Siesta for Two?

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The following story happened about two years ago and the SIESTA as an event still exists, much to our delight. Names were changed, nothing else.

This is a translation of the original story „Siesta für zwei?” on German Literotica. The events described here were the kick-off point for several other interesting encounters which I wanted to tell, hence the translation into English.

Enjoy, and if you do, please do leave me a comment!


We have certainly met before, you and us. Us, that is Anja, 32 years, a mother of four, team leader in a retail bank, and me, Alex, her husband, 40 years, in field sales in IT.

We possibly met on Saturdays in front of the supermarket, as the most faithful supporters of our sons at a Junior League football game, at a teacher-parent evening or a neighborhood meeting.

Or maybe you saw us spill out of our MPV in front of the Zoo, 2 parents, 4 kids like organ pipes aged 2 to 12, not to forget the dog.

A totally average family, maybe your neighbors.

And then there are our siestas, which are anything but average. It is simply amazing what a blindfold can do: I don’t see, so nobody can see me.

I am not really there, it is someone else. No guilt, no shame, just lust and the animal in me. In you as well? Who are you?

The blindfold is an important part of our siesta and gave us many new, many extraordinary experiences. When will you give it a try?

Our siestas follow a very simple ritual, which is followed strictly: one undresses, closes his eyes, is blindfolded and enjoys, the other does what he wants or he thinks the other might want.

All is possible, everything can be tried or done, until the enjoyer says ‘Stop’. No discussions, no questions, but no continuation either; with ‚Stop’, the siesta ends there and then.

The enjoyer is covered with a blanket, the other removes any clothing, toys and decorations until the enjoyer is naked again. No questions asked afterwards.

Up to this day, the siesta was interrupted only once after a mishap from my side; very unpleasant for Anja, but a bunch of flowers and the mutual trust that reigns between us set things right again.

Saturday morning and the best of all wives looks at me,

„Do you drive the kids to my parents? Afterwards, please do the shopping, here’s the list, and why don’t you take the dog out afterwards”.


I must have given her a rather puzzled impression, so she adds,

“Oh come on, I put it in your agenda, the kids are at my parents the whole day”.

Ah, sh…. So no vintage car museum with the boys today… but then she mentions the word that makes my day.

“If you want to, we’ll have a siesta after lunch”.

I look at her hard,

„A siesta, or a SIESTA?” The second time I mention the word, I wiggle my eyebrow.

She flushes a deep crimson and slaps my arm,

„Off you go, you naughty person, if you insist we’ll make it a SIESTA.”

I herd the children to the car and shout back over my shoulder,

“My turn today!”

My wife stands in the doorway, waves us off, still flushed, but she nods. And her nipples poke through the tissue of her blouse. Ahh, bingo, it’s going to be a good day!

Well, ok, my turn ….. I hand over the children, do some small talk with my parents-in-law. Then, while I do my shopping mechanically, my thoughts go in circles …. My turn …. My turn …..

My turn … that means that I am the director of our own “film” today, I decide on the plot, with Anja on center stage, her as the object of desire, my willing object. Her pleasure is not all that counts, I can enjoy the film to the full as well ….

I think for a while, then go back to the car and dial a number on my mobile that I had entered roughly three weeks before.

“Divine-dildo’s” real name is Gerhardt. I saw his user name on an adult chat site, but was surprised to see that he described himself as hetero. Gays and dildos? Why not. Lesbians and single women, yep; but a hetero man?

Divine-dildo after a long chat turned out to be a really nice, interesting fellow, with on particularity: he is prefers to enjoy women with dildos of all shapes and sizes instead of with his dick, and he pretends to be a real master of this fine art.

He did not invent the user name himself. One of the ladies of the forum lively suggested the name after an encounter in real life; furthermore, she enthusiastically reported on his extraordinary skills in the “women-only” section of the forum which led to further encounters. A short check, logged into the chat as a girl confirmed Gerhardt’s story …. and the best thing is, he lives only 60kms away from us.

I have been thinking for quite some time to involve a third person in our games, someone that watches us, or caresses Anja while I ….. maybe even more …

I talk to Gerhardt for a while, he asks for Anja’s preferences, are there any no-goes, and more practical details.

We agree that he shall only appear after a text message from me Tokat Escort and then shall wait for my sign to join in.

