Shame on the Beach


**Hello fellow internet deviants! I’m Adam Longstaff, newly unchained pervert and aspiring internet erotician. I’m hoping to write a lot of stories over the next few weeks, some real, some embellished, some clearly fiction (can’t wait to fuck another succubus!). Keep an eye out and please feel free to help me with editing and style, like any good sub I’m always trying to learn to do better.*


So, where to begin with these tales of debauchery? Why, with the first time of course! In my city there’s a bar that has a drink called “Nightime at [nearby beach]”, with the ingredients listed as rum, shame, and “other things”. I’ve always found this particularly hilarious because I truly did lose my virginity at said beach, and it was, indeed, rather shameful.

I had been living in Connecticut for a number of years when my friend Patrick invited me up to the beach for a week with his family, a trip they’d been taking for years every summer. Pat was my best friend, a hulking 6’3″, 230 lbs, wide-shouldered red-faced young man with a big round head that he kept shaved, a stark contrast to my willowy 6′ 140 lbs at the time, my blonde hair down past my shoulders and messy, often falling in front of my blue eyes. I grew up not far from the beach we were going to, and Pat and I spent a fair bit of time driving around with me pointing out all the cool shit in the area. It was the summer after my senior year of high school, I was 18, and headed to college in the fall. I was beginning to feel nervous about the fact that I was still a virgin; most of my friends, both male and female, had lost their virginities in high school, but I hadn’t fit in well and when opportunities did arise, I missed some really obvious signs. Looking back I can now pinpoint the exact time I should have kissed any one of a number of my friends. Oh well, hindsight’s 20/20.

One morning later in the week Pat and I woke up on the gigantic pullout couch in the hotel room right on the beach, both a little hungover, but generally up for another day of lazy mischief. We got dressed and headed down towards the pier to find some food, and on the way we passed three young ladies, sitting down on the edge of the sidewalk. Pat was always a player, and before I knew what had happened he’d struck up a conversation with them, leaving me to walk 10 more feet down a crowded summertown sidewalk. I went back and found Pat standing over the three girls, that big shiteating grin taking up the whole bottom half of his face. They were eating it up, whatever bullshit he was spewing and by the time I got there they were charmed. Introductions were made and I learned that Clair was the thin, pretty bleach blonde wearing a little too much makeup, Maggie was her taller, broader, tanner brunette friend, and Becky was the mousy girl sitting furthest from us, hiding behind Maggie’s tan, muscular arm. We found out that they were also visiting from CT, not far from where Pat and I had gone to high school. We chatted for the next few minutes before Pat proposed we all meet up later that night. Pat’s parents always brought a ton of booze, and his cousin had some weed, so the six of us (Me, Pat, his cousin, Claire, Maggie, and Becky) could all meander down the beach, bring a blanket, and get fucked up. Everybody seemed excited about that plan, except Becky, who just sort of nodded as she was swept along for the ride.

Pat got their numbers before pulling me away from them to go get food. I was never much good at introducing myself to women, but once I got my foot in the door, I LOVED talking to them, my nerdy little brain trying to study them like an species of angels I could never hope to understand. I’m a hopeless romantic, and a Goddess worshipping hippy submissive, so I tend to put women on a pedestal a little. Claire had taken a shine to me and we’d flirted a little, so I had that going for me. I was smiling pretty big when Pat stopped and turned back to look at me a few hundred yards later. “You’re gonna get laid tonight.” He said, matter-of-factly, a wry smile crossing his lips. For a moment I could see a distant look in his eyes, almost like he’d gazed into the future and seen it happen and was merely pronouncing it done beforehand. Or maybe it was a moment of scheming I’d caught, that hamster just cranking away on his wheel behind my friend’s big dark eyes. Either way, I knew that tone of voice, and bahis siteleri knew that Pat had just set the course of our fates for the evening.

We frittered the day away wandering the shops and eateries (fuckkkk, shitty french fries are soooo good!) before a short but brutal thunderstorm forced us back to the room. It had been blazing hot all morning, and the storm cooled things down a little, but the sun that came out just after 3 PM was just as hot, leaving it hazy and breezy and a little stifling, as storm clouds continued to darken the horizons, but always seemed to stay out on the borders of the sky. We both took showers and dressed as nicely as we good, which still meant board shorts and flip-flops, but at least our shirts had buttons on them. Pat had made us stop off at the pharmacy earlier and buy a pack of magnums. I’d told Pat how big I was, and he claimed to be of a similar size, so we’d both need them if tonight went the way we hoped. We stashed them in our pockets and met Pat’s cousin on the porch that connected to the rooms his family was sleeping in. Together we set off into the darkening twilight as the setting sun painted glorious purples strokes across the cloudy skies.

