Slim Girl to Fat Bitch Ch. 06


Before David left the house he made sure that the key to the handcuffs was just out of reach of the girls so that they would have to stretch to reach the keys. It was Bev who was told to go and get the keys. She only had small arms and she struggled to get to the key but she managed to get to it eventually.

She brought it to Gladys and undid the cuff that she was attached to. She waited for Gladys to undo her but Gladys just got up and went to the toilet. She passed water and then she looked at herself in the mirror. She had sores to her breasts and her cunt and she looked at her buttocks and saw how marked they were.

Her Master had treated her cruelly last night and she had been put through a lot of pain and she decided that she was going to make Bev pay for the punishment that she had received. She decided to leave Bev attached to the cupboard for a little while longer and she went to the Master Suite and got herself ready for the day.

Her underwear was covered in cumm and pussy juice from the night before and she could not wear that so she had to settle for putting on the skirt and blouse that she had on yesterday and put them on. They would go to her house first and make sure that she packed up her clothes and some of her toys so that she could have some fun with Bev.

She looked at her hair and just pulled it back making her look very severe and then she applied a little bit of make-up and when she looked in the mirror she was not happy but she was as dressed as well as she could be given the circumstances.

Next she went to Bev’s dressing room and rifled through the clothes that Bev had. There was not much there that she approved of but she found a short mini-skirt and a black blouse and placed them on the bed ready for Bev to get dressed in. She then went downstairs and found Bev trying to reach the final piece of cream cake that was in the fridge.

Gladys stepped forward and helped Bev to reach the last piece of food in the fridge and she allowed her to eat it and Bev said.

“Thank you Mistress.”

Bev eagerly ate the last piece of the cake and then she looked at her Mistress and said.

“What shall we do today?”

“We shall do what Master David has told us to do and we will not cross him but first of all you will give your Mistress some pleasure and then accept some pain for the way that Master David treated me last night. When he punishes me I have to pass that punishment onto you. Do you understand Baby Girl?”

“Yes Mistress I understand.” Replied Bev.

“Good then I am going to leave you handcuffed for the moment and you can eat my pussy whilst you are down there.”

“I only have one hand free,” Said Bev.

“Then you better be good at what you do.” Said Gladys.

“Yes Mistress.” Replied Bev.

Gladys moved forward and put her thighs either side of Bev’s head. She was a little too high for Bev to get to her pussy so she grabbed Bev by the head and pulled her to her knees. Bev struggled to get to her knees because she had been in the same position all night and she was really stiff.

Eventually she managed to get to her feet and found her looking at her Mistress’s pussy. Second only to David’s cock she thought it so sexy and she could not wait to lick it. She knew that she would not get any pleasure for herself but if she could make her Mistress cumm then she would have done her job.

She reached out a tongue and began to lick at the lips of Gladys. She was tender at first making love to the pussy lips but she was getting herself aroused and she knew that Gladys would not appreciate the fact that she was making love to her pussy. She knew that Gladys would want to cumm and that she would rather cumm sooner rather than later.

Bev began to lick harder and faster at the pussy of her Mistress. With her spare hand she was able to open Gladys up but she was unable to finger her. Instead she inserted her tongue and began to lick her out and soon she felt some movement from above.

Her Mistress began to wobble in the leg department and Bev knew that she was close to cumming. What had happened with David must have turned her on a lot because she never expected to bring Gladys off so quickly.

She continued to fuck her with her tongue and then Gladys began to scream.

“Oh shit I am cumming. Good Baby Girl you are making me cumm.”

Bev worked harder on her pussy with her tongue and eventually all she felt was a flood of pussy juice cover her face and Gladys saying.

“Oh shit, oh god that is so good. Carry on Baby Girl.”

Bev did as she was told to do and she brought her Mistress to a second bigger orgasm and found herself absolutely soaked in pussy juice. She tried to lick some of it up but she could only get to her face and she cleaned that as best as she could.

When Gladys had finished cumming she looked down at Bev and said.

“That was a good cumm Baby Girl. You will now be released and be allowed to get dressed and wash yourself. You shall have a shower and put on the clothes that Bycasino I have laid out for you.”

