Sleeping Stepmother

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I don’t know how I got roped into going on this family reunion, on second thought yes I do know it was my father’s threat of cutting off my fun money. Though I’m 21 he still gives me a weekly allowance as an incentive to keep me in college. I needed the money for beer and…well beer.

Anyways he and my stepmom Camilla or Camy as she likes to be called came to pick me up at the University. I was all packed and ready to go and sitting on the curve, by dad’s instructions when they pulled up. Though I faked excitement about the trip I rally wasn’t looking forward to the two day journey from Miami to Smyrna, New York. My Dad grew up in this small town. And hey when I say small town I mean just that, it has a population of 300 people.

Like I said I wasn’t looking forward to the 21 hour trip and worst of all my dad intended on driving straight through, which means I’ll be taking a shift driving as well. The only good thing about it was that dad was taking the Tahoe so it wouldn’t be too claustrophobic.

We stopped in at Walmart and my dad and I stocked up some snacks while Mom picked up a variety of Hollywood gossip magazines and we finally hit the interstate around noon. I call Camy my mom because I think she’s earned that right after ten years of helping raise me.

Dad insisted on driving and Mom and I rode in the backseat. She now has her feet resting in my lap while she’s reading one of her magazines. Mom is short at four foot eight but she has the longest legs I’ve ever seen on a woman. Long smooth and sexy legs I might add.

I began rubbing moms bare feet and she lowered her magazine and looked at me curiously with those deep blue eyes of hers. “What are you doing, Eddie?”

I took my hands away, “I thought you might want a foot rub. Sorry, Mom.”

She smiled at me and looked over at my dad who had his ear buds in and was listening to his opera music. He was in his own little world nodding and bobbing his head like some demented maestro. She rolled her eyes and then looked at me again, “You can continue, it feel nice.”

I smiled and took her feet in my hands once again and she raised her magazine and began reading, totally unaware of the real reason I was massaging her feet. I just wanted to look between her legs. She was wearing a pair of loose pink shorts and I was hoping I’d get a glimpse of her panties. “Holy shit!” I said in a low voice. My dear Mommy wasn’t wearing anything under those shorts. I was receiving an unhindered view of her phat hairy cunt and Hot damn did it look good too!

Mom cleared her throat and I suddenly looked up to find her looking at me with a shock expression on her pretty face. “Eddie! Young man are you looking where you shouldn’t?”

I turned beet red, “No, Mom! Absolutely not!”

My dad tapped his right ear bud and turned his head to glance at her, “Did you call me, Honey?”

Mom eyed me for a few seconds and then she smiled, “No Earl I did not.” She pulled her legs from my lap and turned back around in her seat to face the front.

Fuck me, I got caught! Shit on a cracker!! But was it worth it…Hell yeah! I couldn’t seem to shake the thought from my mind and it was giving me an uncomfortable boner too and with the thin loose basketball shorts I was wearing it was kinda hard to hide my excitement. So I pushed down on my boner and played like nothing was out of the ordinary but in doing so it was giving me pleasure. So I began rubbing my cock and that caught mom’s attention. Shit!

She lowered her magazine and looked down at my hand and her eyes went wide. She looked over at my dad and for a moment I thought she was going to tell on me, but instead she takes out her cellphone and starts texting something then she laid it in her lap.


My cellphone went off. With my free hand I picked up my phone and looked at it. I wast a text message from mom. I opened the message and it read, “Let me see it!”

I suddenly looked over at her wide eyed and she smiled and nodded at me.

Holy shit! My mom wants to see my dick!

She starts texting again and my phone dinged again.

“Come on Eddie. You saw mine so now let me see yours.”

I looked at dad and then I raised the right leg of my shorts and my dick sprang from its confines and stood straight up.

Mom put a hand to her mouth and giggled and blushed.

I didn’t know what to think! Was she laughing at my dick? And what the fuck was I doing showing her my cock in the first place? I pushed it back inside my shorts and I began looking out the window.


Mom again. The text read: “Masturbate for me!”

I looked over at her, and she just giggles.

I smiled and texted…”Show me your pussy again, mom.”

Her eyes went wide and she began texting.


Mom; “Why?”

I texted back; “Why not?”

Mom sighed and rolled her eyes and put her phone away. Then she turned sideways in her seat to face me. She stretched her left leg up on the seat and dropped her right leg down and put her foot on the floorboard, which caused her to spread her rus escort legs. And she’s looking at dad the entire time she’s doing this. She lowered her hand and pulled the crotch of the shorts aside, this time willingly showing me her pussy.

