than necessary because he was pretty sure she would never go if she knew.

Alexis assumed it was some sort of couple’s therapy so she agreed. He did not disabuse her of the idea, although he felt a little bit bad about the deceit. But the situation was getting desperate.

He was good with computers and had saved up some money from his part-time IT job. This service wasn’t cheap, but if it would get him laid, with the girl he loved, it was worth it.

When they arrived for the first session with the couple, Victor and Angelica, the secretary led them to a comfortably furnished waiting area. They were both nervous, Karl somewhat more so than Alexis because he had some idea of what this might involve. He just hoped she wouldn’t run away screaming and never speak to him again when she found out.

After a few minutes, they were led into an office dominated by a large soft rug. A thickly muscled man with a shaved head and piercing eyes sat behind a large desk and an attractively curvy blonde woman sat meekly in a chair to the side. They both appeared to be in their early forties. Karl and Alexis sat on a loveseat against the wall.

Karl had explained the situation to them over the phone when he made the appointment, including that they were both virgins and that he hadn’t told Alexis all the details of what their service entailed. He had answered many very personal, very embarrassing questions as well, regarding things such as how often he masturbated and the dimensions of his member. He tried to be as honest as possible because he really wanted this to work.

Victor scrutinized them for a moment. He had worked with all types of couples, of Esenyurt Escort all ages, shapes and sizes, and he was able to see the sexual appeal in any person. He had to in this profession. But this couple would be particularly enjoyable to work with. The boy needed some muscle on him and some backbone, but he definitely had potential. The girl was cute and petite and would be a pleasure to break in. He managed to turn his wolfish grin into a friendly smile.

They performed the requisite introductions and then Victor began. “Normally we would start this type of therapy slowly, with some light foreplay, for example. However, given the severity of this particular case and the level of pent up frustration, I believe a more intensive approach is called for. This will undoubtedly take you both outside of your comfort zones so it’s important that you be prepared for that and that you trust us. You need to be committed to following through to the conclusion of the session. Ending it early could potentially exacerbate the situation even more. Are you both sure that you’re ready to do whatever is necessary?” Wide eyed, the younger couple nodded anxiously. “Good. Then let’s begin.”

Victor stood up and came around the desk. “Karl, I would like you to stand in the middle of the room.” As he complied, Victor took Alexis gently by the hand and led her to a spot a few feet away to the side of Karl but facing him. He stood behind her and avuncularly put his hands on her slim shoulders.

“Angelica, my dear, please kneel in front of Karl.” As Angelica obediently did as she was told, both Karl and Alexis tensed visibly. Victor gave Alexis’ shoulders a comforting squeeze, holding her in place. “Karl, I want you to hold perfectly still and let Angelica demonstrate her technique. Alexis, pay close attention. It is in your best interest to learn how to perform this if you want to break through this block you have and hold onto your man. Do you understand?” Alexis nodded numbly.

Angelica looked up at Karl and smiled sweetly. She began to lightly stroke him through his pants. He had so much pent up desire that he was almost immediately hard. She cooed with delight at his response. He couldn’t even look at Alexis because he felt so guilty at his own reaction to this total stranger.

As the scene unfolded, Victor pulled Alexis, frozen and trembling, up against him, holding her face in place with one hand and her body with the other, and whispered softly in her ear. “Watch closely, Sweetheart. Angelica is very good at this. You want to be as good as she is, don’t you? Look at how much she loves that cock. See how turned on Karl is? You don’t want to lose him to another woman who can turn him on like that because you can’t, do you?” Angelica freed Karl’s throbbing bulge from his pants and began to lick it slowly, gently massaging his balls and he groaned. “Now Karl, I know it’s difficult, but I want you to try to hold out as long as you can. If you can last long enough, you’ve got a very special treat waiting for you at the end.”

As Alexis’ chest began to heave with emotion, Victor whispered, “OK, now, Sweetie, it’s quiz time. I want you to tell me everything you see Angelica doing to Karl and that big cock of his. And I want you to describe his reactions. You need to know what he likes if you’re going to please him.”

Tears began to leak from Alexis’ eyes, but she obeyed. “She’s flicking the head of his cock with her tongue. It jerks a little every time she does it.”

“That’s right. Very good. That means he likes it. What else?”

“Sh-she’s taking the head into her mouth and sucking on it and kissing it. And then running her tongue up and down the length of it. And it’s making him close his eyes and groan. Now she’s pulling his pants down and touching his balls with one hand while she runs the other one up and down his c-cock.”

