Silently Screaming


*Trigger Warning* The following piece of art may be offensive to some people because it contains rough sex. This story is fantasy and is intended for readers who know and understand the difference between reality and fantasy. None of the acts depicted are meant to be reproduced in real life.


We were getting careless, reckless. I was confused about my feelings, especially since Raymond had been kicked out of his house. He told me that his split with his wife had nothing to do with me, but I wasn’t convinced. The guilt of being the other woman was a lot more than I thought it would be and if I could go back in time, I don’t know if I would fuck him. I had been so naive and stupid to think that I could fuck around with Raymond and not get addicted to him. I had fallen in love with him. I was in deep, deeper than his cock hit my insides and deeper than the pit of despair that he had carved out inside of me so he could build himself a home in my heart.

Each day I would drive to work wondering if this was going to be the day that Raymond decided he wanted me. He fluctuated between wanting to fuck me constantly, not being able to get enough, and pushing me away for weeks at a time. I was certain it was just guilt eating him alive from the inside out. I knew about guilt. I’d been feeling it too.

I walked into the office. It was just after 7am and I knew I was early. I needed to catch up on my work. I’d been slacking a lot recently and I knew that all of my laziness was Raymond related. I couldn’t stop thinking about the way he pushed me up against the walls of the supply closet and how we fucked in his truck. I thought about how rough he was with me now that he knew I would take anything he dished out. I pictured his face as he fucked me, his eyes wild.

“You’re so much hotter than my wife,” he would say. Even thinking about it made my pussy wet. I was already horny and the day had barely begun. It was going to be a long one. I looked around the office for Raymond. I hadn’t seen his truck outside when I pulled up but I knew I was early. I couldn’t wait for him to arrive so I could look at him. He was such a sexy man. He was the best man and I wished I could claim him as my own. I wished he wasn’t married with kids. I wished that things were different. I sat down at my desk with my cup of coffee and booted up my computer. It was going to be another long, boring day.

I had been working for a while when I heard Raymond’s voice. Chills covered my arms and my pussy gushed so much that I was worried I had soaked through my panties and skirt. I stood up to go to the bathroom just as Raymond walked past my desk.

“Good morning,” he addressed me formally. No one would know that we were fucking based on the way he treated me.

“Good morning,” I returned the platitude trying not to smile too brightly and give myself away.

“Where are you headed?” Raymond asked me.

“The restroom,” I flushed with embarrassment. I wonder what Raymond would have thought if he knew that he was the reason that I had soaked through my panties and needed to visit the restroom. I couldn’t tell him with words but I gave him the naughtiest look for just a fraction of a second so only he could see it.

“You look nice today,” he said in a tone that sounded perfectly natural and normal. I could feel my pussy juices dripping down the insides of my legs. That’s how horny Raymond made me and I had absolutely no control over it. I was a slave to my feelings for him, unable to say no to him. I had let him fuck my ass as hard as he wanted the last time we had fucked. I was ready to sacrifice myself again but I didn’t know if he would claim me as his today or not. He was always keeping me guessing and I was tired of it. I needed to figure out a way to lock him down.

“Thank you. So do you,” I tried to keep it polite and light but my face was burning hot and I knew that if anyone was watching they would easily see my feelings for him. I was embarrassed for myself. Raymond was old enough to be my father and yet that only seemed to turn me on. He knew what to do with his tongue, his dick, and especially his words. He knew how to take control of me, making me cum until I felt like I might die from the pleasure overload.

“You dropped your pen,” he pointed to the floor. “I think you should bend down and get it.”

“Bend down arap porno and get it?” I asked stupidly. He made me so nervous.

“Yeah. And make sure you bend over nice and deep so I can see you,” he gave me a flirty smile.

“I’m not good at being sexy. Why don’t you teach me how?” I asked, even as I was bending over and trying my best to be sexy. I was certain my attempts were laughable but he smiled warmly at me.

“Oh, you look good from here. Good thing no one is here yet or we could get ourselves in trouble,” our eyes met and I could feel the heat between us. I could feel the way my heart was beating fast and the wetness between my legs was overpowering. I needed Raymond right there on the old, nasty carpet. I needed him so fucking badly. I grabbed the pen and held it up like it was a prize. I wanted to let him load me up with pleasure once again. I gave him a long, lingering look that I knew there was no way he could misinterpret. I could see in his eyes that he still wanted me, even though it was risky. He gave me a little smile, the kind that seals deals.

“We should work on that project we’ve been procrastinating on,” he gave a fake laugh as if I’d said something funny as two of our coworkers walked by. I felt like we were spies pretending to be people that we weren’t so we could slink off for a rough fuck somewhere. It felt exciting as he motioned for me to follow him. “I don’t think anyone is watching. It’s still early. Follow me.”

“Wait! Where are we going?”

“We’re finding a quiet place to talk about that project we are working on together.”

“What project?”

