Single Again Ch. 07

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Back Door

I wake with a start and find myself alone in bed. It takes me a moment to clear my head and remember exactly what happened last night. Then I smile as the memories return. But where are the girls? I hear someone talking and realize it is from the bathroom. I see Tina’s clothes from last night still in a pile on the floor and guess that they are both together.

I stretch and then climb out of bed. As I walk to the bathroom I realize what I am hearing is not talking but moaning. The girls are enjoying themselves without me. I slowly push the door open and see them in the shower. Tina is sitting on the bench with Judy’s head between her legs. Tina is playing with her own tits, her eyes are closed and she is definitely enjoying the attention she is getting.

Judy is squatting between her legs and obviously using her tongue. I also notice one hand is between her legs and she was a couple of fingers buried inside of her. Hopefully that means she is feeling good enough to let me enjoy her.

Tina squeals and her eyes open. It takes her a moment but she finally sees me watching and a dirty look appears on her face. She glances down at my hard cock and then at Judy’s ass. It’s obvious that Judy has no idea I am there. “Come fuck her,” Tina mouths silently to me. Tina helps me out by reaching down and rubbing her ass. Judy lifts her ass higher and now I can easily see her fingers buried in her pussy.

I quietly walk behind Judy, spit into my hand and rub it onto my cock to help give me some lubrication. Then I lower myself so that my cock is in position and slowly push past her fingers and into her pussy. She is sopping wet but it still takes a moment to push inside of her. Judy squeals as I pierce her folds and looks over her shoulder. Her eyes are filled with lust.

“Oh fuck John, push inside of me. Fuck my pussy.” Tina grabs her head and pulls it back to her pussy.

“Now fuck her like she needs it,” Tina tells me. “Fuck that pussy hard.”

I do exactly as she says and soon I am pounding her hard. I can hear muffled screams coming from Judy. She has her hands on Tina’s thighs to keep from slamming into Tina. Judy’s pussy is on fire and she has loosened up quite a bit. She starts to kiss Tina and I notice Tina has her hands on Judy’s tits.

“Oh fuck oh fuck I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum all over your cock. Oh shit,” she continues to moan. Her back arches and I am able to get just a little deeper. Her pussy grabs me tight and suddenly I’m flooded with her juice. She screams loudly as her orgasm hits her.

I don’t stop and continue to plow my cock in and out of her pussy. Another orgasm racks her body and then a third. Finally I feel like I am about to cum. “I’m going to coat your pussy in cum. I can feel it rising.”

“Oh, do it John, cum inside me. I want to feel your hot seed inside of me. Oh fuck,” she groans as yet one more orgasm hits. I finally feel cum rise from my balls and I happily coat her insides with a huge load. Judy’s legs start to shake and after just a couple more thrusts I finally pull out.

Judy falls to her knees and Tina helps her sit on the bench beside her. Judy is looking at me and when she has her strength stands and gives me a long deep kiss. “That was even better than I’d hoped,” she says between kisses. I hold her tight as I let the water run over us. After a few minutes I hold my hand out to Tina and the three of us hug.

It’s a few days later and the weather reports are a bit more accurate. On Wednesday we received another six inches of snow, but at least the town was more prepared and the main roads have been cleared. The side roads are another story, but at least people are able to get out now.

After that night with Tina we only saw her once more even though she had an open invitation. Judy was feeling much better and I suspected that was the reason for Tina’s absence. And Judy made the most of the situation. I woke up early on Tuesday, the day before the next storm was supposed to hit, and took the dogs for a quick walk. When I got back to the house, Judy was in the shower. I decided to join her to warm myself up.

That was the start of a sex filled day. I don’t think I wore more than a robe all day and that was only to let the dogs out. Judy was obviously making up for lost time and I lost track of the number of times we had sex. I think we used just about every piece of furniture in every room downstairs.

By Saturday, the roads are clear and Judy decides she needs to go home. Reluctantly I say good-bye, but not before one more quickie. The plan is to spend some time apart since we have been so cooped up for the last week. I have to admit it felt good to have the house to myself again.

Later that day I got a call from Heather’s friend Becky. “Hi John, it’s Becky. I still owe you a dinner and hope that you are free tonight.”

“As a matter of fact I am. What did you have in mind?”

