Single Motherhood


The breaks of the 1991 Honda accord squealed unpleasantly as Howard urged the car to a stop in the driveway. Southwood Ave. This was the place. The car shuddered and slumped like an exhausted beast as he wrenched the key out of the ignition. Hands fumbling, he slid them into his beige pockets. The sun visor squeaked as he flipped it open. A few old wrinkled business cards and receipts dangled precariously. He looked at himself in the mirror. Good enough he supposed. He was in an old faded red button up shirt and his khaki pants. The combover was hiding most of his early onset baldness.

Judging himself adequate, he opened his door and stepped out of the car. He looked around guiltily. The neighborhood was quiet. The house in front of him was an old cookie cutter house from the 50s with fading siding. The house next door looked deserted, its lawn overgrown and wood boards over the window. The street lamp was flickering madly, failing in strides to light the street. At the end of the street a pit bull barked from behind a rusting chain link fence. Besides that, the night was quiet.

Howard walked up the weed infested path to the front door and rang the doorbell. It didn’t make any noise. Shifting on his feet, he instead rapped sharply on the frame of the door. He waited awkwardly for a minute, then he heard the deadbolt turn. The door opened a few inches, still held closed by a deadbolt. It was her. Emily. At least, that’s what she called herself online. She looked just like the pictures she had shown him. She was short, maybe five foot one at the most. Her black hair cascaded down her pale face so only one of her eyes looked up at him. She was wearing a large navy-blue sweatshirt. Her hands were pulled un inside the sleeves as she held the door open with one hand. She looked him up and down, her face indiscernible. “Howard?” she said with a quiet questioning voice. He cleared his throat. “Yeah that’s me.”

She closed the door, and he heard the chain being removed. It swung open and Emily remained by the door, gesturing him inside. He stepped in and she quickly shut the door behind him. The room was dark. It was only lit by a single oil lamp set on the low coffee table. The carpet was brown. The wallpaper was brown and cream. The couch was covered with a dusty white sheet. The whole place smelled like old house.

“It’s my grandma’s place.” Emily said as explanation. “She’s dead.” Emily stood in front of the closed door. She was small and lithe. The jacket gave her some bulk but she looked like she was very thin beneath it.

Unsure how to continue Howard spoke awkwardly. “You… look a lot like your pictures.” Emily brushed her hair out of her face with a jacket covered hand. “Thanks.” She said. “There’s a bed back there.” She gestured to a door down the dark hallway. “Oh. Alright.” Howard tecavüz porno said, moving down the hallway. Emily picked up the oil lamp and followed. The room was empty except for a bare twin sized bed with a flower pattern and several visible stains across its surface. He moved into the room and Emily followed. She set the oil lamp on the floor as there was no other furniture.

Howard turned around in time to see her pull the sweatshirt off over her head. She was indeed very small. She wore a simple white t-shirt. Her breasts underneath must have been only A cups. Howard’s heart began to beat. This wasn’t exactly what he had signed up for. “You… are 18 aren’t you? Howard asked questioningly. Emily looked up at him with a sideways glance. “Yeah, of course.” When he didn’t immediately seem convinced she sighed, rolled her eyes, and reached into her baggy sweatpants pockets. She pulled out a slim wallet and flipped through it, pulling out her driver’s license. She handed it to him. He looked it over. Emily Schmidt. So Emily was her real name. The face checked out. It was her. Birthday: 1/22/1999. He quickly did the math in his head. She was over 19. 19 and a half. He’d worked at the bar for longer than she’d been alive. The ID was real. He handed it back to her.

She slid it back into her wallet and the wallet back into her pants. As she did so she also pushed the pants down and stepped out of them. Her legs were slim and pale. She had a substantial thigh gap and she wore plain cotton panties. “well?” she said gesturing to him as she kicked her pants aside into a heap. He shook himself and began disrobing as well. She was done long before him. She stood naked in front of him. If he hadn’t seen the evidence of her age himself, he wouldn’t have believed it. But it was true there were a lot of women who remained looking younger well into adulthood, and she sounded like a 20 year old.

She didn’t watch as he continued disrobing. Instead she crouched down and reached under the bed. She pulled out a small bottle of lube. She spread her legs and rubbed a glob of it between her pussy lips, preparing herself for the act to come. She then crawled onto the bed and lay on her back, legs spread, and her face turned towards the wall. The bed squeaked loudly as she moved across it. Once she was in place she laid still, making no noise. The light from the flame flickered across her ghostly skin, gleaming upon her wet waiting lips.

Howard quickly finished pulling his clothes off. His hairy body was in stark contrast to her hairless one. She looked like she didn’t have a hair on her except her head. There wasn’t even a hint of pubic hair on her. Howard’s own bush was wild and untamed. Howard stood there a moment, looking at her petite form. Her chest was rising and falling üvey anne porno with her breath. Her labia twitched as her muscles contracted in anticipation. Besides that she was perfectly still, her arms flat at her side, her legs drawn up in missionary position. She still looked away from him towards the wall, her black hair blocking her face from view.

