Smoke and Mirrors

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My name is Grace Devon. I am about to tell you a story that will entertain you, excite you, and terrify you. First, let me give you some history. For a short time, I was a call girl. A very high priced call girl. I chose my clients, and was paid very well for what I did, which was just about anything. This story is about one of my clients. It was a man that I had seen only once. A man who changed my life, and made me believe things that I never thought I would.

I was 25, in the prime of my career. I had a booking agent who arranged my time schedule for me. She had a list of clients that I would accept, and she would screen any potential clients who were referred by existing clients. She had made an appointment with a gentleman who I only knew as Max. I was to meet him in his loft above a jewelry store. A store he owned. A very old client of mine had referred him to me, a man I had started seeing while I was still in college. His references were exemplary.

Before I go on, let me explain what I looked like then. My hair was the color of burnished copper. My eyes were brilliant green, not enhanced by colored contacts. I had high cheekbones and a mysterious face. My lips were full. My body was long and sleek, my breasts not excessively large, but high and firm. My ass was firm, above long legs. I was highly sought after in certain circles. I attended the best parties, bought my clothing at the best boutiques all over the world. I was accepted in society.

On this night, it was dark, misty rain was falling. I was dressed in black, as was my rote in that time of my life. I left my hair falling straight down my back. The clack of my boots against the cobblestones echoed against the surrounding buildings. I looked at the card in my gloved hand, comparing the numbers on the card to the numbers on the buildings. I didn’t see number 13. I turned in a small circle, when a door opened up behind me. A man who was framed by bright white light said my name.


I jumped a little, for some reason suddenly nervous. I couldn’t see him because of the light streaming out behind him. I walked closer, and he backed into the room, when I got to the door, he took my hand and pulled me in. He turned me around twirling me by holding my hand above my head. “You are everything I have heard you were.”

I smiled at him. He was in his mid forties. He had silver hair, brilliant blue eyes, that held benevolence, with a trace of something more lingering beneath them. He was also dressed in monochromatic black. His suit was black, as was his shirt and tie. He took my hand, leading me to a stairway. He walked behind me; I could feel his eyes on my ass as I took each step. I shook my hair out a little, just to give the moment a bit more. I heard him chuckle behind me. It was a decidedly wicked chuckle. I reached the top of the steps and was amazed at what I saw in front of me. I stopped dead in the spot I was. Max came up beside me, watching my reaction as I Yozgat Escort saw the scene in front of me. Black candles, everywhere on every surface. The bed was huge, a medieval four-poster, with panels of silk tied to the posts. The coverlet was black silk.

He took my hand and again, led me deeper into the room. “I understand you play games.” It wasn’t a question. I shrugged, taking off my jacket, “It depends on who I am playing with and what the rules are.” He smiled, revealing deep dimples. He took my coat from me. “This game has no rules, and you will be playing with me.” He tossed my coat over the back of a chair.

He nodded to a doorway, “There is the bathroom, go bathe, and change into the clothing have laid out for you.” I tilted my head, and gave him a half smile, “Yes sire, my master, as you wish” He chuckled again as I closed the door behind me. I couldn’t believe the size of the tub. It was like a small lake. The water was already drawn. The bubbles were mounded high within it. I removed my clothing, feeling his eyes on me. I knew he was watching. I took a moment to tie my hair on top of my head. I stepped into the water. It was wonderfully warm. The bubbles cool against my skin. I slid into the water. I sighed at the sensation. I closed my eyes, and let my hands glide up over my breasts, slicking the suds off of them. I didn’t know for sure what turned Max on, but I was there to do just that.

I was surprised he never came into the bathroom; a lot of guys get off on bathing with women. I finished my bath, toweled off with one of the thickest towels I had ever seen. I slathered myself with the lotion provided for me. I slipped into the long silk gown. The straps were so thin they were barely there. The gown dipped low on my back just reaching the top of my ass. A deep V cut displayed my breasts provocatively. The silk glided over my skin. I stepped out of the bathroom, to see Max standing in front of the fireplace in a black silk robe. He had a glass of cognac in his hand. He picked up another glass and offered it to me. I took it from him and took a sip.

I waited for him to tell me what he wanted. He was staring at me. His eyes had the intensity of a laser. I took another sip of my drink. He took the glass from me and leaned into me. “You smell wonderful Grace.” I looked up at him, “thank you for providing the lotion. It is wonderful. I may have to ask you to tell me where you got it so I can get some of my own.” “I don’t believe you can get that lotion around here.” He led me to the bed, and sat me down.

His hands began to run over my skin eliciting shivers all over me. I usually was able to separate myself from this part of my life. Not this day. I felt myself floating away. Yet I could feel what he did, I felt every touch, every kiss. I kissed back. I touched back. It was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced.

Max slid the straps down from my shoulders, his eyes, devouring me. His hand grasped Yozgat Escort Bayan my breasts, squeezing, hard, his thumb and forefinger pinching my nipples erect. He kissed me softly at first, and then he increased the pressure, his teeth and tongue doing battle with my own. I could taste my own blood in my mouth. His teeth grazed my neck. I moaned at the pleasure of it, but would regret the marks in the morning.