The rest of the morning, I have a hard time controlling the turmoil on my pants and I do my best not to stare too visibly on breasts and asses of the women I see.

We are finally done with lunch and Anja rises from the table. She looks fantastic in her short, light-blue dress without sleeves with a plunging neckline.

She gives me a wide grin,

“Siesta time.”

I am immediately next to her. She looks down at the tent of my pants,

„Come on, big boy, your turn.”

I lay my hand on her neck, gently direct her towards the bedroom, see how her round bum moves under her dress and enjoy the warmth of her skin under my hand.

Anja goes directly to the large walk-in wardrobe behind our bedroom.

“Ok then, lets go,” I hear myself say and I lean against the wall.

She walks in the middle of the room, about three meters from me, reaches behind her and I hear a zipper opening in her back. She looks into my eyes, bends slightly forward and the top of her dress falls down as in a film.

I try to look in her face, but finally give in and stare at her breasts in a lacey half-cup bra. Ahhh, those wonderful soft tits, somewhere between B and C-cup.

Through the lace, I see the large aureoles and the nipples, that point hard at me.

Her eyes do not leave mine, she wants to see the lust she gives me, reaches behind her back, unhooks her bra and lets it fall.

These amazing breasts, large, round, a little sagging from their own weight. Not basket balls like in porn films, not little perky apple tits, but beautiful heavy fleshy woman’s tits.

I have to be careful not to assault here and now, but she knows precisely what she does and turns slowly, so that I can enjoy the sight at ease. She bends forwards from the hip.

Her round tits slightly swing as the material of her dress stretches over her bum. Very slowly, in order for me to be able to stare at her tits without missing what happens to the dress, she pushes the dress over her hips and bum and lets it drop to the ground.

Her bare cheeks. They are a piece of art, a one-of gift of nature: her wide hips are exactly the right size to be grabbed from behind and pull her nearer, but also give enough space to place both hands flat on her ass cheeks left and right of her crack to give it a good squeezing.

The cheeks are not abundantly padded, no bubble butt, a wobbly football like you see so often on black girls. Just enough padding that you can squeeze it hard and have something in your hands, but not so much that your dick does not reach anymore for penetrating her really deep when doing her doggy style.

But the real sensation is the length of her ass: other guys have to be content with little apple butts, at best a hand’s width or two measured from top to bottom. I can enjoy an ass which is three and a half handwidths long from top to bottom, with a deep crack over the whole length. Bum massages never end with this ass-man’s wonderland.

Add to that the elastic, but firm texture, the light skin going darker towards the crack and a deep rich chocolaty brown color around her puckered asshole and you have the perfect playground for any hot-blooded male.

A girl with an ass like that does not need long legs, as soon as the panties are down.

Only a thin red ribbon around her hips which disappears between her cheeks indicates that she still wears a string.

She looks back at me, her hand disappears between her legs and I see the red tissue move where her pussy has to be, then she peels down the tiny triangle and presents me those magnificent ass cheeks and her bare, slightly puffed pussy lips.

I can hardly hold back from shooting my load when she looks at me mockingly, straightens herself and says coolly

“Don’t forget it’s Siesta Time.”

I grin back at her, see how she closes her eyes and stands proudly in the middle of the room. Brown, straight hair, chin length, light skin, heavy round breasts which would never let you believe that four kids (and me) enjoyed them.

I see tan lines, very very small. Ahh, she did a sunbed recently. I see the ridiculously small lighter triangles over her aureoles; her Wicked Weasel bikinis hardly even cover the legal minimum, I admire her rock hard brown nipples the size of kidney beans and let my eyes trail further south. A very slim waist, and then these fabulous wide hips.

I slowly walk around her, my finger tip barely touches her hip, follows one cheek, over the chasm of her ass crack, over the other cheek, over her smooth, hairless pubis adorned with a small landing strip of brown hair, which makes it look even more naked. Smooth thighs with silky skin, shapely feet.

Very exciting, and the tan lines even add to the attractive nakedness. A juicy woman’s body made for my lust, no angular bony model, but a body which is made to feel pleasure, give pleasure, with which sex is fun, Escort Tokat that invites to touch it, my personal object of desire for the next couple of hours ….

„What are you waiting for?” She has one eye open, peeps at me.

