She Cooks Too

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She Cooks Too
by BrettJ © 2012

For my first story of 2012, I decided that I would return to a familiar character that we haven’t seen for a while. I recommend reading “There is Baking and There is Cooking” first if you are new to my work. ~~BrettJ

Asia Fitzgibbons had many things going for her.

She was tall, long-legged, with firm, high breasts and gorgeous dark hair piled upon a slender, near-perfect body.

She had beautiful brown eyes, a cute pug nose and a winning smile. Her friends told Asia that when she entered a room, it lit up around her.

She was well-educated, a hard worker and very intelligent. She had married well; everyone said so, at 25 to the 35-year old Wilson “Willy” Fitzgibbons who had the largest automotive dealership in the Tri-State area. She wanted for nothing and as she was moving up in the law firm she worked for, it seemed to everyone that knew her that there was nothing Asia couldn’t do. Those who thought that were wrong. There were two things she couldn’t do at all.

She couldn’t get Willy to spice up their sex life and she couldn’t cook to save her life. Asia could barely boil water and so there were usually two choices for Asia, Willy and their kids – eat out or pay one of their two maids overtime and have the maids cook meals for them. Wilson grumbled about it constantly, but Asia always countered his complaints. “You married me because I was gorgeous and a great fuck,” She would hiss when the kids were out of earshot. “My mother couldn’t cook either, how was I supposed to learn? Daddy ran a restaurant, so none of us kids ever had to learn.”

Asia actually wanted to learn how to cook, as she wanted to start hosting dinner parties and have other people to their home. What was the use of having a lavish home if you couldn’t show it off? She did all her own gardening and decorating but they rarely had company that would get the chance to see it. At times, Willy was almost anti-social. Asia had been quite the social butterfly in both high school and university, so the life she had led for the past 7½ years did not suit her at all.

Money could fix all of that – money could fix anything, Asia rationalized. She signed up for two cooking classes at the local community college, one on Mondays and one on Wednesdays when Willy had his weekly poker games. Her parents would take the kids on Monday and Willy’s would have them on Wednesday and take them to school Thursday morning, as they lived close by.

For a change, Willy didn’t fight her on this. He thought the lessons were a great idea, as they would save him money in the long run. He looked at the cost of the two classes and thought twice, but as Asia hadthat look in her dark eyes and he decided that he had better not push his luck. Asia had an indomitable will when she wanted something and smart people just capitulated early. It worked out better for everyone in the long run.

Asia decided that she would tackle the classes the way she pursued everything else in her life, with the intent of making a success of it. It was a class with only 15 students and Asia hoped that she would be able to learn a lot and perhaps get some hands-on instructions. She wanted to provide her family with some nice meals when all of this was over and she hoped that the classes would be worth the hefty price tag.

The teacher walked into the classroom and to Asia’s surprise, the instructor was younger than Asia herself. An attractive, auburn-haired woman who introduced herself as Brandi, she immediately commanded the attention of the class.

With the men, they hung on her every word because of her intimidating beauty and how nicely her clothes hugged what was clearly a spectacular body. The women paid attention because she spoke in a simple, straightforward manner and patiently answered all of their questions with a jovial, good humor. She told the women that she would be teaching them simple recipes and branching out over time. Asia was thrilled with that – she was the type of cook that could barely make toast.

There was something about Brandi that Asia warmed to immediately. She paid careful attention and did her best not to come across as an idiot when she asked the attractive teacher any questions. Brandi had a soft, husky voice and she smiled every time someone spoke to her. It was simple for Asia to see that this woman was likely a success at anything she did. Asia smiled at Brandi as she left and found herself looking forward to the class next week. She thought to herself that there was no way that her Wednesday class would be as enjoyable as this one had been.

Asia was pleasantly surprised yet again – she was wrong. Her Wednesday class, where she was to learn how to make desserts and pastries, proved to be equallystimulating.

The teacher walked in and at first, Asia thought he was another student. He was gorgeous, rugged looking in a sports coat Rize Escort and jeans. His name was Stefan and the moment he spoke, his French accent entranced the women in the class. This man was a virtual Adonis who owned his own pastry shop and obviously had a great passion for his work. Asia hoped she could learn from him but if not, she was going to enjoy coming here every Wednesday evening and looking at this gorgeous specimen of manhood. If she happened to enjoy a nice pastry or two from time-to-time, she was doubly blessed.

