Someday Scores Settled? Ch. 01

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The reader is encouraged to read ‘The Beach’ as it’s a story that provides a little insight and background about Ryan and Ricki’s parents and their close relationships. Hopefully each of the next few stories can stand on their own at the same time exhibit a link to the next.


Chapter 01

Doing the Deed

For Ryan Winn Gunnels and Ricki Lyn Boden, it was in early September and both were entering their senior year in High School. Ryan was over at Ricki’s and both secluded themselves in Ricki’s basement bedroom with a week to themselves. Their parents had gone to the beach for their annual beach trip.

It was a time of discovery for the two teenagers and it was the perfect place for them to explore their emerging sexuality. Both had just turned eighteen as they entered their senior year. In previous years they had accompanied their parents to the beach. But, for them, that had become somewhat boring. There was some kind of biological force taking place that convinced the two teenagers that they would have more fun enjoying the company of the other.

Ricki jumped up, turned around and pulled an old book out of her secret hiding place in the chest of drawers. The book was bound in a tattered gray hardback cover entitled The Art of Love. The pages appeared to be well worn as they had that brownish fibrous pulp- paper look.

Ryan said, “It looks like someone else has looked at this a lot before you found it.”

“I’m sure Mom and Dad have read it a few times. You know they have sex too,” laughed Ricki. “I think she left it in the bookcase for me to find and read. I see her smile sometime when she dusts the shelves. I even heard her say once that she thought one of her books was missing.”

“What did you say,” asked Ryan?

“Nothing, I just kept reading the magazine.”

“Yeah, like you are so innocent,” Ryan teased. You know, your Mom’s pretty cool. You can talk to her about anything.

Impatiently Ricki implored, “Turn to the chapter that shows the man’s penis. Did I say that right?”

“Yes, but I like to call it ‘a dick’ or ‘a cock’. Don’t you think that sounds better than something sissy like penis? “What do you call your vagina?”

“I don’t know. Pussy sounds good to me,” Ricki said smiling. She punched Ryan in the side with her elbow and said, “You are so gross. And just for that we will look at the boy’s chapter first.”

“It’s your book, I guess we can start there,” Ryan replied. “Oh by the way when are our parent’s coming back from the beach?”

“I think they’ll return Saturday,” Ricki replied.

“So…ummm, we’ve got all week to play around,” said Ryan somewhat jokingly.

Turning her attention back to the book, Ricki asked, “Ummmm…it says here that a man’s penis may grow several times when it becomes t_u_m_e_s_c_e_n_t. What does that mean?”

Ryan looked at the diagrams in the book and noticed there was a drawing showing one penis in the ‘flaccid’ state and the other showing the penis with an ‘erection.’ “You just want to embarrass me. I guess it means when a boy’s dick gets hard. Ryan pointed at the first diagram and said “see, that shows it ‘soft’ and this other picture shows it ‘hard.'”

“Really…!” Ricki exclaimed, “I thought it would be the same size and just get hard. I didn’t know it would get longer and thicker.”

“Oh yes,” Ryan answered, “I wish I could show you. When I’m soft, I can hardly see it. Sometimes I pee in my pants before I can get it out.”

“You are so crazy. You know that’s not true. Here…let me see it,” Ricki teased knowing that Ryan would refuse.

“You know, I can’t, not now! That’s too embarrassing.”

Ricki begged again, “why not? It’s just us. No one will know.”

Because, it’s not real hard and it’s not very big when it’s soft, Ryan said. It’s embarrassing. Right now, it’s about half way if you know what I mean. He then placed his hands over the front of his jeans and stretched the fabric over his semi-erection.

Ricki looked down somewhat astonished and said, “You aren’t kidding, are you? Would you let me rub it outside your pants?”

“Yes…But, you have to be very careful. It’s real sensitive. Go ahead and be real easy.”

She didn’t know if Ryan was kidding or not. This was new to her. But there was something very exciting about it. Ricki slowly eased her hand to the front of his jeans.

As soon as she touched his fly, Ryan jumped and cried out in mock terror. “Oww…Ow…ouch, you don’t have to be so rough.”

Ricki jumped back and screamed, “I’m sorry…I’m sorry Ryan. I didn’t mean to hurt you…it, you know what I mean. I don’t know how to touch it.”

By this time Ryan was laughing and rolling on the bed.

Ricki playfully slapped his butt and said, “You shit ass, I’m gonna get you for that. Now take it out I want to see the real thing.”

