Special School Pt. 05


A/N: This is part 5 of a 6-part series. It helps to have read parts 1 to 4 first.


The following week, we were taken shopping. Up until that point, we had been given school uniforms and a few other clothes from thrift stores and we’d been quite happy with that. But now, we were taken to a few consignment boutiques and were properly fitted into a few dresses and skirts and blouses. We also bought heeled shoes, a first for us. While our teacher paid for all of this, we were shown the prices and the totals. The lady at the till told us that if we’d bought our stuff new, the total would have been about 5 times as much! We were told that this time, it was a gift for graduating but that in the future we’d have to buy our own. We got to learn to walk with the heels and that took some getting used to but we were young and eager so we learned quickly.

We continued working in the school where we were now allowed to be penetrated by fingers and by toys. We also still worked in the massage parlor and in the sex house though now, we also took our turns being the girls that would get fucked or offered up for oral sex. Though that would sound like the best of all jobs in the sex house, I didn’t think so. When I was offered up to be fucked, I could reach orgasm once or twice during the hour but as the oral sex girl, I rarely had that pleasure as most guys just wanted the oral sex they’d get below, they really weren’t there to give us pleasure.

One night that I was the oral sex girl, I got out of there so sexually frustrated that when it came time for bed and the wedge, as soon as I felt his hand on my ass, I turned and dangled my legs off the side of the bed and said “fuck me!”

He said “Come on now Sweetness, you know that’s not allowed.”

He still caressed me but I refused to budge and said “When you took my cherry, you said you’d always be there when I needed it and I need it now. I’ve had men touch and lick me for over an hour and now I need release. I need you to fuck me to 4 k porno the mind-blowing orgasm I know you can give me. Please!”

He finger fucked me and said “I’ll get you off this way.”

He was good and he did get me to orgasm but it simply wasn’t enough and I told him so. “Please, I need more. I need your cock inside me!”

Finally, he gave me what I needed. He took out his cock and rammed it into me. I moaned loudly and told him “Fuck me, fuck me hard!”

He obliged and soon, he was giving me the mind-blowing orgasm I had been craving all night. He came too and when we managed to catch our breaths, he helped me back up onto my bed. Finally!

Over the next few weeks, he helped me learn new things. I got to learn to have sex with two, then three, then four and then five guys at once. I learned to love anal penetration and double penetrations. I also learned about bondage. Two of my friends really got into the whole BDSM thing but the other girl and I really didn’t like pain so light bondage was all we agreed to. And that was okay. We were never made to feel any less by anyone and similarly, we never judged the two girls who absolutely adored getting dominated.

One night, I was told that I was to have a special date. So I dressed up and went. I was surprised that it was with my favorite guy. We had dinner and then he said he wanted to watch a movie with me but first, he wanted to have a little fun. He lifted the skirt I was wearing and took off my panties. Then, he got me to sit on the couch and lean back. He proceeded to give me a beautiful orgasm with his tongue. Then, he lowered his pants, sat on the couch and said “get on top of me.”

I went to face him but he said “No, face the screen, Sweetness.”

So I turned around and impaled myself onto his hard rod. It felt so good inside me. He opened up my blouse and got my titties out over the cups of my bra and started teasing my nipples. Then, he started the movie. His hand went back to my nipple 7 dak porno and he gently pinched it between his fingers. The movie showed five guys, including him, going into this room and finding this girl inside.

I froze. It was me. I had had no clue I was being filmed. My guy said “You looked so hot when we did this.”

I was a bit angry. I felt betrayed. I wanted to get off him but he held me there. He said “Watch it baby. Trust me. Have I ever let you down?”

I remembered that day the week before and remembered how these guys had really treated me well. They had caressed me thoroughly, teasing my nipples and taking turns licking me. They had really treated me like an equal, not just as an object for their sole pleasure. They had made sure I’d been licked and fingered to several orgasm before taking their own pleasure, something quite rare in porn and I knew that.

But I still couldn’t believe I’d been filmed and for the first time ever, felt angry and upset at everyone around. As the guys on the screen were already getting me to my first orgasm, my guy rubbed my clit and said “Look at your face baby, you were really enjoying it. Listen to yourself moan and scream as you get one orgasm after the other from these five guys.”

He was moving inside me slowly, caressing my clit and teasing my nipples just like I loved and I couldn’t help it, I started reacting. “I know you’re not impressed that we filmed you without telling you but we wanted you to be natural and baby, look at your face right here… look at the ecstasy on your face when they give you another orgasm. Look at how your body is shaking from the intensity of it. Feel it inside you right now, building up.”

He was right, I couldn’t help it, I came as I watched a movie of myself getting fingered and fucked to orgasm after orgasm. “We counted eleven orgasm in thirty four minutes. You are made for this Sweetness, you are made for loving and for sharing your love of sex.”

He kept slowly alman porno fucking me and kept caressing me and I couldn’t peel my eyes off the screen. My anger and my feeling of betrayal were dissipating. He was right, I truly enjoyed sex. “Now Sweetness, imagine making money while doing something you totally enjoy. You already make a little money from it but you could make so much more. Are you willing to play with us and make big bucks?”

“I don’t know.”

“What is it you don’t know?”

“I don’t know about it being so public… so out there for all to see.”

“There’s nobody out there who knows you Sweetness. We’ll use a screen name and to start with, only a select club of rich men will see this. You have a gift Sweetness, it would be a shame if you didn’t share it with deserving men, wouldn’t it?”

He was still fucking me slowly and caressing me and my body was responding. The movie was still playing. “Look at yourself baby, you truly have a gift. The gift of being multi-orgasmic and of truly enjoying sex. Men will pay big bucks to see you like this, and then to have you like that, in ecstasy in their arms. It’ll make them feel so powerful to be able to make you come like that again and again. Have you any idea how wonderful it is for us men to know that we’re giving you that ultimate pleasure?”

Just then, he pressed his fingers on my clit and pushed me to another orgasm. How could I say no to that? He was right, I did truly and totally enjoy sex. I’d seen other porn as part of our training and though this movie looked a bit amateurish, it was really good and turned me on. We watched the whole thing and I reached orgasm three times while watching it.

And that’s how I started making movies. One thing I insisted on was that he always be there no matter what. I felt safer with him there. He was also able to coach some of the male stars on how to best make me come and that was useful more than once. We only made a couple of movies at first and then asked for scenarios from the men who bought the movies. It didn’t take long and my popularity soared. We could pick the scenarios we wanted to do and weed out the bad stuff. My guy had been right, my bank account swelled. I was able to buy really nice shoes and dresses. And I loved it all.