Slowly Ch. 2

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…35 or 40 minutes pass and we are woken by the gentle sound of rain against the picture window. You are still in my arms, we are still in the living room, and it is now 1:30 in the morning. We look at each other and smile and you reach out and touch my cheek.

I lean over and softly kiss yours. One little peck turns into two, and then into three… before we know it I am trailing my lips across your skin to your delicious lips. Once again our tongues begin their hungry search… Our tongues intertwine, lips get nibbled, and the passion builds anew. Hands wander. Moans and sighs are heard. After a long period of kissing and caressing, my mouth hesitantly moves away from your lips. I trail kisses down your neck, across your throat, up under your ear. I whisper that you are incredible, and that I am now going to make love to you for the rest of the night. I can feel you shiver within my arms.

We make our way to the bedroom.

I once again kiss your lips, and then begin to slowly kiss my way down your sexy body as I tell you how hot you are and how much you turn me on. I am taking my time, as this is something that can’t and won’t be rushed. I reach your incredible chest, and slow up even more. My hands cup and caress each wonderful breast, as I slowly kiss around the other. My lips run under, with little licks from my tongue. Little nibbles from my teeth. Little tugs on your hardening nipples. I then slowly make my way up the middle, between your chest, kissing and licking every inch of the way. I am now pinching and rolling your nipples in my fingers.

You reach down and cup your breasts, once again offering them to me. I place my finger to your lips, tracing the outline of your crimson lips until you lick the tip with your tongue, making it wet. My wet finger then circles of one of your hard nipples. Bringing my face so close to your chest, I gently blow cool air across your wet nipple, making it even stiffer.

I can no longer hold back, and I lower my head to your breasts. I take each nipple in my mouth and gently swirl my tongue around it, before pulling it between my lips. While in my mouth, I flick my tongue across your hard nipple, and I hear a moan escape your lips and hear you whisper “harder, oh-harder” güvenilir bahis I look up at you, directly into your eyes, and then see your parted mouth with your tongue wetting them, and this time I shiver. I scrape my teeth across each nipple and tug on them before pushing your chest together so I can get at both nipples at once.

You help me push them together, lifting them higher so we can share nipple at the same time. Our tongues dance across your stiff nipple and against each other, generating sparks that run through both of our bodies. With a groan you push my head away and I take the hint. I begin to kiss my way down under your chest and to your stomach.

I circle your belly button with little kisses and long licks. I kiss lower still. My wet tongue begins to once again find the wetness of your own. I reach up and caress your chest. My lips play with your inner thigh. I lick and kiss all over your curvy hips, as you eagerly part your thighs. I kiss my way down between them and spread your legs further. Using my fingers, I reach out and slowly spread your seeping wetness up and down between your glistening lips, up around and across your hardening clit, and down below, between those sexy ass cheeks of yours. I just love the feeling of how you rotate your hips against me and my fingers and just have to take another taste.

You reach down and slide me back up your body, until our chests are pushed up against one another. The feeling of your firm chest against mine is wonderful. We kiss, and I feel your hand slide down between our bodies. You wrap your fingers around me, and begin to stroke me between your lips and against your clit. It is my turn to rotate my hips, as I grow and stiffen to full hardness. After an eternity of your teasing, you put your hands on my ass, and begin to pull me into you. I try to resist, allowing just the tip of my cock to part your lips and enter your wetness. I try to hold still, feeling you move your hips up and down, trying to work more of me into you.

I ask you to hold still. You say you can’t. With a wicked grin, I tell you that I am going to pull out completely if you don’t stop moving. Through clenched teeth you curse and hold still. I slowly push my way in a little deeper, türkçe bahis just another inch. Try as you might, I only allow that much inside. I now begin to slide just the first 2 inches in and out… so very slowly. Your wetness is incredible, and I am beginning to feel it pouring out of you. This is getting me very hot… your wetness is such a turn on to me, and before long I cannot stand it any further. I have to burry myself the rest of the way into your hot and oh so sexy body. The feeling is indescribable, as your wetness fully engulfs me and we both let out a groan of passion and you run your nails over my back.

After staying locked together and not moving for a long moment, we begin to move our bodies in unison, like we have been making love for years. I pull myself all of the way out, and slowly push my hard cock back into you. You wrapped your legs around my back and pull me in even deeper still. We grind together for a moment, your hard clit against my hard dick, before I pull myself back out and we repeat the process.

We make love, slowly at first… enjoying the warmth, the closeness, the moment itself. But as what has been happening between us lately, the heat and passion begins to take over. You begin to urge me on, to move a faster… you want me to move into you harder and I am more than willing to oblige. The excitement continues to build, and I slow as you come to the edge of your next orgasm, holding the pace to keep you on the edge…

We switch positions. You want to be on top. We twist together as one, and complete the move with me still buried inside of you. You look down at me with a wild look in your eyes, and with a hot and wicked grin you begin to ride me hard. We are holding hands, and you are raising and lowering your body onto mine. Your hard nipples are rubbing against my chest. I raise my hips to match your every move. You sit up, and I reach down to massage your hard clit with my thumb. Before long you reach down to do the same, adding your fingers to my thumb. As we play with your clit in unison, you drop down on me harder and harder, and suddenly you begin to shudder and cum all over me. You fall forward onto my chest for a breather, and our mouths meet once again.

The kiss güvenilir bahis siteleri is short lived however, and you roll off of me as our breathing returns to normal. You turn over onto your belly, as I instinctively move around behind you, my inner thighs against your hips. I slide myself up and down between your hot and sexy ass cheeks, making a slick path with all of your wetness, which is all over me. My cock is still hard and very wet from being inside of you, and I have no problems gliding up and down between your cheeks. You rotate your hips back against me, and this just turns me on even more. It doesn’t take long before I have to slide myself back into you. Slipping further down between your cheeks, I slowly slide my cock between your lips an across your hard clit before sinking my way back into your wetness. This time it’s hard and fast right from the start. Between deep breaths you tell me to fuck you hard, and I reply that I will… and promise not stop until you cum again all over my hard cock.

We pound our hot bodies against each other, and I can feel you squeezing me tighter and tighter. You let out a little cry, but we keep our rhythm, and even pick up the pace. You push up against me, and raise yourself to your knees. I guide you to the end of the bed, and stand up on the floor behind you. Firmly holding your hips, I begin to drive into you once again. Using my hands, I push your hips away from me… only to pull you hard back towards me, driving me even deeper inside of you. I run my hand up to and through your hair… and pull your head back to me… so I can look into your eyes as we fuck so good. Our tongues reach for each other. We totally loose ourselves in time. With each stroke, I pound in harder and deeper. You’ve been moaning, groaning, cursing, screaming and finally let go and loose yourself in another orgasm all over me. This sends me over the edge and all I can do is explode for the second time tonight, this time inside or your hot, soaking wet pussy.

It’s my turn to collapse on top of you… our sweat and cum mixing together as our hearts stop trying to beat out of our bodies. We finally unlock our bodies and separate. You lay your head on my chest and nuzzle into the crook of my arm, and all we can do is breath heavy and smile once again… The last thing we notice as we drift off to a well needed sleep is the warm morning sun beginning to shine through the window. The soft night rain has made way for another beautiful day…

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