Soft and Sweet

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With special thanks to Todger65 for his assistance with editing and formatting.


Michelle alternated between watching the clock, and watching the driveway. It was nearly 7 p.m., and he should have been home by now. Although they had dinner reservations, she was more concerned that he was safe. James had been swamped with work and other details of life, and while he tried to keep those sorts of things to himself, it hadn’t gone unnoticed by her. Finally, at just past 7:15, she heard his car in the driveway. He came inside in a hurry, apologizing for being late. As he rushed around getting ready for their date, Michelle watched him carefully. On the surface, he seemed fine, but closer observation showed her the hint of fatigue in his eyes, and the stress behind his smile. She made a mental note of this, and was determined to correct them as soon as she was able.

Dinner together was great, as usual. She couldn’t remember half of what she had eaten, because she was more interested in him instead of food. His intelligence and quick wit had her wrapped around his little finger. He knew it, and made sure to exploit it whenever he was able. The animated conversation and laughter flowed between them, each feeding off the other. She could see a bit of the stress fade from him, but it wasn’t enough for her just yet. Throughout the meal, and on the way home in the car, they flirted shamelessly with each other, building up for what was sure to be another amazing evening.

They had barely made it through the door, when James had her pushed up against the wall in the foyer. Michelle’s hands were pinned above her head in a flash, and James growled into her ear, “Finally, right where I want you.” Then he began to devour her neck.

“No,” Michelle whispered. Then shaking her head to clear the haze of need for him, she said more firmly, “No, James. Stop.”

James pulled away, confused and concerned. He searched her face. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Michelle leaned her forehead against James’s chest. Then she nuzzled her face upward into his neck, feeling goosebumps break out over his skin. “Nothing is wrong, baby,” she replied. “I just…want to try something different.”

He smiled, that sexy little grin, which he knew would tie her into knots. Then he went to reach for her again. “Oh, come on now, little one. I know what you need.”

Ducking out of his sneaky grasp, Michelle laughed shakily. “You stop that! I have a plan, and I think I know what you need, for once. You are amazing, at all sorts of things, James. You are great at work, at home, and at being the fierce and bossy man you are, especially in bed.” She walked up to him again, and this time James cautiously backed up a little. “But, I think, every now and again, that the soft and sweet would do you a bit of good,” she concluded, nodding. “Maybe it’s time for you to just let all the decisions go for once, and relax.”

James kept walking backwards until he bumped into the wall. With a nervous laugh, he said, “Oh. Um. We don’t have to…” His words trailed off as Michelle laid her fingers on his lips.

“Shush, James,” was all she said. She ran her hands from his wrists to his shoulders, then curled them around the back of his neck. She stood on tip toe, and gently laid her lips on his. She watched as he closed his eyes, and squirmed slightly. She let her fingers slide up the back of his neck and into his hair, where she tugged just a little to cause him to open his eyes again. Michelle whispered against his lips, “Why are you squirming? This isn’t going to hurt you.”

His eyes were wide on hers, and he shivered again. “I…can’t help it. It’s the weirdest thing. My toes are tingling right now.”

She brushed her fingertips over his cheek, and felt the raspy stubble there. “There is no need for squirming, baby. I won’t hurt you. Why are your toes tingly?” Then she tenderly traced his lower lip with the pad of her thumb.

James clutched her arms, and replied in a shaky voice, “It’s just so intense for me. I don’t know why.”

Still tracing his bottom lip, Michelle looked up at him. “Shall I stop then?”

He shook his head. “No…don’t. Please, never stop. Please?”

“No, James, I won’t stop. Not unless you want me to. I don’t want to go someplace if you don’t want to go. You will tell me if it is too much for you, yes?”

“Yes…I’ll tell you. Please, keep going, Michelle. I need it. I need…you.”

Michelle pulled his head down to rest his forehead against hers with a sigh. Cupping both of his cheeks, she softly let her fingertips catch across the stubble of his beard. She stretched up to him again, and just a breath away from his lips, she whispered, “You are so strong, James; always in control – at work, at home, in bed. That is wonderful and sexy side of you.” She leaned forward just enough to barely touch her lips to his. Then she whispered again, “But, I think that somewhere, hidden, deep down, you want Zonguldak Escort the gentle too.” With a smile, she pulled him in the final millimeters to meet her lips fully. Her mouth slid over his, lips clinging, and feeling his shallow sighs.