“This one,” he pulled me toward the men’s bathroom and pushed the door open with his free hand while pulling me along after him with the other. He looked happy and I guess I could see why. Once I was inside he turned the lock on the bathroom door so that the deadbolt was in place. “We alone enough for you?”


“Yes, babe?” he pulled me to him and kissed me. “You feel so fucking good, so much better than my wife. You’re sexier than her too. Sometimes I think I’m married to the wrong woman. I’ve been wanting you so much lately. We’ve been fighting. She kicked me out.”

“She did?” I processed this piece of information, my mind immediately flashing to him and I being able to really be together as a real couple.

“Yeah. We’re in counseling but I think this might be it. She might be done with me and want a divorce!” He shook his head back and forth slowly before burying his face in his hands and sighing loudly.

“Well, isn’t that kind of a good thing?” I asked him. “I mean, now you’ll get to do things your way like you’re always wishing you could. And now you can have me for real.”

“I can?” he asked. “Even your tight, little asshole?”

“Yes! you can have anything you want!” I said with enthusiasm.

“Right here?” he asked. He grabbed me and picked me up, placing me in a sitting position on the counter. I straddled him as he pushed his hardening cock against my pussy through our clothes. “I think we are wearing too many clothes. Get naked with me!”

“We can’t! We’ll get caught! We’ll get in trouble and get fired!”

“Shhh. Just be quiet,” he said in a loud whisper as he pulled his shirt off. My hands instantly reached for his hard chest and I rubbed my hands all over him as he pulled at my blouse until he had it off of me. His hands worked quickly on my bra until that too was in a pile on the counter next to us. My skirt was next and then my panties. We were finally both naked and we kissed deeply, realizing that this was the first time we had been fully naked together. We were always sneaking around, trying to get a fuck in between work projects without our coworkers finding out about our affair.

The sneaking around was tiresome but it was all worth it in moments like these when Raymond’s attentions were fully on me. I felt like the most special girl in the world. I knew I was in love with Raymond but I wondered if he was capable of being in love with me too while he was still married. I wondered if he loved his wife or me more and there was a part of me that hoped he loved me the best. He had told me he was thinking about me. He had told me all the things I wanted to hear to get in my pussy. I knew this. Why was I falling for him so hard?

“Open those legs, bedava porno beautiful. I want to taste that pussy.” He stared me down and I was weak beneath his gaze. I felt my legs open for him as if he was in command of me. I was no longer in control. I was in Raymond’s grip as his mouth met my pussy. He was so skilled at eating pussy and I knew that I was going to cum almost instantly from the technique he was using with his tongue. I was fighting back screams as my body jumped in response to the feverish tongue lashing my pussy was receiving. I couldn’t believe how my body was bucking and thrashing on that bathroom counter. There would be bruises later from the way the counter met my back but I didn’t give a fuck. I didn’t care about anything but Raymond and I wanted him inside of me.

“Teach me, Raymond. Teach me how to be sexy for you,” I said softly. I whimpered, begging him to fuck me. “Please…”

“I’ll teach you everything, beautiful.” He was so smooth I could feel my heart wrapping around him, gripping him tightly. I needed this. I needed him. I had no idea how I had let this get so intense. I screamed loudly, not caring about the office. I just wanted Raymond. Maybe it would be a blessing if we both got fired. Then we could run away and be together the way that I needed to be with him.

“Fuck me!” I finally begged him. “I need your cock in me.”

“Yes, baby. Yes, you do. You need it and I’m going to give it to you.” He rose up and kissed my mouth. I could taste my own sweetness on his lips and it made me crazy. I loved that he had just gone down on me. It felt so real, so intimate. I wanted Raymond in all the ways. His cock hovered over my pussy and he pushed it so it barely went in before pulling it back out.

“Hey! Give me that cock! Don’t tease me, please!”

“You don’t like being teased?” he asked, a smirk on his face.

“I do enjoy being teased, Raymond. It’s just that you’ve teased me enough already just walking around the office looking hot.”

“I know how that feels. I know someone who is always walking around the office looking hot.” His gaze penetrated my soul. I felt myself melting as his cock finally pushed into my wet pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet I was for him. I had never been this wet for anyone but Raymond had a way with me that other men did not. He played me like an instrument, every stroke of his cock eliciting music from within me. I screamed and cried out as he fucked me, jumping with shock and surprise at the pure pleasure he was inflicting on my body.

“Teach me how to be sexy,” I moaned.

“It’s too late. You already know.” He leaned down and kissed me. I couldn’t help but let go, knowing that Raymond was the only man that could really take me to this place, the one where I lost touch with my body, heart, and soul. I had fully given myself to Raymond, even if he didn’t acknowledge it. Even if we weren’t together, he was the one I thought about when I was alone at night. He was the one I wanted to warm the cold side of my bed. He was the one I wanted to teach me everything about sex that I didn’t know. I wanted to give myself fully to him. I knew he would probably destroy me.