She sounds relieved as she says, “I’m still not able to get around with the snow, but I would love to cook you some dinner.”

“That sounds nice. Give me an hour and I’ll kaçak iddaa be there.”

“Oh thank you so much. I’ll see you in an hour.”

It takes me a lot longer to get to Becky’s house since a lot of the side roads are still in bad shape. Before I can knock Becky opens the door. She looks stunning. Her hair is pulled back in a pony tail. The sweater she is wearing hugs her tits nicely and the jeans look as if they were painted on her body. She looks a lot better today than the last time I had seen her.

“Hi, I’m glad you could make it. Is everything still a mess out there?”

“It’s getting better. So how are things going?” I ask.

“Not too bad, but I thought I was going to go stir crazy this past week. I couldn’t go anywhere and walking outside would have been suicide. It’s a good thing that I had just done my shopping or I would have been in some big trouble.”

“Aren’t you friends with any of your neighbors?”

“No, not really. I haven’t been living here very long and my husband isn’t very social. I tried to make some friends but it is kind of difficult when everyone else is a couple.”

“So where is your husband now?”

“I’m not really sure right now. After he packed all of his boxes he pretty much disappeared.”

“So he never picked his stuff up?”

“Nope. He was supposed to show up the next day and never did. I do know that he is not contesting my divorce request but that is the only thing I’ve heard from him.”

“That’s good, so now you can get on with your life.”

“Yeah, maybe. I’m just not sure what I’m going to do. The house is mine and it’s paid for and the alimony he will have to pay me means that I won’t have to work, at least nothing too difficult. I’ll probably pick up a part-time job to have something to do.”

“That’s good. You need to get out of the house and meet some people. It will be good for you.”

“You sound like someone with experience.”

“My wife and I divorced last year. Well, officially last month, but we split about a year ago. I kind of dropped out of my social circle because I didn’t want them to become involved. I felt very alone but things are starting to get better.”

She sipped her wine and stared at me for a moment. “Can I ask another favor?”

“Sure,” I reply.

“I don’t have many friends in town. Actually, just Heather and I sometimes wonder about her. She’s nice enough but I always feel like she’s friends with me more out of having done business with her than any real fondness. Do you think we could do something together sometime?”

She’s a beautiful, intelligent woman and she’s telling me that she’s pretty much alone. While I don’t want to get involved with someone going through a divorce, I can’t help but feel sorry for her. “What about your family?”

“They live out west for the most part. I have some cousins a few hours away, but I don’t really see them much. I should probably tell you a few things about myself that may help you understand me better.”

Most of her problems seem to stem from her husband. They met in college and she fell for him instantly. He is one of those slick characters that could sell ice to Eskimos, she explains, and he rubs a lot of people the wrong way. She was so in love with him that she didn’t see that. Over the years he had alienated just about everyone he came in contact with, including her family. He was always out for the next big deal and didn’t care who he hurt. She also found out later on that he had swindled a lot of money from different members of her family.

With the economy crashing she started to see him for what he really was. But she had nobody to turn to. Her family had abandoned her and her friends had stopped talking to her.

“It all came to a head last month when I took my wedding ring in for a cleaning. The person at the jewelry store took one look at it and told me he couldn’t clean it. When I asked why not he told me that it was fake. I looked at him like he was crazy. I’d been going to that store for years and this was the first time I had ever been told that. I always wore the ring and couldn’t figure out what was happening. It took a while but I remembered about a month before that I had taken my ring off so that I could garden. When I went to put it back on I couldn’t find it. My husband told me that I’d probably put it down somewhere else and forgotten. About a week later I found it in the bedroom and put it back on. I knew I hadn’t left it there, but didn’t think anything about it. He must have taken it and had someone replace the stones with fakes.”

“Anyway, after I found out it was fake I confronted him. He tried to deny it but eventually told me he needed the money because some deals had gone bad. I always let him take care of our finances so after talking with him I went to our bank and found out we had no money. As it turns out he hadn’t completed a deal in almost two years and to make matters worse was stealing from our accounts. That’s when things came to a head and he attacked me.”

I sat and thought about that for a while. “But how is he going to pay kaçak bahis your alimony and stuff?”

