Showering with Sara


I wake up with a smile on my face. A little disoriented, and feeling cold without you by my side. I look around the room which is dimly lit by the light sneaking in between the curtains. I see the glow from the bathroom about the same time I hear the shower turn on. I get a devilish grin across my face as I kick my legs over the side.

I walk across the room as naked as I was when we fell asleep just a few hours earlier. I stop to brush my teeth before sneaking into the bathroom. I pause at the door and watch you through the frosted glass of the stall door. Your head thrown back as you stroke your hair allowing the water to penetrate the thick flowing mane now reaching the top of your small, tight rump is very arousing. I watch as you caress your body under the hard spray of the scolding hot water your hands cupping your firm, full breasts as you turn to let the falling water beat on your back. You catch me out of the corner of your eye and smile as you realize I’m walking toward you. I step into the shower and feel butterflies dance in my belly as you reach for me and wrap your arms around my neck.

“Good morning beautiful, I missed you when I woke up.”

“I wanted to get a head start so we could enjoy our day together.”

“Sara, I’m planning on enjoying every second of you no matter what.”

I lean down and gently kiss you. Despite the hours of love making the night before, the simple kiss we share makes my stomach tighten, and my heart race. I feel my knees knock and I lean into you; partially out of desire to feel you against me, and partially out of a desire not to fall. We are making out passionately, our arms tangled in a hug that rivals that of an anaconda. You pull away for air and I take the opportunity to kiss my way down your long slender neck. My right hand slides up to grip a handful sex izle of hair at the roots, not aggressively but lovingly; my left hand sliding down to savor the perfect roundness of your small but perfect ass. My lips and tongue continue the trail of kisses down and along your neck as I feel your involuntary thrusts against my thigh. I pull back and look into your deep, lovely eyes. You blush and start to look away.

“No, please. Look into my eyes; I want to see YOU.”

You blush and look away again.

“Please, just look into my eyes.”

You pause before relenting, looking me straight in the eye, your resolute chin set and a look of defiance in your eyes. Within seconds the defiance fades and is replaced by a mixture of fear, revelation and excitement. Our embrace tightens subconsciously as we gaze into each other’s souls. I can’t tell you how long we stand there; it’s a moment I’m searing into my mind to be savored for eternity.

Eventually our mouths find each other and we kiss again; there’s something different. Less panicked and more perfect.

I reach for the shampoo as you turn your back to me and lean back into my chest. I take a copious amount of the thick liquid in my hand and start working it into the top of your scalp. You lean forward allowing me to wash your long hair. As I get to the bottom my hands continue down to spread the extra suds over the globes of the ass I’ve been staring at the whole time. You lean back into me and turn your head for a kiss, as you do I slide my hands up, cupping your breasts; squeezing your erect nipples between the knuckles of my fingers. I lather up the scrubbing sponge with lavender body wash and slowly wash your entire body, your constant repositioning within my embrace allows me to cleanse your various regions; but also sikiş izle affords my mouth the opportunity to taste you all over as well. I find myself becoming aroused by kissing areas I’ve never even considered sexy or sensual before. I stand behind you and gently scrub your back, starting at the top and slowly working my way down to your bum. You pull away and look at me seductively as you sway your hips in a sexy dance as you rinse the suds from your body. As you turn away from me you lean back into me.

My rigid member is nestled between your cheeks, you tease it by squeezing them together. I slide my hand down between your legs, finding your swollen clit. I work it with firm, slow circles causing you to press yourself back into me. I turn you around as I get on my knees if front of you. You lift your left leg putting your foot on the edge of the stall, opening yourself to me. I give you a devilish grin as I start kissing you right below your navel. I kiss and lick every square inch of your lower stomach, groin and inner thighs, teasingly avoiding the spot you want licked so badly. My hands are searching your ass and thighs. I graze your swollen vulva, each time sending shivers up your spine. You are caressing the stubble of my shaved head gently encouraging me to cease the torture and give you the pleasure you yearn for.

I reach around and grip a cheek in each of my stretched out hands as I surprise you by sucking your clit into my mouth without warning. You moan and gasp as I suckle, nibble, lick and flick your swollen love button. My hands are kneading at your butt pulling it apart stretching your tight rosebud. I move my mouth down marginally and invade you with my tongue, reaching as far into your love tunnel as I can. I will never grow tired of the taste of your sweet nectar. Your türk porno moans have progressed to the point of being one long, perpetual song of praise broken up periodically by string of profanity expressing the intensity of your pleasure.

You are leaning against the shower wall; your legs are rubbery and threatening to fail you. You take my face in your hands as you fall to your knees in front of me. We kiss; hungrily seeking each other’s mouths. You are being more aggressive than I have ever experienced. You lean into me, forcing me to a seated position as you straddle my lap. We don’t break from our making out as you reach down and take my stiff shaft aiming its mushroom head at the wet opening of your waiting puss. You lower yourself onto me and as you are fully impaled hold yourself pressed against me for a moment. You reposition yourself wrapping your legs around my waist and your arms around my neck. I take your bottom in my hands supporting you as we find our rhythm of slow soft thrusts against each other. You break away from our kiss and look into my eyes.

Our gaze is locked and we continue the exploration of the deeper intimacy throughout the duration of our coupling. It’s too intense! I’ve lost track of controlling my body and feel my orgasm taking over. I don’t need to tell you, it’s as if we know everything about each other at this moment, and I can sense that you are reaching the same point as I. Our eyes widen, our brows furrow and our faces are contorted into the blissful spasm of a climax. I feel your fleshy walls spasm on my hardness a fleeting moment before the ropes of semen erupt from my tip flooding your fertile womb. The orgasms are long and intense, yet our eyes remain locked. After several moments of our thrusts becoming slower and less frequent’ our breaths start becoming more regular and deeper. Our hearts are beating so rapidly that I can actually see your pulse throbbing in your slender neck. You lean in for one more long, slow loving kiss… You pull away, look into my eyes again and say the words I will never grow tired of.