It was nearing closing time and we haven’t had a customer in a while. Being a young, twenty-something bartender at the only local dive bar in this shit town can be fun when you’re surrounded by toned, curious farm boys. Now though, there’s nobody around and I’m bored out of my fucking mind. When it’s not busy, I would sometimes browse online for some after work fun, but no luck tonight. I even wore my jock hoping for some action. You know, positive vibes.

Seems that everyone stayed home because of the weather though. I can hear the torrential downpour hitting the roof as I do my final sweep of the bar. Streams of water gush down past the windows, making it nearly impossible to see outside. I turn to our cook, Mike, who just finished in the kitchen.

“I’m almost done, feel free to head out while you can still make it home. This rain is ridiculous.”

“You read my mind. See you tomorrow…as long as the bar is still here.” he replied with a bit of a laugh as he grabbed his jacket from the back room. He walked to the back door, paused, and threw on his hood, seemingly evaluating how fast he needed to run to his car so he didn’t get soaked. After a moment, he worked up the courage and ran through the door into the dark night.

I could barely make out the streak of red from his tail lights as he sped down the road. As I was about to turn my attention to finishing up, I noticed two figures running toward the bar, holding their hands above their heads trying their best to shield themselves from the rain. They quickly made their way up the steps to the entrance and one of them propped open the door and stuck his head in slightly.

“Hey! Uh, can we use your phone? Our car broke down about a mile down the road.” he shouted, trying to reach me on the other end of the bar.

“Uh, sure…you can come in. I’m just finishing up here.”

They both stepped inside and stood near the doorway, probably so they didn’t drip water everywhere. Absolutely soaked from head to toe, their thin jackets hung low from their shoulders, heavy from the downpour. Jeans so wet they could barely stay around their waists, dangling around their sneakers which made swishing sounds when they walked. When they stepped further into the bar, even with the drenched hair and saggy clothes, I could tell they were a little older than me…probably early 40s and were both about 6 feet tall. The one who came in first was a little more muscular than the other and was sporting a nice trimmed beard. I could see the result of his hard workouts through the soggy clothes, which clinged tight to his broad shoulders and toned arms. The second guy entered behind him. He was a bit thinner, but I could tell he also worked out quite a lot. His white t-shirt didn’t hide much underneath his dripping wet jacket. He was the cuter of the two, with a pretty face and a bit of rough stubble coating his chiseled chin.

I walked behind the bar, grabbed some small towels, and tossed a couple to each of them.

“Thanks, you’re a lifesaver. Our cellphones don’t get service out here or else we would have called from the car. We’re lucky we found this place or else we would have doubled-back to the car for the night.” said the first guy who came in.

“No worries. I’d hate to get stuck out in this too. Here.” I grabbed the phone from behind the bar and handed it to him. I slid him a small piece of paper with the tow-truck’s number on it. We keep the number handy for various reasons. He dialed and waited. I turned and walked to the other end of the bar, hoping to finish my work. The second guy walked over to me.

“Appreciate you letting us use your phone. We’re on a road trip out to San Diego and this is the first trouble we’ve had. My name’s Jon, by the way. And he’s Nate”

“Of course. I’m Adrian.” I spoke while casually pointing at myself. Nate looked up and nodded before turning back to the phone. He was chatting with someone on the other end.

“Where you guys from?”

“New York”

“Shit, that’s quite the trip!”

“Ha, yea. We both just got the itch to travel and are heading down to unwind for a while, maybe rent a little place on the beach and do some surfing.” explained Jon.


“Fuck!” yelled Nate, looking over our way. “They’re backed up because of the storm, so they won’t be able to get someone out for a few hours.”

Shit, I thought. It was already past closing, but the fact was I didn’t have anything else going on. I thought I wasn’t gonna get any cock tonight, but these two just fell into my lap. If I play my cards right, I may get lucky after all. Hanging out with them for a couple hours didn’t seem like the worst idea. I made the quick decision.

“You can wait here for the tow truck if you want. I don’t mind staying until they come to pick you up.” I said, glancing over to the two of them. Reaching over, I turned one of the TVs back on and walked over to make sure the door was locked.

“Seriously?!” asked Jon. “That’s görükle escort awesome you would do that for us.”

