Shopping Trip

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I walked around the supermarket, checking items off on my shopping list as I threw them into my basket. As I rounded into the crips and savoury snacks aisle, looking at the floor as I so often do, I spied a beautiful set of ankles held up by enormous high heel shoes. I stopped in my tracks and stared after them as they walked away. My eyes drifted up, following the ankles up to the knees and then to the soft whites of her thighs. As my eyes travelled up I noticed the bottom of her buttocks just below the hem line of her short denim skirt. Nice, very nice, I thought to myself. I followed her around into the next aisle, my shopping list now secondary to finding out who the legs and butt-cheeks belonged to. She was getting a head of me now, I could see her full figure, guessing her age (it’s so difficult to tell from behind) to be somewhere mid-forties. Above her blue denim skirt, small rounds of flesh hung slightly over the waistband, just missing being covered by a tight fitting silk blouse. As she rounded the end of the aisle I caught her side on, huge breasts sticking out over a slightly rounded stomach, the blouse only done up so far to allow her full cleavage to be on display, and a hint of leopard print bra.

I continued to follow her around the supermarket, thinking all manner of nasty thoughts about what I’d like to do with her. My cock was semi hard now as I imagined bending her over, a finger on her clit and my cock thrusting, ten to the dozen, in and out of her cunt. Then she stopped, turned around, I almost walked into her. “Are you following me?”

“I was just admiring your legs.”

“Really? A young thing like you? You must be all of twenty-five.”

“I can’t help that,” I said, “like I can’t help noticing your legs.”

She laughed at that then looked me up güvenilir bahis and down. She noticed my cock, semi-erect, causing a bump in my jeans. “You do seem to like my legs, how about my tits?”

The surprise of being caught looking and the embarrassment of it as well meant that I’d not even looked properly at those giant breasts since she had turned to me face on. I took a look, a real long look almost to the point of falling into them. “They…” I began, “they are beautiful.”

“I bet you’d like to touch them?”

“Here?” I said, a little shocked.

“Don’t be silly, put your basket down and follow me, but not too close.” She walked off in front of me, I waited back a little and then followed, still eyeing up those legs. We walked to the front of the store behind the check outs, through the door to the toilets and into the disabled one. “I like a lot of room,” she said after closing and locking the door. “So….” she said, looking me up and down, “you’ve been looking at my legs and tits, now I wanna see what you got to offer me.”

I smiled and pulled my jeans down, I don’t wear underwear so my cock, now hard, stood straight up to attention. “Nice,” she smiled, “that baby is, what? Seven inches?”

“Don’t forget the all important half,” I said with a grin.

“I’m guessing you were thinking about what you wanted to do with me as you were following?”

“I,” now how would I put it? I thought for a second, nervous now at her directness, I could feel my cock draining. She grabbed it and jerked me a few times which got the stiffness back. “I was thinking about bending you over and fucking you hard from behind.”

“What’re you waiting for?” she said as she turned around, bent over placing her hands on the sink to steady herself. I went up behind her, pushed türkçe bahis her skirt out of the way, began to out pull her tiny leopard print thong down when she said “tear it.” I tore at it, struggled a little but finally the thin material gave. I placed my cock on the entrance to her cunt and pushed it in. It was tight at first, but soon her juices began to run and my cock slipped easily in and out of her. I reached around with my right hand and searched in her full bush — not too hairy, just neatly trimmed — until I found her clit. As I thrust my cock in and out of her, my fingers went to work rubbing on her clit. She moaned in almost a whisper as I did my duty. With my left hand I slapped her on the buttocks, I ran a finger from that hand down her arse crack, ran it around the rim, brought it up to my lips, sucked it to make it nice and wet and then went back to running it on her rim. I eased that finger inside her, she let out a little gasp as it slipped into the tightest of holes. So now, there I was, fingering her arse-hole, playing with her clit and fucking her with long powerful slow strokes, her juices coving my cock and my balls slapping on her thighs.

I pulled my dick out of her, got on my knees, still fingering her arse and teasing her clit and then licked all the way from her cunt to her arse-hole. I pulled my finger out of her and then licked and lapped at her arse hole, pushing my tongue slightly inside, making it nice and wet. I pushed two fingers back inside that hole, making it nice and loose. “Are you going to fuck me in the arse?” she questioned, panting after each word.

“Damn fucking right I am,” I said as I stood up, took my fingers off her clit, grabbed a hold of either side of her arse and then pushed my cock inside her. It was tight, it was good. She flinched güvenilir bahis siteleri as I entered, but after a few strokes she relaxed as I got my rhythm going. “Mind if I cum in here?”

“You go a head.”

I started to build up speed, shorter harder strokes, she could barely silence her impending orgasm, I had problems holding in mine. I got harder and faster, thrusting for all I was worth, holding on tightly to her hips. As I neared orgasm my fingers gripped tighter and tighter, they were going to leave a mark. With once un-silenceable scream I let my load go inside her. “Did you like that?” she asked. “I didn’t get to cum though, so you need to right that situation.” She turned around and went to sit on the edge of the toilet seat. “You better eat my pussy good, make me cum.” I got on my knees in front of her, slid a finger into her cunt, one into her arse — I could feel my cum beginning to drip out of her. I pushed my finger right up her and began to lick her pussy. She moaned and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me in tightly. My tongue found her clit and using a combination of slow hard licks and soft fast ones I soon had her bucking on my face. I pulled my cum covered finger out of her arse and brought it around the front, I put it to her lips and she licked it clean. Then she started to cum, her juices poured over my face, she was grabbing at my hair and yanking my head into her cunt. She cried out loud, I felt for sure we’d be caught that excited me almost as much as the first sight of her legs.

As she finished her orgasm, she let me up. I pulled my jeans on, she got some toilet paper and wiped the remnants of my cum from her arse then stood up, pulling her skirt down. “Now that was a shopping trip,” she said once she had regained her breath enough to speak. I unlocked the door, opened it a little to see who was around, luckily there was no-one in the hallway. I went out first, back into the main store and then to the aisle that I’d left my shopping in. The basket, and my list were gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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