When her mouth finally met his fully, James’s lips trembled, and he let his mouth open slightly in surrender. Seemingly of their own accord, his arms found their way around her, and he slid his fingers into her hair. He felt her against him, her softness, and her warmth. “Take whatever you want, Michelle.”

“I am so happy you want more of my kisses, James. That you want more of me. I love that you are willing to try something a little different just because I asked.”

His embrace and his hands in her hair, made her melt against him. As she felt him let go, and relax into her, she melted even more. Michelle felt his trembling lips part, and gently, with the barest hint of contact, she began to plant tiny kisses over his lips. She was soothing him, shushing him. “It’s okay,” she murmured. “There’s nothing to worry about. You are perfect. You are mine. I love kissing you, and sharing this with you. There is nothing that you can do wrong with me.” She softly kissed his parted lips again, then pulled back to continue, “I promise. I am taking what I want, James. You are what I want.”

Finally, he relaxed completely against her, and sighed into her mouth. He tentatively traced his tongue over her lips, breathing heavily. He ran his hands gently down her back to feel her ass, then slid them back up into her hair, memorizing the shape of her body, and causing her to sigh.

“This is…amazing,” he whispered against her lips.

She could feel it – the moment that he let his worry go. Her lips curved in pleasure when she felt him touch his tongue to them. It was no longer a matter of who was in charge, or who was leading. It was just soft, gentle exploration, and they had all the time in the world. She curled one hand around his shoulder, while she tenderly stroked from his neck up into his hair and back again with the other. After he traced her lips, she took her turn in softly tasting his.

“Yes, James. This is amazing.”

He opened his mouth more then, in the hopes that she would explore him with her tongue. He didn’t want to be the first, he needed her to lead now. She was still running her fingers over his neck and into his hair when she felt his lips part in invitation. This time, she let her tongue slip in between his lips gently. Softly, she touched, tasting and exploring him, learning his flavor. She broke this kiss for the briefest of moments to murmur, “God you taste sweet.” Then she slipped back into his mouth once again, sliding her tongue over his.

He sighed with relief when he felt her tongue slide between his lips. This was one of the few ways she would ever be inside him, and he melted, letting her take him. His tongue searched for hers, gently probing, and then finally finding her. When he touched her tongue, Michelle felt her breath catch. Slowly, sweetly, their tongues slid over each other, tasting. Soft, tentative touches. Time spun out, minutes, hours, who knew really? All that she was concerned with was the way he tasted, and felt. Heaven. He felt like heaven.

James was groaning, and his hands were roving over her, exploring. He ran his hands over top of her shirt at first, but it wasn’t long before he was bunching her top up to feel her skin. Michelle sighed into his mouth the instant his fingers touched her bare back. Goosebumps broke out over her skin in the wake of his touches, and she shivered a bit.

Growing bolder, he worked up the nerve to explore her. He gently slipped his tongue between her lips, discovering her, and learning her taste. Michelle moaned as she felt his tongue dip into her mouth. She managed to hold still, trembling, as she let him explore, before letting her tongue dance over his again.

He whimpered faintly, and tightened his hold on her, clinging. His whimper caused her to melt against him even more, and her hand tensed a little on his shoulder. Then she slid her other hand from his neck, down over his shoulders, and back up again; soothing and reassuring him. James relaxed into her as she stroked. His body instinctively seeking hers for comfort just as his tongue sought hers. He was shivering, being brought to the edge of his sanity by her, and then calmed back down again. Over and over she took him to the edge, until his mind was gone, and he was a hopeless mess holding on to her to keep from collapsing.

Michelle loved the feel of his hair under her fingers, and the way that the tension gradually slid from his shoulders as she caressed and stroked his skin. Touching her tongue to his repeatedly, she drank him in, memorizing his taste. Slowly, she pulled back, away from his lips, to meet his gaze. Then, leaning into him again, she began to leave tiny, barely perceptible kisses Zonguldak Escort Bayan across his left cheek. Unsure of himself, James could do nothing more than relax as Michelle planted her kisses as she pleased. She continued to drop kisses on his skin, then trailed them down and over his jaw to the other side. Once she reached his right cheek, she gently rubbed her face against his, feeling the scratchy-softness of his stubble over her own soft skin.