There was a chance of some weather tonight, but we didn’t care. If we had to come back to the room, it was big enough we could still probably all watch a movie or something. We met the girls further down the beach in front of their hotel, and together our merry band trekked further along, out past where the hotels’ lights reached, onto the wet, packed sand. The girls had brought a big blanket, and we got it spread out, Pat and Maggie sitting on one corner smoking their cigarettes as Pat’s cousin pulled out his pipe, which he packed and passed around. Everybody took a hit, except me on the first round, and Pat gave me shit about being a narc. I’d never smoked before and I was nervous about trying to still be cool and handle smoking. But when it came back around to me the next time I grabbed the pipe and managed to get an ashy hit (there wasn’t much left in the bowl at that point), held it, and exhaled to cheers from the circle.

Pat had managed to swipe a fifth of smirnoff from his parents, and we had solo cups and orange juice to mix with. Pat made me one “Pat-style” he called it and I watched as he filled the solo cup up to just below the rim with vodka, then added just a splash of OJ. He then made another for himself, and we tapped glasses as I made eye contact with him and took four big deep gulps, draining most of my drink in one go. He laughed broadly and we all started to relax, getting a pretty nice buzz going. The night had started to cool off a little, but the alcohol had me feeling warm, so I took off my shirt, which prompted Pat to suggest we play strip truth or dare. We all agreed and the questions quickly became pretty dirty; we soon found out that Claire had one of her C cups pierced under her bikini top, that Maggie “didn’t mind” anal, and that I was uncut, which caused the girls some stir. They wanted to know what it looked like, to which I coyly suggested they’d have to come up with a truth or dare so terrifying i’d have no choice but to strip. They pondered it for a moment before Pat drunkenly leaned over to whisper to them.

“Hey, no fair! Cheating!” I cried, leveling an accusatory finger across the blanket at my friend, who waved his palm at me and said “shut up dude! I’m trying to help!” He conferred with the girls for a minute before they came to a solution, and Claire turned to look at me. “How many women have you had sex with?” was the question they had arrived at, and I saw Pat’s big wolfy grin as he knew he’d handed me a way to ratchet up the evening. I kept my face blank as I stood up and slowly pulled down my swim trunks freeing my half-hard cock to the cold night air. The girls whooped and hollered for a minute, taking turns getting a little closer to look at it. Claire stared for a minute longer and then looked up at me, giving me a little wink that caused my heart to skip a beat and my cock to twitch a little.

“So, that either means it’s a lot or a little, which is it?”

“well, it’s not a lot” I responded.

“So just a few? How few?”

I looked up and gave her a self-deprecating smirk, holding up my hand to make a 0.

She gasped “No way! You’re a virgin?!”

I blushed and looked away, nodding.

“OMG, canlı bahis I love taking guys v-cards” She said, looking a little too excited now as a strange sensation washed over me. I was going to get laid tonight.

Pat quickly suggested we all go skinny dipping, so I took off running and dove into an oncoming wave. The water was still decently warm, although the air was getting chilly. I huddled down into the water and watched as everyone else slowly stripped off at the edge of the water and walked in gingerly, the girls complaining that it was cold.

“It’s not cold you wusses, you’ve just gotta get in!” I taunted, and then promised a kiss to the first one who got out to me. The three girls jokingly all started towards me, but then two of them stopped and Claire kept swimming out to where I stood up to my chest in the water. She could stand with her head about water, but she chose instead to wrap her arms around my neck and entwine her legs with mine, rubbing her smooth body against mine as my hands came around to hold her waist. I pulled her up towards me and our lips met, our tongues quickly finding each other. We made out like that, hands roaming each others’ bodies as I slowly walked backwards, out into deeper water. Claire noticed this at some point and started to float up higher, bringing her breasts to the level of my face, allowing me to cup them and kiss my way across them to the hard nipples, sucking the sea water off them and swirling my tongue on them as she gasped above me. After a minute I started walking back in towards land, Claire still clinging wetly to me as we kissed.

We stopped when we climbed out of the water, finding our friends had packed up and were heading up the beach a ways to give us some privacy. We quickly threw on our clothes that had been left behind, and started after them. We had just made it back to where there were lights on the beach when Claire called up to Maggie, telling them to go on ahead, we were going to be here talking for a bit. She led me back just beyond the last sphere of light, onto some sand that was dryer than the rest, and threw my shirt down on the ground. She quickly pounced on me, leading me to the ground as she straddled my hips, our mouths making all kinds of obscene noises as our tongues battled for dominance. She managed to get all of her clothes off and sat back on my thighs, grabbing my swim suit and pulling it down over my now raging erection. She tugged them down and my cock sprung up, slapping wetly on my stomach.

Claire reached down, her eyes a little big as she murmured “You’ve got a really big cock”

“Yeah? Is that good?” I replied thickly (the male mind, eloquent as ever).

“It means it’s going to hurt so good when I ride you” She replied, deftly starting to stroke up and down my hard cock as her other hand fished a condom out of my pocket. She tore open the packaging and unrolled the condom down on my cock, then climbed up, perching herself just over the head. She looked down, one hand wrapped around the base of my cock as I looked up at her pleadingly

“Are you sure?” she hesitated, knowing this was my first time.

