Veronica rolled her shoulders in a vain attempt to ease some pain of the wide bra straps that were cutting into her skin, but no matter how hard she tried, the pain was always persistent and pervasive, especially at the end of a long hard day!!! Most woman would have given their eye teeth to have a chest like Veronica’s, but even though most men and women would consider it the ultimate in femininity, Roni had a far different perspective on the matter!!! Yes, she was glad she was well endowed, and no, she would never want to be “normal” size, but most women never had to go through what a busty woman goes through every single day of her life, and some of it was a real drag!!! Roni’s secretary dropped into her office just before quitting time and offered, “I guess that’s it for today, boss, you feeling all right, you look a little bushed!?!” “I am bushed, Jenny,” Roni replied, “and my shoulders and back and killing me!!!” Would you like me to give you a massage,” the young secretary asked softly, “I’ve can stay late if you want me to!?!” “Oh no, dear,” Veronica replied, “thanks anyway, but I have my women’s meeting tonight, I think that I can wait that long!!!” Jenny gave Roni a knowing smile, and with a wave of her hand, she was out of the office in a flash!!! Veronica glanced at the clock on the wall and decided to put in another hour of paperwork before leaving for her meeting!!! Later that evening at a large mansion in a far western suburb of Chicago, Veronica handed her coat and purse to a hat check girl and retired to the changing room where she was greeted by the Kim, the dressing room attendant with, “Good evening, Mrs. Thorpe, would you care to have some assistance with your clothing!?!” “Yes, please, that would be just what the doctor ordered,” Roni replied with a sigh, “I’m so tired I don’t think I can take another step!!!” “Would Joanne meet your approval,” Kim asked!?! “Fine,” Roni replied, “I think I’ve used her before if my memory serves me correctly!!!” Kim called Joanne from the attendant waiting room and ordered, “Please take care of Mrs. Thorpe, and do a good job, she’s had quite a long day!!!” Sex hikayeleri “Yes, ma’am,” Joanne replied to her boss before turning her attention to Veronica, “follow me please, I have a private changing room set up and ready to go!!!

Once inside the lavishly appointed dressing room, Joanne quickly went to work removing Veronica’s clothing, stopping only when she was down to her bra and panties!!! “You have a very large chest, ma’am,” Joanne commented softly while letting her hands run up and down the older woman’s body, are you ready for me to remove your undies!?!” “Oh yes, dear,” Roni sighed, “I’ve been looking forward to this moment all day!!!” “I’m glad,” Joanne said quietly while unhooking the five clasps holding Roni’s industrial strength bra in place, “oh my, your shoulders must be in awful pain, your straps have really cut into your skin!!!” “Ohhhhhh, tha feels so nice getting that brutal contraption off my shoulders and chest,” Roni moaned softly, “and yes, it is quite painful!!!” “I have an idea,” Joanne whispered into Roni’s ear, “why don’t we get into the hot tub and I can nurse on your big fat nipples, I really think that it would relax you!!!” “With a low soft moan gurgling up form her throat, Veronica gasped, “Y-yes, that’s a wonderful idea!!!

Once in the soothing hot water of the spa, Joanne took a wash cloth and slowly bathed every square inch of Roni’s lush full body, paying particular attention to the older woman’s breasts and vagina!!! “My, your breasts are simply huge,” Joanne said while cupping and softly twisting her hard nipples, “what size bra do you wear!?!” “Ohhhhhhhhh, my,” Veronica moaned, “I-I wear a 42DD cup bra, but I think I might have to go to a DDD cup, my old bras seem a bit tight!!!” “I wish my breasts were as nice as yours,” Joanne offered, “while continuing to caress the older woman’s incredibly full chest!!! “Yours are just beautiful, child,” Veronica whispered to the cute young woman, “I’ll bet your nipples are very sensitive, aren’t they!?!” With a small smile breaking across her face, Joanne replied, “My nipples are extremely sensitive, Sikiş hikayeleri I can even have an orgasm just from getting them sucked on!!!” “Really,” Roni replied hoarsely, “may I touch them!?!” “Of course you may,” Joanne replied, “but only if you promise me that I can suck on yours too!!!” While pulling the young woman’s perky nipples to her hot mouth, Roni said with a sigh, “That’s a deal!!!”

