Shenanigans in Seattle

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Big Tits

Disclaimer: This is a story in which the characters cheat on their spouses. If you find this sort of thing offensive, I recommend not reading any further. You have been warned, so please don’t send me feedback or post comments telling me how wrong it is for married people to cheat. This is fiction. Although the character Lindsey was inspired by a real person, to the author’s knowledge that person has never actually engaged in adultery.


The trip to Seattle for company sanctioned training had come as a surprise. No one had bothered to let me know that I was on the wait list to attend and, once I got the email congratulating me for being invited, I had to do a little scrambling to make the travel arrangements. I wasn’t really looking forward to sitting through two days of training that, according to the agenda, promised to be pretty mind-numbing but I’d never been to Seattle before so I vowed to make the most of it. I rarely had to travel for work so most of my trips were for pleasure and involved my family. Unfortunately, due to the late notice, we couldn’t work it out so that they could join me and take advantage of the free accommodations, at least. I didn’t know anyone else who was attending the training, but I figured I’d be fine on my own for a few days.

The training was taking place on a Friday and a Saturday with a dinner on Friday immediately after the training. Since the training was starting early on Friday morning, I made arrangements to fly in on Thursday afternoon. I also wouldn’t be flying out until Sunday so that I wouldn’t be arriving at my home airport late Saturday night. This schedule gave me Thursday night and Saturday night to explore Seattle. After dinner on Friday night, I suspected that I wouldn’t be doing much with the training resuming early on Saturday morning. The training and dinner, as well as my accommodations, were at the same hotel right near Sea-Tac Airport.

Thursday afternoon ended up being a blast, even though I was by myself. The weather was great so I took the light rail from near the airport and hotel into downtown. I explored a bit, had a few local beers and dinner and was back at the hotel reasonably early. The room and bed were comfortable enough that I had trouble dragging myself to the shower on Friday morning, but I made it to the training on time, suffered through a long day, then joined the other trainees for dinner. By the time that wound down, it was too late to really go out and do something more fun but it was also too early for bed. Fortunately, I’d known that the hotel had a pool, so I’d packed a swimsuit. It was still open for a bit so I changed and headed down. I had the pool to myself when I arrived, so it was relaxing as I just kind of floated around, my muscles loosening up after I’d been sitting all day.

I must have let my mind float away, as well, because I didn’t even notice that somebody had joined me until she was already entering the pool, descending the steps at the shallow end. I recognized her from the training, though I liked how she looked in her one-piece swimsuit more than in the business casual attire she’d had on earlier. She appeared to be around my age, meaning forty-ish, and had shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes. Her swimsuit showed that she had some nice curves and, though they were squished by the nylon material, her boobs appeared to be fairly substantial.

“I was hoping to sneak in before you even noticed me,” she said as I acknowledged her, “I can’t believe no one else is here.”

The water temperature was comfortable enough that she submerged herself pretty quickly then joined me and introduced herself. Her name was Lindsey and she wasn’t any more thrilled by the training than I was. We chatted about that, our home offices and what we each did there, our families and interests. She was married, too, and also had a child, though hers was younger than mine. It was pleasant and I wasn’t really thinking any unsavory thoughts, though she was definitely a MILF. I wasn’t getting a sense that she was interested in me in “that way,” either, though we did flirt a little bit. With both of us having been married for so long, though, I’m sure for both of us it was just kind of nice to have a member of the opposite sex other than our spouses who was interested in spending a little one-on-one time with us.

I think we were both surprised, given how late it was getting, when a woman showed up to the pool with a very loud, boisterous group of young children. It didn’t take long before we were being splashed and the adult woman was more interested in chatting on her phone than in what all of those kids were up to. We agreed to adjourn to the nearby hot tub, which the kids had either not yet discovered or had dismissed due to its smaller size. We exited the pool and moved our things closer to the hot tub then found the switch to turn on the bubbles and eased into it. I admit I did take the opportunity to admire Lindsey’s figure and Van Escort found it pretty appealing. I had a feeling I’d end up having a few unsavory thoughts about her that night as I tried to fall asleep alone.