I reached out to untie his robe. He stopped me. “No, not yet.” He said. He pushed me back on the bed and stripped the gown from me. Taking it off by sliding it down to my feet, then throwing it across the room. His hands were hot. His mouth was hotter. His tongue flicked across my skin, searing me. My whole body was throbbing with need. I pushed my hands into his hair, until he took my hands and tied them with leather straps to the posts of the bed. “Now, the games begin.” He said, with a strange gleam in his eyes. I saw shadows moving in the corners of the room. Max smiled as he covered my eyes with a silk scarf. “No peeking sweet one.” I started to protest when his mouth covered mine once again. I felt his hands all over me. I didn’t know how he could have his hands in so many places at one time. I felt a hand between my legs. Stroking the heat there. I knew I was dripping wet, ready. I felt a strong hand stroke me into oblivion. The fingers knew just where to go, and how to stroke me, like someone who knew me intimately. The feeling was amazing. The lips on mine, the hands fluttering over my skin, squeezing pinching me, the biting kisses on my neck and shoulders.

Then suddenly a dick was placed in my mouth. It was a very large dick. I took it all the way in, running my tongue over it, and around it. I gave little tiny bites, which caused the whole thing to shudder. The hands were still all over me, and then suddenly a tongue was stroking me as I was stroking Max. I smiled around him, thinking “69 cool”. I heard moans, the dick in my mouth stroked harder, faster, driving deep into my throat. I heard a groan, and just then, I felt another orgasm rip through me. The sperm flowing down my throat was like ambrosia.

I heard Max mutter “Thank You” in my ear. Then I felt his weight over me. “Are you ready for us Grace?” I nodded, still wondering at all the hands caressing me. Suddenly I felt him enter me, I felt ripped in half he was so huge. I wanted to touch him. I begged for him to let me go. He just laughed. He put my legs up over his shoulders, and began thrusting into me. His technique was amazing. I felt the next orgasm building like a coil that was tightened as far as it would go. I lost my breath, I felt as if my head would blow off my shoulders. The shiver started at my middle and crashed through me in all directions. He hissed as my pussy tightened around his massiveness.

He moved and pressed himself at my ass. He inserted his finger first, stroking, then he pushed another one in. I grunted, and pressed Escort Yozgat further onto him. “Please, now.” I begged. He placed his dick at the small hole of my ass. He pushed just a little, letting the head slide in. Then he pushed a little more. I felt something else enter my pussy. It was thick, and it felt like a dick, I supposed he was using a dildo on me. He fucked my ass with his dick, and fucked my pussy with his toy. I was feeling a dozen sensations at once. I was screaming my voice was hoarse with it. I wanted more. I wanted it all. He slammed into me, hard, fast, deep. The attention being paid to my pussy matched exactly the rhythm of Max fucking my ass. I felt his dick tighten in my ass; he shot hot all inside of me. It felt like lava. Suddenly I came around the thing in my pussy. I heard a sigh; I knew it wasn’t from me.

Suddenly my hands were untied, and the blindfold was removed. Max was straddling me. He flipped me over, retied my hands. He raised my hips up, so that I was on my knees. “Just you and me now sweetheart.” He said as he slammed into me. Oh, heaven. I felt like I was being transported. I thrust back to meet him, stroke for stroke. He slapped my ass. Pulled my head back by my hair. He slammed into me again and again, with more force each time. I moaned with the pain/pleasure of it. More. I wanted more. I couldn’t remember the last time I had wanted this much, and more. He grabbed my hips and slammed me back into him. Take it like you were meant to Grace. I felt him swell inside of me, I felt myself tighten around him, and we both yelled out loud. I collapsed on the bed, exhausted, sweaty. I was aching, with small pains all over my body.

Max leaned over me, untied my hands, and kissed me on the forehead. He whispered to me, “Sleep now Grace, you were everything I knew you would be, we so enjoyed you.” I saw the shadows move once more, before I was lost in sleep. I slept deeply, not waking until the sun shone bright through the windows.

I woke up, with a slight headache, and slightly groggy. I was laying in my own bed, in my own clothes, my boots beside the bed. I frowned. I knew I had a client last night. I reached for my phone, to call Maggie, my agent. She said she didn’t schedule an appointment for me yesterday. I hung up the phone, even more confused. I was ready to chalk it up to an active dream life, when I reached into my pants pocket. I pulled out a note that read, “Thank you Grace. If I ever come back, I will look you up. Max” There was $5,000.00 cash in the same pocket.

I felt cold, and I shivered. I went to look for the address I had, but could not find anything with the number 13 on the street. I never knew what happened, I never saw Max again. I never hooked again. I stopped my career in prostitution that day. I became what I am today, a jewelry designer. I have sudden inspirations for jewelry, it is almost as if they come to me in dreams. I found the cutest little shop, with a loft above it. The store used to be owned by a designing genius. I forget his name.

Well, there it is, my story of strange things, of smoke, and mirrors. Always pay attention to the things that happen around you. They may not be real, but then again, the may be very, very real.

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