Willy was pleasantly surprised to find his wife humming when he returned home from playing poker and it also amazed him that Asia initiated sex. He had no idea that his wife still found him lackluster in the bedroom, but she was so horny from being in Stefan’s class that she really didn’t care. He was a warm body and a cock and that was all she required.

The following Monday, Brandi wasn’t the only one who attracted attention. The teacher looked sensational in a dark skirt and dazzling red high heels, but Asia also dressed in a black leather mini and black stilettos. Asia had been at her salon for most of the day, pampering herself to look her best, although she couldn’t say why. Willy sure as hell wouldn’t notice and would likely complain about the expense. Asia didn’t have Stefan’s class until Wednesday, so why was she making such a fuss? In the end, it really didn’t matter because it was nice to be excited about something again.

She really enjoyed the class. Brandi taught them a simple recipe for Hamburger Stroganoff and Asia was certain that she could make it easily. Hamburger, a can of cream of mushroom soup, drain the grease, add flour to the meat to dry up any remaining grease and thicken the sauce, a can of soured milk, garlic to taste and serve over rice – it all seemed simple and she was sure that Willy and the kids would like it. She lingered behind the class to thank Brandi for her work and patience with them all.

“It’s my pleasure,” Brandi said, sitting on the edge of her desk. Her skirt rode up and you could see the tall beauty had well-sculpted legs and was not wearing pantyhose. “I took cooking classes here for years and now I’m the one teaching them – it’s fun and I’m a ‘foodie’, so that makes it extra special.”

“I love food too, I just can’t cook it to save my life,” Asia sighed. “My husband is thrilled that I’m finally going to learn, he isn’t even kicking up a fuss about the cost of the two classes.”

“With a face and body like yours, your husband is hung up on your cooking?” Brandi chuckled. “If I was married to a woman like you, I’d hire a chef and keep you busy somewhere else.”

“He’s not exactly a thrill-a-minutethere either,” Asia griped. “Hey, I have no idea why I’m telling you all of this and keeping you after class.”

“Don’t sweat it, pretty lady,” Brandi said, patting Asia’s hand. “Hey, there’s a nice lounge right around the corner. If you don’t have to be home right away, want to get a drink?”

“GOD, yes,” Asia smiled. “If I go home right now, all I’ll likely end up doing is watching television or going to bed. It will be nice to have someone to talk to, thanks,” She said to Brandi.

The lounge was actually quite stylish, not at all sleazy and the staff was all attractive. “Let’s sit close to the back or you’re going to get hit on,” Brandi told Asia.

“Likewise,” Asia giggled. She looked around and whispered in Brandi’s ear “I think we’re the two hottest women in here.”

“I don’t think it, Iknow it,” Brandi laughed. “So, tell me your life story, I’m in no rush.”

If there is truth in the phrase “confession is good for the soul”, then Asia’s soul was in good stead that evening. For reasons she couldn’t fathom, she told Brandi everything about her dull marriage and life. Brandi just sat there and listened, drinking her Cosmo, ordering another round for the two of them and not judging. By the time she finished spinning her tale of woe, Asia felt as if a two-ton weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Other than her head spinning a bit, she felt wonderful.

“I shouldn’t have blathered on like that, I monopolized the entire conversation,” Asia sighed. “What’s your story, Brandi? I’d love to hear all about your life. I’ll bet it’s really sexy and interesting!”

“It has its moments,” Brandi told her. “I’m a former fatty who got thin just in time, but I still love food. So, I work out vigorously and teach a cooking class so that I can be around food and not over-indulge. There’s onlyone thing I love more than food and if I get enough of the one, I don’t obsess over the other,” She giggled.

“You have a wonderful attitude,” Asia grinned. “I’ve had wonderful time, but I had better get home to Willy before he flips out.”

“Are you sober enough to drive?” Brandi asked, concerned. “I can call a cab.”

“I’m fine, I haven’t had a thing in Rize Escort Bayan almost an hour,” Asia smiled. “I really did have a wonderful time, thanks for a much-needed night out.”

“I’ve had a great time as well,” Brandi smiled, hugging her new friend. “I look forward to seeing you in class on Monday.”

