Sister Mary Ch. 02


Learning about sex

Sister Mary stopped one of her students, and said, ‘James, I wonder if you could help me. It’s about the lesson this afternoon.’

‘Of course, Sister Mary,’ James smiled, at his favourite nun.

‘It’s about those pictures you showed me. Those pictures of ladies, well, err, their bits down there are shaved. It seems to me to be hygienic, and easier to see what is happening down there,’ she said.

‘Oh. I guess so,’ James murmured.

His smile faded, to be replaced with a worried look. She was referring to pictures of naked women in the dirty magazines confiscated during the human biology class. His friends called it the sex class. When she found the magazine he thought it would mean trouble, only it turned out rather different to what was expected.

Sister Mary was very naive, and very ignorant of the reproductive process she was supposed to be teaching. She sought his advice, and it ended up with him demonstrating how her naughty bits worked. She had the very first orgasm while he played with her pussy. Since then they’d avoided each other, trying to ignore that anything happened.

Now she was seeking his advice again. She was a novice nun, but it was still very wrong to have had such an intimate experience together. If the proper nuns found out, there would be a terrible scandal.

Even though he was eighteen, he didn’t have much experience with girls, which was one of the disadvantage of being at a boys boarding school. She was five years older, and had even less experience of the outside world than he did. She’d been brought up by the nuns, and had lived here all her life.

‘Do you shave, James?’ she asked.

‘Occasionally. Oh, you want to borrow a razor. I can go fetch mine if you like,’ he offered.

‘Thank you, James, I knew I could rely on you. I’ll be in the first aid room,’ she said, as he hurried away.

Just talking about her shaving her pussy was a thrill. That she was going to use his razor to shave her pubes, was exciting. Though it was frustrating that he wouldn’t be able to tell his friends!

Thinking of sister Mary shaving her sex, was a reminder of cousin June. While home on holiday June slipped into his bed one night, and let him play with her pussy, or rather, had demanded it. June was a year older than him, and went to a girls school. It seemed she needed to get some experience to catch up with friends. He didn’t mind her using him, not at all.

She too was bare down there, only she said it was waxed, whatever that meant. Guiding his hand and fingers until she cum, taught him something about the mysteries of female sex. He’d just lay there watching her orgasm, until she got over it. Then it was his turn to be played with him, until he cum. He had to teach her not to be too rough, but she got it in the end, and eventually on her small breasts. She complained about the mess and how sticky it was. The next night she brought tissues.

‘Here you are, Sister Mary,’ he said, sounding out of breath.

He’d discreetly put the kit in his school bag, not wanting anyone to ask what he was doing with it. He couldn’t look at her as he handed over the shaving kit. He was embarrassed, and expected her to be as well.

‘Err, James. I’m not sure if I can do it. You’ve err, seen me, and you touched me down there last week, so you’re familiar with it. I, err, wondered if you could show me how. I mean, to shave,’ she hesitantly asked.

‘I guess so,’ he murmured.

‘I don’t want to cut myself, especially not down there. It might be best if you do it,’ she suggested.

‘If you want me to,’ he nervously spoke.

Oh! Fuck! She didn’t want to be cut, but he was so nervous he wondered if he was able. There was no way he was going to refuse. His cock was already twitching from the thought of her shaving with his razor. It was now like a tent pole in his pants.

She pulled up the habit and sat on the cot. Many homesick and ailing boys had used that cot over the years. When he had toothache, she administered clove oil and care, until it subsided. He remembered, as every boy did, her pulling his head against her ample bosom, and stroking his hair. She had soothed away the pain with her breasts, hands, and soothing words, as much as with the tincture.

‘Perhaps I should slide a pillow under you,’ he suggested.

James tried not to shake. He filled a mug with hot water, and selected a fresh razor. He circled the soap with a brush, whipping up a rich lather. He couldn’t delay any longer. He put a hand under her bottom, to pull her up a little. She got the message and lifted herself into position. At that moment it dawned on him, that he had a nuns bare bottom in the palm of his hand!

He pulled it away, unintentionally slipping a finger over her little brown hole. Before he lost his nerve, he brushed her pubic hairs with lather. He paid special attention to her slit, not sure if that needed shaving or not. It took longer than necessary, while he put off the inevitable.