“Yea, my plans fell through tonight anyway and you two seem like you could use some company.” With that, I reached down and grabbed a bottle of whiskey and quickly adjusted my jock so the strap stuck out above my pants. Then I reached for the extra shot glasses we keep on a high shelf behind the bar, making sure they could both see it when my shirt pulled up a little. I glanced over my shoulder and saw them staring at my tight ass, smiling. “Here, this should help warm you up a little…on the house.” I poured the whiskey out, we held our glasses up, and toasted to San Diego.

“Sucks about your plans.” Nate commented. “What’s there to do around here at this time of night anyway?”

“Not much.” I chuckled. “I was hoping to meet up with a friend but he bailed on me at the last minute.” I casually lied.

“Doesn’t sound like much of a friend. But hey, we’re here for a bit. How about another round on me?” declared Jon. He tossed down some money and I poured three more. We held up our glasses again.

“To new friends.” said Nate, smirking.

“New friends.” both Jon and I cheered at the same time. I drank the shot and could feel the warmth of the alcohol starting to affect me. Liquor always makes me horny, especially whiskey. I really hope they picked up on my hints. My dick was started to twitch with excitement as I was imagining myself being double-teamed by these studs. The thought of it made my ass hungry for some big cock, sliding deep into my hole. It felt empty, itching to be filled, craving to be bred. I got so lost in my daydream that when I snapped back, I noticed I was staring right at them.

“Speaking of being warm, we should probably get out of some of these wet clothes while we wait.” Nate insisted.

“Yea, good idea.” agreed Jon.

I think like they picked up on my hints. Time to step it up.

“Uh, you know, if we’re going to be here for a bit, I could toss your wet clothes into our dryer in the back.” I urged. “We mostly use it for aprons and towels. Your clothes could be dry in an hour or so.” They faced each other smiled.

“That sounds like a better idea.” Nate said confidently. “Before we head back, I think it’s my turn for a round.” He tossed some wet bills on the bar. I poured three more and this time we toasted to the rain.

At this point, I was feeling pretty buzzed as I led them behind the counter, past the office to the supply room where we kept the washer and dryer. The room was usually warmer than normal, being so close to the kitchen and was big enough for all three of us to fit quite comfortably. We made our way inside and both Jon and Nate took off their jackets, shoes and socks. I bent down, revealing my jock to them again, and tossed their stuff in the dryer.

“You must be popular around here.” said Nate. This time, his tone shifted, his voice deepened, and his eyes fixed on mine. “You shake your ass like that for everyone that walks through the door?” he asked.

“No, not everyone. Only when I see something I like.”

“You like what you see?” asked Jon as he moved closer, only a few inches away, as if to tower over me. He reached down, grabbed the bottom of his soaking wet t-shirt and lifted it up over his head in one motion. I stood in amazement, watching this gorgeous man peel away the last thing between me and his sculpted chest. It seemed like it was happening in slow motion. His toned arms flexed and released through the motion while I stared, mouth wide open.

“Y-yes.” I muttered as he handed me his shirt.

“What do you like?” demanded Nate, who performed the same act. On its way over his head, drops of water fell from his shirt and landed on his bare chest, making it glisten in the light. His thick arms carried the shirt down in front of him, the entire time his eyes never left mine. His belly looked soft, yet firm as he extended his arm and handed me the drenched shirt. Just my type.

“Uh, everything.” I somehow managed to blurt out. My mind was racing at this point. They were being playful, yet forceful. Again, my mind wandered into fantasy. I could almost feel their skin touching mine. Their dominating presence was electric and I wanted nothing more than for both of them to take me right there. Just pin me against the wall and have their way with me. They could grab me and do anything they wanted to me and I couldn’t stop them. I don’t think I would want to stop them. I came back into reality.

“Everything?” questioned Jon, with the raise of his eyebrow.