As she talked, Victor kept his mouth close to her ear so she could feel his breath. He very slowly, surreptitiously moved one hand down toward her breast. She was so engrossed in her description that she either didn’t notice or just didn’t protest. He did the same with the other hand, still holding her tightly, and gradually began to explore her whole body with his hands over her clothing, feeling her nipples harden and her breath come even faster. “Karl certainly seems to be turned on. Are you getting turned on? Do you want to worship that cock like Angelica’s doing? Look at her take the whole length of it into her mouth like that. That should be you doing that. Are you gonna let some other bitch swallow your man’s cock that way? Or are you ready to do something about it?”

Alexis began to squirm in his arms. “Yes. I want that cock. It’s mine! I want to suck it like that. I want to lick it. I want to worship it!”

“OK, little girl. Do it!”

Breaking free of Victor’s hold, Alexis roughly shoved Angelica out of the way and knelt in front of Karl. She didn’t have the skill or experience yet but she tried to imitate what she had just witnessed and she made up for any Esenyurt Escort bayan lack with her enthusiasm. Angelica helped guide her hands in caressing his balls and stroking the shaft. When it was clear that Karl couldn’t hold out much longer, Victor tangled one of his huge hands in Alexis’ hair and held her mouth open with the other, rapidly moving her head back and forth on Karl’s cock. She gagged and struggled as it penetrated her virgin throat but Angelica grabbed her hands and held them tightly to Karl’s hips until he finally began to shudder with a powerful orgasm. Alexis could taste the hot, salty cum in her mouth and would have spat it out if not for Victor’s firm command to swallow it.

When it was over, Alexis melted to the floor. Karl immediately knelt and cradled her in his arms. “Oh, my God. Are you ok?” He looked angrily up at the trainors. “How could you do that to her?”

But then he heard Alexis say weakly, almost inaudibly, “Did I do a good job?” She opened her eyes and smiled shyly up at him, as if she were genuinely worried about nothing more than pleasing him.

He was shocked. He expected her to be traumatized or furious or something. But not this. “You were amazing.”

Victor broke the spell. “If you’d like to schedule another session, just talk to our secretary on your way out. She’ll email you a packet of instructions to prepare for next time.” Karl was about to say that no, that was probably enough for now, but then Alexis nodded in his arms.

Lesson 2

The instructions included a coupon for a complimentary meeting for each of them with a personal trainer to improve strength and agility. Karl’s routine had a heavy focus on weight lifting and Alexis would be doing quite a bit of yoga and other stretches to maximize her flexibility. There was a section for Alexis with information on various birth control options as well.

The most surprising part of the instructions was that they were not to touch each other during the week leading up to their next appointment. On some level, they were both relieved at that. They could barely look at each other after the intense experience they had just shared.

Karl was afraid that Alexis would never want to do anything like that again. But now that he knew what it felt like to have her mouth on his cock, to cum down her throat like that… he couldn’t think about anything else. He was hard much of the time as a result. And sometimes he noticed Alexis staring at his crotch. But rather than the disgust that he expected, and felt he deserved, he could see her lick her lips and watch her nipples harden to points beneath her shirt.

When they arrived at the office for their next session, they were both extremely nervous. This time, they met Victor and Angelica in a different room. It contained a large ornately carved bed and mirrors on every wall. There was even one hung above the bed on the ceiling.

Once again, Victor did the talking. “OK. Today we’re going to back up and work on some foreplay techniques. But you’ll also have a chance to review and build on what we covered last week.” He smirked and winked at them. Karl squeezed Alexis’ hand, still afraid she might bolt at any moment.

“We’ll start with kissing. I will demonstrate on Alexis first and then Angelica will do the same with Karl. I want you both to watch and learn. Afterward, you’ll get the chance to try it with each other.”

Standing near the bed, Victor took Alexis’ face between his hands and turned it up to meet his own. She stood stiffly, clearly uncomfortable, so he started very gently, slowly coaxing a reaction from her. As he ran his hands through her hair, she began to tingle and relax. He moved one hand down her back and pulled her closer, deepening the kiss. Finally, she sighed, succumbing to the sensations, and melted into him, returning the kiss.

Angelica could see that Karl was consumed with jealousy. To keep him from interrupting the lesson, she ran her hands under his shirt and spoke softly to him. “Watch closely. Victor is a very good kisser.” She moved around in front of him and wiggled her glorious bottom against his crotch. She reached back to take hold of his hands and placed them on her full breasts. Finally, she felt him harden against her as he played with her nipples. She moaned loudly when Karl began to gently kiss her ear, mimicking Victor. This caught Alexis’ attention and she opened her eyes to see her boyfriend feeling up that hussy and lifting her chin up to plunge his tongue into her mouth. She was torn between the arousal that Victor was awakening in her and furious envy at the scene before her. Her breathing quickened and she began to writhe with passionately angry arousal in Victor’s arms, emitting a primitive growl from deep in her throat.

