Sisters Weekend Trip

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Hannah felt a gentle breeze caress her face as she slowly awoke, there was nothing quite like the summer morning air. She loved being able to sleep with her bedroom window open at night, it was the best part of spending her summer break from college back at home.

She threw the thin sheet off of her naked body, closed her eyes and slid her hands down over her trim, athletic body. She’d been swimming competitively since she was old enough to set foot in the pool, and it showed. Her hands paused on her small but firm B cup breasts. She felt tingle of excitement flow through her body as her fingers swirled around her hard nipples.

She bit her lower lip as the sexual electricity built in her limbs. Hannah felt her pussy begin to throb, and she decided the hell with the teasing and foreplay this morning. She needed to cum, and cum hard. She slid her right hand down to her smooth, hairless pussy and began to work her clit. Running circles around the small, sensitive nub.

Hannah rolled on to her side and moved her left hand behind her, sliding her middle finger between her firm ass cheeks and putting pressure on her tight asshole. A light moan escaped her lips as she pushed a finger into her dripping, tight pussy while rubbing circles around her ass, loving the feel of the bumpy skin. She brought her left hand back up to her mouth and began to suck on her middle finger, lubing it up with as much spit as she could muster.

Seconds later she had a finger in both holes, feeling the rising tide of an orgasm rushing at her. She bit her pillow to help stifle the scream of ecstasy threatening to erupt from her lips as her fingers increased their pace. She was seconds away now, moaning into her pillow, the juices flowing from her pussy making her inner thighs slick, she was so close now…almost there…

Then a knock at her bedroom door pulled her out of her bliss.

“Hannah, you up?” came a voice from the other side of door. Hannah’s younger sister, Shelby, had just graduated high school. But even being 18 and newly graduated hadn’t lessened her annoying little sister tendencies.

Irritated beyond belief, pulling her sheets back up over herself, Hannah yelled back “I guess I am now, thanks so much for that.”

“You’re welcome.” Hannah could hear the smirk in Shelby’s voice as her footsteps receded down the hall. Her morning masturbation session thoroughly ruined, she figured she might as well get up. Pulling on a pair of shorts and tank top, Hannah wandered downstairs for breakfast.

Shelby was sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal and scrolling on her phone.

“I don’t remember asking for a rude ass wake up call this morning Shelby.”

“You didn’t? Huh…could have sworn you asked me for one last night. Oops, my bad sis.” Shelby smiled her biggest, most sarcastic smile up at her sister.

Suppressing the urge to smack her little sister on the back of the head, Hannah walked to cabinet to pour herself a bowl of cereal.


Shelby glanced over at her sister as she poured milk over her cereal. She was positive she’d heard Hannah moaning as she’d passed her bedroom door earlier. She’d listened for a few seconds before knocking, trying to ignore the warmth she’d felt between her legs as she’d listened, knowing her sister was masturbating just a few feet away from her.

She’d been seconds away from sliding her hand under her light sundress and playing with own cunt, eavesdropping on her sisters orgasm, before deciding the only way to stop herself would be ruin Hannah’s orgasm. So she’d knocked, playing the role of annoying younger sister.

Hannah was clearly still annoyed so she was standing at the counter eating her breakfast, her back to Shelby. Shelby used the opportunity to admire her sisters body, her long toned and tanned legs, firm round ass barely contained by the skin tight shorts she was wearing. She knew Hannah never wore panties, since she’d been snooping through her sisters dresser drawers for years, and had never seen more than one or two disused thongs sitting in a back corner of her drawer.

Shelby had known for years that she was attracted to girls, but it was only recently she’d began to feel these feelings for her big sister. She would lay in Hannah’s bed and masturbate while Hannah was away at college, then she’d “borrow” one of Hannah’s long forgotten thongs and where it that day. She was never as comfortable going commando as Hannah, so the next best thing was wearing her sisters underwear, that always gave her sexy thrill.

Hannah finished her cereal and put her bowl in the sink, then left the kitchen without a word. Shelby hadn’t realized interrupting Hannah’s morning “session” would put her in such a foul mood. She decided she’d try and make it up to her, she preferred it when they were laughing and joking together, not giving or receiving the silent treatment. Now to come up with a way to make it up to her.


