Sharon Ch. 02


Saturday night finally came. The past few days felt like an eternity. Every dream I had, every thought that came into my mind was occupied by Sharon. I relived every second from when I saw her sun bathing on her deck, driving in my truck with her bare feet on my dashboard, the way she shocked the hell out of my friends, walking onto the beach with her, and how delicious her lips and her body tasted in my mouth. Her kisses tasted like nothing I had ever had before in my life, it was deep and passionate, not clumsy or unsure like the girls I’ve dated before. It was the kiss of a woman.

Friday night my mom told me that she and my father were going up to the city with some friends of theirs for dinner and a show. They knew they were probably going to overdo it at the restaurant and were booking a hotel room, so they may not be back till late Sunday night. I couldn’t believe my luck. This was going to work out better than I’d planned. I’d still do as Sharon asked and park my car down the street to preserve her modesty and dignity. By the time Saturday night came I was more than ready to go. I’d showered, shaved, even put on a little cologne I only wore for when I had to go to weddings or other formal occasions.

It was about 10 o’clock. Sharon had a guest bedroom down the hall and its window looked right out at mine. She told me to look for a signal to know when to come over. When I looked out the window I saw one of those electric candles people put in their windows at Christmas time, only this one had a little red bulb in it. That had to be it. That had to be her telling me she was ready. My mother grew Gerber Daisies in the backyard and I remember Sharon complimenting them when my parents had invited her over a few weeks back. I picked one and brought it with me. I parked my truck three blocks away just to be safe than walked into her backyard and up the deck to the screen door. There was a single candle burning on the glass top coffee table she kept in her sunroom.

I opened the door quietly. “Sharon?” There was no answer. I stepped inside and listened. I thought I heard something down the hall, but I wasn’t sure. I stepped through the sliding glass door which lead me into the house, it was unlocked, too. “Sharon?” I said again, a little louder. I listened again and heard what sounded like Jazz music, playing very softly. I stepped into the kitchen and there was another candle burning on the counter. Okay, this was some kind of game she was playing, I’d heard about these. I made my way into the living room, a little surer about things now, and very curious. On her living room coffee table she had another candle burning, another on either of the end tables near the couch, four on top of the fireplace mantle, and two down on the marble in front of the fireplace itself. Sitting on the couch in front of me, her legs curled under her was Sharon. My sureness about what may happen had quickly faded and I was more nervous than I had ever been about anything in my life. A part of me was telling myself to turn around and go home before I make a fool of myself. Another was telling me this was all in the bag and all I needed to do was march over there and collect what was mine. And a third was telling me to just leave all my expectations behind, let whatever happens happen. I decided to take the latter advice.

“Hello, Jake,” I heard her whisper from the couch. Her stereo was on and she had some soft music playing, a jazz saxophone from what it sounded like.

‘Oh my God,’I thought. I stepped across the threshold into her living room; it felt like my legs were moving on their accord instead of any command of mine.

“Come sit next to me,” she said and patted the couch cushion next to her.

I looked at her, studied her, I wanted to memorize every inch of her. She was wearing a pair of small red boy shorts and a black necklace halter-top that showed off her shoulders. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. I was dumbstruck. I had to say something, anything.

“Ha… Happy Birthday,” was all I could muster. I presented her with the daisy and sat next to her.

She smiled and her eyes brightened. “Thank you,” she said taking the flower and smelling its perfume. “So pretty.”

“So are you,” I blurted out.Oh God, why did you say that?I thought. I wanted to reach into the air, grab hold of those words and pull them back into my mouth.

“And you’re very handsome,” she said back, looking at me through half open dreamy eyes.

I cracked a crooked smile. Okay, I guess it wasn’t such a bad thing to say.

After that I didn’t know what I was going to do next. Do I lean over and kiss her? Talk to her? Hell, I didn’t even know what to say. Just jump her right there? I had no clue what my next move should be.