“Yes Mistress.” Said Bev.

With that Gladys took the key and unlocked the wrist of Bev. She watched as Bev rubbed her wrist to get the blood back into her hand and then continued to watch as Bev struggled to her feet and managed to leave the kitchen and go up the stairs.

She eventually managed to make her way upstairs and felt her body slowly begin to return to normal. She put on the shower and passed water as she waited for it to warm. She was absolutely freezing from being on the floor all night so she just stepped into the shower and let it warm her up.

She was soon nice and warm and she began to cleanse herself. She used some Royal Jelly soap because she loved the smell but also because she thought it would be girly enough for Mistress to appreciate. When she was finished she stepped out and dried herself and then she went to the bedroom and found what she had to wear for the day.

She thought to herself how ridiculous she would look but she did not argue with what she had to put on. She pulled the skirt on and bent over and found that you could see the tops of her thighs if you were at the right angle and she became aroused at the thought of what people might see whist she was out.

She was tempted to touch and play with herself but she was convinced that her Mistress would know what she had been up to and she was in no mood to be punished this morning. She decided to just put the blouse on and see what the completed look would look like on her.

She picked up the blouse and was surprised at its sheerness. If she put it on people would be openly able to see her breasts but she knew that she had to wear it. She slipped herself into the blouse and did it up. She was quite right you could clearly see all of her breasts and definitely her nipples which were now erect.

She sighed to herself at the thought that she would be on show to the whole world. It was she decided her role for now and she was actually comfortable for the first time in a long time. She styled her hair and applied her make-up and slipped into some heels and made her way back down the stairs to her Mistress.

She found Gladys sat in the front room waiting for her and she stood in front of her with her hands behind her back so that her breasts were stuck out. Gladys looked her over and then she put her hand under the hem of the skirt and cupped her pussy and made sure that she had no knickers on. She smiled at Bev and said.

“You look lovely Baby Girl. Now let us go to my house and we can pack up my stuff so that I can move back in here with you. You can drive.” Said Gladys.

“Yes Mistress.” Replied Bev.

She searched around and found her car keys and her purse and saw that David had kindly put in the Gold Card for her to use. She smiled to herself and thought she could not wait to get on with the shopping. She asked Gladys.

“Do you need a hand to get to the car Mistress?”

“Thank you Baby Girl that would be lovely and thoughtful of you.”

Bev helped Gladys off the sofa and escorted her to the car and opened the door for her to get in. Gladys heaved herself into the car and Bev closed the car door for her. She then went round and got in and set off for Gladys’s house. She needed to be given instructions and it took her about half an hour to get to the house. She pulled up outside and thought

“For a secretary she has not done too badly for herself.

Bev parked the car outside the house and climbed out. She went round the other side of the car and opened the door and helped her Mistress Gladys out of the car. There were some steps up to Gladys house so Bev helped her up the steps and together they entered Gladys’s home. It was beautifully decorated and Bev thought that she had extremely good taste.

Gladys told Bev to take her through to the front room. Bev did as she was told and seated her Mistress down on the sofa. Gladys then gave her a list of clothes that she wanted packing and also some of the toys that she wanted and Bev went to the bedroom and began to open the drawers and took the listed clothes out.

She admired the quality of the clothes as she took them out of the drawers and packed them into the suitcase that she had managed to find. She took a chance and took a smell of some of the clothes and found herself getting aroused. Her Mistress had such good taste.

Bev could not help herself. She reached under skirt and began to play with her pussy whilst holding onto her Mistresses clothes. She soon brought herself to orgasm but she let out a little squeal that she felt sure her Mistress would have heard. She hurriedly packed the rest of the clothes.

She then went to the toy cupboard and was amazed at the array that there was. There were paddles, whips, cuffs vibrators and double ended dildos. Bev could not wait to have fun with them. Although looking at them she realised that she would also be experiencing some pain.

She tried Bycasino giriş to remember the list of toys that Mistress had asked for and she took them out of the cupboard and placed them on top of the clothes in the suitcase. She did not close the suitcase. She knew that her Mistress wanted to check that she had got everything that she had asked for.