Needing his mouth again, she trailed tiny kisses over his right cheek, and then softly pressed her lips to his once more. James released a comforted sigh as she returned to his lips, and opened his mouth slightly for her to enter again. Michelle murmured, her lips barely touching his, that he had nothing to worry about, it was perfect…he was perfect. Then she sunk into another kiss, and slipped her tongue into his mouth, over his for another taste of him.

On a quiet moan, she broke the kiss, and left little kisses down his chin, over his jaw, and down the left side of his neck. Starting at the collar of his shirt, Michelle used the flat of her tongue to lick slowly up his neck, tasting the salt from his skin, and inhaling the faint scent of his soap. When she reached his ear, she whispered, “I could kiss you like this for days, James. Would you let me, I wonder?” Then she placed tiny sweet kisses back down his neck, feeling his pulse erratically pounding as she kissed down his throat. At his collar once more, she turned her face to nuzzle against his neck, and just breathe him in for a moment.

James swallowed hard. “Yes. Yes, I would let you kiss me like this for days. You can do anything you want. But…that might break me. I don’t know if I could handle it, but I would let you do it just the same.”

Michelle shushed him. “Oh no, I don’t want to break you baby. Nothing bad will happen, and you don’t have to worry about anything. Just let it go and feel what I’m doing to you.” She stretched back up to kiss his lips again, tasting him. “You are so yummy, James.”

She reached down between them to tug at the hem of his shirt. Then pulled away from his lips for a brief moment to whisper, “Off. Please, James? I need to touch you.”

Obediently, James pulled his shirt off, and then took the opportunity to slide Michelle’s off as well. He began trembling, thinking of finally feeling her skin on his. Her shirt fell to the floor to rest next to his. Finally, she would get to touch. She sighed, and placed her hands on him. She ran them gently up his chest, over his shoulders, and down his arms. She loved feeling the warmth of his skin, and the hair on his chest tickling her fingers as she brushed them over it. Taking her time, she continued to explore what his shirt had been hiding.

James wrapped her in his embrace. Skin to skin, at last. She felt like a breath of fresh air, like a glass of water when he was thirsty. He had the need to feel her body the same way he needed to breathe. His fingers were gentle over her soft skin, tracing her tattoos, and running over her. She continued to trail the tips of her fingers over his arms, his back, and his neck. Michelle couldn’t help but sigh with pleasure from touching and being touched. Then she held him and leaned in to kiss him again. Her mouth parted against his lips, inviting his tongue to dance with hers. He sighed into her mouth as their tongues caressed again.

His sweet, soft kisses were making her weak, and her legs had begun to tremble. Finally breaking their kiss, Michelle gently tugged at his hand. “Come cuddle with me, baby.”

She led him to the bedroom. Once inside, she gave him a soft shove so that he lay down on his back on the cozy bed. Then, she snuggled up next to him on the right side of the bed. She propped her head up on her left arm, and leaned in to taste his lips again. James was trembling now, as he wrapped his arms around her. His uncertainty was evident as he fidgeted, trying to figure out what to do with himself.

Michelle kissed his nose, knowing that he was out of his element. He was always so in control of everything, and this letting go left him confused and unsure. She snuggled in closer, and rested her head on his chest. Absently, she began to trace little circles and squiggles over his chest and shoulder, soothing the both of them. She closed her eyes and listened to his pounding heart; he was still nervous and on edge. The warmth of his skin under her cheek, and the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed kept her grounded and determined that she needed to take care of him tonight. As she continued to run her fingers over him, she looked up at his face and whispered, “What do you want, James?”

His eyes fluttered open to meet her gaze. “I just want you, Michelle. Whatever way we can be close. Just you and I pressed together. Just you. Just you…” His voice trailed off into a murmur.

Michelle sat up a bit, and unfastened her Escort Zonguldak bra. Finally, they are truly skin to skin. Softly, she kissed his lips again. Then she took his hand in hers, and put it to her breast. Whispering against his mouth she asked him, “Touch me, James. Please?”