“Shshhhhh” I whisper, caress with my hand her eyes closing them again.

I reach behind me into a shelf, take a silk scarf, lay it around her head and tie it behind her head. She still could see quite a lot, but that is beside the point, she will close her eyes anyway under the scarf.

All the blindfolding, hand-tying is purely symbolic, she gives up control, is defenseless; and as she has given up all influence on what happens, cannot control, she is innocent in what happens, needs to feel no shame, she needs not resist and goes with the stream.

I step behind her, whisper in her ear,

„ Ready?”

She answers with the first sentence of the ritual,

“I am not me”

“You are not you”

“We are not us”

Then as a question from her,

“But say ‘Stop’ and everything ends?”

And I confirm, seal the pact of confidence,

„Say ‚Stop’ and everything ends”.

Walking over to our adult wardrobe, I push back and forth the cloth hangers and finally settle for a black latex corselet with worked-in fishbone stabilizers.

Perfect, very slim waist, it leaves breasts, hips, pubis uncovered, the body is held by the fishbone stabilizers (probably plastic, I think) and can be constricted very tightly with the laces in the back. I take it from the hanger, look at the naked blindfolded woman in front of me and finally push the shoulder hoops over her lower arms.

She shivers under the cool plastic, goose bumps forming on her arms and her breasts.

From behind, I reach around her, cup her left breast in my hand, and squeeze her nipple hard.

She moans, her head flies up, she leans into me, but I step back, she stays alone in the middle of the room, the corselet dangles loosely around her naked body.

I approach again from behind, loop the laces of the corselet through the eyelets. When I get to the bottom of the long row, she leans forward as she already knows what follows.

I pull the laces on her back tight, very tight and constrict her body more and more.

She breathes heavily, says,

“Not all that hard.”

I hiss,

“Hush!” and release the lacing a tiny little bit.

Finally she stands before me, while tying I have a very hard time controlling my excitment, my dick is hard as a rock, ready to explode.

I admire this statue of desire: eyes blindfold, head proudly kept up, the breasts lifted out of their latex prison, they look huge, the belly flat, the waist gleaming in Latex black, very slim, and then the wide flaring creamy hips.

“Spread your thighs”

Obediently, she opens her legs slightly. Her juicy meaty pussy lips are swollen and wide open as if the corselet had pushed her pussy out of her body, juicy, hungry, shameless, puffed like some tropical carnivorous plant ….

I tie two thin leather straps around her wrists and order with a raspy voice „Come on then”.

I put my hand on her nape, push her in front of me towards the bedroom and push her onto the bed.

She half kneels, half pushes herself up, the ass in the air, her upper body bent forwards, her large breasts swinging over the bed and I wonder if I should not simply ram my pole into her wide open juicy cunt.

It glistens pink, open, invitingly. But then I think of the Siesta plan and postpone the impaling for later. I gently help her onto the bed, lay her comfortably on her side and cover her with a light blanket.

“Ready in a sec,” I say and do the last preparations.

Heating up 3 degrees, unlock the large bay window door going out onto the terrace, and then the heroes of the day:

Anja’s pink “everyday” dildo, a trusted friend when no man is around or a third party when a man is around. Next to it, I put the transparent jellyfish dildo. For more intense experiences, much wider then Pink, a little wider even than my dick, also a bit longer. For the days when she really needs strong sensations.

And then the new family friend, Dr. Lumumba. A monster of a black latex dildo which we saw a few weeks ago in the window of a sex shop.

“Shall we? Just for the heck of it?”

She replied,

„Ahh, forget it, it will never fit me, and let us not even talk of you”.

As wide as my wrist, and slightly thicker, and only slightly shorter than my underarm. When I stood in the shop a few days later, even I had my doubts. The weight alone of this monster….

I weighed it in my hand. It would obviously never fit any of us …. But as a novelty object, to fool around with … and play…. And if it really was not any use for sex, I still could use it as a club. I grinned at the thought of overpowering a burglar with my black latex dildo …. And I bought it.

And thus Dr. Lumumba lies peacefully next to Pink and Jellyfish.