Asia went home happy and looking forward to life for the first time in a while. Wednesday hadn’t even happened yet and her brain was thinking about what she wanted to wear. She wanted Stefan to notice her; a little flirtation was something she found herself needing once again.

The Wednesday class was a delight. They learned how to make Napoleons, one of Asia’s favorite pastries. However, the yummiest thing in the class wasn’t the pastry, it was the instructor. Once again, Stefan had the women in the class fawning all over him to get his attention and yet, most of it seemed to waft in Asia’s direction.

“I enjoy seeing you in class, Mrs. Fitzgibbons,” Stefan complimented her. “You pay attention and you’re meticulous – that’s very important when making pastry.”

“Is that the only reason?” Asia flirted, a small part of her happy that she seemed to be garnering most of his attention.

“If you mean have I noticed that you’re the mostdrop-dead gorgeous woman in the class, the answer is yes,” Stefan smiled. “But I’m trying to maintain a professional distance, I wouldn’t want you complaining to the higher-ups,” He said.

“Don’t worry about it,” Asia continued flirting. “Believe me, if you get a littleless distant, the higher-ups won’t hear a peep out of me.” She could feel two dozen sets of eyes burning holes through her back, but Asia remained cool and continued working on her dessert.

After class had ended, Stefan came over to her. “I am really dying for a cup of coffee, but I won’t drink that swill a lot of the coffee chains serve,” He told her. “I was wondering if you’d like to accompany me to my patisserie and share a cup or two with me and perhaps have something sinful?”

Asia smiled and nodded. The most sinful thing would be Stefan himself, but she kept that little piece of data to herself. Any excuse to spend time with this sexy specimen of manhood would be welcome.

He drove a Bentley – Asia could scarcely believe it. “I have lots of clients,” He smiled as he let her into the car. “I’m the son of a mechanic and I can drive a car like this.” He grinned and told her “I can fix it if it breaks down, too.”

His shop was beautiful, a treat to the eyes. It sported gorgeous tables, real china, lovely silverware and linen napkins, with glass lights and was spotlessly clean. He went into the back and Asia could smell the coffee brewing, it had a heavenly aroma. When he emerged from the kitchen, he sported a tray with a silver coffee pot and laden with a variety of small pastries.

“I call this my sample platter,” Stefan told Asia. “It’s one of the things that keep the customers coming back.”

“I really doubtthat’s the reason a lot of them keep coming back,” Asia thought to herself, almost tempted to say it aloud. Once she bit into the first bite of pasty, she thought she might have to re-evaluate – the pastries were as delicious as the man who made them.

Then, as they ate and chatted, she thought again that her original assessment might be the right one after all. Stefan was suave and funny and a debonair companion, if she had met him before marrying Willy, her husband wouldn’t have stood an ice cube’s chance in hell.

That night, she got home around midnight and her husband was already in bed. He was so apathetic that he didn’t even ask her what had kept her out so late. Had things between them already gotten so bad that this was the way things were going to be from now on?

Monday’s class saw Asia wearing a killer outfit, an expensive black leather ensemble that hugged her body closely. Brandi noticed and Asia truly hoped that the two of them could go out for another drink. She wanted to spend some more time with her new friend and she wanted to get into a tiny bit of trouble. Asia felt as if she’d like a bit of attention from someone while she was still young enough to get it and appreciate it as well.

At the end of another productive class, Brandi approached Asia with a huge smile. “Would you like to have drinks again?” She asked. Asia was thrilled to accept the invitation, although her heart sank a bit when Brandi said “I have some marvelous wine back at my place and I’m just dying to share it with someone. Why should we pay a lot of money in a bar when I have this gorgeous wine just waiting to be savored?”

Asia wanted to counter by saying that she wanted to go out and be seen, but she also cherished her new friendship, so she agreed. She was pleasantly surprised by how lovely Brandi’s place was. “I have a roommate, her name is Caroline,” Brandi said. “She’s away with her boyfriend Escort Rize Marcus at the moment; we have the entire place to ourselves. Give me a minute and I’ll go get the wine.”

Asia watched her new friend enter the kitchen and heard her puttering about. Brandi was the type of woman it was hard to ignore, she found herself wondering about Brandi’s love life. When the wine began flowing, it loosened her tongue and she found the courage to ask.

