She Knows


This story is in response to “Wanting You” by Insane Waffles


It made her smile when she thought of the old saying “It all started so innocently…” While on the surface, she seemed shy and inexperienced, the depths of her desires and fantasies were anything but innocent. She knows how many times she’s filled her mind and dreams with being taken by his hard, thick cock. In her mouth, in her slick, shaven pussy, even sometimes just in her hand. Her fingers wet and slippery with a lube, gliding up and down his shaft, circling his cum-filled balls, and back up to perch and twirl on his large, purple-colored cockhead.

She shivered slightly as the images filled her mind again. She could feel that electrical tingle as her nipples hardened imagining his lips kissing them, his teeth lightly tugging in a lover’s bite. Twin lines of sensation sped down across her belly and darted inward from her hips to her public mound and made her clitoris swell up like a throbbing thumb, poking its way out of its skin hood. Innocent? No, it didn’t start with anything like innocence. She knows what she wanted right from the start.

She cleared her throat loudly and wriggled her shoulders a bit from the almost hypnotic trance of her sensual imaginings and looked back at the computer screen. “Get a grip, woman,” she whispered. “It’s just an email so far, nothing to get so excited about.”

On the other hand, it WAS an email from him. From the man she been noticing for some time now and it was a bit of a shock that he’d read her erotic story and responded. The man had “got her” — understood and accepted her desires as something of interest and — maybe? — desire of his own. Oh, she knew once she’d written and posted it there’d be guys out in the Web World who would probably jerk off while reading it. And she knew, just as well, that there’d be some guys — probably horny wanna-bes — who would write her expecting an easy fuck from “shy girl”. She shook her head. Not the kind of man or lover she wanted.

She wanted someone special. Who didn’t? But liseli porno she also knew she wanted a special kind of special. She wanted someone who could appreciate her as herself, not just another fantasy online Barbie with big tits and spread legs. But was this man different? It seemed he was. His email was written well — no misspelled words! — and the strong tone of his sentences meant he knew what he was about — and maybe what she was about, too.

She couldn’t explain the feeling, but she just knows…

Best to reply with a non-committal “Hello” she thought. Don’t give too much too soon. That was always a problem. But she thought he’d be good at reading between the lines. After the tingles settled a bit, she almost laughed at thinking she wanted — really wanted — to write back to him saying “Come to me and fuck my brains out. I want you to”. Okay, calm down, play the seduction game or be seduced for now. Draw it out, enjoy the slower pace instead of just gushing it all out right at the start.

She knows what she really wants to write him, but…


I’m really glad you enjoyed my erotic story. Did it make your cock hard while you read it? Did you imagine me on my knees with my lips around the head, kissing, licking, sucking your sweet cum out of you, Sir? Did you think of holding my hair in your hand and thrusting your dick in my mouth while I looked up at you with my eyes pleading you not to stop?

But did you stop? Did you slide your cock out of my mouth and pull me up into a tight, hard embrace and whisper into my ear “I’m going to fuck you”? Did you turn me around and bend me over, holding my hands behind my back and shove your cock between my wet pussy lips? Did you? And before you finished reading my story, did your cum shoot out like hot lava from a volcano because you couldn’t stop it? Was it that good for you, Sir?

Sweat dripped from her forehead and she swallowed hard. No! She couldn’t write that to him, could she? It’d be way too much, but God would it be so hot. mobil porno Everything felt too hot right now. She needed to cool herself off. Well, she was alone for the moment. Maybe. Why not? She unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it over the back of her chair. She looked down and saw her breasts were spilling out of her lacy bra. She shrugged her shoulders and pulled the straps down, pulled it around and unfastened the clasp.

There, that felt better. Her nipples were sticking straight out and she flicked each one with her thumb — damn. She imagined it was his strong fingers pinching and pulling them as he nibbled his way down her neck. Okay, this wasn’t cooling her down. Why couldn’t she get her mind back to “normal” and just finish this simple email to him?

Back to what comes after “Hello” she reminded herself…

Just a hint of submissiveness, she thought. And maybe it’d just be polite to say “Hello, Sir”, wouldn’t it? But again, just thinking about kneeling at his feet, calling him “Sir” started up the tingles again. God, she felt so wet all of a sudden. She unfastened her jeans and slid them and her panties down and off. Just a little touch, she thought. She slid her stiff middle finger over her swollen clit once, then again. Mmmm, she sighed. What would it feel like if it was the thick hard shaft of his cock rubbing against her clit like that? The big round head teasing her clit, the shaft parting and rubbing between her pussy lips, his heavy balls against her thigh.

No! She pulled her finger back, so, so tempted to slide two fingers inside her right now…No…he wasn;t here right now, it wasn’t his strong fingers probing her pussy, fucking her slowly, in and out and back in, then turning to one side and another, his middle finger sliding up behind her aching clit to find her G-spot. She knows it’s what she wants now…right now…but…but…there’s this email she has to write!

Okay, okay, she thinks. Just write something simple. “Thanks for reading my story. I’m glad you liked it” — she almost öğrenci porno typed “licked it” instead. Would he be that kind of man, she wondered. Would he be good with his tongue? Maybe tie her down, her thighs spread wide and tongue-tease her without mercy? Bringing her endlessly up to the brink of cumming and then backing off? Making her squirm and — yes, damn it, even beg for permission to cum on his mouth and tongue? She could do that. Was he one of those incredible experienced men who knew after she’d orgasmed to back off slightly — maybe just breathing or blowing softly on her pussy until she caught her breath and then slowly, gently licking at her again for a second mind-blowing orgasm? She shivered at the thought. He would be that kind. She just knows he would be and her mind spins.

Ina kind of trance, she types “I want to cum for you, Sir” and then letter by letter deletes it. I can’t say that. Not right away. God, he’d think I was such a slut. Well…well..she would be a slut for him, just him. But only because she knows he deserves it.

Okay, enough of this. She types quickly. “Glad you liked the story. I hope you’ll enjoy my future submissions. And then her nickname. Before she can change her mind, she sends the email. Whew! Done, she thinks. Well…almost done.

She leans back in the chair and slowly starts tracing patterns on her naked skin with her fingertips. Circles around her nipples and then tugging on them harder. Circling her waist with her hands and then more roughly moving them down to her wet pussy. She lightly rubs a fingertip over and around her clit and then without hesitation reaches in the desk drawer and takes out her dildo and a tube of lubricant. Her eyes half-closed she pours some of the cool liquid into her palm and then making a tight fist slides her hand slowly down the full length of the realistic-looking fake cock. Then slowly back up to twist on the head.

Wanting it to be his cock, she lowers it and teases the thick head up and down her slit and over her clitoris. Then with a loud gasp, she arches her back and thrusts the entire length of the dildo into her pussy. She thrusts her hips forward and begins powering the dildo clutched tightly in her fist. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she whispers. Imagining it’s him in her. She knows she will cum hard. She knows…