“It turns out the bastard has his own bank accounts. I’m holding my breath to figure out where that money came from but so far they seem legit. My lawyer says that he has probably been keeping that account to himself this entire time and has been using our shared account to cover everything else. I never paid attention, I just know that bills are paid.”

“That’s pretty dangerous.”

“I know, but I’ve learned a lot the past month and I have everything under control now. I’m just preparing for some of the unknown stuff. First of which is what happened to him. Nobody has seen him in over a month now, but his lawyer is moving forward with the divorce.”

The discussion changes to more personal things. Becky doesn’t seem to have much of a life outside of her home. She loves to read and garden, but that is about it.

“I have a neighbor that I could introduce you to. She’s a little older than you but she’s single and very nice. I can set something up.”

“Thank you. That would be a nice start.”

She has made a simple dinner that is quite good and afterwards I explain that I need to leave to take care of my dog. She says she understands but I can tell she is disappointed. When I get home I find a message from Judy and call her back.

“Hey, how’s it feel to be home?”

“Actually pretty good. Where were you?”

“I had done a favor for someone a while back and she made me dinner to repay me.”

“She? Do I know this she?”

“No, I don’t think so. She’s a friend of Heather’s and needed some help.”

“And she only made you dinner?”

“Are you jealous?”

“Should I be?”

“No, just dinner and nothing else. That’s it.”

“Ok, I’ll take your word for it. What are you doing now?”

“Nothing. I will probably watch some tv and head to bed. What about you?”

“Same thing. I kind of miss being there though. Maybe I could have waited another day.”

“I asked. You said we needed a few nights off.”

“Yeah, well I’m admitting that I was wrong. Don’t get too excited about that though. I was thinking about coming over, but now I’m comfy and don’t feel like getting dressed again.”

“I could come over there if you’d like.”

There was a short pause. “No, I think it would be good for us to not see each other for a few days.” The past week was crazy and I had to agree with her.

“Well, let’s plan on dinner next weekend then.”

“Ok, that sounds good. We can make plans as the weekend gets closer. Have a good night.”

“You too. Good night Judy.”

I find nothing on television and decide to go to bed early. I realize it is not even ten o’clock yet, but figure I can get up early tomorrow. Just before I get into bed my phone rings and it turns out to be Mandy.

“Am I calling too late?” she asks.

“No, not really. I was just about to go read in bed. How are you? I haven’t heard from you in a while.”

“I know. Things have been a little crazy around here and then Levi got sick. Throw in the snow and I’ve been pretty much stuck at home.”

“I’m sorry to hear about Levi. Was it anything serious?”

“No, just the flu, but of course when your children get sick, the parents get sick. We’re finally over everything though. So, you are going to bed now?”

“Well, I am thinking about it. There isn’t anything on tv worth watching and I don’t seem to have any decent books.”

“I thought you were going to read for a bit?”

“Yeah, well, it’s an old book that I’ve already read.”

“I’m in the same boat. I’ve read just about everything this past week. Levi is at Anna’s house for a sleepover and I thought about a quiet night, but now I’m just bored. I’m hoping you’d like to meet me for a drink.”

“That sounds great. What do you have in mind?”

“There’s a little pub in town. Does that sound good to you?”

“Sounds great, give me half an hour.”

“I’ll see you there.”

I get dressed and make my way into town. When I get to the pub Mandy is already there and has ordered me a drink. She looks fantastic. Her face seems to have filled out even more and she is looking quite beautiful. She is wearing a loose fitting sweater and tight jeans with high-heeled boots. It’s the kind of look that always turns me on. She stands as I approach and gives me a big hug.

“I’m so glad you came.”

“I hope I haven’t kept you waiting long.”

“No, I only just got here. I ordered you a beer. I hope that is ok.”

“That’s perfect.” I take a seat across from her and ask, “So what have you been up to?”

“Nothing exciting. First Levi got sick and then I was sick. And of course we had that freak snow storm. I thought winter was over.”

“I think everyone did. Guess we were wrong.”

“What about you? I kind of hoped you’d call, but I guess when I didn’t return you call you were over me.”

“No, nothing like that. I was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t heard back from you. But I had a project approved and I’ve been busy working on illegal bahis that. Then like everyone else I’ve been locked up for the past week or so.”

