Something for Kate


It’s 1987, I am going to be 20 soon. Married, no kids, mortgage on a great little unit in South Perton. Ready to start my new job in an inner city library which I’ve been hoping will be a far cry from the suburban one I have been working at since leaving school four years ago. I’ve a new wardrobe for this new position, and I am pretty impressed by it.

I’m going for a professional look, and for my first day I thought my knee length houndstooth pencil skirt with the buttons down the back would be perfect. A satiny blouse, black stockings and high heeled black shoes. The perfect librarian look. Conservative but attractive. Even though I’m not a librarian! Clerk, ok, but I want to look the part, make a good impression.

My hair is what always lets me down, I just can’t tame it. Still I manage to get a thick handful of my shoulder length tresses and scrape it back into a tight ponytail. I leave my makeup understated. I understand how conservative the other staff there are, nothing like the girls I worked with at Kelville Library, who wore casual clothes and didn’t bother with hair or makeup.

One last look in the mirror. I am not used to seeing myself like this! Like most 20 year olds I wear relaxed clothes, jeans and stuff. But I think I look good, if a little uptight. I assess myself…too much cleavage. I do up another button on my blouse, smooth my skirt, make sure all the back buttons are fastened. My one concession to my true nature is my Schiaparelli stockings, fastened by a suspender belt. And of course matching bra and knickers. Nice underwear makes me feel so good. But my stomach is churning with nervousness. I take a deep breath, kiss my husband goodbye and head out the door.

By the time I get to Tivoli Library (yes, corny I know! It’s named after the place in Italy!) it’s 8am. I knock at the back door. The librarian, Janet answers. Tall, with a large build and intimidating looking, she greets me and gestures for me to enter the back room.

“Hi Kate,” she says. “You’re early, none of the others are here yet. Oh except the cleaner, he gets here early and leaves at 10am.”

“Ok,” I say. “Where can I put my bag?”

Janet takes me to a small lunchroom which is at the end of a long passage with several doors. I peek into one as we walk down the corridor, I can see a toilet cubicle and a shower. We reach the lunchroom which has one high window, nothing visible of the outside world except the treetops and sky. It’s lined with grey lockers and she offers me an empty one to put my things in. There’s a fridge, a sink, a kettle and a microwave. In the middle of the room sits a green laminex table surrounded by six chairs, and against one wall are three comfy looking armchairs.

“Come on, I’ll show you around,” Janet says.

The library is impressive, obviously Tivoli council has money to burn. Huge open areas, enormous shelves stacked to the ceiling with books. Leather sofas, many study desks both downstairs and upstairs on the mezzanine level. It’s nothing like Kelville Library, which would have fitted in the children’s area here. No wonder the cleaner stays so long each day.

Janet shows me the workroom, which in contrast is a mess, books and papers stacked high on each desk. It has an inviting chaos about it. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of this, but excited at the same time. She shows me the storeroom which she says at first will be my domain, at least while I am the youngest and new, my job to keep it in order. I wince a bit at this, but it is my first day so I accept it.

She’s showing me the stationery when we both turn at a noise behind us.

“Oh,” says Janet. “Mark! You gave me a fright.”

Mark. I wasn’t expecting this. He is in his late twenties, maybe early thirties, with long black hair which falls to his shoulders. Clean and shiny looking. He’s got a small goatee, very dark, black eyes and dark eyebrows. He’s wearing Levi’s 501’s, I know this because my eyes take in the button down fly at his crotch, involuntarily. His crotch has a nice bulge, this doesn’t escape my notice. At his waist is a belt with a Harley Davidson buckle which catches the light. A tight black Tshirt and Doc Marten boots complete the picture. He surely isn’t a staff member. The cleaner?

“Mark, meet Kate. It’s her first day today,” Janet says.

Mark sarışın porno extends his hand to mine, which by now is slightly clammy, my heart racing a bit as I take his warm hand in mine.

“Hi Mark,” I manage to say.

“Welcome Kate,” he says. His voice is soft and deep, and he smiles at me revealing beautiful white teeth, a contrast to the dark facial hair. He holds my hand for a moment and doesn’t drop his gaze from mine. I feel some kind of current between us, and I wonder if it’s just wishful thinking or does he feel it too?

Janet suggests that maybe I would like to shelve some books until the others arrive at 9am. I take a trolley and head down to the stacks at the back of the library.

My heart is still beating hard as I think about Mark. He isn’t really my type, but I can’t stop thinking about the way he looked at me, his smile, those 501s! Shit, I need to stop this, I have to be more professional and for god’s sake I’m married! I try to concentrate on getting the books on the shelves. I reach up high to put one away, and through the shelves I see Mark. He’s watching me. Maybe he has been for a while and I didn’t notice. When I look back at him he looks away, but then raises his face to mine again and smiles. His smile is devastating. I feel my stomach drop and a liquid warmth between my legs just looking at him.

