Shopping Surprise

Angela White

Isaac was driving to a department store a few miles from his house. He seemed to get every red light. While he was stopped he would glance out his window and wonder if he would ever get some excitement in his life. Shopping for new boxers was not what he planning for spring break, it was all he can find to do though.

Isaac was about 6’2, real slender, with hair down to his shoulders. His pencil-thin goatee glimmered in the sun, and his thin but muscular build was barely covered by a wife beater shirt.

He pulled into the parking lot and tried to check out some girls, but they were all either to old or too young. When he entered he saw a cute blonde at the register and they exchanged smiles. He started to consider actually buying his new underwear or something else that would be a better conversation starter. He first headed to the underwear section to see what he could find.

“Did you need help finding anything, sir?” asked a worker. He was just as tall as Isaac, but had a shaved head and had the body-builders look under his suit.

“Nah, I’m good for now.”

“Just let me know.”

Isaac browsed for a few minutes, trying to get a look at the girl from across the store. He got the attention of the worker to ask about her.

“Yo Man, you know that chick at the front?”

“Of course I do, why?”

“She single?”

“Ah, no sir, she’s taken. In fact, uh, she’s taken my this, well she’s a lesbian.”

(laughs) “No shit man?”

“Not kidding. I get why though, her girlfriend is a total beauty.”

“I’ll bet.”

“Do you get that? You know, same-sex couples?”

“Shit man, I guess. Why wouldn’t you want to be fuckin’ someone who knows your body?”

“Have you ever tried it before.”

“Fuck no! (he yelled, getting the attention of about all 12 people in the store) Whoops. Well, no I never was really interested in guys man.”

“You know Shelley up there was a hard-headed straight girl who was raised in the church. I went to a party with her one night where she met this girl. They talked for like the whole Betturkey night. Next thing everybody knows those two are dating and Shelley’s into the lesbian scene like she created it.”

“Damn dude.”

“Maybe I should tell you something. (the worker thought Isaac wouldn’t yell again after he caught himself earlier) I hope you aren’t uncomfortable, I’m gay and something tells me I should suggest something to you.”

Isaac looked around, they were the only two in the men’s department.

“Suggest what man?”

“Well it’s obvious you’re single; if you find your bi side you get double the field. Oh, well, not double because not every man is gay but… (he leaned in) its not like they can’t be converted.”

“You think I’m gay?”

“No, no, you’re missing the point. I can tell you’re the standard guy who can’t get enough sex. If you can learn to appreciate sex with people other than women you can pretty much always get sex. No matter what.”

“Well, shit man with a body as big as yours you wouldn’t have to worry about getting sex so what’s it to you?”

“Ah, you noticed my body, that’s a good sign.”

“Hey man, you’re a beast, it’s hard not to notice.”

“I’m not trying to be forceful, tell me if I need to stop, but (he leans in and whispers in Isaac’s ear) I can show you the real beast in here.”

Isaac took a panicked look around but quickly put his ear back where it was.

“Um, I’m desperate man. I need to bust on whoever.”

“Come right this way, sir.”

The worker walked calmly over to the suit section, grabbed a few ties, a few suits, and a few pairs of pants.

“We’ll see how these fit you, sir.” He winked and lead Isaac to the fitting room.

“Alright, get naked. I’ll show you just how much better a guy can be than that dyke up front.”

Isaac stripped without looking at the worker. Once he was down to his underwear he turned to find the worker wearing only his socks. He was stroking a semi-hard monster of a cock. His own cock shot up at the sight which gave him a surprisingly Betturkey Giriş comfortable surprise.

“Lean against that wall.”

Isaac put his shoulders against the cold mirror while sliding off his boxers.

“See that hard dick? I knew you would get it stiff for anything. You just want to get off.” The worker rubbed Isaacs’ nipples with his thumbs. “I’ll get you off babe, don’t worry.” He licked his the tips of his thumbs and rubbed them on Isaac’s nipples. They became hard so he blew on them, which lead to Isaac’s first moan. “How many girls lick your nipples?”

“Uh, none so far.”

“Typical.” The worker swirled his tongue around Isaac’s hard nipples which caused him to jerk as he moaned. “Mmmmm, this is getting good.” They both reached for each other’s cock. Isaac just felt around while his own cock was getting pleased like a full-body massage. The worker’s other hand found its way around Isaac’s left leg. The fingers stroking his inner-thigh caused him to lose his breath. He was getting dizzy and said he needed to sit down.

“If you sit you’re gonna have to get your first taste of cock.” The worker grabbed Isaac and forced him onto the bench and threw his 9″ beauty in his face. “It may look like it will hurt you but you’re in control of it. Take a few practice licks, wet your lips, then go after it. But take your time.”

Isaac’s heart was in his throat and his eyes were bulging. He placed his hands on the worker’s knees and went straight after the monster. He spit because he had seen women do it all the time in pornos. He grabbed on with his right hand and jerked the worker’s cock, too fast though.

“Ah, slow it down babe.”

He was doing a decent job, about a full mouth full of the biggest cock he’d ever seen. He was struggling with his breath and his jaw was quickly feeling sore so he asked if there was anything else they could do.

“Oh, I wish babe. This is not the place for a virgin to take on a dick this size. Let me just give you what you came for.”

The worker stood Isaac up then Betturkey Güncel Giriş slimed his cock with spit. Before he knew it his balls were being licked while his cock was down the worker’s throat. He started to jerk and hunch over. He thought it was a good time to spank the worker. The worker responded by playfully tapping Isaac’s balls.

“Oh god, how the fuck does it feel this good? Oh god I’m gonna cum! Where is it gonna go? Fuck, here comes a big fuckin’ load!”

The worker swallowed Isaac’s cock. He spurt out a good 6 shots of cum. He almost feel down. He wiped sweat off his forehead and looked down.


The worker laughed. “Yeah, I know. Fuck.” He had taken every drop straight down, all that was left was long, thick globs of spit that bridged his mouth to the milked cock. He slurped the cold strings up, whirled his tongue around then swallowed. “Did I tell you you’d enjoy it or what?”

“Fuckin’ shit man, I gotta have you show me everything.”

The worker stood and kissed Isaac on his cheek and gave one last spank and grab to his soft ass.

“Tell Shelley to give you my number. Also, take whatever you want from the store and tell her I’m giving you the my discount. Now get out of here you slut!” He winked and took his clothes into the next stall to get dressed.

Isaac picked out a few pairs of underwear, he was took shaken up to shop and take full advantage of the discount. He stammered to the checkout and gave Shelley A blank look.

“Uh, yeah. I didn’t catch the guy’s name back there but he was telling me something about a discount.”

“It’s all free then. We have a thing worked out where we compete to see who can fuck more guys while we work here. I’m always on the register so he’s got a big lead.”

“Wait, if you think that’s what we were doing back there.”

“C’mon, you moan pretty loud. I had to tell these old ladies out manager was sick in his office.”

“Um, do I like get his number from you or something?”

“Take his card. Its unlikely you’re gonna get ahold of him again though.”

“Um. I’ll get going then.”

“Have a good one.”

Isaac rushed to his car, but then he rushed back into the store to ask one question.

“Hold on. That means you ain’t a lesbian?”

“Nope. Sorry, (she leaned in) I don’t fuck gay guys either.”