Once Hannah was finished eating, she gaziantep escortları marched out of the kitchen, trying to figure out what the best way would be to alleviate her need to cum. She felt like taking care of it herself now wouldn’t fully give her the release she was craving. Too bad she’d broken up with her boyfriend weeks ago, he was an asshole, but his cock was magical.

She supposed she could always put in a call to Ben…they’d been each other’s booty call buddies for years, but last she’d heard he was now engaged. Still, it was worth a shot, they’d never let either one of their relationships get in the way before.

“Might as well try at least” She mumbled to herself as she walked into her bedroom and closed the door behind her. She grabbed her phone off her bedside table and sent Ben a text asking what he was up to today. He’d know exactly what she was after, the fact that neither of them ever beat around the bush made things so much easier.

She flopped down on her bed, hoping he’d respond soon. She closed her eyes and, without even meaning to, her hand had found it’s way to thin fabric covering her pussy. She could feel the heat and wetness through the material, she slid her finger up and down over her slit, feeling the tingle spread from her clit through her whole body.

Her phone buzzed softly beside her. She snatched it up and opened the text. She was in luck, Ben’s fiancé was apparently going to be spending the day with her family, so Ben was about to have the house to himself for most of the day. She’d be leaving in about an hour, so Hannah could head that way in a little over an hour.

She headed for the bathroom to take shower and get ready to be fucked.

An hour and half later she parked her car a few houses down from Ben’s, just in case. She texted him that she’d parked, and he replied with come on in, the door is open.

She walked in, and closed the door behind her. Ben was leaning against the wall a few feet away, wearing only boxer shorts. She could tell he was already partially hard.

“Hey” he said simply. Hannah walked up to him, looked him in the eye for a few brief seconds and saw the dark fire he always had burning behind his eyes when he was about to take full control of her, she loved it.

“Hi” she said back, and he immediately covered her mouth with his hand, then placed it on top of her head and pushed her down to her knees. She knew what he wanted. Hannah pulled his boxers down and leaned closer, taking his hardening cock into her mouth. He moaned quietly as she took him fully into her mouth, his now rock hard cock almost more than her throat could handle.

She picked up the pace, knowing he was relishing the sound of her fighting off her gag reflex as she swallowed his thick shaft. He placed his hands on either side of her head and began to furiously fuck her face. She put her hands on his thighs and let him have his way with her mouth. Her pussy was already dripping, the feel of her tight jeans against her bare cunt was only making her wetter.

He put his hand on the back of her head and thrust his cock as far down her throat as it would go, her nose pressed firmly against his flat, well muscled stomach. He held her there, silently daring her to hold his massive dick in her mouth for as long as she could.

She had tears in her eyes by the time he finally released her, almost growling in pleasure as she gasp for air, strands of saliva shining off of his gorgeous cock. He reach down and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her to her feet.

“Why the fuck are you still wearing clothes?” He demanded of her.

“Sorry sir” Hannah said meekly. She pulled her shirt over her head as she stood, dropping it to the floor as Ben backed away to enjoy the view, lightly stroking his cock.

She reached behind her back and unhooked the lacy bra she’d chosen specifically for him, and let it fall to the floor next to her shirt. She looked him straight in the eyes as she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her legs, unveiling her smooth, perfect cunt. She saw his gaze follow her pants down to her ankles, then dart immediately up to her pussy, clearly craving the sweet taste of her cum. Wetness was already glistening on her inner thighs, mirrored by the pre-cum shining on the tip of his throbbing dick.

He moved toward her, pulled her to him and kissed her, hard. She was so ready, she needed this. She pulled out of the kiss, brought her lips to his ear and whispered “fuck me.”

Ben wasted no time, he spun Hannah around and bent her over the back of couch his fiancé and just bought for them, and began inch his cock into her soaked opening, feeling her tight pussy stretch out around his girth.

Hannah’s breath caught in her throat as she felt him enter her, every thought left her mind except the automatic instinct to start moving her hips, finding the rhythm of his thrusts. Seconds later, the sounds of skin on skin echoed throughout the living escort gaziantep room as he pounded himself in and out of her. The tightness of her sweet little cunt felt like heaven, he glanced down at her little rosebud on an asshole, brought his thumb up to it and began to slowly ease it in to her ass.