I don’t remember exactly what I said in response, but it was something along the lines of “ohfuckdeargoddessyesplease?!?” as I strained my hips up, trying to get inside her. She laughed and placed her hand on my chest, the other maneuvering the tip of my hard cock into position at the opening of her gash. With a little grunt, she sunk down over me, and I experienced nirvana for the first time. She was everything I’d dreamt of and more, warm, wet, slippery; as though pink were a sensation, not merely a color. She’d taken the first third or so of my cock, but it thickens around the middle and she took a moment to pause, looking down to find me staring up at her, my mind erased as I bathed in the pleasure now coursing through my veins. She rode me up and down a little, watching as my face twitched and my eyes became unfocused. My head swam clear enough to move my hands to her waist, holding her steady as I started to push my hip up to meet hers, feeling her pussy spread around me as I began to fill her more deeply. She began moaning as I started to work more and more of my cock inside her, moving my hands to her hips and pulling her down to meet me. After a few more minutes I felt something give way inside her and I slipped güvenilir bahis the rest of the way in, her eyes going wide as she gasped for air.

“Holy fucking shit that’s deep!” she exclaimed, freezing for a moment to give us both a chance to get used to this incredible new sensation, my cock bathed in warm golden light as I pulled her hips down to keep the seal tight. She began to rock her hips, grinding her pussy into me as I flexed my cock inside her, feeling her jump every time I made it twitch. Soon she had had enough teasing and started to ride me in earnest, posting up and down on me like a horse, her pussy slurping wetly as each it continued to stretch with every downstroke. The sensations were unlike anything I was prepared for and I soon lost track of…well, everything. The booze was getting to me pretty bad at this point, but I knew Claire was having fun and I did what I could to listen and help her cum. I’d read so much about how instincts take over and been super worried I would have no idea what to do, but it really is so intuitive: just listen to what makes her feel good and do more/harder of that. I fucked up into Claire’s tight little pussy as her voice started going higher, announcing her orgasm. I kept up my pace as best I could as I felt her muscles contract around me, only slowing down when she collapsed forward onto my chest, panting heavily.

I stopped moving and just lay there smiling, basking in the glorious feeling of having made a woman cum with my dick for the first time. I was so hooked, I was definitely going to want to do a LOT more that. Claire roused after a minute or so and gingerly climbed off me, wincing a little as the head of my cock popped free. She sat back on her knees between my legs, smiling down at me.

“That was great!” she said enthusiastically “I haven’t cum like that in a while!” I blushed a little, feeling bashful.

“I’m glad you had fun” I said. Claire reached for my cock, peeling the condom off and bringing her mouth down to it

“Think you can cum from a blowjob?” she asked

“I guess we’ll find out” I replied, sucking my breath in sharply as her lips closed over the head of my cock. She proceeded to give me a pretty decent blowjob, certainly enough to do the trick: her hands, her lips, her mouth all working in concert to play a symphony of pleasure all across my skin flute. When I warned her a minute later that I was going to cum, she moaned into my cock and kept going, swallowing my cum when the dam finally broke. She put my hands on the sides of her head and I held her there as I came in her mouth, her tongue rippling across the sensitive head as I pumped out more and more jizz for her to swallow. Finally it was over and she pulled back, one last milking, sucking, pop as my head came free from her lips. The cold night air a terrible shock after the damp luxurious warmth of her mouth, causing a shiver to course up my spine, giving my hips a twitch.

She swallowed my cum without much comment, and we lay there in the sand making out for a moment before the cold started to get to us, forcing us to get up. We pulled our clothes on and awkwardly avoided eye contact while trying to joke a little, then slipped our arms around each others’ hips and walked up the beach to meet our friends, who had gathered outside the girls’ hotel. There were knowing grins aplenty, and lots of verbal jabs made at both of us, but I was too tired and too drunk and too euphorically post-coital to remember any of it, or the walk back up the beach to our hotel. The last thing I remember is Pat stuffing me into the bathroom, telling me to “wash the sand outta yer ass” and then passing out on the bed…couch…thing. Sleepy. Good. Happy.

My drunk-fever dreams were a jumbled, sexual mess and I came out of them often, sweaty and half-hard, but by morning I’d truly passed the fuck out, making the first rays of morning particularly stabby into my eyes. The hangover hit me like a ton of bricks on a tractor trailer being pushed by a freight train, and I was digging sand out of my foreskin for the next 3 days, but hey, my first sexual experience and I’d made her cum! Not even a hangover was going to keep me down. I smiled wearily and collapsed back onto the pillows, feeling the grit between my toes and chuckling to myself as I drifted off again.


**This is a first draft, I know I obviously have a lot of editing to do, but I wanted to get this up, just to have something here. Let me know what you think and any questions, comments, or criticisms would be greatly welcome. Hope you enjoyed! ~AL