“Are you sure,” asked Ryan.

“We’ve got all week. Now come on, let me see it.”

‘I’ll do it on one condition, said Ryan. You have to show me İstanbul Escort yours too.”

Ricki paused, knowing that she wanted to take it slow and said, “I’ll think about it.”

Ryan calmed down a little and reached to get the book from Ricki. “It’s time to see what the girls look like.”

Ricki smiled playfully as she feigned some resistance in releasing the book. They pulled themselves in a sitting position and turned to the chapter showing the female genitalia.

Then suddenly, she felt Ryan’s hand touch the inside of her thigh just above the knee. It felt incredible. She pretended that nothing had happened. She tried to concentrate on the pictures in the book but there was a new found excitement coursing through her mid-section.

“‘Genitalia’,” Ryan said laughing, “what does that mean?'” Ryan’s hand nervously crept up her thigh.

“You know, you idiot,” Ricki responded with a deep sigh. She felt his hand creep up the inside of her leg. She didn’t want him to think less of her but it felt so good. All of a sudden, she began to experience unfamiliar urges. She began to take shorter and deeper breaths. Ever so slowly she relaxed her legs; opening up for more of his touch. She rolled onto her side and drew her knee up exposing her jeans-covered crotch.

Ryan took the bait as Ricki allowed his hand to go higher. His face began to turn red.

Ricki then placed her hand on top of his and caressed it slowly, both assisting each other in their exploration. Her breathing became even deeper as she let out a soft moan. She could feel herself get wet.

Then she became a little frightened and said, “Ryan, you’re making me feel a little weird…we need to slow down a little.”

Yea, you’re right I need to get home and tend to the animals. But I’ll be back tomorrow.”

As Ryan left, she made up her mind that she would not be a virgin when he left tomorrow.

The next day could not come soon enough for Ricki. The only way she could get some sleep last night was to give in to the pleasures of masturbation. But she wanted more and the time was right. Here, she and Ryan were alone by themselves while their parents were at the beach. Mom had almost come right out and given her permission.

For someone of her mother’s generation, Laci Bolden had become very easy to talk with and was one to think quite liberally as far as issues of sex and relationships were concerned. Ricki had gotten a clear indication that her Mom was encouraging sex between her and Ryan. After all, both had just turned eighteen.

Just before leaving for the beach her mother made comments like…”You guys have fun; just be careful”…Or “You and Ryan seem to getting along very well.” And finally when she said, “Make sure you take your pills everyday; you need to stay regular,” was a statement that in her mind gave her permission completely.

Ricki and her mother already had developed a very open mother-daughter relationship and shared the most intimate conversations. She remembered, her mother had told her that she wanted Ryan to be the first one. Her mother even encouraged it and offered to give them the money for a motel room.

When you start, you may not have to worry too much about Ryan because it will be new to him and he’s such a young buck. But, sooner rather than later, it gets this way with our men. What I’m telling you is to always give one more than enough. Don’t look back when you’re getting old and wish you had done more. If it knocks him out, that’s good.”

Ricki laughed and asked, How will I know when he wants to and how will he know when I want to?”

Her Mom smiled and replied, “Oh, That’s something you will figure out. For you, it doesn’t take much to get your man turned on. With a man, if he goes a long time without some, he gets real horny and when he finally gets some, it’s so good, he shoots his load real fast and he doesn’t want any more for awhile.

For a lot of women things are just getting started. That’s what pisses women off. One and done they say. He gets off one time and he’s through…we get off one time and still want more. But Oh No! He’s got his and all he wants to do is roll over and go to sleep. Part of your job is to get him to slow down and take his time. It doesn’t take them long to learn and you’ll be getting a lot of pleasure out of it as well.”

Ricki asked, “Did you have a lot of sex before you and Dad got married? I mean with many different guys.”

“I think I had sex with three different guys. In High School there were six of us that were close-knit friends. Let’s see, there was myself, your Dad, Paula, Stan, and Doug Larsen who was Ryan’s biological father. There was also a girl named Anne that dated Stan some. We all dated together and yes, we kinda switched up on dates as well.

“You mean, having sex,” asked Ricki?

“Yes, that too,” her mother replied. “Back then we had to be real careful and make sure nobody knew what we were doing.”

“What happened to Anne,” Ricki İstanbul Escort bayan asked?