Hannah let out a squeal of surprise and pleasure as she felt a finger slide into her rectum. That was all it took, she couldn’t hold it back any longer. The orgasm exploded through her body, her vision went cloudy as she screamed “FUCK YES OH GOD KEEP FUCKING ME IM CUMMMMMINGGGGGGGG”

Ben felt Hannah’s pussy and asshole constrict around his cock and finger respectively while she begged him to keep fucking her. Her whole body clenched and her legs were shaking, so he obliged by ramping up his pace. He was pounding her so hard that the couch was scraping across the carpet of his living room, fucking hell she had the best cunt he’d ever felt.

When the waves of the orgasm began to subside, Hannah could barely feel her limbs, but Ben kept fucking her, and all of the sudden she felt another one coming on already.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck your cock feels so good baby, keep going! I’m gonna cum again!”

Ben slammed himself as deep as he could into her pussy one more time, then pulled his finger from her ass and his cock out of her cunt and repositioned it over her asshole, and before she had a chance to begin any sort of protest, thrust his full length deep up her ass.

She screamed as the orgasm rocketed through her, felt his massive cock fully stretching her asshole, her cum dripping off his cock was more enough lubrication for her ass to fully accept every inch. Black spots crept into the corners of her vision as another orgasm forced its way through her. She loved it, loved an anal orgasm, loved anything that made her feel filthy, nasty, and so fucking hot.

“YES, god yes. Fuck my ass Ben, fuck my slutty little ass!”

He was jackhammering her ass now, the sound of slapping of skin ringing in her ears. She was cumming over and over again, and avalanche of ecstasy had completely wiped her mind blank, when suddenly the pounding of her ass stopped, Ben pulled his cock from her, leaving her feeling suddenly empty.

He grabbed her by the hair, turned her around and shoved her down to her knees, then stuck his cock back in her mouth. She’d never done ass to mouth before, hadn’t even considered it, but she instinctively started sucking his dick, taking it fully into her throat and actually loving the almost sweet taste of her ass. Then Ben came, and came hard.

A fountain of cum filled her mouth and throat, making her choke and cough. But that didn’t stop Ben, he continued to fuck her face until every last drop of cum that hadn’t leaked out of her mouth and down her chin had been fucked down her throat. She swallowed as much as she could, and when he finally pulled his spent cock from between her lips, she collapsed to the floor, panting.

Her body was still vibrating from the sheer number of orgasms that had rocked her body, she could barely form a coherent thought. Ben sat down on the floor next her, slapped her ass and said “It’s good to see you again Han” with a smirk. “Ha, you too” Hannah weakly replied. Then they both heard a car door close in front of the house. Ben’s eye widened with panic “shit! My fiancé is here, you’ve got to go out the back!” He sprung to his feet and grabbed Hannah’s clothes, shoved them in to her arms, and pushed her towards the back door.

“Hurry up!” He said urgently, but Hannah’s legs still felt like rubber, she barely regained her balance as Ben pushed her out the back door, naked and holding her clothes in a wadded up bundle, shutting the door behind her. She stumbled around the side of house and slumped against the brick wall, trying to catch her breath as she wiped the last traces of his cum from her chin and slowly pulled her clothes back on. Once she was dressed, she snuck out the side gate and walked gingerly up the block to where she’d left her car.


“Yes!” Shelby shouted in triumph. She knew exactly how cheer Hannah up, and get some quality alone time with her sister. She spring up off her bed, excited by her sudden inspiration, intending to clear her plan with their parents, since it would mean several days away from home.

She walked down stairs to the living room, where mom and dad were watching tv. “Hey you guys, question for you. Would it be ok if Hannah and I used the cabin for a long weekend?”

“I don’t see why not” her father replied.

“Sounds like a great idea honey!” Her mom said enthusiastically. “I think you girls having a girls weekend before you’re both away at different colleges will be just the thing for the both of you!”

“Thanks! I’ll get some stuff together and then tell Hannah about it when she gets home.”

