Sid , Sophie: First Meeting

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This story was written as part o an ongoing collaboration between myself and Sophie. She told me her fantasy and then I wrote the story below. We plan to continue to “share” fantasies this way in an ongoing series. Look for more installments.

* * * * *

Chapter I

You arrive at the doctor’s office a little out of breath. You had to hurry from work to make your 11:15 appointment. This persistent cough and now the rash on your legs and back is too annoying to let go any longer. Luckily your doctor is available for a same day sick visit. You like her a lot, other than the fact that she is always late. You walk into the clinic at exactly 11:16, perfectly timed. Luckily there isn’t a line to check in and they put you into a room within 10 minutes.

As you get into the room you take off your jacket. It’s part of a very tasteful two piece ensemble with a sport jacket and a one piece dress, all in a bright yet tasteful red. The room is a little warm and has the acrid, antiseptic smell that is just noxious. Plus, your annoyed at the mandatory urine for “testing” that they always ask when you come in. Why can’t they believe that you are not pregnant and take your word for it. You use condoms, birth control bills, and damnit haven’t been getting any in the last few weeks.

You hear a quick knock on the door and are shocked to see a man enter. He’s about 5’6″, black hair, dark skin, and appears of Indian descent. Dressed in black pants, electric blue shirt, and a gold tie he appears too young and well dressed to be a doctor. “Good morning Miss Callahan, I’m Dr. Patel” as he offers his hand to shake. He smiles pleasantly, his brown eyes never moving from yours. “Where’s Dr. Smith, I thought I was seeing her today?” you ask. “I apologize but Dr. Smith called in sick and I am covering her visits for her. I hope you don’t mind.” You shrug your shoulders, looking away. You really don’t like male doctors, but what else can you do? Rescheduling and taking time off work would be too much of a pain; waiting for a female doctor today might take a few hours. Might as well grin and bear it.

“So the nurses tell me you have a cough and a rash.” And so it starts. This is where the doctor starts reading the chart, ignoring what you say. As he sits down at the desk, you notice that the chart is still on the bed. He actually looks right at you, waiting for a response, politely smiling, never taking his eyes off of yours. “Actually, the cough started a week ago and is keeping me up at night, the rash started yesterday on my legs and spread to my back last night.” As the usual questions proceed, you take the time to “examine” the doctor. He can’t be more than 25 you think, maybe fresh out of residency. He has a thin body, looking as if he exercises by running rather than lifting weights. His skin is dark and very smooth, with jet-black hair. He is clean-shaven but now you notice a few gray hairs at the temples, maybe he’s older than you think? As you look towards his lap…

“Would you mind changing into a gown Miss Callahan?”

“What? Why?”, you ask. This is exactly why you hate seeing male doctors, the embarrassment of showing your body to them as they “clinically” examine you. “I’m sorry, but it is the only way I can listen to your lungs well and clearly examine your rash. Don’t worry, you can leave your underwear on and it will only be a moment. I’ll step out while you change and return in 5 minutes.” As he leaves the room he opens a cabinet and pulls out one of those annoying white, almost translucent hospital gowns that essentially covers nothing. Not only is this annoying because it’s a man, you are more concerned about the underwear you are wearing. You decided to be sexy under your conservative one-piece dress and wear a half cup bra, thong, and garter belt with nylons. And they are all completely sheer! What are you going to do? The only way to let the doctor examine you is to completely to remove the dress, but then he will see exactly what your wearing underneath. You decide to bite the bullet and remove the dress, hastily putting on the gown. You reach down to at least remove the garter when there is another knock on the door ;” Are you ready Miss Callahan?”

“One more second please.” You quickly tie the gown in the back, and glance in the mirror. You can clearly see the red underwear through the thin gown, but luckily your nipples are not showing through the half-cup bra. “Come in doctor.”

He walks into the room, this time at least with a stethoscope around his neck to identify himself as a physician. He starts with the usual, shinning a light in your eyes, throat, feeling your neck. “I noticed you have lost a few pounds in the last couple of months, have you been working out more??”

“A little,” you respond, “running helps with the stress of work.”