Nate glanced over to Jon then turned to me. With his eyes fixed to mine, he reached down and grabbed the top button of his jeans. With one quick tug, he unfastened it, pulled the zipper ever so slightly, then stopped and rested his arms at his side. They have some playfulness, I’ll give them that. I wondered what else they are into. I gave a little bursa escort bayan smirk and got down on my knees in front of him. I tugged at his zipper, but it almost didn’t want to unzip. I could tell he was really turned on at this point, and his pants were struggling to keep his cock at bay. My gentle tugging only made things worse because his cock only seemed to keep growing inside his pants. Once I finally managed to get the zipper down, I grabbed the sides of his jeans and pulled them down slowly, making sure to get a good feel for his ass on the way down. I was face to face with his thick member, and admired just how incredible it was. His underwear was practically stretched to its limits, but I could tell he had room to grow once they came off. He stepped out of his pair of wet jeans then I turned my attention to Jon who had already unfastened his top button. I grabbed his zipper and pulled toward the floor. He let out a little moan as I did. Although his underwear wasn’t very wet, I could see a nice big spot of precum soaking into his briefs. I slowly grasped and pulled Jon’s jeans down to his ankles, surprised by his package as well as it strained to stay confined. I turned around and tossed their shirts and jeans into the dryer.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Jon asked.

Shit, this was it. I’m finally going to get to see those beautiful cocks. My mouth watered at the thought, and I caught myself licking my lips with my mouth wide open. Before I could say anything, Nate reached over and grabbed two bottles of water that we keep in the stock room and handed one to Jon. Nearly naked with their straining bulges positioned right in my face, they opened the bottles and dumped the water all over me as I knelt beneath them. I was soaked, but intrigued at where this was going.

I stood up and yanked off my shirt and kicked off my shoes. Then I turned around, leaned over the dryer with my ass facing them, and slowly and seductively pulled my pants down my smooth, twink bubble butt. They had a nice view of my hungry ass, so spread my cheeks I flexed my hole for them. One of them let out an audible ‘mmm’ as I tossed my clothes into the dryer.

“Good boy. We’ll see if you really like everything. Luckily our underwear isn’t that wet, so you can go ahead and start the dryer and wait for it to finish. We can wait out in the bar” he smirked.

Was this another playful test? At this point, I was horny as fuck, getting a face full of underwear-bursting cocks and a bit of playful humiliation. They couldn’t just leave like this. I quickly grabbed another bottle of water from the shelf and poured it all over them.

They both turned, staring at me with big grins on their faces.

“Shit, you must be desperate for some cock!” Nate grabbed his dripping wet bulge, which was too much for one hand to contain, and shook it around. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes.” I let out under my breath.

“I don’t think he really wants it.” Jon exclaimed. “Do you, boy?”

“Yes, please!”

“Yes, what?”

I had never been in this situation before and I fucking loved it. Most of the dopey farmer dudes I’ve been with were pump and dumps, never anything this intense. I do watch a lot of porn though and this dynamic always turned me on the most. Realizing what I was about to do, I let out a quick breath.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good boy. Now tell me what you want.”

“I want your cock, sir.”

“This cock?” Nate reached down and grabbed his bulge again. This time, I could see it really struggling to escape.

“Yes sir, please”

“Get over here, on your knees” ordered Nate, standing in the doorway to the supply room.

I walked over to where he and Jon were standing and knelt down in front of them. Looking down, they could see the hunger in my eyes and my hard cock pushing on my jock.

“You may suck my cock, boy. Hands behind your back. What do you say?” Nate proclaimed.

“Thank you, sir”

He nodded to Jon, who found a small piece of rope laying around. I held my arms back while Jon got behind me and tied my hands together. He didn’t tie it very tight, but just enough so I couldn’t get out of it.

I turned my attention to Nate, who was looking down at me, smiling. With my eyes held on his, I leaned forward and started kissing his cock over his briefs. Like Jon, he had a substantial amount of precum oozing into the fabric. I found the juicy spot, and gently rubbed my tongue across it, trying to get as much as I could. While sucking on the precum, Nate let out a generous moan. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved it into his crotch.

“You like how it tastes?”

“Yes, sir.”

I could smell the musky scent of his manhood and it turned me on even more. I nuzzled my nose deeper into his crotch as he pushed my face onto his cock. As I sank in deeper, I jostled the head of his cock loose from his briefs. I noticed it when he released me from his grip. It barely bursa escort stuck out and rested on his thigh, oozing strands of precum down his leg. Not letting an opportunity go to waste, I leaned my head over and took it in my mouth, caressing it with my tongue. I could taste his sweet precum, still flowing from the tip and sucked up as much as I could. His head was arched back in ecstasy as I continued to lick the head of his dick, coaxing out his delicious precum.