Shelby practically skipped back to her room to pack a few things. This was going to be perfect! gaziantep bayan escortları The whole family had always loved the cabin on the lake, it was so secluded and so much fun, and Shelby hadn’t been up there in years. Now she just hoped Hannah would actually think it was a good idea…


Hannah pulled her car into the driveway and turned off the engine. She leaned back into the seat and closed her eyes. She still felt a bit foggy after her adventure with Ben. And now that the endorphins from the orgasms and the adrenaline from almost getting caught had worn off, the soreness was starting to hit her. Her ass felt thoroughly abused, but the thought of what she’d let him do to her still sent ripples of excitement down her spine. She felt so naughty, like such a dirty little skank, and she loved it.

She got out of the car and headed for the house, deciding a nice hot bath was exactly what her sore ass needed, even though it wasn’t even noon yet. As she walked inside she noticed the barely hidden smiles on the faces of her parents, they were terrible at keeping secrets, and clearly something was going on. But they didn’t say anything as she greeted them and said she was off to take a bath. She had told them she was heading to the batting cages with some friends so they assumed that was why she was sweaty and felt the need for a bath in the middle of an 85 degree summer day.

Hannah climbed the stairs and headed straight for the bathroom. The door was closed so Hannah knocked. “Hey Shelby, you in there?”

“Yeah, be right out, one sec” came the reply.

The door opened a moment later, Shelby’s smile seemed to hint that she was ecstatic about something.

“Question for you Han, how would you feel about a long girls weekend just the two of us up at gramps’ cabin?”

Hannah thought about it for a second, and decided a few days away from the city sounded like heaven. Swimming in the lake and laying out in the sun on the small dock, it was perfection.

“That sounds amazing Shelby! Great idea!”

“Yay! When do you want to head out?”

“I’m in desperate need of a hot bath, but then after that I’m good to go.”

Shelby threw her arms around her big sister in a hug and said “I can’t wait!” She then trotted off down the hall to her room.

Hannah walked in to the bathroom and closed the door. She was actually excited about this plan, she had really missed Shelby during the school year, and since it looked like she was going to be headed out of state for college in the fall, Hannah wanted to spend as much time with her this summer as she could. And thanks to the porn style fucking she’d just received, she wasn’t mad about Shelby interrupting her this morning anymore.

She stripped off her clothes and turned on the faucet, setting the temperature as hot as she could stand it before slipping into the tub and closing her eyes, letting her mind wander back to Ben’s impressive cock and allowing the hot water to soothe her aching body.


After the hour and half drive to the cabin, the sisters opened the front door to the modest little two bedroom lakefront house. It had been an annual family destination for as long as they could both remember, so it felt like a home away from home. Although this was the first time they had been there without their parents along, so now came the task of deciding who was going to sleep in the room they’d always shared growing up, and who got to stay in the larger room mom and dad always took.

Shelby would have preferred if she and her sister were sharing the same queen size bed like they did growing up, but she had no idea how to broach that topic yet so she decided to go the opposite way.

“Dibs on mom and dads room!” Shelby blurted out and skipped off in that direction. Hannah laughed out loud behind her and headed for the smaller bedroom.

“So what should we do first?” Hannah called from the other room.

Shelby dropped her bag on the bed and called back to her sister “I think the lake is calling our names.”

“Sounds perfect!” Hannah replied

Shelby opened up her bag, dug through her clothes until she found her bikini. It was her favorite swim suit, black with ties on the hips and behind her back and neck. It was a little sexier than was strictly necessary for a sisters weekend, but that was kind of the plan.

She pulled her thin sundress up over her head and dropped it on the bed, then slid her thong down her legs and left it on the floor. The thought of just walking out to the pier naked briefly crossed her mind, the look on Hannah’s face would be priceless, but that probably wasn’t the best way to start the weekend off. She tied her bikini on and grabbed a beach towel from her bag. As she walked through small living room, she glanced through the other bedroom door, looks like Hannah had beaten her out the door.

Shelby strolled out the front door and onto the wooden deck the circled the whole cabin. While the inside was modest, the outside was borderline luxurious. The large deck was wide and had a set of comfortable deck furniture with a fire pit on one side and a comfy porch swing on the other side. Shelby walked around to the back of the house where the deck fed on to a wide wooden pier, a row boat was tied there, and at the end was a set of comfortable reclining deck chairs, perfect for sunbathing.

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