“Well running is the perfect way for you to manage your stress as well as help keep you healthy for the rest of your life. The fact that you are güvenilir bahis in such excellent shape now will benefit you for the rest of your life.” As he gives you his speech about eating right and getting enough calcium, you notice his eyes slowly move down the front of your gown. Whether he is simply “examining” you or checking you out is hard to tell. As his eyes move into your midsection you notice a slight smile. Did he notice your garter? Why is he smiling?

He moves behind you, his eyes briefly meeting your as he smiles. He puts his stethoscope on and begins to listen to your chest. “Breathe deeply please.” As he listens, his left hand rests on your shoulder. He steps closer as he carefully listens to your chest. As he moves closer, you can feel his warm breath on the back of your neck, sending a slight chill down his spine. He smells like a clean soap, subtle. After several moments he stops listening. “Your lungs sound a little junky, can you now point out the rash.” You point to your back. As he looks at your back, he gently rubs his hands over your back, feeling the rash. His touch his warm, although the skin on his hands is rougher than you would expect. As his hands work their way down your back, he unties the gown, letting it fall open. Now he can definitely see you garter belt and thong, how tightly they cling to your body, how sheer they are. He quickly ties up the gown and steps forward.”

“Don’t you also have a rash on your thighs?”

“Yes, but it looks the same as on my back.” He pauses for a minute, staring in your eyes. “Alright, I’ll trust you on this one.” He smiles and gives you a playful wink. Once again his eyes trail downward, this time fixing on your chest for a few moments. “Why don’t you get dressed and I will come back and speak to you.” As he leaves the room he drops his pen and bends over to pick it up. As you get dressed you realize that his pants looked a little odd. Even though they were a little tight in the seat, you didn’t notice any underwear lines when he was crouched down getting his pen. That’s weird. As you remove the gown you realize why he was staring at your chest. Your nipples had become rock hard, likely from his soft, gentle touches to your back. They must have been poking over the half-cup bra through the gown. Although it was at first a little uncomfortable, you are oddly excited by the fact he got to see your very sexy underwear, seeing how hard your nipples got through the gown. The exhibitionist in you enjoyed the little extra attention.

He steps back into the room with a small box in his hand. “It’s pretty simple, you have a walking pneumonia. Luckily, it is easily treated with some antibiotics, here is a prescription, as well as a sample which should last you for 2 days, enough until you can get the prescription filled. Call us in a few days if your not feeling better, and don’t forget to schedule an annual appointment before you leave. It’s been 2-3 years since your last pelvic. Dr. Smith should be able to squeeze you in anytime in the next two months.” He smiles politely, shakes your hand, and exits quickly. As you put your jacket on you carefully adjust the buttons and check the mirror, making sure your nipples don’t poke through the fabric of your dress. Not a bad visit you think.

Chapter II

Thank god for Saturdays!!! It’s a beautiful day outside, sunny, warm, with a light breeze. You decide to go for a brief walk through downtown, doing a little window shopping, maybe even going into the occasional store. Luckily, it only took 3-4 days for the antibiotics you got to work, and now 3 weeks later you feel completely back to normal. You’ve been back to the gym, doing your usual work-out, which always make you feel better. Today you decide to enjoy the weather by wearing a tight white, midriff bearing tee shirt. A short black skirt and high heels complete the outfit. Underneath you wear a simply white satin thong and white satin bra. The cups are firm, emphasizing your full breasts. The shirt is sufficiently tight that many men stop to stare at your magnificent chest as you walk down the street. You enjoy their looks, especially knowing that once they get past you some turn around to get a good look at your magnificent rear through the thin, tight fabric of the micro mini skirt your wearing.

As you walk you stop in front of the window display at a large department store. This window has the lingerie. One of the mannequins is wearing a satin black bra with matching satin thong. It is very sexy but still classy. The male mannequin is wearing what looks like a tight satin material. At first you think it is a bikini, but as you look further, the straps on the side seem too thin and…

“Hello Miss. Callahan, how are you???” Startled, you turn quickly, your hair wiping around. Its that doctor again. “Oh hello Dr….”. “It’s Dr. Patel. But please call me Sid. We’re outside the clinic. How are you feeling?” As you talk, his eyes clearly move down türkçe bahis your body slowly, here is no question this time he is checking you out. You feel your nipples harden, enjoying he attention. Something in your stomach tightens up, but you keep calm, not letting him know you notice the stares and enjoy them. “Pretty much back to normal Doc. Please call me Sophie.”

