Shannon’s Higher Education


***Author’s note: This is written from a women’s point of view. I am not a woman, nor have I ever been. And for those of you who say that we all start out as a woman in the womb, that’s not true. We’re neuters then. Anyhow, this is for Marxist’s story contest, the rules: Under 800 words and set a college. This is my entry. Feel free to psychoanalyze, just send me the results.***

My name is Shannon Seaborne. At the age of 20, now, I’ve been going to DeVry university for some time now, because my LSAT and MCAT scores were only in the 88th percentile. Yes, the same DeVry that you see when watching ‘Charles in Charge’ reruns. DeVry was my hell for screwing my way through school and getting bad test scores.

The day was cold, wind rushed against me as I ran to class, entering the building as the bell rang. Damn. Being the last one to enter, everyone looked at me, and I loved it. I could feel the boys’ eyes over my full breasts, long legs, tight ass, and long black hair. I flashed them a smile, I loved the attention, it makes me horny.

The lecture began and I began to lose interest quickly, wondering why I even bothered to come hd abla to class at all. I looked around the room, smiling back at those whom I caught looking at me. When I turned back to the front, the professor had put up a transparency assigning groups to get together for an exercise. I found my name and looked at the four names paired with me- all boys. I smiled, thinking, “This could be interesting.”

A general murmur came over the room as people moved around the room. I waited for these four potential-studmuffins to assemble and wait for me, men always do. I put a little shake in my walk and pushed out my chest as I walked over and interrupted them, “Is this group 34C?”

They said it was, and I sat, only then did I get a good look at them. They were discussing the assignment, one, Simon, was a bespectacled geek, he was going on about some anti-Microsoft view of the assignment. There was also Jonah, a large angry black guy, and an angry person as well. He exploded at the geek and demanded that he be called ‘King Alayo’. The next guy was Wesley Willis, he was bigger than the King and he was…. unique. “That hentai porno Microsoft really whups it up, I like the way they rock and the way they roll. They give me harmonization.” I knew then that none of them would get with me.

Finally there was Mark. Mark was generic. His blonde hair and blue eyes made me start thinking about the rest of him. He wore trendy clothes, making him indistinctively attractive. I looked up at him and felt an urge, a drawing force to him. I didn’t want to love him, I just wanted him. Being familiar in the art of flirting, I rubbed my sweater-bound breasts against him to grab his attention. He glanced over at me, and as soon as our eyes met they locked. I gave him a smile and licked my lips, letting that say everything, entrancing him. I saw it in his eyes, he wanted me, and I wanted him.

We let the losers cover for us as we sneaked off to the bathroom, driven by our desire. He pushed me against the cold, unsanitary wall of the bathroom as our lips met, our kiss growing from pure lust, our tongues moving into each others mouths and licking, tasting each other. His hands trailed kızıl porno down my body, working their way down to my hips, then holding me tight as he purred. I felt my nipples grow hard and my pussy get soaking wet as I felt his touch. His hands slipped under my sweater and under my bra, cupping my breasts, giving them a hard squeeze, being rough with me. His fingers found my hard nipples and started pulling them, sending shockwaves through me.

I got caught up in the moment, the world around me spinning, before I knew it, my pants and panties were at my ankles, my pussy spread wide for him, my mouth calling for him to fuck me. Soon I felt his hard cock slide into my wetness, driving hard inside me. He pushed his hard dick deep in my pussy, fucking me hard as I moaned loudly. He slammed himself deep as I lowered a finger to my clit, pleasuring myself. Sliding easily, my finger circled my throbbing clit as the hard cock pounded me relentlessly. The stimulation built and soon my nerves were on fire and I began to go over the edge, spasming hard around the cock inside me, drawing out his orgasm, his cum shooting deep inside of me as we both yelled.

I laid motionless on the floor, taking it all in as he pulled up his pants and fixed his belt. I felt sticky between my thighs and heard the footsteps as he left. I stayed there, and in that moment, everything was right in the world.