Bev picked up the suitcase and took it into the front room and presented it to Gladys. Gladys looked through the suitcase and checked out what she had asked Bev to get for her. She purposely made up an item that she had not told Bev to get and scolded her.

“Where is the paddle that I asked for?” She said.

Bev looked at her perplexed. She racked her brain but could not remember any mention of a paddle but she could tell from the look on her Mistresses face that she wanted the paddle. Bev left the front room and went back to the toy cupboard and found the mentioned paddle. She took it out of the cupboard and brought it back to the front room and handed it to Gladys.

Gladys held it in her hand and said.

“Over my lap.”

Bev stood for a moment and then she put herself over the lap of Gladys. She felt her skirt being pulled up and she knew that she was in for some serious punishment. She had forgotten something and she deserved to be punished.

She felt Mistress Gladys caress her arse cheeks and she began to leak juice onto the lap of her Mistress.

Gladys noticed but she did not say anything. She would get her to lick her skirt clean after she had punished her. She heard Gladys spank the paddle against her hand and tease her as to when she was going to administer her punishment.

Suddenly Bev heard a swish in the air and then.

Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack and Whack.

Bev could not help herself she cried with pain and pleasure and came on her Mistresses lap. Gladys felt the wetness seep through her skirt and onto her naked thighs and had to keep herself calm. She always wanted to cumm along with her slaves.

She shoved Bev to the floor.

She pulled up her skirt and said.

“Lick my thighs clean of your disgusting juice.”

Bev crawled towards her Mistress and began to lap at her thighs. She licked them up and down and made sure that she did not miss a spot and when she felt that she had licked her clean she crawled away and let Gladys inspect her thighs.

Gladys was happy with the job that Bev had done and she patted her on the head.

“Good girl.” She said.

“Now then lock up the suitcase and put it in the back of your car and then we shall go shopping.”

“Yes Mistress.” Bev replied.

She stood and began to lock up the suitcase and took it downstairs and put it in the back of her car. She had forgotten that her Mistress had not pulled her skirt back down and she had her arse on show and everyone who walked past got an eyeful of her arse covered in the red welts. Being as proud as she could be Bev walked back into Gladys’s house and asked.

“Can I pull my skirt down Mistress?”

Gladys looked at her for a moment and then she said.

“Yes make yourself decent if you are going to be seen out with me.”

Bev pulled the skirt down and felt the material irritate her buttocks and she got aroused once again. She then straightened her hair and looked at Gladys.

“You will do.” Gladys said.

“Now help me back into the car.”

Bev bent forward and helped Gladys get up off the sofa. She helped her back down the stairs and placed her in the car. She admired the body of her mistress and so longed to be built like her. She could not wait to do the food shop.

She climbed into the front of the car and said.

“Where to Mistress?”

“We need to go to a specialist shop for you Baby Girl.”

“Yes Mistress.” Bev replied.

She set off driving and was guided by Gladys into town and was ordered where to park. Bev parked up and got out of the car. She found herself outside a boutique that she had never seen before. She went and helped Gladys out of the car and they entered the shop together.

Gladys went up to the counter and asked for the owner.

The assistant scurried off and soon came back with the manager. Bev watched as they greeted each other warmly. Then they had a private conversation. Gladys then turned to Bev and said.

“I am going for a coffee and you will be fitted out with a complete new wardrobe.”

“Yes Mistress.” Bev said.

She watched Gladys leave and then she was invited into the back of the shop. There she was told to strip. Bev did as she was told and stood there naked. She found herself being measured from top to toe and then the owner said.

“Go and choose what you want to purchase and I will have my girls alter them so that they fit you properly. I believe that you will be putting on weight over the next few months so we will be seeing you again.” She said.

“Yes madam. I want to look like my Mistress.” Bev replied.

“Yes she has a fine looking Bycasino deneme bonusu body.” Said the owner.