“Please, Raymond. Please. I need you,” I begged him to love me. I imagined that if I just kept fucking him like this, then he would.

“Shut the fuck up,” he growled, placing a hand over my mouth. Something inside of Raymond had changed. There was a shift in him that I had seen before and I was a bit afraid. He had been violent before but only in short bursts. I had made excuses for him, knowing he was frustrated in his marriage and that things at work were stressful. I had thought that I was the oasis that could calm him down but it looked like he had a different agenda for me.

I was his punching bag. His thrusts got harder and faster. His cock was stabbing my insides deeply, making my body shake with pain. I tried to endure it as he held my hips in place, hammering me with his cock in ways that he had never dared to do to me before. He gripped my neck, choking me hard. I couldn’t breathe and so I fought the way any victim would fight. I pushed at Raymond, trying to get him off of me as I choked and gasped.

“Don’t fight it, you little slut. You like getting fucked at the office by a married man? Huh? Does this get you off?”

I didn’t answer, cüce porno but my pussy did. I came hard, screaming a bit before his hand clamped down over my mouth. His other hand was on my neck. I couldn’t have screamed again if I had tried.

“Stupid girl. Take my dick!” He thrust hard and fast and I knew I was being used. I tried to scream again but I found that his grip on my throat prevented any sound I might make. I was helpless and I struggled against him, trying to show him that I needed him to stop. He was taking things too far.

“Take it, you slut. This is what you’re for. You’re my jerk off tool. You’re my bathroom bitch!” He pulled his cock from me and pulled me off the counter. He roughly pushed me into one of the stalls and pushed my face head-first into a toilet.

“No screaming unless they are silent screams. You get it, slut?”

“Stop calling me a slut,” I sobbed.

“Wait. Are you crying?”

“No,” I sobbed.

“Fuck. Stop crying. And no screaming. Only silent screams. Got it?”

I nodded as he pushed his cock into my asshole without bothering with lube. I thought about screaming and I opened my mouth to do so. Nothing came out. The only thing that came out was silence. I don’t know why I couldn’t scream, but he was pounding my asshole so hard with his cock that my whole head was dunked into the water in the toilet. I gripped the toilet seat with both hands, trying to hang on as he used me. I hadn’t signed up for this. I had thought that Raymond would be more romantic but he had barely even kissed me. Now he was just roughing me up and I felt like little more than a piece of meat.

“Raymond!” I tried to scream but my head dunked under the water. I had never felt so disgusting. I started to cry, my silent screams hanging in my head like thoughts unspoken. Would he ever know how I truly felt? Did he feel the same way for me or was I just his whipping post? Was I nothing more than a set of holes to him? I had thought that we were something more but as he came in my ass I could feel him already losing interest in me.

“You did great,” he praised me as he pulled me up off of my knees. “I’m sorry if things got a little sketchy there. I’m into some perverted shit.”

“That’s okay,” I said, even though I wasn’t sure that it was okay. No man had ever treated me the way that Raymond just had. I felt dazed. I had cum hard many times. I realized that we were still in the bathroom at work and that I had finally had sex with Raymond again. I had been waiting a while and I understood that he had been having problems with his wife. I tried to be understanding. I really did.

“You’ve perfected the silent scream,” he said with a dry laugh. “The restroom really is the place to fuck, isn’t it?”

“My hair is all wet! And my make-up! It’s messed up, isn’t it? How am I going to get out of here?” I asked, grabbing my clothes and putting them back on slowly.

“Are you okay?” he asked me.

“I don’t know. That was really rough. It scared me.” I caught sight of myself in the mirror. It was going to take a miracle to fix my hair and makeup.

“I know I can be scary sometimes, baby. Thank you for taking my dick anyway. You’re the best.”

“Do you care about me at all?” I asked him.

“Of course I do. And I’ll keep caring about you no matter what, okay?”

“Really?” He pulled me to him for a hug.

“Really,” he promised. “Things have just been rough at home.”

“I know. I’m here for you if you need me,” I offered.

“That sounds perfect. Maybe we can meet back here after work today?” he asked.

“That sounds great!” I agreed but by the end of our shift, I noticed that Raymond had left early. When I asked everyone where he had gone they said he had to go home for an emergency. I worried about him all night, texting him to make sure nothing bad had happened. I didn’t get a reply back until the next morning.

“7am. Men’s bathroom. Be there if you want to.”

My pussy instantly gushed with wetness. I knew I shouldn’t want him. He didn’t treat me right. He treated me like a piece of meat. I wasn’t sure why I wanted more of him or why the thought of him using me turned me on. My brain was silently screaming at me to turn and run. “He’ll hurt you! He’ll hurt you! Don’t do it!”

It’s too bad I couldn’t listen to my body and mind. It’s too bad Raymond had such a hold on me. I was a glutton for his punishment. I was silently screaming for him to use me again, the guilt of being the other woman making the feelings even more intense. Why was I obsessed with a married man? Why did I love it when he treated me like I was nothing?