James cupped her breast with a sigh, squeezing it gently as they kissed again. He palmed its weight, feeling its warmth against his skin. He reached up with his other hand so he could feel both of her breasts. As he rubbed his palms against her nipples, Michelle sighed softly. His breath quickened and he began to kiss her more frantically. Their kisses deepened, tongues more insistent. She slid her hand over his chest, down his stomach, to just above his jeans. Michelle let her fingertips dip down under the waistbands of his jeans and boxers, and then brushed over him. Lightly, barely grazing his skin, she ran her fingers down his hard length. He groaned, and arched into her. His boxers were wet with precum from being at her mercy for so long. James raised his hips to meet her touch, and squeezed her breasts just to hold on to try and keep some of his sanity.

Softly, she wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, and stroked slowly up and all the way back down one time. Then she grabbed the waistband of his jeans. “Off, please James. I need to feel all of you now.”

He slid his pants and boxers off, tossing them to the floor. He was completely naked before her now, and so hard that it hurt. He stretched out on the bed, arching his back. Looking at her with pleading eyes, he whispered, “Please?”

Michelle looked him up and down. God, he was sexy. Naked. Hard. Hers. She stretched up and kissed him again, her tongue slipping between his lips to taste him. She slid her hand over his chest and down his stomach once more, feeling the heat of his skin under her fingers. Then she wrapped her hand around his throbbing cock, and began to move. Softly, she stroked from base to tip, running her thumb over the head of his cock each time she reached the top. His hips rose up to meet the sensation, cock twitching. Up and back down, over and over, she gently, but steadily stroked him. Her lips were pressed against his, and he whimpered into her mouth as his tongue sought hers. His breathing had gone frantic and heavy, and unsure of where to put his hands, James grabbed her breasts again for comfort. Sensing his unease, Michelle murmured against his mouth, tenderly repeating how his kisses, his touches – everything was perfect.

Reluctantly, she broke their kiss, and pressed her forehead to his. Then she whispered, “You have already let me have so much, but I want all of you, James. I need you.” She pulled away then, and laid on her back. She unfastened her jeans, and slid them, along with her very wet panties, off and dropped them to the floor. Then she turned her face to him once again, and softly pulled on his arm so that he faced her. “Please? I want you. Please?”

He rolled over on top of her, covering her body with his. Her warm skin was pressed against him. His mouth sought hers for desperate, needy kisses. She wrapped her legs around him, and the head of his cock brushed up and down her dripping slit, making her shiver. Suddenly, James pulled back away from her. “If I start…I can’t stop, Michelle. I won’t be gentle, like the buildup. I don’t know how, I don’t think that I can…”

Michelle looked up at his face. His eyes had gone dark, distant, filled with need. His lips were parted, and his breathing was ragged. She could see that he was barely in control at this point. Reaching up, she caressed his cheek, and ran her thumb over his bottom lip. His gaze snapped back into focus, and he met her eyes with a desperate look. “Just a little bit longer, baby. Please?” she implored. “Just hold on a little longer for me, then you can have your fill. I promise.” He groaned in frustration, and nodded.

Keeping one hand on his cheek, her eyes never leaving his, she slid her left hand down to his hip. Slowly, inch by inch, she took him into her aching pussy. Wet, clenching heat enveloped his throbbing cock, until he was finally buried to the hilt. Her eyes were wide and locked on his as he filled her completely. She gripped his hip tightly. “Don’t move yet. Just wait.”

James released a shuddering sigh, but did not move. His cock pulsed inside her, and he shivered as she clamped down on him. She pulled his face to hers for another kiss. Softly, slowly, she explored his mouth again, tasting him like it was the first time. Finally, with both hands on his hips, Michelle started to slowly move him. She pushed his hips so that he slid out an inch at a time until he was almost completely withdrawn. Then she pulled him back again. It was agonizingly sweet torture for them both, causing her to gasp and him to groan with each movement. James met her gaze with a desperate, pleading look. She reached up to stroke his face and implored, “Almost, James. Just a little more for me, please? Only slow for a little bit longer, and then you can take control again. Please, baby? For me?”

He shuddered at her words, released an anguished sigh, and nodded. “I’ll do as you say, Michelle. But only because it’s you. Only because it’s your voice.”

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