It was a bit more relaxing in the hot tub than in the pool but, true to its name, it was hot in there. It was also loud with the bubbles flowing. Between that and the noise of the rambunctious children, we ended up moving closer together to continue our conversation. Our legs contacted each other a few times and we went from ignoring it to joking about it to doing it on purpose. It was by this point that it was becoming obvious that an attraction was developing between us and that the hot tub was probably not the best atmosphere to try to resist it. Finally, we seemed to be on exactly the same page as we leaned toward each other and our lips met. Did my brain start screaming at me about how wrong this was? No, but my cock definitely woke up and wanted to know what was going on. As we progressed to making out and I brought a hand over to caress one of her tits, I was wondering if her pussy was becoming wet and whether I should check given that we had two perfectly good hotel rooms that might be a better place.

When a couple of the kids decided to join us in the hot tub, despite what we were in the middle of, we stopped kissing and agreed that it was time to leave. We got out and grabbed some towels to dry off, moving away from the hot tub to a quieter area.

“I’d been planning to shower once I was done swimming,” she said, “Would you be interested in joining me?”

“I would absolutely be interested,” I replied and she smiled. When we were dry enough and had gathered our things, we headed back into the hotel and she led the way to her room. Once we were inside, she closed and bolted the door and we entered the bathroom. Rather than immediately turning on the shower, we started making out again and I know she had to feel my hardening cock against her abdomen. I massaged her ass before bringing my hands up to her shoulders and starting to slide the straps of her swimsuit down. Her arms had been around my neck but she had to bring them down so that I could start sliding down the top of her swimsuit. We separated so that I could watch as her succulent boobs were slowly revealed. As her hard nipples and large, light pink areolas were exposed, I lowered my head to lick and suck them while continuing to slide her swimsuit down.

I stopped when it was sitting at her hips so that I could caress the soft, smooth flesh of her tits while continuing to lick and suck her nipples. Her moans were echoing as she ran her fingers through my hair but I knew I could make her moan even louder. I started kissing my way down from her tits over her stomach toward her swimsuit, sliding it down further the closer I got to it until my lips were touching the top of her bush. I paused, moving my head back for a better view, then watched as her beautifully golden and well-groomed bush was revealed. As I let her swimsuit drop to her ankles, I felt my cock grow even harder as I gazed at her exposed pussy. I leaned in and ran my tongue up along her slit, tasting the pungent nectar that was accumulating between her lips. She did moan louder and gripped my head tighter so, as much as I was enjoying the opportunity to eat her blonde pussy, she was apparently enjoying it even more.

I started out lapping at her pussy, tasting her flavor, but progressed to licking and sucking her clit as I slipped a couple of fingers into her. Her pussy was incredibly hot and wet, which answered the question that had crossed my mind down in the hot tub. While I was definitely savoring eating her pussy, I couldn’t help but think about how incredible it was going to feel to slip my throbbing cock into her. I had zero doubt at that point that it was going to happen. As I slid my fingers in and out of her, she was moaning louder and longer, humping her pussy toward my face. I had no idea if I’d gotten her so worked up or if maybe she was a little pent up, which can happen when you’ve got kids. Either way, it didn’t appear that it was going to take long before she’d be cumming. I was perfectly fine with that since the level of pleasure she felt was more important to me at this point than duration. I suspected we’d have plenty of opportunity to indulge in long and intense orgasms before we both left on Sunday.

I knew for sure that she was getting close when she started tensing up more. I just continued what I was doing since it was obviously working quite well. Even though I was confident that I’d have another opportunity to eat her pussy, I was still devouring it like it would be my only chance and savoring everything about the experience. When the tension finally left her, she started shaking and crying out while I felt a flood of additional lubrication around my fingers. Just as I’d hoped, her orgasm was long and intense so I continued eating her as long as she continued Van Escort Bayan cumming. She released the grip she had on my head when she’d apparently finished and let out a sigh.

