It all started out so innocent. I was living with Ingrid for only a couple weeks. We had just gotten home and showered and got ready for bed when we heard the knock. I got up to answer it and there was Heidi, her sister, standing there crying. Ingrid got out of bed and come to see what was going on. Come to find out her boyfriend had left her, he just never understood what she was about, the free sprit that she was.

It amazed me that two women born 2 years apart could be so much alike, in clothes, hair style, body shape. Thank goodness One is Blonde and one is red headed. (Ingrid was Red, Heidi was Blonde) You would think there were Twins if ya didn’t know them. Oh Well I know she is sad now but it is his loss. We talked for a while then I could see the girls wanted to be left alone so I kissed them both and told them I would see them in the morning and went to bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night, I sleep on my stomach and side and I felt those soft hands rubbing up and down across my back. As high as my shoulders and as low as my ass. Mmmm love that feeling. Ingrid knows it and she also knows that waking me up like that just absolutely drives me crazy. My cock already hard and stiff from dreaming of her as I do often. German girls are how should I say it, oh well Big up top. And feeling her nipples against me felt so good but different. I didn’t think anything about it as the feeling overpowered the curiosity.

I turned over in the darkness on the bedroom and wrapping my arm over her, my leg over her side and pulled that warm ass over to me. My lips as always found hers were I kissed her deep, passionate, long and powerful. I loved to suck her tongue, feel it inside my mouth. And God did she know how to use it. I remember her making me cum 3 times one night with it, I couldn’t believe so much pleasure could maraş escort be had in one night lol. I slid my hand across her breast, so soft, warm and nipples so hard. But wait something is just not right here. Before I could say anything that sweet tongue slide across my chest, down my stomach and across my hard shaft. When she kissed the head of my cock I swear I was ready to cum right then and there. But then the light come on.

Ya know even with your eyes closed you can tell when the light comes on lol. I feel those soft lips all down my hard cock and the light switch is 10 ft away on the wall. I open them slowly to adjust to it and WOW chit what is that blonde hair doing between my legs? Looking over at the door There is Heidi standing there smiling. I was ready to say something when she asked. “Heidi don’t that make you feel so much better?” All I heard was a deep moan and a feeling so intense as she dove back down taking all my cock on her, as her hands caressed and massaged my balls. Ingrid naked, comes over and slide on the bed, looking first at Heidi, then at me smiling as she leaned down and kissed me, deep, deeper then ever before.

When she breaks the luscious seal of our lips, she tells me that they have “played together” for a long time and hoped I didn’t mind, but being upset, she needed to relieve herself. She whispered to me that she had never had a boyfriend that could lick and suck her pussy the way it should be done. And that she had shared with her the many times I have brought her to multiple orgasms doing it to her. Would I show her what it really is supposed to feel like?

Oh My Yes, I would love to. Pulling Heidi up, mmm she didn’t want to let them lips off my cock, but she will be back there soon as I want and tell her to straddle my head into a 69 as I want that mardin escort hat ass above me. Ingrid kneels next to us as I look up and those wet lips. OMG drenching wet. I can feel it running off them onto my chest, neck and chin as once more she grabs my cock and dive down on it. Ingrid hands are sliding across her back and down her ass cheeks were she spreads them apart for me.

Mmmmm Damn… My tongue slides up and licks across them brushing them, the hair from my beard teases her clit. As my tongue slide across the insides of her lips, soft and smooth she rocks her hips back and forth across it, till I feel her hot cum squirting out into my mouth, covering me in warm cum. As my lips and tongue are coated in her sweet juices and Ingrid is still massaging and spreading her ass, I slide the juices from her up across her cute, tight ass. Ingrid sides up more to the top as my hand slides between her massaging her pussy, mmmm so wet.

Pulling them back out I reach under her pillow and pull out her Vibe, turning it on I place it bad under her letting the shaft or the vibe roll across her lips and clit and I take my other hand and tease Heidi ass, circling my finger around it, pushing it slowly against her tight hole. Sliding the vide between Ingrid’s lips I look over in time to see it disappear between those hot, wet lips. Sliding it up and down as her hips rock, I turn back to see my finger easy slowly into Heidi ass as my tongue drives deep in her.

Mmmm Another orgasm as she wiggles her ass back against my finger. My tongue slides between those lips and my finger slides deeper into her ass till it can go no further, she rock madly back and forth till she cums again flooding me this time with more sweet cum. At the same time Ingrid is so wet my hand is soaked in hot juices, making it mersin escort hard to hold the vibe, just in time to as I feel the large amounts of hot fluid coat my hand. Heidi collapses on me and Ingrid collapse on Heidi. Mmm I was so close to cumin but I want to feel those swollen lips as my cock slides in between them.

As they get up I tell them I want them to get in a 69, with Heidi ass back towards me. As they do that I knell behind her as Ingrid slides up and nibble my balls, mmmmm dam. I take my cock in my hands as I look down and see Heidi open and wet lips waiting. Brushing the head of my cock across them before holding it and sliding it in. Mmm the feeling as the head pushes and part them is incredible, specially since Ingrid is sucking my balls ever so gently as she does. I look down seeing her warm eyes full of passion as we both watch my shaft disappear deep in her sister. Slowly till my hips touch her ass, so she can feel my cock fill her.

Tightening I make it throb inside her, she clamps down also and I feel her pussy lips it suck in, just as her warm lips did not so long ago. My hands slide down on her ass as I pump my cock in and out of her, I feel Ingrid’s tongue every once in a while on my balls and shaft, so I know she is giving Heidi clit just as much attention. My hands move closer to her ass and my thumbs tease it sliding in between that tight ass. Heidi as not said much but moaning with Ingrid’s legs wrapped around her head. I have been there before and know she is cumin, as my hips pump into Heidi, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Till I feel her tense up before her hot cum flows across my cock, running down across my balls and onto Ingrid’s lips, face and breasts.

At that time my cock throbs in pain waiting to be released. Not holding back anymore I feel it shoot load after load deep inside Heidi, my cum running out between her and down on Ingrid also. As we lay there for a minute and catch are breath we arrange ourselves up at the top, One on each side, heads on my shoulders, my arms wrapped around them, there legs draped across mine. Wow what a night to a very long weekend.