Karl’s hands were tangled tightly in Angelica’s long blonde hair when he heard the sound. He abruptly jerked her head back to break the kiss, eliciting a panting whimper from the blushing woman. He looked up just in time to see Victor push Alexis back onto the Escort esenyurt bed, pinning her body down with his own, plundering her sweet, soft mouth with his muscular tongue. This was more than he could tolerate. He immediately abandoned Angelica and shoved Victor off of Alexis. Despite his superior strength, Victor acquiesced, pleased to see the boy was gaining some assertiveness.

Karl replaced Victor’s body with his own, trailing kisses all over her face and neck. When he moved to her mouth, she opened for him for the first time and he tentatively slipped his tongue inside, occasionally pulling back to nibble at her bottom lip. Both had seemingly forgotten their audience. As she wriggled beneath him, rubbing her tightened nipples against his chest and moaning for more, he felt a surge of confidence in his possession of her and slowed his movements, playing with her, arousing her in his own time, knowing he was in control.

Alexis was on fire. She wanted more. She wanted Karl deep inside her. She needed some sort of release. She could feel his throbbing cock pressing almost painfully against her body, grinding into her. She grabbed his head by the hair and pulled him in for a deep passionate kiss, their tongues dancing rhythmically, erotically.

Karl was ready to explode. Alexis had never allowed him to kiss her like this, let alone kissed him back. But he didn’t know what to do with his hands. He wanted to tear her clothes off and fuck her right there, but he was pretty sure she would freeze up on him again if he tried anything. The desperation of his arousal was beginning to erode his new found confidence.

But their teachers knew what to do. From behind him, Angelica moved Karl’s hand slowly down Alexis’ neck in a caress that slipped the straps of her shirt and bra down off her shoulder. She moved his hand further down to her breast and whispered in his ear, “Just do to her what you did to me. She’ll love it.” He began to play with Alexis’ nipples like he had with Angelica’s and she arched into him and groaned into his mouth.

Meanwhile, Victor guided Alexis’ hands up under Karl’s shirt and told her to take it off of him, which she did with no resistance from Karl. Karl decided to take some initiative of his own and moved his mouth down to suckle gently at Alexis’ exposed breast, startling a sharp moan from her, caressing it with one hand and running the other under her shirt and across her back to lift her body up for easier access. She gasped and held his head against her, wanting more, and he began to suck harder and nibble at the sharply erect nub. He dragged her shirt off of her. Victor subtly reached underneath her and unhooked her bra so Karl could remove that too and transfer his attention to her other breast.

After a few minutes of this, Angelica interrupted in her quiet way. She brought her face close to theirs and said softly, “OK, you two, you’ve done really well today. But you’ll have to wait until next week to find out what comes next…” She gave them a delighted, knowing smile and a playful wink as they reluctantly disentangled themselves and returned their clothing to a more respectable state, hearts still pounding.

“Now remember the rules: No touching this week. You don’t want to get ahead of yourselves. You’re making great progress but you still have a lot to learn.” Angelica was clearly trying her best to imitate a stern school teacher, but she still sounded more like a pouty porn star. Victor’s steady stare, on the other hand, had both kids nodding obediently. Neither of them wanted to risk displeasing him and possibly ending the training early.

Lesson 3

That week was torture. Both Karl and Alexis were perpetually aroused and didn’t know what to do about it. They threw themselves into their workout sessions, making great progress, trying not to think about the elephant in the room: what they had done and what they would learn in the next lesson. When they were around each other, they found themselves gazing into each other’s eyes, lost for words.

Finally, the day arrived.

Victor instructed Alexis and Angelica to lie down on the bed and he and Karl stood at the end near their feet, Karl in front of Angelica and Victor in front of Alexis. “Now Karl, I want you to watch what I do to Alexis, take note of how she reacts, and you do the same to Angelica. Once you get the hang of it, you can do a little experimenting of your own – Angelica won’t mind – but I think Alexis needs a more refined technique starting out. You’ll get to work on her after you’ve had a bit of practice.”

As he spoke, Victor began to lean forward to stroke Alexis’ thighs, which were tightly pressed together, legs straight on the bed. He caressed and kissed her slim waist and breasts beneath her shirt with one hand and ran the other slowly up under her skirt. Karl gritted his teeth, frozen with barely contained rage. Angelica pulled his hands to her body to help him imitate Victor’s movements. But Karl couldn’t take his eyes off of Alexis. She was gradually beginning to relax under Victor’s skilled ministrations. He pushed up her skirt and kissed her gently through her white cotton panties, easily spreading her now unresisting legs apart. Karl pushed Angelica’s legs apart more roughly and buried his face between them, inhaling her musky scent, and sensing the warm dampness there.

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