Sharon sniffed the flower once more, than looked at me curiously. “Are you okay? You seem really tense,” she said and rubbed her hand across my shoulder. Her touch was like electricity. “Here, let me rub your bakire porno shoulders. You’ve been working so hard for me, I’d never even thought you might be sore.” She shifted onto her knees and turned to face me. When she moved I could see her breasts swing and jiggle under her shirt and the outline of her nipples against the silky fabric, she wasn’t wearing a bra; oh thank you GOD!!! “Turn a little.” She made a circling motion with her finger and pointed for me to give her my back. I turned and she laid her small hands on my shoulders and began to give me a massage. I immediately felt my entire body go slack as she began kneading the tops of my shoulders and the back of my neck. God, it felt so fucking good.

“Wow, you are tense.” She leaned into me and started to massage a little harder. I could feel her tits brush against the back of my head each time she pushed her body into her rubbing. I involuntarily let out a moan of pleasure.

“Feel good,” she asked.

“Oh yeah,” I answered.

“Be right back.” She jumped off the couch and ran down the hall. Even though it was dark I could see how perfectly the boy shorts framed her ass. When she came back she had a bottle of lotion. Her breasts jiggled even more when she walked back into the room, she was absolutely hypnotic.

She resumed her place behind me. “Take off your shirt,” she said tugging at my collar. I slipped it off while she put some lotion in her hands. Suddenly I felt a tickling against the back of my neck and than heard her sniff very gently. “Are you wearing cologne?” she asked.

“Umm… yeah, just a little,” I said. I was always worried about putting too much on and smelling like one of those guys who smelled like they bathed in the stuff. “Mmmm, smells nice. It’s not overpowering.” My smile spread so far across my face I could feel my cheeks start to hurt from being stretched. She started rubbing my shoulders again, her hands gliding over my skin, gripping my muscles and making little circles with her palms. “Jesus, you’re so solid. Are you even feeling this?”

“Oh, yeah, I’m feeling it. It’s awesome,” I said, relaxing at her touch.

“Well, you work so hard for me. You deserve it,” she said softly in my ear and hugged me around the neck. I could feel those two huge breasts squash against my back. Her body felt so hot against me. I reached up and gently caressed one of her arms and turned my head slightly to look at her. She looked back down at me with a sly little smile on her beautiful face. I couldn’t resist, I leaned in and kissed her. She returned my kiss, one of her hands resting on my cheek. I opened my mouth and my tongue snaked into her mouth, she met me with her tongue and they began to dance around each other. She tasted so sweet, I couldn’t get enough of her. I turned and reached taking her around the waist and lifted her onto my lap.

“Oh,” she said with a note of surprise and a smile. We began kissing again, passionately and deeply. Sharon had her hand on the back of my head like she had no intentions of letting me go as he tongue probed the inside of my mouth. I still couldn’t believe that I was kissing this incredibly sexy, beautiful, voluptuous woman, or that she was letting me kiss her. When I’d kissed past girlfriends it had always been great, and they were always extremely enthusiastic about it. This was different somehow; maybe it was the whole idea that Sharon was seen as forbidden to me by the rest of the world. Maybe it was that I had been so infatuated with her since I met her. I couldn’t explain it, all I knew was that for the time being she was all mine, and I would gladly give myself over to her.

I let my hand trail down her back to her ass and began to caress and squeeze one of her plump cheeks. I got a little ballsy and gave her a little spank. She squealed a bit, but never broke our kiss.

I had to taste more of her. I moved away from her lips and began to plant small little kisses along her jaw line, than down her neck. She started to breath more deeply. “Oh, Jake,” she whispered between breaths, her fingers running through my hair. Up and down I kissed her neck, running the tip of my tongue up her throat and nibbling back along her jaw line. The fact that she loved it was really turning me on.

She than pulled away from me and sat up than pushed my shoulders against the back of the couch. She shifted in my lap and straddled me, my already rock hard cock pressed against the material covering her pussy. I could feel the heat of her snatch even through my shorts. She looked me in the eyes. “My turn,” she said and began kissing me hard. Now that she was in control it was like another side of her had come to life. It was like she was trying to devour me, drain the life from me through her kisses. She held my face in her hands as her tongue probed deep into my mouth. She ground her pussy against my cock rocking her hips back and forth as she began to dry hump me. I slipped my brazzers hands under her loose necklace halter and slid up her tummy so I could cup those two gloriously huge breasts.

