Sleep, Perchance to Dream


Slowly his hand slides down my closely shaven leg moving from my knees to my heel, tenderly caressing my calves as he works his way towards my toes. He kisses my feet softly, and his hair tickles the soles of my feet. I feel the wetness of his tongue as it glides swiftly up my leg; he stops at my inner thighs to nibble. The moist sensation of his tongue fanned by his sweet breath is ever so maddening. He gently kisses my crotch, his fingers gliding over the sensitive area where my legs meet. He moves his body upwards, and brushes his soft lips on my stomach, his tongue grazing my skin. He stops at my breasts, and lifting them, he kisses beneath them making his way towards my rock hard nipples. He licks and nibbles them for what seems like an eternity. A surge of passion overcomes my entire body. My hands move over his shoulder blades, and I wonder how a man’s skin can be so sinuously erotic.

His hands caress my hips and waist as he nuzzles between my breasts. He kisses me all the way up my neck, and begins nibbling my ears. His hand slides around, fingers moving along my spine and wrapping around my hair as if he were creating a work of art from a lump of clay. I move in to kiss him, but he won’t allow more than our lips to brush as he pulls away. A smile dances across his lips, as he moves in to kiss me once more and pull away.

“What a wonderfully frustrating tease…” I think to myself as I grab the back of his head and pull him in towards me. He kisses me passionately and bites my lip ever so gently…

My eyes open and darkness surrounds me, the only light coming from the red numbers hd porno on my alarm clock. It’s 4:42 AM. I turn towards his side of the bed. After realizing that he isn’t there, I bury my face in the pillow and let out a frustrated sigh. I wish I could feel his skin pressed up against mine, his arms wrapped around me. I turn, clutching my body pillow and fall back asleep. I hope to dream of him once again.

Suddenly his lips are pressed against mine, in a long kiss that touches my very soul. His hair brushes against my cheek as he whispers:

“You are ever so beautiful, darling one.”

Our eyes meet and we lose ourselves in each other in a moment of oneness. We know everything the other knows, our innermost thoughts and desires are exposed for an all too brief moment of sheer perfection. He brushes my cheek with his hand and slides his fingers through my hair. With one swift movement he pulls my head towards his, we kiss and our tongues meet. His hands move down my neck, across my shoulders and down my back. He unlatches my lacy black bra with ease and slides it off my shoulders. As his hands move towards my breasts, my nipples becoming painfully erect. They are pinched, squeezed, rolled and pulled. I’m getting wet, I can feel it. My pussy aches for him to touch it.

His lips are on my neck, biting it as he continues to play with my nipples. He moves downwards and suckles at my breast, his tongue fluttering over my nipple. I let out a soft moan. I can’t stand it any longer. My hand moves toward my pussy and softly strokes the clean-shaven skin. He watches as my fingers japon porno enter my pussy over and over again. When I pull them out, they are glistening with my juices. I rub my clit, softly at first, then harder, making wide circles as I pant and moan. His fingers are there, helping me, plunging inside me. All of a sudden the world becomes hazy as I explode furiously, moving my hips in an irregular pattern. He keeps going as I have orgasm after orgasm, each more potent than the last. My pussy clenches his fingers, not wanting to let them go.

I get up onto my knees and push him onto his back and begin biting his thighs. My tongue moves up his leg, over his balls and all the way up the shaft of his erect penis. I circle the head with my tongue, lapping up the precum as it flows out. I lift his penis with my tongue and suddenly take the full length into my mouth. I suck him hard, his hips moving slightly. The soft movement is enough for me. I reach around, grab his ass and move him in and out of my mouth, his face floods with ecstasy. After a few more violent thrusts, I go down once more and this time I stop with the head lodged in my throat. He gasps for breath at the sudden stop, moaning slightly as I hold him there. Very slowly, I pull up. I lick up and down the shaft quickly but softly and my tongue flutters over the head for a few seconds before I pull away and lie down beside him. With my head on his shoulder, I watch as he lies there and catches his breath.

He gently massages my neck and kisses me one more time as he moves onto hands and knees. He lies down lezbiyen porno between my legs. He slowly moves up and down, the head of his cock brushing my slit. My hands softly move along his muscular legs and I urgently grab his ass pulling him swiftly into me. We simultaneously gasp at the incredible depths he reaches. He rides me hard, in and out with long strokes. He stops suddenly and looks into my eyes. The muscles of my pussy begin to massage his cock as he lies perfectly still on top of me with my legs wrapped around his waist. As I feel him starting to throb, I drive my hips upwards, pumping furiously; I feel our simultaneous orgasm begin…

My eyes snap open and I gasp. I can feel myself still on the edge. I sit up in bed and fling off the covers. My legs draw up and fall open. My hands run along my thighs, softly touching them and moving towards my nether lips. I softly stroke the clean-shaven skin. My fingers slide between my lips, loving the wetness. I stroke up and down, faster and faster. As I feel my peak coming, I slam my fingers inside myself to prolong the pleasure. I can feel the wetness overflowing. I use my other hand to rub my clit in furious circles, making my fingers move as fast as possible. I squeeze my eyes shut, open my mouth and start moaning. I force my eyes to open as I cum, watching myself in the mirror in the early morning light. I continue until my hand cramps and the euphoria fades, still slowly stroking as I savor every last moment of climax. Suddenly I explode loudly one last time from the soft stimulation.

I get up to wash my hands and see myself in the mirror. Beautiful green eyes stare back at my tousled long blonde hair and flushed cheeks. I give myself a smile and turn to go back to my room. I crawl into bed and hold my body pillow. As I drift back to sleep, I whisper his name and think of our next meeting.