Sister Mistress Ch. 07


Katherine woke just after eight o’clock to a light tapping at her bedroom door, as had become a ritual it would be her brother offering a cup of coffee. Kathy fluffed up her pillows placed them against the bed head and called.

“Enter Cockslut.”

Luke opened the door his head bowed carrying her coffee and walked to the side of the bed.

“Good morning Mistress Katherine.”

“Morning Cockslut.”

She took the cup from the tray ad waved a hand in his direction dismissing him.

“Enjoy yourself at school today Linda.”

Lukey baby went to his room and got ready for school sexy lingerie and all, he knew if anyone found out about him wearing lingerie to school then he’d die of embarrassment but if he disobeyed his Mistress everyone would find out anyway. He was ready and waiting at eight thirty when Johnny dropped in to pick him up.

After a quick shower to help wake her up Kathy sat down at her computer she had a stack of work to catch up on, she worked flat out until hunger pains stopped her at eleven thirty. Starving Katherine headed down stairs to raid the refrigerator; her mind began wandering after working for several hours without a break.

“I wish I didn’t have to work it’s not like I need the cash, or be like Mum and only work for an interest, and she called me lazy for working from home fuck her.”

Opening the refrigerator she spied half a tub of yogurt and a punnet of strawberries she dumped the strawberries into the container peeled a banana, sliced it into the yogurt. Grabbing a spoon from the top drawer Kathy settled down at the breakfast bar and wolfed down the fruit and yogurt. After dropping the spoon in the sink and the container into the rubbish Kathy turned back refreshed and ready for another heavy work session.

Climbing the stairs she decided that since she’d started doing most of her work from home and only had to go into the office once or twice a week her brother didn’t need to continue his schooling his time could be better spent at home, where he could service his sister Mistress. If he showed enough promise she could train him to do the more menial tasks for her so she’d have more leisure or pleasure time their Mother could pay for a tutor if need be.

That night while Linda Cockslut was busy sucking and fucking her boyfriend Johnny big dick, Kathy sat at her lap top and composed another disc to give their Mother. This instalment would make Deborah think that her son was being bullied at school and she would be adamant that she was taking him out of that fucking school. Suddenly what her Mother had said to her earlier came back to her, then a kinky thought crossed Kathy’s mind.

“Mum does fuck all except that joke of a job at the charity shop and going to the fucking gym all the time now she’s a rich bitch. I’m going to turn the lazy slut into Lukey baby’s new sex craved nymphomaniac teacher, by the way she’s been fucking that big black dildo in her drawer she’ll like being a super slutty sex education teacher and she’ll get all the dick she wants.”

Starting off Kathy made sure that the very afternoon she took Lukey baby out of school her Mother would go shopping for school supplies, Deborah would spare no expense.

Kathy then wrote into the virus that from every week day morning that Katherine commanded it, her Mother would wake up as normal but as soon as the clock strikes eight thirty then she is to go to her bed room and change into one the sexiest, sluttiest outfit she owns then put on her biggest heels. After applying her make-up as sluttishly as she could she would wait for the clock to strike nine thirty.

She would then walk down the rear service stairs to the study where she would become school teacher Miss Dianne Johnson as far as she knew was that her pupil would be a young male with an identity problem, he wasn’t sure if he was a guy or a girl. As such Dianne Johnson wouldn’t see her son but just a confused boy and a darn sexy one at that especially when he’s cross dressed. She is to remain as Dianne Johnson until one o’clock in the afternoon The last line of code Kathy added as an after thought, Dianne Johnson’s a perverted whore that has a soft spot for Transsexuals and cross dressers and she has to come at least three times every day or she gets very very mad.

Finally Kathy laid the virus program over a DVD she’d compiled from her computer files of her Mother drilling her wide open pussy with have her favorite enormous black dildo, Kathy pasted on her short introduction speech before it, so Deborah’s mind was dulled and she didn’t get alarmed when the real show started and pressed the mouse button to burn the disc.

“That will fix my over sexed old mole of a Mother, if she does a good job teaching Lukey baby then I might let her become aware of her alter ego Dianne Johnson. Fuck I might just do it anyway just to embarrass the fuck out of the bitch.”

The computer drawer opened and Kathy took the DVD and went to put it in her Mother’s DVD player, when Deborah got home she’d tell her to watch it. Walking up the hall she could hear Johnny big Dick’s voice bursa escort through the closed door as he fucked her little brother’s willing asshole, stopping outside the door she listened.

“That’s it Linda Cockslut take my big cock you little whore. You love being arse fucked don’t you, Linda Cockslut?”