For the next hour we just catch up on things. I can tell she wants to ask me more or say something but I decide to let her make the move. When she gets up to use the bathroom I admire her ass. It seems a bit fuller but that could be just the jeans she is wearing. When she comes back to the table she starts to say something but backs off and takes a sip of her wine.

It is getting close to midnight by now and I decide it’s time to head home. I pay the tab against her objections and we walk outside. Once outside she turns and kisses me. “What’s it going to take to get an invitation home with you?”

“Maybe another kiss or two,” I say with a smile.

She does better than that and gives me a long passionate kiss, pulling her body against mine. “Will that do?”

“You bet. Would you like to drive with me or follow?”

“I’ll follow, just in case I have to leave early tomorrow.”

“Ok, just be careful. Most of the roads are pretty good till you get to my street. We’ll just go slow once we are there.”

We make it back to my house and go inside. Pup is barking by the back door so I let him out and he runs down the stairs. I’m glad to see that he hasn’t done anything to the house while I was gone. Mandy stands quietly in the kitchen while we wait for Pup to come back. Obviously she isn’t going to make a move so I decide to take control. I walk over to her and pull her to me. The kiss is quite hot and I am glad to see that there seems to be a bit more flesh to her. That might be just the clothes she is wearing but she feels a lot less delicate.

Pup scratches at the door so I let him back in and then take Mandy into the bedroom. We embrace again and this time I slide my hand under her sweater. I am surprised to find only skin. She is moaning as we kiss and the longer we go the more frenzied she becomes. I soon have her sweater off and I check her out. She has definitely filled in nicely in the past few weeks and she doesn’t seem quite as shy. I smile as I check her out and she seems to relax quite a bit.

“I’ve put on almost ten pounds since the last time you saw me.”

“You look fantastic.” Not only do I not see her ribs, but her tits look even more incredible. They seem bigger and also a lot more firm. My compliment seems to make her bolder and she pushes her pants down her legs. She is wearing very tiny underwear and I can see that they are quite wet.

“Your turn,” she says as she begins removing my clothes. I only let her get my shirt off before I pick her up and put her onto the bed. Our first time together was kind of strange because she was acting so shy and I was afraid she was too fragile. Tonight is beginning to feel different and I decide to go after her.

She is lying on her back and I pull her so that her ass is right on the edge. I reach down and pull her panties off exposing her pussy. She is already dripping wet which is also different than last time. I bury my face between her legs and lick her pussy from bottom to top. Even her taste is better, just a bit sweeter. She moans loud as my tongue comes in contact with her clit. I look up her body and she is pinching and twisting her own nipples.

“Oh fuck John, I’ve been dreaming about this for weeks. I’m so glad you wanted to see me,” she pants. I move my tongue all around her clit and it pokes its way from under the hood. With it is exposed I begin to play with it which makes her moan louder.

I wrap my lips around her little nub and pull my head back causing Mandy to jump and groan even louder. By now her juices are funning freely out of her pussy and drenching my chin. I move two fingers to her entrance and push into her, curling my fingers to play with her g-spot. She groans again and I feel her pussy grasp my fingers.

“That’s it, I’m going to cum. Oh fuck I’m going to cum so hard. Oh, oh,oh…” she squeals her ass rises from the bed. Just before she releases I pull away from her and she screams “Nooooo. Don’t stop now. I’m so close, please don’t stop.” She reaches between her legs but I push her hands away and move my face back. I curl my fingers again and rub her g-spot at the same time as I lick her clit.

Mandy explodes the instant my tongue and fingers make contact. Her body convulses several times as her pussy spasms and squirts. She is out of control as a second, more violent orgasm crashes. I continue to suck her clit and she quickly has a third, even more violent orgasm. Each time she squirts more juice.

As her third orgasm calms she pushes me away with her feet and rolls onto her side. Every so often her body shakes. She has her arms wrapped around her as if she is trying to get control of her body. I watch this sitting on the floor and wait for her to recover.

“Damn John, that was so much better than using my toys. I’ve been fantasizing about this and when I hadn’t heard from you decided to make the next move. I’m so glad I built up enough courage to do it.” She finally sits up and reaches for me. “But now comes the best part. I want to feel that magnificent cock inside of me. And I’m on the pill so fuck me to oblivion. I want to feel you cum inside of me, so don’t hold back.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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