“Well I am glad, enjoy the rest of the day. Winter will be here soon enough.” With that he walks off. As you turn to walk in the other direction, you stop to see where he is going. You catch him turned around, clearly looking at your ass. Instead of trying to hide it though, he only smiles at your sheepishly and gives you another wink. This time his eyes move back to your eyes and lock for a moment. As he breaks his gaze his eyes move to your chest and stay there before he turns and moves on.

You turn around, now feeling slightly flushed. You feel your juices starting to flow, wetting your panty. You take a few deep breaths before you head home. On the walk home you think more about the doctor. “A little short,” you think to yourself, but otherwise good looking.” Perfect height for quickies,” you think as a devilish grin shows on your face. When you enter the apartment you drop your purse and keys in their usual spot, get a glass of water, and sit on the couch. All the windows are open, letting in a cool breeze. Your pussy still feels warm, and your nipples are still hard. What is going on?? One of your hands slowly works down your chest, till it reaches your left breast. You gently cup it, enjoying the feeling of its fullness in its hands. You feel your pussy getting wetter, knowing that you will need release soon. You stand up and pull your shirt off, not caring if someone looks into your window and sees you disrobe. You bend over to slip off your skirt. When you do this the thin material of the thong presses more tightly into your crotch, stimulating you further. You stand in front of the window, feeling the cool breeze track over your skin. You pull one of your nipples, then another, out of the confines of their cups. You let the breeze gently tease one of them while your fingers gently circle and twist the other. Now you can feel your juices soaking your thong, making it completely damp.

You sit down on the couch and pull your thong aside, too excited to take the time to remove it. Plus, you love the satiny, wet material pushing against your back door, stimulating you even more. You put one of your fingers in your mouth, slowly sucking and wetting it with your tongue. You place it at your opening and thrust in. You arch your back, enjoying the pleasure of the initial penetration. In your mind, you picture him sitting next to you, kissing your lips, putting two of his dark fingers into your hot, wet, pussy. Now your other hand moves down to rub your clit. The image of him in your head and the first brushing of your clit push you over the edge. You moan loudly as the orgasm moves over your body. You slowly rub your clit while your finger comes out of your pussy, relishing in the afterglow. You put the finger from your pussy into your mouth, tasting its musky goodness. “I am such a whore” you think to yourself. You adjust the thong, enjoying the wet feeling against your hot pussy. You walk into the kitchen to pour yourself a glass of wine after getting a robe to wear. As you sit down on the couch you think “too bad I didn’t get to talk to him more.”

Chapter III

You push your cart through the grocery store. You’re in the produce aisle, pissed off about the loud squeaking noise coming from your cart. Of course, it helps draw the attention of everyone in the store. It doesn’t help that you just came from the gym, covered in sweat, wearing your workout wear. Your top is a tight fitting sports bra which seems just a little too small. Your wearing tight fitting black spandex running pants which emphasizes your long, slender legs. The running pants are so tight that the outline of your thong shows through. While people are looking your way because of the cart, the men are definitely enjoying the view that you are giving them. As you move down the aisle you notice the doctor up ahead. He has been lingering on your mind for the last few weeks since you saw him on the street. You have masturbated two more times thinking about him, imagining his cock in your mouth, you pussy. Pussy juices start to flow as you think about your last orgasm. Dammit, why couldn’t you at least have a little make-up on??

You notice that like you he is wearing work out clothes. His are just a simple pair of running shorts as well as a plain tee shirt. Once again, as he bends over to get a can you notice there are no underwear lines, even though his shorts ride up. As you walk over, he turns and looks right at you. At first he doesn’t seem to recognize you as he stares at your face, but as his eyes move to your chest he looks up and smiles. “Hi Sophie!! If we keep running into güvenilir bahis siteleri each other like this people are going to talk.” This time you decide to check him out. His arms are thin, but his stomach appears flat from the running. As you stare at his crotch you see a slight bulge start to form. You look up and smile at him, tossing your hair to one side, in what you know is the ultimate flirtation. “I know. Where do you usually run?” you ask, trying to keep the conversation going. “Usually in the park. Lately I have been going to the gym more though, trying to bulk up my arms. Too damn scrawny.” You bat your eyes at him as you laugh. “Well I think you look pretty good.”