“Yeah big Johnny specially your big thick prick lover boy Fuck me faster Johnny big dick Ram that big cock of yours up me harder baby, harder baby, aghhhh yeah that’s it honey fuck Linda Cock slut’s hole hard and fast.”

Kathy shook her head and continued on towards her Mother’s bedroom thinking.

“I’m glad Lukey’s room is under constant surveillance, from the sounds of it he’s getting a right royal fucking I’ll have to check it out when Johnny’s gone home.”

After putting the DVD in Deborah’s player Kathy rapped her knuckles against her brother’s now quite bedroom door and shouted out.

“Make the most of it tonight you pair because your Mistress wants you both full of come next Friday night so it’s no fucking sucking or even wanking after tonight, did you hear me slaves?”

“Yes, Mistress Katherine I heard.”

“Yes, Mistress Katherine it’s clear I’m not to fuck suck or pull my little dick because you honour me by wanting my worthless come.”

“Good girl Linda Cockslut, now Johnny Big Dick what do you say? Well, I’m waiting?”

“Sorry Mistress Katherine I won’t cum till you let me Mistress.”

“That’s better now will you pair stop acting like rabbits and come out of there?”

“Yes Mistress Katherine.”

“Yeah Mistress Katherine we’ll be out in a minute if it’s Okay?”

“I’ll be in the lounge don’t keep your Mistress waiting.”

Ten minutes later they were all sitting on the lounge watching a movie. Lukey baby was curled up on Johnny’s lap dressed in a sexy red camisole and a 4 inch wide black lace suspender belt trimmed in red its straps were attached to his sheer lace top black stockings. He’d managed to walk down from his bedroom wearing his brand new 5 inch black patent leather ankle boots without a single stumble. As they sat there Lukey baby absentmindedly stroked Johnny’s thick member through his jeans, Kathy kept an eye on Johnny’s bulge as well. When it started to grow Lukey baby looked at Katherine and pleaded.

“Johnny’s getting a stiffy Mistress Katherine can I suck him off please?”

“If you must Linda Cockslut if you must.”

Lukey proceeded to take out Johnny big cock and began licking the huge head smearing a mixture of Johnny’s pre come and saliva all over the fat purple knob. He wanted to make Johnny’s big dick nice and slippery because he was going to show his Mistress how well he’d been training with bananas. He was now able to deep throat Johnny’s massive cock all the way until his nose was crushed by Johnny’s pubic bone, good and deep as Johnny called it. Transfixed Kathy watched as her sibling gulped and slurped his way along Johnny’s prick sliding further along its massive length. Pride welled up in the pit of her stomach as she continued watching the deep throating show her little brother was performing on Johnny’s big dick. Lukey lifted his head enough so that he could gulp down a few quick breaths then he speared his throat down onto Johnny’s huge cock. It only took four or five of this type of throat ripping thrusts before Johnny’s cock spewed its sticky love juice deep into Lukey baby Cock slut’s waiting gullet. Kathy new her Cockslut of a brother would rather have tasted Johnny’s sweet seed, but she was impressed that he’d managed to not spill a single drop.

“Okay Johnny big dick since Linda cock slut has emptied you out it’s time for you to go home, the little whore needs her beauty sleep you know.”

“Yes, Mistress Katherine it’s getting late I should go.”

Leaning down Johnny kissed Linda cock slut, deeply probing his mouth with his hot tongue Lukey baby kissed him back just as hard.

“Good night Mistress Katherine, goodnight Lukey baby you sexy little cock slut.”

“Nite nite Johnny baby.”

“Yeah night Johnny big dick.”

A few minutes after Johnny left Kathy stretched her legs.

“Your Mistress wants a coffee cock slut.”

“Yes Mistress Katherine.”

Lukey baby stood up and went to the kitchen to put the kettle on. He practiced his high heel walking while he waited for the kettle to boil. Lukey baby didn’t want to spill his Mistress’s coffee. As his luck would have it just as he began carrying it into the sitting room when he heard his Mother’s car in the garage and so did his sister.

“Freeze Linda Cockslut don’t you dare move a muscle slut or else.”

“Yes Mistress Katherine.”

Lukey baby stood in the middle of their kitchen absolutely dreading their Mother’s entrance as he was dressed in sexy lingerie wearing one of his Mother’s wigs and a whole heap of her make-up holding his Mistress’s steaming cup of coffee. Hearing Deborah’s high heels clicking on the stairs gave him goose pimples her foot steps got closer and closer suddenly his Mother was beside him, her arms full çanakkale escort of plastic shopping bags. Deborah lent over and kissed her son on the cheek.