Roni closed her lips on the young woman’s nipple, and just as had been predicted, within a matter of only a few minutes, Joanne was writhing from side to side as a hard orgasm enveloped her vagina!!! My god,” Vernica said softly, “that was incredible, and to think we didn’t even touch your pussy!!! “Just look at it now,” Joanne sighed while floating on top of the water!!! “I-I don’t believe it,” Roni stammered while staring at Joanne’s bulging organ, “it must be twice it’s normal size, does pump up like this every time you get aroused!?!” “Yes,” Joanne replied softly, “my mother says that all of the women in her family have vaginas that are extremely plump and fat, and that when we get turned on they practically blow up like a balloon, do you like it!?!” “Oh, god, I love it,” Veronica whispered hoarsely, while nosing the young woman’s slit, “may I suck on it for you, it looks very needy!?!” “Oh, please,” Joanne moaned, “suck me, please suck me off!!!” Roni slid easily between the young woman’s legs, and after giving the smoothly shaved vulva one last look, she dropped her mouth to the wet slit and began softly tonguing the shaking young lady to another powerful cum!!!

After coming down from her sexual high, Joanne in an embarrassed voice apologized, “I’m supposed to be taking care of you and here you are bringing me to climax twice, I don’t think that’s exactly what Kim meant when she told me to take care of you!!!” Veronica just giggled and replied, “Believe me, I was more than happy to do it, it makes me feel young sucking off nineteen year old girls!!!” “Well, now it’s my turn,” Joanne replied softly while helping Veronica out of the spa and into a chaise lounge next to the tub, “I think Erotik hikaye it’s time we shaved your vagina, I think that you’ll find it feels much sexier with a bare vulva!!!” As a shiver of desire and anticipation swept through her body, Veronica stammered, “D-do you really think so, I’ve never had it shaved before, my late husband always like it hairy!?!” “Of course I do,” Joanne replied a matter of factly, “now let me massage in this oil, it will help soften your bush!!!” Veronica lay back with her eyes closed, luxuriating in the sensations she was feeling in her swollen vagina, while Joanne’s soft hands gently kneaded the warm oil all over now aching crotch!!! “I never realized how erotic having ones vagina shaved could be,” Roni moaned softly, “I-I’m on fire!!! “Well of course you are, ma’am,” Joanne said softly as her fingers lazily traced along the length of Roni’s slit, “and if I’m not mistaken, your clit is poking its little head out of your labia!!!”

“Sweet jesus in heaven,” Roni moaned while arching her back and thrusting her pussy forward, “I think I’m gonna cum!!!” “Mmmmmm, that’s nice,” Joanne whispered, “but not yet, dear, let’s hold off a little longer,” while she started carefully shaving Veronica’s incredibly puffed up lips!!! “It feels so cold,” Veronica gasped as her bush was being shaved away, “h-how does it look!?!” “Mmmmmm, it looks fabulous,” Joanne replied softly while continuing her barbering, “and I’m gonna make you another promise!!!” “What’s that,” Veronica gasped, as she slipped closer and closer to sexual delirium, “tell me, what are you going to do!!!” Wellllll,” Joanne said teasingly, “as soon as your vagina is all smooth, “no, I have a better idea, you tell me what to do!!!” “I-I don’t know,” Veronica moaned loudly, “I just don’t know!!!” “Hmmmm,” Joanne hummed, “I know that if I someone had just shaved my pussy and asked me what I wanted them to do next, I sure know what I’d say!!!” Now panting and thrusting her vagina like a two dollar whore, Roni managed to stammer, “C-could you suck my vagina for me, that’s what I want!?!” As she wiped away the last vestiges of oil and hair from the older woman’s crotch and bathed it in a fresh baby oil, Joanne replied softly, “You mean like this,” while leaning over and giving Roni’s vagina a big wet kiss!?!