Shoe Store, The


He smiled as he opened the door to the store and nearly skipped inside. He made his way to the back, forgetting to relock the door. Finally reaching the door to the stock room he slipped inside and went to his small office. He sat down happily in his chair and opened the side drawer. Inside, nestled behind his files he found the bottle…a Taylor-Fladget 40-year-old tawny port wine. He had bought it on year ago, and promised himself he would treat himself if he made it through the first year.

With the economy in free fall, he wasn’t sure quite how he’d done it. But somehow, he’d managed to keep his upscale shoe store in business. As he carefully opened the bottle of port, he joked to himself that Chanel and Louis Vuitton never go out of style for those with the deep pockets. After preparing himself a glass, he closed his eyes and savored his success for a minute before finally taking a sip. He lost himself in the moment, grateful he would have another 3 hours before opening up shop. He could really enjoy himself for a bit, get some extra paperwork done, and he didn’t have to rush.

After about 15 minutes of relaxation, he finally remembered he hadn’t locked the door. So, he got up and went back to the store front only to pause mid stride at the doorway when he saw the woman eyeing the Gucci thigh-high boots he had on display. They were simple with violet leather, with high heels and an inside zipper and what appeared on the ankle to be a collar with a gold buckle. He paused for a long moment, before deciding to go over and help her.

“Thank you for stopping in,” he said warmly. “You have a good eye, those boots would look exquisite on you.”

The woman blushed slightly, “Thank you. I was wondering…could I try them on?”

“Of course, I’m not officially open, but I want to help you. Can I just lock the door quick so no one else comes in?” The woman nodded in response, and quickly locked the door before asking what size shoe she wore.

“Seven olgun porno and a half,” she responded. She went over to the comfortable fitting chair and sat down. She was wearing a long sleeved mini dress, with a deep V-neckline that plunged to a violet leather wide belt, her only jewelry was a gold ring on her right hand. The neckline tastefully showed off the valley between her breasts perfectly, and the way the shimmering silver softly draped over her, her hair failing to delicate ringlets across her shoulders, she seemed the vision of a gossamer fairy…especially he looked at her blue eyes.

Catching himself staring, he quickly recovered, “I’m sure we’ll have a pair in your size, I’ll be right back.”

He walked to the back room calmly, but as soon as he got there he dashed to find the right boot. Emerging back to the store front, his heart skipped a beat when he saw her. She had taken off both of her shoes, and placed one foot up on the foot ramp. Her knee now came up above her hip, and the loose fabric of the mini dress had fallen back slightly to reveal just the wisp of the top of her gartered stockings. He quickly sat himself on the stool, with the foot ramp, her stocking foot between his legs, and he looked up at her eyes, deliberately trying not to fixate on her legs.

“Here we go, let me put these on you so you can see how they fit,” he said with a smile.

“Thank you,” she replied and let him take her foot by the heel. As he lifted, the hem of the mini dress crept higher, exposing the top of her gartered stockings and a glimpse of her flesh. He carefully slipped the boot on and zipped it up slowly. Then rather than letting the foot go down, she crossed her legs slightly with resting the leg with the bare foot rest on the knee of the now booted foot. This time the hem crept all the way to her waist. So that once the second boot was on and she placed the foot back on the ground, you could porno see where the legs met. He could not help but to look, and admire as she silently opened her knees and thrust her hips forward so her butt rested on the edge of the chair. He could the recently waxed bare flesh of her pussy, and he mutely leaned in and pressed his face into her pussy.

His eyes looked up long enough to see her smiling down at him. She grabbed the hair on the back of his head and pulled him tighter against her flesh, smothering him firmly. His hands wrapped around the back of her boots and gripped her calves.

“Now isn’t that better?” she asked.

He nodded silently in response. She grinned mischievously, “I’ve been watching you for a long time. It started out looking at these boots, but you…I can’t take my eyes off of you.”

He began to kiss against her pussy, opening his mouth like he was giving her a French kiss. His tongue began to probe and slide. Moving around and over her clit with a firm tongue, at times slow, and at times thrumming rapidly, his breath became more and more laborious as he strained to breath while being smothered into her pussy. While he worked her pussy, she clenched her thighs around his head and locked her legs, one boot over the other, and pressed the heel into his back as she began to buck her hips up against his mouth. They rode like that for 10 minutes, his cheeks and her thighs getting wetter and wetter, and teeth clenched as she moaned. She began to dig her heels into his back and grind fiercely against him, his breathing stopped as he was completely smothered. She rode him like that for 30 seconds before gushing forcefully, her wetness washing over his face as she screamed through clenched teeth.

His breathing came back strongly and he began to rub over her clit fiercely with his stiffened tongue. She rode him again, standing up and thrusting her hips violently against his head, which she held in a vice-like Porno 64 grip. After a few minutes more she drove him to his back and sat on his face, her knees going wide so she could once again smother him with her pussy.

Her hips raising and then diving down atop him, she rode his mouth with glee. She suddenly began to raise her hips up and then slam down into him. She went faster, and faster and began to grunt loudly. After a moment lifted her hips slightly and shot her cum all over his face. Finally, she sat back on his chest and put her knees up, her boots inches from his face. “Now it’s your turn. I want to wear a present out. I want you to stain the back of my dress with your cum,” She said with a grin.

He obliged quickly, squirming as he opened his pants enough to get his hard cock out, while she carefully kept balanced on his chest. “Start rubbing, hurry,” she said as she began rubbing her own clit in turn. He began rubbing the bottom of his cock rapidly with his right hand while he began to groan beneath her. It wasn’t but a few minutes before he erupted with a scream, his cum shooting up at her and splattering over her back and waist. She then laid back, her head resting between his thighs, her hair entangling with his cock, and she began to jam her fingers into her pussy. Now she rode herself on top of him, until she could find one more head spinning orgasm. Finally it came and ripped through her, she began flailing atop him as the orgasm swept through her body for over a minute. Finally she collapsed atop him, panting rapidly as her heart pounded in her chest.

They rested like that for several minutes before the woman brought her hands up and raised them in front of her face. She tenderly switched the ring to her left ring finger and smiled, “Honey, congratulations on your one year anniversary. I knew you could do it. Now I have to run, John will be getting out of preschool in 2 hours and I need to go get showered before I pick him up. See you at home.”

He wasn’t so quick to recover. As she got off of him and straightened her skirt, he just closed his eyes. Barely registering her voice as she said she loved him, he could only smile and whisper his love in return.