I pulled my dick out of my shorts it was harder and thicker than before and Mom didn’t giggle this time when she saw it. Her mouth parted slightly and she looked at it in awe. Evidently I have a bigger dick than my dad!

She nodded for me to start and I did. I looked down at her sweet looking pussy and I started jerking off. It felt fantastic! I imagined my dick was in her pussy fucking her for all that she’s worth. And damn did it feel so naughty!

Mom’s attention was fully on my cock now, with a look of fascination on her face. She’s probably never seen a guy jerk off before. Damn this all felt so naughty and I guess that’s why I blew my load so early.

I gasped and ejaculated and my cum spewed forth from me with such force that it hit the back of dad’s seat in three beautiful streams. I hadn’t cum that hard in quite some time.

An expression of panic crosses her face and she suddenly grabs her purse and takes out a travel pack of “Wet One’s” and tosses it in my lap. Then she turns forward in her seat and pushes her shorts back in place like nothing ever happened.

I quickly wiped the cum off the seat, because we didn’t need that drying on the leather, right? Dad was such a stickler about keeping his vehicles detailed. If he knew cum hit his precious leather seats he would go crazy and most likely kill me.

After cleaning the back of the seat I pulled my shorts back up and I looked over at mom and smiled but she refused to look at me. She was wearing a guilty look on her face. Did she regret what we’d done? Fuck it I sure didn’t! I reached over to take her hand, but she quickly moved it. “Mom?” I whispered, but she ignored me. Well damn!

We drove for a few more hours, before Dad finally pulled in at a rest area somewhere in South Carolina and the three of us got out to take a pee break and stretch our legs.

Mom still didn’t say anything to me nor did she look at me. That could be good or it could be bad.

I finished my business and I walked out of the men’s room and she was coming out of the ladies room at the same time and we bumped right into each other.

“Sorry, Mom.” I said.

“It’s Okay.” she said with a blush.

She started to walk off but I gently took her arm, “Are you mad at me, mom?”

“No Sweetie I’m not mad with you. I mad at myself more than anything.” she looked down, “I shouldn’t have teased you like that.”

I placed my hand under her chin and lifted her eyes to me, “No mom, please don’t feel like that.”

She smiled and nodded, “Either way we can’t do that again, Okay?”

I frowned and nodded.

“I love you Eddie.” she said and pinched my cheek and walked away. I still didn’t feel a bit guilty though, even when I turned around and watched as she walked through the crowded lobby with her ass shaking beneath those thin slutty shorts of hers.

I wanted to do more things with her Mommy and…

Dad bumped me on the shoulder and placed his wet hands against the back of my neck and I cringed.

“Relax I just washed my hands, boy it’s not like I pissed on them or anything.” He chortled and walked past me. He’s done that stupid shit since I was kid and he always thinks it’s funny. Well I got one on you buddy, I just saw his wife’s pussy and jerked off to it. So there Daddy. I smiled and followed him outside. We walked over to find mom bent over in the back of the Tahoe with the back hatch open. She seemed a bit frustrated as she rummaged through her suitcase.

Dad walked around to the back, “What are you looking for Baby?”

“I’m looking for my sleeping pills, Earl. I thought I packed them, but I guess I didn’t.”

“Ah don’t worry about it, Camy you can have one of my Valiums.”

“Honey! Good grief I can’t take those things, you know how they knock me out!” mom exclaimed.

Dad shrugged and reached into his bag and he took out his bottle of prescription Valiums. He took one out, “This will make the trip shorter.” he chortled.

Mom rolled her eyes and took the pill from him, “Whatever! Maybe our son can keep his mom from rolling into the floorboard.”

I laughed, “If you fall on the floorboard, I’ll rest my feet on you, how does that sound?”

Mom gave me a playful glare, “You better not, young man!” she said wagging her finger at me.

“Okay, Okay what ever you say, Mom.” I laughed and raised my hands in surrender. I’m glad she was talking to me again.

We piled back into the Tahoe and we were back up to speed on the interstate in no time. To say my dad was a lead foot would be an understatement. That and he puts way to much pressure on himself to get somewhere. And like I said he intended on driving all night, so at the next fill up he told me to drive so he could get a nap. And I did so while he slept in the passenger seat with a pair escort rus of noise canceling headphones on.

As I drove I kept glancing in the rear view at, mom and she’s caught me looking at her several times. I just couldn’t help it. She’s gorgeous. I crossed over onto the rumble strips once and it scared her and me too.