Then the different Tokat Escort Bayan oils: Sweet almond oil, THE humping oil, does not dry up, does not clot, even with extended strong friction, nevertheless some feeling remains, and it tastes good. Eucerine, champion of all the pregnant women in the world, less lubricating, does not clot, and even though oiled, everything remains very grippy. Perfect for oiling big tits, squeeze them, pinch the nipples and feel everything. The friction has Anja always on the brink of a thundering orgasm. And finally Vaseline, not that nice to the touch, makes you sweat underneath, but simply the best when extremely slippery is just slippery enough.

My cell phone on the bed stand is on mute, then I undress.

I have a hard time getting my hard cock out of the pants without it getting stuck in my briefs or ripping it off; I finally step out of my pants and briefs, take off my T-shirt and approach the bed, my hardon swinging in front of me and I slowly pull away the blanket.

Anja lies on her side, motionless as if fallen asleep. I crawl to her, take her left wrist and tie it loosely with the leather strap to the bedpost. Carefully, I climb over her , my hardon leaves a frothy smear across the lacquer of the corselet and her breasts. Right, the right arm is attached as well. She now lies stretched out on her back.

I place a hand under the hollow of her knee, lift her leg a little, her legs fall open and are lightly pulled up, her knees outwards.

Her lap is no longer hidden between her thighs, her lips are glistening in the light, opened up wide, a small drip of love juice runs down towards the bed sheet between her thighs and the crack of her bum. She seems to like this game.

I turn to the bedstand, press on my mobile phone „saved messages” and „send” in order for Gerhardt to get his „go” sign.

The Eucerine bottle is first, I open the stopper, stand high above her naked breasts …. and do nothing.

She feels me above her but does not know what follows. I stare down at her, see how her carotid artery begins to pulse a little and her nipples get even harder with apprehension.

Finally, I slightly squeeze the bottle, a single drip falls and – smack! – lands between her breasts.

She visibly cringes, and waits for more.

Silently, I smear some sweet almond oil on my hands to warm it up, then I let another drip of cool Eucerine fall on her breast, unexpectedly expected, this time a bit higher on the uppestmost swelling of her left breast, close to her throat.

Where will the next cool drip go? This time on the right side? On the nipple? Or on her throat? In her face?

Light as a feather, I put my oily hand on her pubis, the heel above her clit, the tip of my middle finger touches ever so lightly the creases of her anus, my hand covering her like a bikini bottom. I let my hand gain weight, slightly move the fingers but leave the hand resting there.

From the corner of my eyes, I see a movement, see Gerhardt step onto the terrace, careful, like a thief.

He looks rather normal, middle size, slim, around forty, brown hair which is thinning a little on his forehead.

It is quite a show he gets: a woman in Latex, but actually more naked than dressed, bound and helpless, and her mate with a huge erection and his hand on her pussy gives him a beaming smile. I switch on the radio, soft pop music, relaxing, soothing.

With my hand over Anja’s pussy, I lean forward, blow on her nipples, dribble on a bit more Eucerine. Immediately goose bumps over her upper body, the nipples point up like two erasers. I take the left nipple in my mouth, suck it lightly, twirl my tongue around it, nibble.

A little moan, the first sign of life from Anja.

With my freehand, I squeeze her other nipple a bit harder, suck hard on the nipple in my mouth. Anja suddenly is alive under me, writhes and moans louder.

I get up, wave at Gerhardt. Without hesitating, he presses down the door latch and enters without a noise, closes the door behind himself. He looks at me questioningly, then starts to undress and stands naked next to our bed.

Anja writhes more and more under my grinding, rotating hand, pleasing and warming up her pussy.

Gerhardt musters with interest the lined-up dildos and nods at me.

I slowly lift my hand off Anja’s moist juicy pussy, Gerhard puts his hand down there on my wife.

I stare down, the first guy that touches my wife since we met. She seems not to feel the difference, writhes and squirms, while he lets his hand rotate, encouraging her, heating her up.

I slowly let my hand trail over her breast and pull it back. She ever so briefly starts. Gerhardt sits at my place, lays his hand lightly between her breasts.

She visibly relaxes and pushes her pussy lips against the hand in her lap.

I step back from the bed, now only spectator, a voyeur lewdly watching how another man touches his wife.

I sit down naked in the armchair at the foot end of our bed, stroke slowly my pulsating hammer and watch how this stranger does my beautiful wife.

He lets his hand climb, higher and higher, until his finger tips caress her moist lips in a slow circular movement, spreads them wide with the round-and-round of his hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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