Sister Mary sat on a pillow, with legs spread as wide as she could, while şişli escort one of her students brushed her naughty bits. It was a different sensation from last week, when he used his fingers. Nevertheless, she felt nervous from a tingling sensation down there.

Unexplainably her tummy seemed electrified. Each brush stroke was sending shocks through her nervous system. Making a mental note of what was happening to her body and mind was important. It would help when teaching the boys.

James scraped away the lather from just below her tummy. The exposed flesh was white and fresh looking. Several strokes had her bare down to the lips. He could hear her breathing hard. From last week when playing with her, and his cousin’s reaction, he knew what that meant.

Sister Mary felt a wave of arousal wash over her, and seep into every crevice of her mind and body. The brush strokes over her naughty bits had been a start. The feel of the steel razor revealing her sex, little by little, was a sight to behold. It held her full attention.

Again James was arousing her! This time, she knew what might happen if she didn’t keep control of herself.

The wrinkled lips were in the way. Concentrating on the task helped him keep cool, nearly. He gripped a lip between thumb and finger, and pulled. She gasped. He ran the razor over the lip, getting close into her crotch. He did the same again, and received a deeper gasp. He gently ran a finger along the crease of her crotch, to check it was a close shave. Or was it to hear her moan?

He took a firmer grip of the other lip to shave it. He took his time, with the excuse of making a thorough job of it. Who was he fooling, except himself? She wasn’t complaining. With almost all the foam shaved away, he could see her vagina was open between the distended lips.

He was tempted to finger her. He continued to shave the last of the pubes away from her bottom. He nudged her clitoris with a knuckle, pretending to himself it was an accident. Everything between her legs was revealed, naked, and pale white. Her pussy was pink and glistening. He knew he had been the only one to have played with her, and felt some kind of ownership over her pussy.

He wiped her crotch with his fingers. She trembled and gargled something. It didn’t sound like an objection, so he did it again. This time his fingers slowly rubbed over a hard clit. He’d only seen them in the glossy magazine pictures. Sister Mary’s looked very big. He couldn’t resist rubbing it.

Sister Mary felt her student rubbing her naughty bits, and needed to tell him to desist. Something prevented her voice sounding. She merely managed to move her mouth, miming the objection. A massive feeling of need overcame her. She pushed her thighs apart, as though offering herself to him. She knew it, and hoped he didn’t.

James felt her silence, apart from the heavy breathing, and moans, was an encouragement to continue. His fingers ran lightly over her thighs, then rubbed up her slit, over her clit, and back again. When she pushed her crotch at him, he entered her vagina with a finger.

Again he felt the membrane that frightened him last time. Now that he was prepared for it, he gently explored inside, avoiding despoiling her. His thumb rubbed her clitoris. When she pushed up at his probing fingers, he rubbed harder. James pushed his hand under her, to tease her asshole. June had enjoyed that, and so did Sister Mary. He pushed a finger in, while playing with her lips and vagina. He could feel both fingers almost touching.

At that moment she let loose a soft keening noise, and slumped back against the wall. His hand was trapped under her, with the finger still inside her bottom. He withdrew his fingers from her vagina, and gently stroked her clitoris. Freeing his other hand, he stroked her thighs, with butterfly soft touches.

The sing-song sounds she made became fainter. He recognised she had an orgasm, and wondered at how carried away she’d been.

That second time, Jane had been in control all the time. Her orgasm was hardly noticeable. He’d been carried away in awe, while she was playing with him, so it was no wonder he’d been hardly aware of what she was feeling.

He cupped Sister Mary’s denuded sex and bottom in both hands, while she recovered. He pressed and released her sex, as though pumping her up from the deflated position she was in. He thought it comical, but didn’t laugh.

He was keenly watching her. Her face was screwed up in concentration, and then began to relax. She was limp, as though falling asleep. She opened her eyes, and smiled at him.

‘James, James, that was wonderful,’ she heavily breathed.

‘Glad to be of help, Sister Mary,’ he smiled back.

She stood up, letting the long black bat cape, as his friends called it, fall into place. He knew she wasn’t wearing panties, and was completely bare down there, and that gave him a thrill. His cock twitched. It was rock hard, tenting his trousers.

‘Did I do that to you, James?’ she asked.

He didn’t know what to say. She was a novice nun, nevertheless, she should be treated with respect.

‘Maybe I should do something for you, like Billy did, last week,’ she offered.