“Eddie do you need me to take over?” she asked.

“No mom, I’m fine.” I said, looking at her in the mirror.

She smiled, “You really do need to keep your eyes on the road, dear.”

I just smiled, “I am.”

Mom leaned over the seat and pushed the rear view mirror to the right so it wasn’t focused on her. “I need to change into my sleep clothes so don’t be peeking back here, Okay?”

“I could pull over at next rest area, if you need me to.” I suggested.

“I don’t think so, Eddie. I don’t relish the idea of changing in some nasty old bathroom.” she shivered. “No I’ll just change in here and you just keep your eyes forward.”

“Sure Mom, not a problem.” I said and reached up and moved the mirror back into position.

“Eddie Davis!” she actually looked pissed. Which coincidentally made her look sexier. Geez! What the fuck is up with me right now? I’m lusting after my 41 year old mom like some kid going through puberty. By the way, when I was actually going through puberty, I never lusted after her. So what the heck was going on?

“You’ll just have to trust me, Mom. I need the mirror!” I diverted my eyes.

She started moving around in the back seat and I heard the sounds of clothes being removed. And I swear it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done to not look but I didn’t.

I could actually feel her eyes burning into the back of my neck as she dressed.

“Okay I’m done, Sweetie.” she said, after several grueling minutes.

“I didn’t look.” I laughed.

“Well you can look now.” she said.

I glanced in the rear view at mom and damn did she look fine! She had put on a black silk camisole with matching loose silk shorts.

“Do you like it?” she asked spreading her arms.

I smiled and nodded, “Holy shit you look good!”

She gave a little giggle, “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, Eddie. You’ve never acted like this before?”

I didn’t say anything.

“I better get a water so I can take that stupid Valium.” she got on her knees and turned on the back dome light and leaned over the back seat.

I looked through the mirror at her ass. The sleep shorts she was wearing were so short and loose that they pulled deep between her ass cheeks.

Mom looked over her shoulder and caught me looking and smiled. I think she was enjoying the attention. I guess dad wasn’t doing his job at home. I smiled back at her and she shook her head and took a bottled water from the cooler. “I found one.” she quips, then pulls her shorts back in place and sits down. She took the Valium pill from her purse, and I could see the nervous look in her eyes. “Gosh I hate taking these darn things, Eddie. They mess me up.”

“Go ahead and take it, Mom. It’ll help you sleep.”

She frowned, “Oh they’ll surely help me sleep and then some.”

“What do you mean by “and then some”? Do they make you queasy or something?” I asked.

She smiled and shook her head, “No dear they just make me loopy and out of it.”

“Basically you get higher than a kite is what you’re saying?” I smiled.

“Yes.” she said and rolled her eyes. Then she popped the pill and chased it with over half the bottle of water. She wrinkled her nose, “Goodness those things taste nasty!”

I laughed.

“Don’t laugh at me buster.” she smacked my shoulder. “I can’t help that I have a sensitive palate.” with that she stuck her tongue out at me.

My mouth dropped at the sight of her long pink tongue. “Holy shit!”

“What?” she asked.

I laughed and shook my head, “You gotta do that again, Mom.”

“Why?” she folded her arms and gave me a curious look.

I just smiled but didn’t say anything and by the look she was giving me she already knew what I was thinking. “That’s disgusting, Eddie!”

“I’m sure dad doesn’t think so.” I winked.

Her eyes went wide and she giggled, “Oh my gracious! You and your father are the same!” Mom popped my shoulder again. And again I wasn’t paying attention to the road and I weaved onto the rumble strips. It startled me and I jerked the wheel a little harder than I should have and the Tahoe weaved into the passing lane. A big semi truck threw on its horn and mom screamed and I think may have done the same. I instantly jerked the Tahoe back into it’s rightful lane just as the semi blew past us still blaring it’s damn horn.

Something slapped the back of my head and I looked over to see my dad scowling at me.

“If you needed a fucking break then you should have woke me up! You Dumb ass!! You almost killed us!” he bellowed.

“Earl calm down! It was an accident!” Mom snapped coming to my defense.

Dad looked over his shoulder at her and his anger seeming to fade. But instead of apologizing rus escort bayan to me, he just nods, “Pull off onto the emergency lane, I’m driving from here on out.”

Did I really expect him to apologize? Hell no! That old man has never said sorry for a damned thing he’s ever done to me!

“Asshole!” I snapped.

“What did you say to me?!” he asked with venom in his expression.