“Thank you, that was outstanding,” she said, breathlessly, as I sat back on my heels and slipped my fingers from her pussy into my mouth, “but now it is your turn.”

She reached down and helped me to stand, her hands going right to the drawstring of my swimsuit as she kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth. I started caressing her breasts again as she got my drawstring untied and reached into my swimsuit to grasp my rigid tool. She stroked it for a moment then broke off our kiss and dropped to her knees, taking my swimsuit down as she went. I was looking down as I stepped out of my swimsuit and she took my cock in her fist, pumping it briefly before wrapping her lips around it. I moaned as she engulfed my cock in her hot mouth while continuing to pump the base and figured my orgasm would probably be upon me at least as quickly as hers had been.

She sucked me enthusiastically, not like she hadn’t sucked cock in a while but presumably because she’d been sucking the same cock for a long time. I know that I’d felt that way eating her pussy, where you’re just psyched to be doing it with somebody new and different. She was definitely demonstrating some skill, so there was no question that she had some experience, and the enthusiasm told me that she actually enjoyed sucking cock, so I was thankful to be the beneficiary of that enthusiasm. I knew that, between the skill and the enthusiasm, it wouldn’t be long before I was blowing a load down her throat. I also knew that, after lathering each other up in the shower, there was no doubt that I’d be ready to go again.

I was not only enjoying having her sucking my cock but I was also enjoying watching her sucking my cock. She’d glance up at me occasionally with her stunning blue eyes as if to confirm that her efforts were having the desired effect. I’m sure the expression on my face left no question. As my cock swelled even more the closer I got to cumming, she never even hesitated and, in fact, seemed to step up her efforts. I’m sure she wasn’t just trying to make me cum but she probably wanted to be sure that I experienced as much pleasure as she could provide. There was definitely no issue with that; I was absolutely savoring the pleasure of having my cock in her mouth.

When I started spewing into her mouth with a grunt, she swallowed my load without pause, continuing to suck my cock through my orgasm. Only once I was finally spent and starting to soften did she let my cock fall from her mouth. She looked up at me as she wiped the corner of her mouth then I took her hands and helped her stand. I went to kiss her but she turned so that I kissed her cheek instead, so I assumed she was self-conscious about having cum breath and let it slide. She did hug me, though, before getting the shower going and adjusting the water temperature. She beckoned for me to join her as she was stepping in, with a sultry smile so I knew we were still good. I followed her into the shower and took the bottle of body wash from her once she’d poured herself a handful. I poured myself a handful and, after setting the bottle down, began to work it into a lather. As she began to lather my chest, I started to lather hers, slathering suds all over her succulent titties.

Though her tits probably ended up cleaner than any other part of her body, we did thoroughly wash each other from top to bottom. My cock was fully rigid again by the time we were rinsing off and, though I was prepared to fuck her right there in the bathroom, she had another plan. Once we were suds-free, she shut the shower off and we grabbed a couple of towels. We dried ourselves and each other, hanging the towels up when we were done since she’d still need one the next morning, then as I was ready to start fucking, she led me out of the bathroom.

“No sense in letting a perfectly good king-size bed go to waste,” she said, indicating for me to get on it as she went to grab something. Once I was sprawled out on my back in the middle of the bed, she tossed me a condom then set the rest of a three-pack on the nightstand.

“You had a plan for this weekend?” I asked, rolling the condom onto my cock as she moved up onto the bed, her tits swinging.

“Uh, no,” she replied, “I developed a plan on the fly, actually, when I saw you out in the pool.”

“What?” I asked, incredulous, “Come on.”

“Seriously,” she said, as she was straddling me, “right by the door to the pool is a vending machine that I had been surprised earlier to see had condoms in it among all of the snacks. When I saw you out in the pool alone, I didn’t even really think about it; I just bought them and figured I’d leave them behind here in my room if nothing happened.”