“Hi Linda that’s a sexy outfit you have on my dear, since your living here rent free you can pay your way by doing the housework and I’ll share the cooking duties with you, I might even teach you some of my special recipes. You’d better watch out for Lukey baby when he’s home though if that randy little fucker sees you dressed like that he’ll want to dick you for sure.”

Lukey blushed brightly when Deborah saw this she felt a thrill and decided to play it a little.

“From what Katherine has told me about your adventures ad therefore knowing the little slut you are you’ve probably already jumped his bones.”

“Okay Aunty Deborah no worries I’d love to do the housework.”

“Where is your Mistress’s coffee Linda Cockslut?”

Katherine called from the sitting room. Patting Lukey on the bum Deborah said.

“You’d better take that in Linda you don’t want to anger your Mistress do you?”

“No, Aunty Deborah that’s one thing I don’t ever want to do.”

Marvelling at how easily his Mother accepted the situation Lukey baby shook his head and started towards where his sister Mistress was waiting.

Deborah followed her son into the sitting room her eyes glued to the 5 inch spike heels as they clicked on the slate floor.

“Hi Kate has Linda been behaving herself?”

“Well, if you call being fucked three times and sucking on Johnny big Dick’s huge prick then yeah she’s been a good little Cockslut.”

“Since she wasn’t out fucking the whole town I’m happy Kate.”

“Yeah so am I Mum. To say the least, now go to bed leave your light on and door open, I’ve put a DVD in the player for you to watch I’m keen to get your feedback.”

“Okay then I’m off to bed don’t stay up to late will you, oh yeah Kate I’ll let you know about that DVD in the morning.”

“Night Mum.”

“Goodnight Aunty Deborah.”

Watching his Mother disappear up the stairs Lukey baby turned to his sister.

“She does whatever you say Mistress Katherine and thank God she didn’t know it was me.”

“Not yet she doesn’t Lukey baby Cockslut but that’ll change now go switch the dishwasher on, it’s time we were in bed.”

“Yes Mistress Katherine.”

Katherine waited for her sibling at the top of the stairs the only light was flooding from their Mother’s bedroom. As Lukey baby walked up to her she placed a finger to her lips telling him to be silent, then Kathy gave him the signal to follow her as she crept towards Deborah’s bedroom. Stopping outside the bathroom where they were still deep in the shadows but both could clearly see their Mother on her bed. Deborah was totally naked her legs were wide open and her favorite dildo was deep inside her gash. She couldn’t have seen them even if they were standing in the door way because she had her big left boob pulled up and she was greedily sucking on her own hard nipple.

“See how much of a fuck slut our Mother, is Lukey baby just look at the way she’s fucking herself with that huge black dildo.”

“How long has she been like this Mistress Katherine?”

“Always Lukey baby, but I brought her out of her shell just over two weeks ago and she’s coming along nicely don’t you think?”

“Yes, Mistress Katherine are you going to turn her into one of your slaves?”

“You’d like that would you, you’d love to fuck your Mother wouldn’t you Lukey baby my kinky little Cockslut?”

“Oh yes yes yes Mistress Katherine you know I would.”

“Look at the whore she doing herself doggie style.”

Looked into their Mother’s bedroom he saw Deborah was now on all fours her rounded butt sticking up towards the ceiling she was reaching around holding the black dildo by its fake balls. As she pumped her arm she drove six to eight inches into then out of her soaking gash with each stroke Deborah jerked forward her massive boobs swaying to and fro, her big stiff teats scraping across the bed sheet with every movement. Hearing her Mother beginning to get a little vocal she turned to Luke.

“Come on lets leave her to it, off to bed Linda Cockslut and remember no wanking Lukey baby Cockslut.”

“Yes, ER no Mistress Katherine good night.”

Deborah’s children crept back down the hallway and left her to enjoy her favorite dildo. Luke went to his room he was exhausted but still randy enough that he pulled his G-string aside freeing his semi hard dick and wanked it faster than he’d ever done it before thinking of his Mother doggie fucking herself only twenty five feet away. Then was asleep five minutes later. Kathy went to her room she was keen to see just what Linda Cockslut and Johnny had been up to. Sadly she was disappointed because the boys had been pretty tame it was standard fucking and sucking Although she did get a few nice clips that she posted on his web site, him doing his deep throat technique on Johnny’s long thick cock, one showing his suspender clad thighs stocking tops and didim escort his freshly shaved smooth ass being split by Johnny big Dick’s huge cock. The last was a strip show he’d done for Johnny, Kathy then called up her surveillance program to see if her Mother had stopped fucking herself. When the window opened there was Deborah curled up on her bed greedily licking her favorite dildo, switching on the microphones Katherine could clearly her Mother.