Seeing this as an obvious invitation Howard knelt onto the bed and moved his way to between her legs. He was erect already. He tipped his dick down to line it up with her lips. His tip brushed against her folds and he lowered himself. As he came down on top of her he pressed himself forwards and her body opened for him. She gasped softly as his shaft slid deeply into her. The bed creaked loudly. His body came to rest on hers. He wasn’t a large man but he still dwarfed her in size. Her erect nipples pressed into his chest as her small breasts were flattened against him.

He pushed his arms under her and up her back, holding her close against him so he could feel her soft supple skin across the whole of his body. Then he thrusted. Her hole was tiny, and it squeezed against his length. Her whole body bounced with his forceful thrust. He held her tighter and slowly pressed forwards. He slowly impaled himself deeper in her vice-like hole.

He pulled back for another thrust but pulled too far. Her tunnel was so tight that it clamped down and forced his dick out of her. It plopped out over her stomach. He grunted and lined up again, once more forcing his shaft into her small hole. It went in easier this time. This time he held her tighter as he thrusted, holding her down by the shoulders as he shoved himself in. Finally after a few moments of thrusting and waiting for her body to relax some, he had buried himself in her to the balls. She could barely stretch to fit him. He could feel the tip of his dick brushing against her cervix.

He stayed there a moment longer, relishing the feeling of filling her small body with his cock. Then he set into slow thrusting. He relished each thrust, feeling the curves and folds of her tunnel squeezing pleasurably against his length. The bed squealed with each moment. It was starkly loud in the otherwise silent room. Slowly he began to speed up, setting into a pleasurable rhythm. Emily still made no noise beneath him as he began grunting with the pleasure of sliding in and out of her.

Howard moved his hands down and held her by the hips. He had slowly drawn out of her so just his tip was between her wet pussy lips. He plunged in, holding her in place by the hips. He glided through her all the way in. He turned himself slightly to force every millimeter of himself inside and he rammed his tip into her cervix. Emily grunted in pain. Now that he had found the position he sided üvey erkek kardeş porno an inch or so out then rammed himself in again, punching his tip into her cervix again. “Ow!” she moaned. But she didn’t move to stop him. Her cry of pain sent a shiver of pleasure through him.

Howard sat up to a kneeling position, holding her on his dick as he rose. She was light and he could easily hold her hips up. Her legs went straight and her back arched as he held her up. Her shoulder blades were the only part of her back still touching the bed. Howard looked down at her. She still wasn’t looking at him. Her chest was rising and falling quicker now. At this angle, with his dick buried in her, he could see the protrusion of its presence through her skin as her belly bulged to fit him.

He lifted her hips up and down, using her as if she were a fleshlight. She was grunting with each thrust now, her eyes beginning to water. “Cum already!” Emily cried.

“I get to use you however I want, and you get impregnated. That was the deal.” Howard said as he bent over her, sucking one of her erect nipples into his mouth. He sat up again and slapped her across the breast, leaving a red handprint. She yelped in pain.

Howard pulled himself off of her and stood up. “Get up.” He said. “I’m not done using you.” On shaky hands Emily meekly crawled to the edge of the bed. She was looking at the ground still avoiding his gaze. Howard reached forwards and grabbed her around the neck with both hands. He lifted her up and dragged her to the wall, slamming her against it and lifting her off the ground.

She was looking at him now, fear in her eyes as she choked and gasped for breath. She was grasping at his arms trying to hold herself up, so she could breathe. Her legs were kicking wildly but she wasn’t very strong. Howard closed distance with her. He pressed his tip to her lips once more and bucked into her. He let go of her neck, holding her up now by his cock and the pressure of his chest against her. He pounded her hard against the wall, slamming his cock in and out of her small body. “Please cum,” she mewed, now more docile. “I want to feel it hot inside me.” Howard growled, bearing down on her and fucking her faster. With a few more thrusts she got her wish. Howard slammed himself in one last time and erupted inside her, plastering her walls with his cum.

He pulled out quickly and stepped back. Emily sagged against the wall and almost fell down, but managed to retain her footing. As his cum began to drip out of her hole she cupped herself with a hand, trying to hold it inside her. She then moved to the bed and sat down.

Without a word Howard moved to his pile of cloths and began quickly dressing. Emily didn’t speak. She simply sat on the edge of the bed with her head down, hair obscuring her face. “I’ll message you in a few weeks if it didn’t work.” She said softly.

Howard nodded, finished dressing, and unceremoniously left the room. He left the house quickly, shuffling back to his car. He turned the key, bursting the car into a coughing fit of life, then drove away quickly into the night.