He was a bit shocked from what he had just done, and got away with. Unable to clear the sight of her bare pussy from his head, he didn’t know what she meant. She put a hand on the lump in his trousers, and he remembered what Billy had done in class last week, and felt embarrassed.

‘Sit there, and I’ll try to ease the lump,’ she innocently said.

She unzipped his fly, and a rock hard cock flipped up at her.

‘It’s very big. Are you sure that will fit in a vagina?’ she asked, sounding surprised.

‘Sure, Sister Mary,’ he said.

She took it in both hands and began to roll it, like pastry.

‘Oww. Like this,’ he instructed.

‘Sorry. Is that better?’ she asked, and received a nod.

She had a hand wrapped around his cock, gently milking him.

‘Faster,’ he whispered.

After seeing her naughty bits up close, and giving her an orgasm, it didn’t take long. He spurted strings of cum. He was only just eighteen, with a potent, hardly used penis. The stream would have shot across the room, except Sister Mary was in the way.

‘Oh! Sorry, Sister Mary!’ he shuddered with anguish.

‘It’s alright, James. It didn’t go over my habit,’ she reassured him.

He wasn’t so sure it was alright. His sperm was dripping down her face! She scooped a glob of cum from a cheek and sniffed it. She flicked out her tongue to taste it.

‘It’s very salty,’ she said.

‘Is it?’ he asked.

‘I read its full of protein and can be swallowed, but I don’t think I’ll try it,’ she said.

The studious look she gave his mess was more in keeping with a chemistry lesson, than a sex session. He wondered if she wasn’t slightly touched, as well as innocent. All the nuns seemed a little weird in some way or another. Maybe it was a lack of sex that sent them mad. Maybe he and the guys should offer their services to help them out. Inside, he smiled at the thought.

She took hold of his shrinking penis by the foreskin, and examined it.

‘It’s certainly smaller now. More like the statues in church. I wonder why it shoots so far? Possibly to shoot sperm into the womb? I must say there is a lot of information lacking in the books I’ve been given. If it wasn’t for your help James, my lessons would have been woefully lacking. You must teach me more, so I may teach a better lesson in class,’ she cheerfully spoke.

She wiped his penis, and tucked it back into his trousers. She patted him there, and pleasantly smiled.

‘I never guessed that a state of heavenly bliss could be reached like that. If you don’t mind, perhaps we could try it again sometime. I’m keen to experiment, to see if it works again. do you mind, James?’ she innocently asked.

‘Err, I guess so, Sister Mary. Any time,’ he lamely said.

‘Lunch time is nearly over so you should be at a lesson,’ she smiled.

She was always happy, yet the big smile adorning her face seemed difficult to wipe away. At the door he turned to take a last look at her, she was washing his sperm off her face, yet still smiling.


In class everyone was eagerly awaiting the last lesson of the week. James had warned them to keep quiet about what went on here. If the other nuns found out they would all be in trouble. They had questioned him about this afternoon’s lesson, and he denied all knowledge of what she planned.

‘I understand your confusion over the reproduction process, as the diagrams I use aren’t clear. The pictures James provided are better, but there are no titles or explanations. Here James, give these out,’ she said.

This time the guys didn’t overreact to receiving pictures torn from a sex magazine. They were convinced something more interesting was on the way.

‘Last week we learned the vagina has to be stimulated, so that a penis can enter it. It is obviously very important to get that right, otherwise penetration cannot be achieved. It is very important to deliver the sperm, or seed, into the womb,’ she lectured.

‘How is that done, Sister,’ William asked.

The other guys looked at her, waiting to see how she could possibly answer such an audacious question. Having a nun talk about a vagina and a penis was great fun. They didn’t know how James had engineered this, but it was fabulous.

‘Perhaps James could tell you? James,’ she prompted.

‘Not sure if I could, Sister Mary, not properly,’ he quickly said.

Seeing his embarrassment, she felt sorry for putting him on the spot. He’d certainly found her spot last week, and this morning. It struck her that he didn’t want to give away their secret. It was up to her to teach the class, and she needed to take responsibility for the lesson. Putting it onto someone else was wrong.

‘Sister Teresa always says a picture is worth a thousand words, and a demonstration worth a thousand pictures. Perhaps I should show you how it is done,’ she mused.