After a few minutes, he grabbed my head again and turned me toward Jon, who was already completely naked. He must have been so turned on, he couldn’t resist jacking off while watching me work his buddy’s cock. I shifted slightly over to get a better angle of his thick 7-inch cock dangling in front of me. It started dripping precum on my face as I began licking his shaft from the bottom. Starting near the balls, I licked up and down his manhood in circular motions, making it look like his cock was dancing on my face. When I got near the tip, I engulfed him in my mouth, teasing the sensitive part of his tip with more circular tongue action.

“Fuck.” he moaned.

He grabbed the back of my head, getting two fistfuls of hair, and slowly pushed his cock deeper down my throat. I love deepthroating cocks and will never say no to a face fucking. After my throat was warmed up, he eased his meat further and further down. When I made it to his balls, I started licking them which seemed to really turn him on. He then started to relentlessly fuck my throat, stopping every so often to let me breathe. He would shove it down my throat and force my head into his crotch, hold it there for a few seconds, then release. It was glorious. I looked up at him with teary eyes and spit dripping down my chin from his cock massaging my throat.

“You like that boy?”

“Yes, thank you sir.” I let out, panting to catch my breath.

He continued fucking my face, but I could feel my ass start to ache again. I wanted him to fuck me, to own me, to fill my ass with his thick load. With my hands still tied behind my back, I started massaging my hole, moaning at the thought of being fucked helplessly like this. Jon took notice.

“Can’t wait to fuck your tight little pussy. We’ll teach you to shake your ass in front of us.”

“Please, sir.”

“You want this cock up your ass?” asked Jon

“Yes, sir, please. I want your cock up my ass.”

He looked over to Nate, who was now stroking his massive cock. It must have been at least 9 inches and it hung slightly to the right due to the sheer weight of it. I could see thick, pulsing veins coursing along the sides of his shaft. The head which was leaking massive amounts of precum with each stroke. Strands of it dangled perilously towards the floor. I could see Nate looking around for something. He walked over to the other side of the room, grabbed a small chair, and brought it to the middle of the room. Jon removed the rope from my wrists.

“Bend over.”

“Yes, sir.”

I stood up and walked over to the chair, grabbing the sides with my hands and sticking my ass out for anyone who wanted it. Nate took his position in front of me, his huge cock hanging there, just waiting to be sucked. He grabbed my head again as I leaned forward, trying to get his throbbing dick in my mouth. Just when I got my mouth around the head, I noticed two hands pull my ass cheeks apart and felt Jon’s tongue start working my hole open. Fuck, he knew what he was doing too. I could barely focus on the cock in front of me which was now filling my mouth. I kept sucking and teasing his head while the sensations behind me grew stronger.

Jon moved his tongue along my taint, up my crack, and across my bare hole. He stopped for a moment and leaned in with a pointed tongue penetrating my already aching ass. It felt so good as he swirled it around, feeling my insides and lapping the taste of my ass. With another pass, he massaged my anus with his stubble which drove me through the roof. I moaned from the pleasure and squirmed my ass back and forth on his face. He did a quick motorboat of my bubble but, then sunk his tongue back into my hole for another go.

I refocused my attention on Nate, who was in the process of warming up my throat to take his thick piece of meat. He worked it further down my throat with each pass, giving me some time to acclimate.

“Good boy, take it all.” he said, encouragingly, as he shoved his cock deeper.

“Yes, sir.” I added after a quick break from his throat fucking.

“You’re such a good little slut. I was right…you must be pretty popular around here. How many guys have you fucked back here?” he chuckled as he again forced his cock down my throat, causing more tears to drip down my face.

“Thank you, sir. I’ve lost count, sir.”

“I bet you have. Now be a good little faggot, and take my friends’ cock.”

It was then that I felt Jon’s spit hit and slowly drip down my crack. His cock was still a little lubed up from the generous throat fucking he gave me.

“Oh yes, please sir, give me your cock!” I shouted, eagerly.

One more big drop of spit nailed my crack and I could feel Jon’s dick massaging it into my hole.

“You want this cock, boy?”