Speaking with Fire


I want to taste your soft sweet lips and run my fingers down your sides.To run my teeth, so teasingly down that delicate neck.To let my fingers softly roam down your back, drawing patterns on your warm skinThen finding that magnetic bottom of yours, cupping its magnificenceKneading it with a lover’s fingers, my face pressed to your neck.Slowly kneading those two round peachesLips are drawn up to find your hot hungry mouthKissing you deep and lovingly.Grinding Elvankent Escort my body against yours, my need clear in the tattoo of my heartbeatMy body ripples when it touches yours.Sparks of sweet desire dancing through my body.Moans in the kisses, fingers flowing over each other’s body.The soft sting as nails are drawn over tender skinThe heat of two bodies melding together, two streams Beşevler Escort flowing into a mighty riverOur hips moving in counterpoint rhythmArms wrapped around each other’s backs, holding each other closeUnwilling to let the other go, even for a second.Mouths part as we fight for airSoft loving words whispered in eager ears.The soft siren song of our love, growing louder in our earsThe Cebeci Escort shiver of heat flows through us, like the rays of the sun in summer or a fire’s warmth.The sudden staccato dance, vision blurredFaces pressed against shouldersMuffled cries.That flash of heat, like brandy on a hot panThe woosh of flame, as it soars into the sky.For a moment two souls stepped beyond their vessels and wove around each otherNeither all one spirit nor the other, a merging of the two.So, when they parted, they each left a piece of themselves behind and borrowed a piece of the otherThen the flame dies down, and two souls return to their bodiesArms locked tightly against each other.Soft tentative kissesBodies gleam and glistenLaughter thenNervous at the intimacy.Who needs spoken words, when you can speak with Fire?