Sharon broke our kiss and sat back before I could reach those two fleshy globes. My hands were still resting on her tummy, not quite getting to my prize, yet. She just looked at me for a moment, than she bit her lower lip and smiled playfully. “Are these what you want?” She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, in that sexy way women know how to take off their shirts, and tossed it to the floor. My eyes almost fell out of my head, and my hands slid from her tummy and fell to my side. While she had given me the chance to play with one of her tits when we were on the beach, and it was absolutely beautiful to see, this was different. Here, Sharon Meltzer, the woman I had been lusting over for the past 2 months was straddling my lap topless. Her two D-cup breasts right in front of my face, her nipples slightly hard and pointing at me like they were begging to be played with and sucked on.

“Oh, my God, Sharon,” I said breathlessly.

She smiled. “You like them?” than shook her shoulders a bit and made those two heavenly bodies jiggle and shake ever so slightly, but enough to make me have to catch my breath.

“God, yes! They’re absolutely beautiful. You’re beautiful,” I said looking from her tits to her face.

“Well, come and get ’em,” she said as she slid her hands up over her tummy and cupped her heavy tits, lifting them up and letting them fall. She reached up and pulled her hair up with her hands and showed me her whole body. “They’re all yours.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I tried to contain myself, but found myself launching at her, wrapping my arms around her waist and burying my face in between her cleavage, losing myself in her tits. I heard her laugh as she wrapped her arms around my head and hugged me even tighter to her body as I tried to suffocate myself between her breasts. The natural perfume of her skin was making me so drunk on her, I read about guys getting like that from books and movies, but I had always thought it was just over exaggeration or just a writer’s imagination. Now, I understood what they meant, I got it. I reluctantly pulled my face free from her and took a deep breath. I looked up and saw her biting her lower lip and smiling at the same time. I reached up and took one of her left tit in my hand, her nipple was literally two inches from my face. I had to stare at it for, memorize it, drink in every contour of it.

“What’s wrong?” she asked at my hesitation.

“Absolutely nothing. I just wanted to drink every detail of this perfect breast so it’s the most vivid memory in my head,” I said. Than before she could respond I planted my lips over it and sucked it into my mouth. Her only answer was a gasp as my lips pursed tightly around her nipple and began to suck. I let my tongue dance over her nipple and swirl around it, I could feel it growing harder and harder in my mouth with each passing swipe of my tongue. Sharon was moaning and her breathing was becoming deeper and deeper. I would form a tight seal over her nipple and suck in as deeply as I could than slowly pull my head away stretching her nipple a bit till it popped from my lips. I glanced up at her and saw her eyes closed and she was biting her on one of her fingers than sucking it into her mouth. WOW! If that wasn’t a signal of things to come! I continued to suck and lick and than nibble on her nipples, making them as red as cherries and as hard as the pits inside them. Than I sat back and just let my hands fondle and squeeze them, watching the soft, warm flesh mold and knead in my hands.

Sharon opened her eyes and looked down at me, panting a little with a naughty little smile. “I take it you’re a breast man, than?”

“What was your first clue?” I answered pinching her nipples enough to make her jump and squeak a little.

Sharon began to rock back and forth slightly on my lap, grinding her pussy against my cock. “Mmmm, feels like someone’s going to rip his shorts,” she said bucking a little harder.

“Uh huh,” I said, loving the feeling of her dry humping me.

She slid back a little and ran her hand up and down the length of my rod. “Looks like you may be more than a handful.”

“Takes one to know one,” I said squeezing her tits again.

She laughed. “Let’s take a look, than.” She popped the button on my shorts and unzipped the fly. She stopped for a second and gave me a look, one eyebrow lifted. “Really? No boxers? Someone was confident of himself tonight.”

“Says the woman who didn’t wear a bra,” I retorted.

Sharon giggled that adorable little giggle. “Touché,” she said, than slid my shorts off. As soon as my shorts slid past my cock it sprang up like a catapult. She grabbed hold of the shaft of my cock than stopped for a moment and stared at it, her dede porno eyes going up and down the length. The feeling of those little fingers wrapped around me was heavenly. “Oh, Jake, I have a feeling you are going to make a lot of women very happy with this.”

“Well, right now, I only want to make one woman happy with it,” I said.