It was all right for her, teaching chemistry. This was far more awkward, and she had little training, well, none really. The text books were hopeless, and it was important to teach the subject thoroughly.

James called it an orgasm, and that would have to be avoided. In class she would surely be able to keep her feelings under control. Well, there was only one way to find out.

‘Gather around boys, and I’ll try to show you what to do,’ she announced.

Sounding confident was easy, but being so took a lot more effort than she had thought. The habit was lifted hesitantly. They were staring right between the legs, in anticipation of a revelation of her naughty bits. Their faces changed to something approaching disappointment. The big navy blue knickers were hardly what they were expecting.

She tucked the hem into a belt to hold it up. Trying to be nonchalant, she pulled her knickers down and carefully placed them on the desk. She shimmied up on the edge of the desk and opened her legs. It felt wrong to be doing this, yet liberating and invigorating.

The justification was that she was trying to teach them to be better husbands, and fulfil the church’s instruction to produce more believers for the church. Go forth and multiply was an important instruction, and this would help them do just that. If they were to prepare their wives, then it was vital they get it right.

‘The bible exhorts you to go forth and multiply, as I am sure you are aware,’ she said, staring down the gigglers.

‘The church needs more members and it your duty, when married, to provide them. It is your duty as husbands to teach your wives, and my responsibility to teach you what you need to know. There is no excuse to go out gathering knowledge in the village. The girls there are off limits, as the reverend mother has stipulated,’ she lectured.

‘This is serious, Stephen,’ she admonished.

He put on a serious look, befitting the lesson, to match his friends concentration. They were all staring at Sister Mary’s sex, and that demanded an intense expression.

‘Now then, it is not for me to excite the vagina. It will be for you, as husbands, to get your wife in a suitable condition to accept your penis,’ she stated.

She was glad they hadn’t sniggered, and were taking it seriously at last.

‘I need a volunteer to help demonstrate the method. James, would you help?’ she asked.

‘Err, Sister Mary? Err, I guess,’ he hesitantly acknowledged being volunteered.

It was the least he could do, after they had been intimate. Knowing his way around her naughty bits already, it was fair game for him to help out. Besides, he didn’t like the idea of others touching her.

‘Come closer, but stand to the side so the others can see. What is all this called?’ She asked, with a hand covering everything. ‘Come on, you must remember from earlier lessons,’ she demanded.

‘The vulva, Sister Mary,’ Andrew said.

‘This soft fleshy bit between tummy and lower down?’ she asked.

‘Mons pubis,’ Ricky said, looking pleased with himself.

‘These folds of flesh are called what, Brian?’ she asked.

‘Err, labia, sister,’ he said.

They were too tense to laugh at using these words before a nun. One was nervously licking his lips, and others too were showing the signs of strain.

‘That’s right. Who remembers what the two are called? Correct. This is the major labia, which hides the minor labia. Yes, Brian, the major labia, or majora labium, opens first. We will see that happening. I’m sure that will be clearer for you when demonstrated. James,’ she said.

James put a finger to her crotch, and noticed how badly it was shaking. He steadied his nerve by forgetting where he was, and that his friends were watching.

‘Go ahead, James,’ she encouraged.

He ran a finger between the already growing lips. They began to flower and became glistening wet.

‘Can you see what is happening? Each of you take a closer look. These folds of flesh are sensitive to the touch. They must be stroked gently,’ she said.

Remembering the shaving session, she added, ‘They can be pulled, but carefully. Please demonstrate, James.’

‘You can see them opening up, revealing what?’ she asked.

‘The vagina, sister,’ Brian went for the heart of the matter.

‘The urine hole,’ Andrew said, immediately knowing he was wrong, by his friends reactions.

‘Nearly right. It’s called the urethra,’ she explained and glared at the ones elbowing Andrew.

‘It doesn’t matter what the parts are called, as long as you get it right. Continue James, as we now want the inner lips, Labium Minora, to open up.’

Sister Mary had to suppress a sharp intake of breath, when his fingers found an especially sensitive spot. After his playing with her, she certainly knew where her most sensitive place was.

‘Thank you, James. You will see that it has all opened up now, and looks wet. That is lubrication for the penis to enter the vagina. The vagina has opened up a lot more than when first seen. Though it isn’t ready yet, as it’s too small to accommodate a penis. More stimulation is needed. That is important to remember, as you will hurt your wife if you don’t prepare her enough,’ she said.