With that the owner turned and left Bev alone. Bev began to look through the rows of clothes and lingerie that were hanging there and could have chosen anything that was on offer but she looked at herself and decided that she ought to go and get what her Mistress liked. She made her selections and hung them up and then she turned back to look at the lingerie.

She chose some sexy lingerie that she thought Mistress would approve of. She tried to match it to what she had seen in the bag that she had packed for Mistress as she assumed that this was what turned Mistress on and what she was comfortable in.

She turned to add them to the clothes that she had chosen and noticed that they had disappeared. She hung up the lingerie and took the seat that laid in the corner and watched as a hand came out and took the lingerie away. She sat naked for half an hour and then the clothes and lingerie were returned to her.

She was amazed at the speed and the quality of the alterations. She chose a leather thong and pulled it on and it fitted perfectly. She added a leather bra then she slipped into a black pencil skirt and red blouse. She looked at herself in the mirror and loved what she saw.

She took her purchases to the counter and paid for them all and then she left the shop laden down with about a dozen bags and went to find her Mistress.

She located her in the coffee shop and when she walked her Mistress looked up and eyed her up.

“Come sit.” Said Gladys.

Bev took a seat next to her and waited for her appraisal of what she had chosen. Finally Gladys spoke.

“Very nice choice you have made. Shame you will only get to wear it for a few months before you need to be re-fitted out.”

“Yes Mistress I agree but I cannot wait to be fitted out again because that will mean I am much bigger and much more like you.”

Gladys patted her hand and said.

“Look at the time we better go food shopping.”

“Yes indeed.” Said Bev.

Bev headed for the nearest supermarket and they got out. They each got a trolley and began to shop. They filled the trollies with loads of cream cakes and biscuits and any other fattening food that they could find. By the time they got to the checkout they had laden trollies.

Gladys unloaded the trollies at one end whilst Bev packed them at the other end. Bev paid the bill and they walked back out to the car. Bev helped Gladys back into the car and then she began to load the car with the shopping that they had bought. It took Bev ten minutes to pack the car. When she was finally satisfied she climbed into the driver’s seat and set off for home.

When they arrived back at the secluded house Gladys turned to her and said.

“Strip your clothes off Baby Girl.”

“Yes Mistress.” Replied Bev.

Once she was naked Gladys instructed her to unload the car and put the food away and to pour her a glass of wine. Bev served the wine first and then naked she returned to the car and began to unpack it. It took her about half an hour to unpack the car and put it all away. When she was finished she entered the front room and stood in front of her Mistress.

“Kneel.” Said Gladys.

Bev did as she was instructed to do and noticed that Gladys had opened her legs and she could see her pussy.

“God she wanted to taste it.”

As if reading her mind Gladys said.

“Would you like to eat your Mistresses pussy?”

“Yes please.” Replied Bev.

“You have until I finish this glass of wine to eat my pussy and I want at least one orgasm from you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.” Bev responded.

On her knees she crawled forward and pushed up the hem of her Mistresses skirt until she had her pussy fully exposed. She stuck out a tongue and for a moment just tasted the juice that Gladys was producing.

It tasted tart on her tongue but she did not stop kissing the pussy. She heard her Mistress sigh above her and she knew that she must be doing something good. She parted her Mistresses pussy lips and went for her inner core.

She admired the pinkness that she was looking at and she could not wait to stick her tongue in and begin to fuck it. She did not know that Gladys was gulping down the wine and there was little chance that she would make her cumm before she had finished the glass of wine. Gladys smiled to herself because she was pleased to give Bev a chance to make her cumm.

Bev was being slow and purposeful trying to make love to the pussy in front of her when she felt herself being pulled up by the hair and found herself looking into Gladys’s face.

“I said fuck my pussy not piss about with it.”

With that she was thrown to the floor and she managed to crawl between her Mistresses thighs again and this time she attacked the pussy with her tongue and fingers. This was better for Mistress but she was still going to finish the glass of wine before Bev had made her cumm. She was looking forward to punishing Bev for this failure.

Gladys had got so lost in her own little game that she had forgotten the time. Suddenly she heard the front door open and in strode David. He took one look at the situation and walked up to Gladys and.