Her mother responded. “I don’t know, her parents were in the Military and moved overseas after we graduated. I think she joined the service as well.”

Then Ricki asked her Mom, “Do you like it as much as Dad?”

“Oh yes! I don’t think women have the ‘want-too’ as much as men, but when a mature woman gets turned-on they are probably more passionate. You’ve probably heard some of the sounds that come out of our bedroom on Friday nights.

“Oh yes, I used to think Dad was hurting you when I was younger. When I asked you about it you just said that you and he were playing and that he was tickling you.” Ricki thought for a while then asked her mother, “Does Dad have a big one?

“It’s not huge and it’s not small. He may be on the plus side of average. To me it doesn’t make much difference. He knows how to use it. Men worry about it a lot more than we women. That’s why I call your Dad ‘Big Tom’ sometimes. It really makes him feel good about himself and I feel good when I make him feel good. That’s why sex is so great because you’re giving the other person the greatest feeling in the world.

“What about the size of Ryan’s Dick, Honey?”

“I don’t know too much about him…Yet, but I plan to find out more. I think he starts out real small until he gets a hard-on. Then it grows, at least, that’s what he says. I just hope it doesn’t hurt too much the first time.”

“Oh, it will be the best ‘hurt’ you’ll ever have, and you will really enjoy it, when you get used to it,” laughed Mom.

Pulling her mind away from the earlier conversations, she had with her Mom; she looked out the window and saw Ryan coming in the back door.

Ricki took a look at that skinny long-legged boy and said to herself. “I’ll bet he thinks he’s going to get some pussy today…and he just might.”

When she made up her bed, she placed a couple of small towels onto the lamp table. She thought that we might need them later. She even made sure that she had taken her pill and placed some lube in the drawer.

When Ryan came in Ricki hooked her arms around his waist and gave him a nice welcoming kiss. “Do you want a sandwich or coke or something,” she asked?

“No, I had something to eat before I left the house.”

“Ricki stopped, looked at Ryan and with emotions of anticipation and desire said, before you leave today, tonight…or tomorrow, I don’t want to be a virgin anymore. I want to feel bowlegged. I want to be sore down there.”

Ryan laughed and said, “Are you serious, I can’t believe you just said that. I was hoping I could talk you into it and here you have already made up your mind. Hot damn!”

Both of them laughed. Ricki took Ryan by the hand and led him downstairs to her bedroom.

Ryan complimented Ricki on that nice looking loose-fitting short skirt she was wearing along with a tight casual tee shirt. “Come here.” He took her in his arms and ran his hands all over her back. She pushed her mons against his hard member and both enjoyed a passionate, tongue-hungry kiss.

Ricki reached down and gave him a little squeeze, then looked up and playfully asked, “What do you want today?”

Ryan teased, “Oh, I don’t know, maybe you can help me think of something.”

Playing along Ricki replied, “No…I mean what do you really, really want today.”

“I think I know what you’re talking about. Humming some silly tune Ryan began, “I want some of Ricki Boden’s virgin pussy…Virgin pussy going to be no more…getting some of Ricki’s pussy today…getting Ricki’s pussy more and more … sweet Ricki’s pussy gonna be so sore.”

Both were laughing as they could hardly wait.

Ricki answered with her own tune, “And I’m gonna get some this man’s dick…No I’m gonna get all of Ryan’s big hard dick.”

Ryan stopped again and pulled Ricki into his arms. But this time his hand traveled up her loose skirt and felt the crotch of her panties. She was so wet. When he pulled his hand away, both of them licked his fingers.

She looked at him and asked, “how does that taste?’

“Very sweet,” he said.

They had already become familiar with the other’s bodies, thus they began to dispense with the clothes as soon as they settled in. Ricki said, I wore this short skirt and tee shirt because they would be easy to remove.

After they had dispensed with their clothes, Ricki said, look what Mom laid on the sink in the bathroom.”

“What’s that,” Ryan asked?

Ricki laughed and said, “A tube of K-Y lubricant.” Do you think we’ll need this?”

“You never know, we might, Ryan said. Your Mom is so far ahead of her time. I think she’s great.”

Ryan lay on his back and welcomed Ricki in a head to toe embrace. Her breasts lay on his chest. They weren’t in a hurry. Ricki took Ryan’s dick and placed it on top of his stomach, crawled up on his body and settled so that her vaginal lips nuzzled the end of his cock. Escort İstanbul She was already lubricating.