“I have no doubt you will,” she said, never taking her eyes off it. She slid off my lap and down onto the floor till she was kneeling in front of me, never taking her hand off my cock. She began to stroke me slowly, up and down the entire length of my rod. Mother Fuck! She looked so sexy. “God, it’s so thick, I can’t even get my hand all the way around it.”

“I thought it was length that mattered to women,” I said. That had always been a concern of mine, like most guys, that my cock wasn’t long enough to please a woman.

“Mmm mmm,” Sharon shook her head. “No, it’s girth that does it,” she looked up at me. “You need thickness if you really wanna fill her up and make her come. And, you… you are plenty thick,” she said wagging my cock left and right.

I felt like a dog that had just been praised; if had a tail it would be wagging up a storm. I don’t care how old you are, anytime a woman compliments something about you, you are going to feel like you are ten feet tall.

Sharon continued to stroke my cock slowly, her eyes still locked on me with a mischievous grin. She moved her face closer to my cock and slowly dragged her tongue up the length of my cock. It felt incredible, every nerve in my body was firing on overdrive and it felt like I was on the biggest high of my life. She flicked the tip of her tongue over the very tip of the head and then down a little and tickled the frenulum under the head of my cock.

“Ah… gah…!” Now it was my turn to jump a little.

Sharon laughed wickedly at my spasms and continued to play around a minute more. Than she moved her head up and swallowed my cock in one gulp. As soon as I felt my cock pass between those warm lips and into her hot, wet, waiting mouth I thought I might explode right there that second. She slid her mouth down as far as she could, her lips stretched around my cock and held me there for a few seconds than came up quickly and let me slip out of her mouth with a slurp. It was so fucking sexy to see this beautiful woman let my cock slip out between her lips. She gasped a little and took a deep breath, than wasted no time in gobbling up my knob once more and began to slowly fuck my penis with her mouth. Up and down she went, sucking me off, her tongue sliding and circling around the head each time she came to the top. After a minute or two she began to pick up the pace and fell into a rhythm as she bobbed her head up and down. She had a hold of the shaft with one hand and began to stroke me with little circular motions as she sucked my cock. God, it was heavenly, I could feel my heart pound in my chest, and my eyes roll back in my head. I felt her mouth slip of my cock again and when I looked down her head had disappeared. I was than greeted by the feeling of that same mouth sucking one of my balls into it and her tongue swirling around it.

“Oh, my God, Sharon,” I called out reflexively. That was a new one for me. Her hand continued to stroke my cock and I felt my one testicle pop out of her mouth than the other one slurp in. Holy fuck, did she know what she was doing. She let my other ball slip out of her mouth than she dragged her tongue all the way back up my shaft and than swallow my cock again. This time there was no playing around; she stood up on her knees and bobbed her head up and down over my cock, fucking me with her mouth. I slid her hair to one side; I had to watch her devour my cock into that sexy mouth of hers. Up and down, up and down she went sucking and slurping without any hesitation or modesty. She popped off of it again and looked me in the eye, “God, I love sucking your cock.” Her face was soft and her voice was a sexy whisper, than she dove back down and gobbled it up once again. Up and down, her pace quickened as she continued to suck. I could feel my balls tightening and I knew I was going to come soon. God it felt so good, I tried to hold back just so I could feel her mouth on me a little longer.

“Sharon, I’m gonna come,” I groaned.

She didn’t stop.

“Sharon… I’m gonna cum,” I said through gritted teeth.

She quickened her pace and I felt the suction in her mouth tighten.

“Oh God, Sharon, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! I’m… gonna…” I felt my load blow and I exploded inside her waiting mouth. She stopped bobbing her head but kept sucking and her hand continued to stroke my shaft.

“OH GOOODDD! AAAAHHHHHH FUUUCK!” I shouted as I came, her hand and mouth urging me on. Her hand stopped and I felt her mouth clamp onto the head of my cock as she swallowed my whole load. She slid up off my head and let my cock head slowly slip out between her tight lips.

“Mmmm, that was nice,” she said, than tickled the head of my cock with her tongue.

“Ah, Hah, Guh,” I said as a wave of sensation, the equivalent to sticking your finger in a light socket, shot through me.

Sharon laughed at me. “Little sensitive?” she cooed.