“Oh Big Boy you taste even better with Deb’s juices on your lovely thick prick. Let dirty Deb lick your big hard cock clean for you, Big Boy.”

Switching off her lap top she made a mental note to copy her Mother’s latest episode onto her next DVD. The next morning Kathy slept late it was already past nine thirty when she walked into the kitchen for her morning coffee, her Mother greeted her.

“Morning sleepy head have a late one did we?”

“Hi Mum no I just had a bit of catching up to do.”

“Kate did you know that Lukey baby is being teased and bullied at school, that’s why he’s been suspended so much this term and that fucking useless Dean isn’t doing anything.”

“Yeah Mum he’s told me that he can’t take much more and doesn’t know what he’ll do.”

“That school was hopeless when I went there now it’s even worse. I might just take him out of there. I’m interested in your opinion what do you think Kate?”

“Anything that makes him happier Mum would be good with me.”

“If I have to then I’ll pay for a private teacher, anything to make sure my Lukey baby gets a proper education it’s not like I can’t afford it eh Kate.”

“Yeah we could set her up in the study that way I could keep an eye on him when you aren’t home Mum. I’ll download the application forms for home schooling if you like.”

“Good idea Kate do that for me please, it’s settled then I’ll go down to the school this afternoon. Now do you have to go into the office today?”

“No, I went in yesterday and don’t have to go in again for about a week why Mum.”

“Oh no reason I was just wondering that’s all.”

They sat and chatted for an hour or so Deborah asked Kathy if she had any sexy dress that she could borrow, she had an appointment at the bank and she wanted to be knock out drop dead gorgeous. So after lunch Katherine went through her closet and carried half a dozen outfits into her Mother’s bedroom, they both then went through Deborah’s closet and Kathy picked out a few items.

“Haven’t you got anything better than this Mum?”

“Um well ER maybe your dad did buy me a dress when you went to collage and Lukey baby was at camp but I don’t think it’ll fit me anymore.”

“Get it out Mum and let’s find out shall we because if it doesn’t fit you it might fit me.”

“Okay then.”

Deborah took down an overnight bag opened it and pulled out a plastic shopping bag. Kathy licked her lips in anticipation she’d thought that the old bag contained some of her fathers old things, her Mother’s gardening clothes. So when Deborah took a crumpled pile of pink satin like material from the shopping bag she had Katherine’s undivided attention, holding the dress against herself with one arm Deborah smoothed the soft material with her free hand.

“Well are you going to try it on Mum or what?”

“Um yes I suppose so.”

Deborah walked over to the bed and laid the down the short pink dress. Without the slightest hint of embarrassment she crossed her arms gripping the waist band of her sweat top pulled it off over her head in a single movement. Then after stepping out of its matching bottoms Deborah placed her hands on her hips.

“I suppose since my straps will show I’ll have to take off my bra to won’t I Kate?”

“Yeah Mum that’s right we don’t want anything to spoil the overall look do we?”

“No, we don’t Sweetie, no we don’t.”

As she talked Deborah reached for the clasp behind her back she didn’t care that her daughter was sitting only a few feet from her. Freeing her massive tits from their nylon prison she put a hand under each heavenly mound and lifted them up slightly.

“Not bad titties for an old bag eh Kate?”

“You’re not an old bag Mum and yes they are a pair of beauties for sure, all you need is some better lingerie to accentuate those sexy curves.”

“Can you help your dear old Mum with her dress Sweetie?”

“Of course I will Mum but don’t call yourself old cause with that body you’re definitely not old, haven’t you seen the way Johnny looks at you every time you come into the room?”

“I just thought he was being nice to me Kate.”

Kathy held the dress for her Mother as she stepped into it then stood back to watch as Deborah slid the dress up over her hips. Gathering the pink satin around her waist Deborah spun it around so it was in the right position, she the started to pull it up struggling to get it over her huge boobs. Luckily for her the dress was 50% Lycra so it had plenty of stretch. After a little hassle Deborah’s big tits were squashed into the dress and she pulled the hem down straightening out the ruffles gathered at her waist. The short strapless dress was actually ruffled all the way down the front and only barely covered Deborah’s white butt cheeks. Spinning around on one foot her huge melons heaved with every breath and threatened to spill out at any second.