She then kissed his forehead in a show of affection. “Hey young bull, you wanna fuck this heifer.” She opened her legs and dropped them alongside his hips. The coarse hair touching the smooth insides of her thighs sent shivers of sexual excitement through her body. She lowered herself enough to feel the end of his glans part her swollen lips. He added pre-cum to her wetness. It felt wonderful.

Ryan pulled his lips to hers and as they touched, each opened to experience the added pleasure an intimate kiss delivers. Their bodies acted and reacted to the carnal urges of anticipated copulation. Her skin felt peachy smooth.

Ricki’s face and chest flushed. Hot flashes flowed through her body. Even with the breeze of a nice cool morning, they generated enough heat to create a moist sweat. Her nipples responded to the tantalizing tweaks of Ryan fingers.

Ricki slid her hand between their bodies and held his penis as a dildo, rubbing the end against her clit. She would then push it down between her labia and tease her opening. “Stop…stop…stop Ricki before I come. This is not the way I want to do it.” He pushed her over on her back. “I want to make you come first.”

She smiled and let him have his way. He moved to her neck slowly marking a path downward. Nice firm nipples perched on the peaks of those developing breasts welcomed Ryan’s lips. With her eyes closed, she concentrated on his suckling. Those feeling migrated through her abdomen and settled in the lower body region. She tousled his silky-smooth hair. At this moment everything about Ryan turned her on.

Ryan trembled as he got closer and closer to the prize. He wanted her so badly. With his body exhibiting carnal urges, his hips thrust involuntarily much like a male animal humping a female in heat.

Ricki reached between them and surrounded his shaft very tenderly. Her touch signaled that she ached for it to fulfill its penetrating task. It felt massive and hard. She was determined to take it all. Somehow, she wanted to feel the pain. She never wanted to forget this moment. She pulled it into her so that his glans helped her open those hungry folds. Their juices would assist the goring. She placed him at her opening and released her hand. Next, she reached behind her knees and pulled those long thin legs up into her chest. Her hips arched so that Ryan’s thrust would penetrate directly to the fullest. She braced herself for the sudden thrust, the pain, the ecstasy; she wanted it all.

Ryan neared that inevitable surge. His hips gently moved in and out of her opening. Her labial lips caressed the sensitive end of his shaft. With their juices preparing the way, he pushed in farther. Her hymen offered a virgin’s resistance. His hips would push in only to meet that barrier over and over. On each inward movement he advanced more forcefully.

Ricki eagerly awaited the inevitable pain. She knew virgin tissue would be torn. That’s what she wanted. It was an experience that she wanted branded in her memory forever. She was ready to become a woman in the truest sense.

Ryan looked into her eyes and whispered, “Are you ready?”

Ricki submissively gave him an acceptance nod. Her willing body recoiled in anticipation of its fate. That special moment was near. She pulled his lips to hers and held on to his body.

Ryan instinctively pulled almost completely out and eased to that now familiar resistance, then squeezed Ricki to his chest and with a tightening in his thighs and an arching of his back, charged with everything he could give. That plundering tool between his legs tore through her barrier without conscience.

Her legs locked behind his back and pulled him into her depths. The tearing pain shot through her like lightning. A sudden cry escaped her lips and tears welled in her eyes. She held on tighter than before and gasped. “Oh Ryan…Oh Ryan…don’t move, just stay still for a little while. I feel it all the way in. It hurts but it feels so wonderful.”

Ryan had never felt as caring for another person as he did for Ricki at that moment. He asked himself, how could he create such pain and affection in one act? He lay still, holding her, caressing her back. He had given her what she wanted, what he wanted, but most of all she had given him the greatest gift a man-child could ever experience. They both allowed a few happy tears.

For them, this would be one of those life-changing experiences that would be proudly noted in her diary. This was something that only the two of them could share for the rest of their lives. This moment …this memory would be theirs for forever.

Ryan with his phallus fully impaled, raised his head slightly, tenderly kissed her cheek and with his thumb wiped the tears from below her eyes. “How do you feel?”

“It feels wonderful. It’s a feeling I wish would last always. The pain is almost gone and my pussy feels full.”

Ryan eased out and back in ever so slightly. “Is that Ok,” he asked? Then he took his thumb and massaged her clit.

“Oh, that takes the pain away.” She smiled encouragingly, “You can do that some more.”

He pulled his thumb away and noticed a slight tinge of red. “There’s your cherry.”

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