I ignored him and carefully pulled the big Tahoe into the emergency lane and came to a stop.

“What did you just say to me, Eddie?!” Dad asked again.

I didn’t answer him, I just got out and walked and dad did too and we met at the front of the Tahoe!

“What do you have to say, huh?” he asked shoving his hands against my chest.

I swear I wanted to punch his lights out but I feared if I did, he’d beat my fucking ass!

I hung my head and I felt like such a pussy, “Nothing, dad.”

He got in my face, “Okay so when you said…Asshole, then you were talking about yourself? Is that what’s going on here?”

I nodded and rolled my eyes, “Yes, dad. I was referring to myself.”

“Good now get your ass in the back. Where the ladies sit!” he chuckled. Why did my old man have to be such a DICK!! I huffed and walked around and opened the back passenger door and got in.

Mom slid over close to me and she took my hand, “Are you okay, Eddie?” she asked.

Dad was still standing out front of the Tahoe and he had his cellphone out and he was talking to someone.

“I don’t feel like being babied right now, mom!”

“I was just trying help, Sweetie.” she went to move her hand but I grabbed her wrist tightly.

“Help this!” I hissed and pulled her hand against my crotch.

Her eyes went wide, “Eddie!” she yelped and tried to pull her hand away but I held it firmly against my package.

“Please, Eddie let go of my hand. NOW! Your dad is right there!”

“Good then maybe I should tell him how you caused me to run off the road!”

“How was that my fault?”

“You were teasing me. Now touch my dick, MOM!” I snapped.

“No Eddie! PLEASE STOP!” she pleaded.

Dad ended his call and turned to open the driver’s door.

Mom gave my dick a quick but ever so gentle squeeze and I released her and she jerked her hand back just as dad was opening the driver’s door.

I smiled at her and she rolled her eyes and looked away.

Dad turned around to look at us, “Is everything okay back here?”

I smiled at him and nodded and gave him my usual, “Yes, dad.”

He looked over at mom, “What’s wrong with you, baby?”

She didn’t say anything.

“Are you still sore with me over getting pissed with Eddie?”

Mom shot him a heated look, “You apologize to him right now, Earl Davis!”

Dads head snapped back as if he’d been slapped.

Shit her burst of anger surprised me too! Mom is never the one to raise her voice especially with dad.

Dad looked at me and chewed his bottom lip I could tell it was killing him, “I’m sorry, Eddie. I didn’t mean to lose my cool with you. Accidents happen. Lets just do better next time, Okay?” he said and then he looked at mom, “Okay?”

She smiled and looked at him and then nodded, “Now was that so hard, Earl?”

Dad grumbled something and turned back around in his seat, “Alright lets get back on the road, shall we?”

“No we shall NOT!” Mom snapped.

Dad turned back around to look at her, “What?”

“You are going to stop at the next Hotel and you’re going to rent a room for tonight!”

Dad’s eyes went wide with anger and he turned red, “The Fuck I am! I already made it clear to the both of you, that we are driving…”

Mom opened the door and stepped out of the Tahoe and in the headlights we watched her start staggering along the emergency lane.

Dad looked at me, “Did she take that Valium?”

I smiled and nodded.

He rolled his eyes, “Shit! Come on help me get her back in the car, Eddie!”

Dad and I got out of the Tahoe and hurried after mom.

“CAMY!” Dad shouted, “Wait up!”

She didn’t stop.

“MOM! Please stop!” I shout to her.

She stopped and turned around and looked at us with tears streaming down her face. Then she backed up against the guard rail and sat down and put her head in her hands.

Dad approached her slowly, “Baby it’s OK we’ll get a room somewhere. Just calm down.”

“It’s not about a hotel room you jerk! The two of you do nothing but fight when you’re together! I’m just so sick of it!”

I got down on my knees in front of her and looked up at her, “I’m sorry, Mom. We’ll do better. Want, we dad?”

Dad bent down beside me and put his arm over my shoulders, “Eddie’s right, Honey. It’s time we do better. And I’m just so sorry that it has taken us getting you so upset to realize it!”

“Earl, you’re sixty two years old, you don’t need to be getting so upset. You’re going to make me a widow and over stupid shit!”

I looked at my dad and nodded.

“Okay, Baby I hear you. Now why don’t you let us help you back to the, Tahoe so we can go get that room you want. How that sound.

She could barely hold her head up to look at us but she did manage a nod.

So we helped her up and with dad steadying her under one arm and I under the other we managed to get her back to the Tahoe. I climbed into the back first and dad helped her in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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