“I’ve had a number of lovers, but no, no one special person,” Brandi told Asia. “I like to keep my options open – be able to choose lovers that intrigue me.”

“I notice you keep saying lovers,” Asia commented as she sipped her wine. “Should I take that to mean we’re not just talking aboutmen exclusively?”

“You should,” Brandi grinned. “I find women just as sexy as men. I’ve slept with my roommate and several other female friends. I like to mix things up, to keep things fresh and exciting.”

“I don’t blame you, you’re a sexy woman,” Asia smiled.

“Would it surprise you to know that I think the same thing about you?” Brandi smiled back, placing her hand on top of Asia’s. “That I have had fantasies about our being together ever since I first saw you? You’re a stunning woman and I’d love to take you to bed. Would that possibly be something you’re interested in?”

Asia put down her wine. “I’ll be honest with you, until a week or so ago, I wouldnever have entertained any thoughts about being with another woman. But since meeting you, it’s all Ican think about. So yes, I’d be very interested. No time like the present, am I right?”

“Very right,” Brandi smiled, pulling Asia close. They kissed and their tongues swam in each other’s mouths. Brandi stood up and led her new friend into the bedroom. She took the time to appreciate Asia’s clothes, both outer and the sexy undergarments she wore and fussed over the slinky brunette. Asia found herself trembling and desirous of more touches, which were not denied to her. She was barely aware of being shoved down on the bed and her nipples teased and tasted while Brandi’s mouth moved silently over her slender body. She bit her lip and tried not to cry out, but it was to no avail. Brandi’s talents at lesbian sex were undeniable and she had Asia thrashing about the bed in very short order.

“You’re a responsive little minx, that’s good for our play,” Brandi grinned. “I’m going to eat your pussy and make you cum and don’t be afraid to vocalize, let me know what you like. I intend to do the same when it’s your turn. Spread those legs gorgeous and let me in there.”

Asia offered up no resistance and soon found Brandi’s tongue slithering about her cunt. She could not have cared less about betraying Willy this way; he’d had his chance –fuck that, he’d wasted several! As her body thrilled to the skilled tongue lapping at her flesh, she vowed that from tonight forward, she was living wholly for herself. She couldn’t wait to unleash her own burgeoning passions upon Brandi. She saw Brandi’s tousled, auburn hair moving in between her thighs and felt a thrill shooting through her. She would never have believed herself capable of doing something this naughty, this decadent and yet, here she was!

“Oh fuck, oh damn, eat the pussy, lick thatcunt!” Asia howled, using the lewd word for the first time in her life. The more Brandi lapped at her, the closer her inevitable climax was. When she finally did come, she screamed so loud that she was hoarse at the end.

“I’d say I’ve just made a new convert,” Brandi smiled as she lifted her head from between Asia’s legs. She kissed her new lover and for the first time in her life, Asia tasted her own juices. They were not unpleasant and she wondered how Brandi’s would taste.

“And how!” Asia trilled. “I’m going to try it with you now. I know I won’t be very good, but I hope that my enthusiasm will make up for that!”

“I’ll try to coach you if you need it,” Brandi told her. “Somehow, I doubt that you will. You seem very enthusiastic and that usually goes a long way to making a lover happy.”

Asia used her hands at first to explore Brandi’s body, removing the very decadent lingerie her new lover had been wearing. All of it was designed to entice and Asia was enticed. Brandi’s boobs were so suckable, so she sucked. She licked down Brandi’s body and enjoyed the curves of her new lover and could smell the subtle arousal. When she reached the sweet spot between Brandi’s legs, her friend helped her remove her thong by lifting up her hips. Brandi was surprised when Asia held her up for a few minutes and pressed her lips to Brandi’s own prominent pudenda. A tongue that was far more skilled than it ought to be began eating pussy for the very first time.

“You fucking cuntlapping bitch, you’ve never done this before?” Brandi hissed. “Oh damn, you little whore, with some practice, you’re going to be sensational. When my roomie gets back, we’re having ourselves a three-way. The two of us will go to town on your hot cunt and you will get to try our double dildo. We’ll rim your ass and show you all about tribbing, if that’s what you want! Keep eating me slut, keep licking my cunt!”

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