“Thank you Sophie. You look really great too.” You comment elicits a small but noticeable increase in the bulge in his crotch. His weight shifts slightly, trying to hide his growing erection. You decide to press the point.”

“What’s in your grocery basket??” You grab his hand to pull the basket, and him, a little bit closer. Just enough to cross into his “personal space”.” You look into his basket and notice pasta, some fresh spices, cheese, vegetables-> all healthy. “Just some stuff for salad and pesto. My Sunday night splurge to eat something with a little fat in it.”

“Looks delicious, making the pesto yourself?”

“Yeah, it just tastes better. Plus its healthier. What are you going to have for dinner?”

“Probably some canned soup, nothing too hard to make.”

“Well why not have dinner with me.” You can’t help but notice the slight change in the tone if his voice, indicating that he is nervous. You smile deeply, happy that your ploy worked. “Of course, Sounds great.” As you work out the details, he scribbles the address and phone number on a scrap of paper. His handwriting is awful, but at least legible. Funny, but he lives just 3 blocks away from you. You agree to meet him in his apartment in 2 hours for a casual dinner. Walking home, you become excited at the upcoming date. Once home, you quickly strip off your clothes and get into the shower. The warm water runs through your thick, luxurious hair, washing away the sweat and grime. Your hands run down your full breasts to your pussy, gently rubbing the soap in. Your clit becomes hard as you slowly rub it, getting more and more excited at the idea of having dinner with the man you have been masturbating about. The orgasm runs over your body, making the shower seem hotter than it actually is.

You decide to go with a casual look. Black pants, white silk blouse. After carefully applying your make up, you decide to be somewhat daring in your underwear. You choose a light blue, perfectly smooth bra with matching thong. As you put on your blouse you realize that the bra slightly shows through. Not obviously, just enough to be noticed on careful inspection. Your more careful about applying makeup, deciding to choose a very red lipstick to accentuate your full lips. As you glance in the mirror to make one final adjustment, you get more excited.

Chapter IV

You knock on the door. Sid opens the door and smiles “Hello Sophie. I was a little worried you might not show.” As you step in he glances very quickly at your chest, only for a moment. Maybe he noticed? You smile slightly, enjoying the attention he gives you. He is wearing a pair of tan pants and a blue shirt; simple but tasteful. As you walk in the apartment is comfortable, very neat, but clearly decorated by a man without a lot of time. You notice that there is a small balcony, with just enough room for a small table and two chairs. The table is set simply, a single candle in the middle of the table.

“Can I get you something to drink? A glass of wine.”

“Sounds perfect,” you answer. As he pours the red wine you notice that the food is already prepared. “Are you ready to eat now Sophie? I know you must be hungry after your workout.”

“Sure, why not?” The two of you move to the table carrying out the food. Dinner conversation focuses on your respective careers, likes and dislikes, the usual first date stuff. You are definitely excited by the fact that Sid has already seen you partially undressed. As dinner progresses you notice Sid looking more and more at the chest. Smiling at him, you wink just once., acknowledging what he is seeing, telling him it is okay. The dinner finishes leisurely, the two of you sipping wine slowly. The table gets cleaned quickly.

As the two of you stand on the balcony, sipping your wine, Sid moves closer, putting his hand over yours. “I hope you realize I’ve never asked a patient out before Sophie.”

“I’m not your patient Sid.” You move forward and kiss him, gently at first. Once he kisses back, you seize the moment and grab the back of Sid’s head, pushing him closer. Your tongue slides between his lips, slowly at first, then more quickly. His hands reach into your hair, massaging the back of your neck. Your hands begin to move to his shoulders, pulling the rest of his body closer to you. You feel his hardness pressed up against your thigh and it excited you more. You decide to go for the kill; your hand moves down and grabs his crotch, enjoying the rock hard cock that now fills your hand.

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