“Well, I’m glad you went with your instinct,” I moaned as she lowered herself onto my sheathed Escort Van tool. My hands went right to her tits as her hot pussy engulfed my cock and she sat there for a moment, feeling it inside her. I brushed my hands over her hard nipples as I caressed the soft, smooth flesh of her tits, my attention alternating between her tits and her golden bush. She started to slowly move up and down on my cock, both of us moaning at the pleasurable feeling. Her pussy was extremely wet and slippery and, even through the condom, it felt absolutely incredible. I found it nearly unbelievable that I was naked with and fucking this sexy MILF. I hadn’t had any intention of trying to hook up with anyone, much less one of my colleagues, while I was in Seattle but I really did not have any complaints about the way things were going.

Her slow, steady pace was gradually increasing and, as I realized that her tits were starting to bounce, I moved my hands down from her tits and around to caress her ass. Watching her tits bouncing was hypnotizing but, after a few more minutes, she ended up leaning forward, planting a hand on either side of my head. While I couldn’t watch her titties bouncing any more as she continued moving forward and back on my cock, this position put them close enough that I could get my lips and tongue on her hard nipples. I was caressing the soft, smooth flesh again and knew that I’d never be able to get enough of her succulent tits.

It turned out that she must have been getting close to cumming when she’d leaned forward and doing that had helped her get the rest of the way there. I was only licking and sucking her nipples for a short time when she slammed herself back on my cock and just held there. I felt her body start trembling as her orgasm washed over her so I continued stimulating her nipples, hoping that would either add to the intensity of her orgasm or the duration. When she finally went still, after what appeared to be both a long and intensely pleasurable orgasm, she remained where she was for a moment as she recovered. When she straightened up again, she moved off of my cock and moved over to lie beside me.

“Now that I’ve fucked you,” she said as she was moving, “it’s your turn to fuck me.”

I got up off my back but, rather than just lowering myself over her in the missionary position, I grabbed a couple of her pillows and had her lift up her ass. I wedged the pillows under her ass so that, as I was kneeling between her legs, I could guide my cock back into her pussy. Positioned like this, I was able to look down over her body as I commenced fucking her, admiring both her trim blonde bush and her succulent tits. I hooked her legs over my arms and slowly slid my cock in and out of her, watching her tits moving with the rhythm. Her pussy had been flooded with even more lubrication when she’d cum, so fucking her felt even better than it had and I knew that I wouldn’t be good for very much longer. I savored the slow build of my orgasm while enjoying the view of her body laid out before me.

Of course my attention continued to be drawn to her tits as they were moving and I knew I would not be cumming inside that condom. I certainly was enjoying the pleasure I was feeling as a result of fucking her hot, wet pussy but, as I was getting closer to cumming, I was also preparing to make a change. Before I was quite on the verge of an orgasm, I slipped out of her and lowered her legs, moving the pillows out from under her ass. While slipping the condom off and setting it aside, I moved up and straddled her, laying my cock between her tits. I took a tit in each hand and squeezed them together around my cock then started to slowly slide it between them. The feeling was extraordinary and there was no latex between my shaft and her soft, smooth flesh. She was watching the head as it peeked from her cleavage while my attention was on her succulent tits, large areolas and hard nipples.

I’d been fairly close to cumming before I’d finally been able to force myself to stop fucking her so it didn’t take much of fucking her tits before my orgasm was building up again. I wish I could have drawn it out longer because it felt so amazing but there was just no possible way without actually stopping, which I couldn’t have made myself do, anyway. I just savored the pleasure I was feeling as I continued to slide my cock between her tits, feeling it swell even more as I got closer to cumming. When I finally started spewing onto her chest with a grunt, her eyes got wide and she stuck out her tongue, but my shots were too weak to reach it. I continued sliding my cock between her tits until I was completely spent, then I released my grip and moved to lie beside her. She spread my cum around on her chest and licked it off her fingers as I watched, fondling the nearest tit.

“You want to just stay here tonight?” she asked, “Or do you need to get back to your room for anything?”

“I’d love to stay, as long as you don’t mind that I don’t have my toothbrush,” I replied, “I’ll just need to be up early enough to make it back to my room to get ready for tomorrow’s session.”

“Oh, trust me,” she said, “I’ll make sure you’re up early enough for more than that.”

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