I move along the stacks, this time I need to bend and put away some heavy reference books on the bottom shelves. I am struggling a bit with these. I sense someone behind me, and there is Mark again, eyeing me as I am bent over, my pencil skirt tightly strained against my arse. He’s pretending to vacuum as he watches me appreciatively.

“I could offer to help you there Kate, but I’ve gotta get on with this,” he chuckles. “And anyway I am enjoying watching you…shelve!”

Instinctively I reach behind to check my buttons, and typical of this damn skirt one has come undone, right below my knicker line, surely he has seen my stocking tops, not to mention my underwear. I feel embarrassed but excited at him watching me. I stand up straight, emboldened by his interest in me, and slowly reach behind, pretending to struggle with the buttons but accidentally on purpose opening another, which I know will expose me further.

“Oops!” this skirt is always coming undone!” I say laughing, and Mark is standing there vacuum cleaner in hand, with his mouth slightly open, staring at my open skirt which is fully showing my black underwear.

We hear voices, it’s the other staff arriving. He returns to his work and I to mine.

9.45am is when we all have morning tea together before the library opens. I head to the lunchroom ready for a coffee after my encounter with Mark. I enter the lunchroom, and he’s there, making his coffee.

“Kate,” he says. “I made one for you.”

Passing me a hot mug he holds my hand again. The heat feels good against my palm, the skin of his fingertips brushing mine. We stand there for a moment, footsteps are approaching down the corridor. Mark leans in towards me, his lips centimetres from my ear.

He inhales. Then exhales audibly, I feel his hot breath on my neck.

“You smell divine,” he whispers quickly. My legs go to jelly as the other staff whom I have yet to meet enter the room. We take our seats. I am shaking and unable to speak.

I smell divine. I didn’t even put on perfume today. I keep rolling his words around in my head as I consider his meaning.

Somehow we get through morning tea. Mark leaves at 10am, roaring through the library carpark on his Harley. I manage to breath again when I know he’s gone. I know he starts at 6 the next day. Tomorrow is another day though, is it not?

That night I don’t say much to my husband about my job. Just tell him it’s ok, a bit the same as the last one, but the people are cool. In bed I am ravenously aroused, I take control with him, leaving on my lingerie as I pin him to the bed, fucking him hard and imagining Mark watching me go wild, flinging my head back with abandon and cumming over and over.

I can’t sleep, I get up early. This morning I dress similarly to yesterday. Shorter black skirt this time, again a tight pencil skirt with slits up the sides, black stockings too. The blouse I wear is loose, sex hikayeleri cream this time. I leave a few buttons undone showing my deep cleavage which is encased in a lacy pink bra that fastens at the front, sewn in with ribbons and a small pink bow. I know it’s a bit sexy but I can always do up some buttons. I fasten my hair with a big clip at the back, just enough to get it off my face. A bit of eyeliner and mascara and lipgloss and I am ready for work.

I am ridiculously early, and I know I am doing it deliberately. Janet will probably be there though. I just want to flirt with Mark, feel the same feelings I felt yesterday, nothing more. I park my car, Janet still hasn’t given me a key so I knock at the door. As I wait notice the only vehicle in the car park is Mark’s Harley.

Mark answers. Smiles that grin which slayed me yesterday.

“Kate,” he says. “Aren’t you early?”

“Yeah, I am. I wanted to um…get some work done, you know, catch up, yesterday was hard, just want to get organised, you know,” I am babbling but he just stands there smiling at me.

“Oh I know,” he says. “Better get on with it then hadn’t we?” winks at me and walks out into the library. Janet isn’t here. Mark tells me she won’t be in till lunchtime, she’s gone to a meeting.

My legs feel weak, but I pull myself together enough to start organising the storeroom. It’s a mess, things need to be put away. I find a small stepladder and with an armful of manila folders climb a couple of rungs to put them on the shelves.

I know Mark is standing behind me.

“You need a steady hand,” he says, and moves towards me, sliding his hands up the outside of my upstretched thigh. I gasp, knowing I should stop him but I don’t. The storeroom is poorly lit but I can see his eyes shining up at me and his partly open mouth showing his white teeth.

I say nothing, bracing myself against the shelves as Mark’s hands reach up and find my buttocks. He runs his hands over them kissing the backs of my knees. My body is liquid fire now as his hands knead and squeeze my arse harder. I am still on the stepladder feeling his hot hands running over me, now sliding inside my satin pants and caressing the soft skin of my arse.

I start to whimper and moan, his touch is inflaming me. His hand slides between my legs, finding the wet gusset of my pants. He strokes and kneads me there, exploring the lips of my pussy and massaging me with the palm of his hand. Slowly I descend from the ladder while he keeps pressure on my pussy, his other hand still squeezing my arse.

I bend over slightly and lean against the shelves with my elbows. Mark raises my skirt to my waist, gasping as he takes in the full view of my pussy and arse. He hooks his fingers into my underwear and pulls it down, kissing my arse as he does so. His hand moves between my legs as he massages my mound again, running his fingers along my wet slit. My body responds to his touch, pushing urgently against his exploring hand.

Finally his finger slides between my labia and inside my pussy. I moan with pleasure as he slowly but deeply finger fucks me. I can feel juice from my pussy running down my thighs, hear his groans at the heat and tightness of the flesh around his finger.

Wordlessly he turns me to him. He takes my hand and I unbutton his fly. His cock is hard and straining at the buttons. I reach inside his boxers and pull it out, it’s hard and so hot, protruding hugely from the foreskin, the head purple. I wrap my hands around it and wank him as he strokes my clit. I can feel his movements more urgent now, he’s having some difficulty but he keeps the movements consistent on my clit as I feel the pressure building inside me, my pants around my ankles my skirt up around my waist, his jeans around his bum, his hard cock in my hand. I feel myself cumming again and again, and once I do it’s as if he’s free to cum himself, I feel his orgasm building as I jerk his cock more violently and see his cum shoot with force from the head of his cock all over the storeroom floor.

We hear voices and quickly clean up, Mark leaving the room before me, picking up his Hoover and heading back out.

I don’t know how I get through the rest of the day. I can’t believe what I have done. But I just want more, I know şişman porno I want to feel Mark’s cock inside me and tomorrow I am going to make it happen.

This morning I don’t bother with panties. My pussy is hot and already dripping at the thought of fucking Mark. I don’t care about professionalism or fidelity. All I can think about is Mark inside me.

I get to work even earlier this time when I know only Mark will be there. As if he knows my plans he opens the back door even before I knock, pulls me in and kisses me passionately. I can’t stop myself and I don’t want to, I kiss him back and reach for his crotch which is already bulging. He reaches behind my neck and frees my hair from its clip, it tumbles around my shoulders and he buries his face in it, kissing it inhaling it and biting at my neck.

In a lustful dance we steer in towards the library which is semi dark. I am walking backwards and Mark is holding me, his tongue probing mine the whole time as we approach one of the leather sofas. He sits me down and pushes up my skirt, sees I am wearing nothing underneath.

He spreads my legs, puts his face between them and takes a huge mouthful of my raging pussy. Works his lips all over me. His facial hair stratches me exquisitely. I unbutton my blouse and undo my bra, while he looks up and sees my breasts for the first time, reaching up a hand and cupping one, tweaking the nipple as he flicks his tongue all over my pussy concentrating now on my clit, sucking it and licking it and pinching my nipple until I cum into his mouth.

I pull him to me now and free his cock from his pants. It’s even harder and huger than yesterday, the biggest cock I have ever seen, almost scary, but I want to feel it stretch me to my limit.

I kiss him deeply, and lie him back on the sofa. I straddle his hips, just rubbing my pussy slowly up and down his cock as he groans. I am dripping juices all over him, and I see precum oozing from the eye of his impressive member. I can’t restrain myself any longer as I straddle him and lower myself down onto his throbbing hardon.

His cock stretches me wide open, but my pussy expands to receive it all. I am wetter than I have ever been and this lubrication enables him to slide with ease in and out of me.

I bend and dangle my breasts in his face which he captures with his hands and his tongue, sucking my nipples and squeezing my tits. One hand moves down to assist with the movement of my hips on his, his cock pushing against my cervix but I am relaxing my pussy then tightening to take all of him, and I am loving the ecstasy of it. My body takes over as I begin to ride him now, leaning back and taking his cock to the hilt, feeling it deep inside my belly, sliding in and out of my like hot steel encased in satin.

Mark’s hands run up and down my body and I lean down to kiss him now, our tongues finding each other’s. Our breath quickens together and I can feel his heart beating fast. Our bodies are becoming slick with sweat and juices as our skin slaps togegther, the leather beneath Mark becoming wet and slippery, sucking noises as he pumps his fat cock in and out of me faster and faster.

I know time is running out but we are both about to cum. My clit is burning as it pumps against Mark’s pubic bone, and he’s muttering “Oh Kate, oh Kate,” as he fucks me harder, his cock splitting me in two but it feels so good and I am cumming now, as he looks at my face in ecstasy eyes closed head thrown back saying “Oh god, oh god…yes…yes!” this spurs on his own climax and with several deep hard thrusts I feel his cock pulse and shoot his hot cum into my pussy.

I want more but I glance at my watch and know everyone will arrive soon. We sit looking at each other, side by side. I am doing up buttons and he’s wiping himself clean on a bandanna, then straightening my hair and helping me with my skirt. I pull him to his feet and button his 501s.

We hear voices now, people arriving. We kiss deeply, arms around each other. The sofa has a noticeable wet stain on it which Mark cleans again with the bandanna. We part, I return just in time to the storeroom and humming, he begins polishing a study desk with the same bandanna as Janet enters.

As Mark leaves later that morning, I wait till the others aren’t around and look at him, the door open.

“Mark. Thank you!” I whisper. “I’m coming in early tomorrow again.”

“No Kate, thank you. You are incredible. And I knew you would,” he says, smiling that killer smile again as he winks and walks to his bike.

I watch him ride off. Looking forward to tomorrow.