Splashing Around

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The school year ended and I felt like absolute garbage. I was 18 years old and I was doing fucking nothing with my life. Roxanne the loser, I called myself. I had no boyfriend, had no hobby besides watching stupid TV shows, and couldn’t get myself to be active, even taking a walk seemed like a chore to me. All of this seemed strange, as I used to mess around with boys, I had been a part of a theater group for years, and I got fit practicing soccer for half a decade. Somehow, all of the motivation I had in the past just… disappeared. Was that what they called depression? I didn’t feel like committing suicide or anything, so I doubted it was that.

I talked about my issues with Sophie, my best friend (and only one, as the others slowly drifted away from my life). She had her own issues, but still she did her best to cheer me up. She told me it was just a bad pass I was going through, that everything would go better. She encouraged me to join a new theater troupe, or to try out some new sport. She told me she recently started jogging and it made her feel great. I said I would think about it. I knew I could run, because of the years of soccer, but it seemed like something lame to do.

The first week of summer went by, both slowly and quickly. I watched TV, masturbated, played boring video games, unsuccessfully tried to complete crosswords and browsed dating apps aimlessly. I started to eat more, but stopped immediately, as I still wanted to look good in vain hope a boy would notice me. But maybe that was it? I was supposed to work out, so that I looked even better?

I wasn’t convinced it would work. My body was already nice. I was kinda short, with a flat stomach, 34B tits, a round ass. The problem was rather my face. A square jaw. A pointed nose. Pimples. No amount of sport would correct that sad face. I had tried using creams and stuff, but it barely helped. I phoned Sophie again, hoping she would have some advice. Instead, she just talked and talked about her life. She told me she had gone to the beach, where she had flirted this hot boy she was now dating.

“I think he first noticed me because I was in my bikini and my cleavage was showing”, she said. “It made him want to talk to me and we immediately felt a connection. I might let him fuck me soon.”

At the end of the conversation, I felt more depressed than I did before. Of course my friend would get noticed by boys. She was busty, and hot in every way. She showed off in public and boom! boys were attracted like flies by honey. If I also posed half naked in public, it wouldn’t have the same effect, would it?

Well, there was only one way to know. Sure, I was not going to spend money to travel to the beach, but there was a public pool a few kilometers from my home. Mustering my courage, I drove there alone. I didn’t want my family around to see me try to flirt, nor Sophie who would have stolen all the glances.

I changed quickly in the girls’ locker room, shivering as I was second guessing myself. I was a fucking virgin who sucked at talking to boys, so why the fuck was I doing trying to match in public with a random dude? That was so not like me. I would screw this over.

I put on my revealing bikini and brushed off the negative thoughts. Today would be an amazing day, I just knew it. I left my clothes in a locker and brought only my towel and a small bag (containing sunglasses and my phone) with me. I walked carefully on the slippery floor towards the swimming pool. The pool (an indoor one) was fairly large and attracted many people of every age each day. I lay my towel on an unoccupied corner, as far from anyone as possible. Then, I realised I was stupid, because my goal was to meet people, young men. Oh, God…

I still stuck to my decision and lay there with my phone between my hands. I must have looked like such a loser, but I needed time before I threw myself in the water in the middle of all the people. I mindlessly looked at memes on Reddit until some kid ran by and accidentally splashed me. “Hey!” I said, offended. The kid ran off, not even noticing me. Parents had to do better jobs watching their children, I swore.

I put my phone back into my bag before it would get soaked and break. It was now time to get wet, wasn’t it? I tiptoed to the edge of the swimming pool, my arms tightly crossed around my chest. I put a first toe in the water an shivered. I was so damn sensitive to cold, the temperature wasn’t even that bad. I took a deep breath and jump in the pool with a big splash. I almost scream because I was cold, but this feeling didn’t last long. Soon, I got accustomed to the temperature and let my arms at rest.

I shyly looked around me. There were so many people today! It was very hot outside, so it wasn’t really a surprise, but still… I was shocked. How would I find some hot dude in there? Even worse, how would some hot dude come to me? I saw a couple girls around me, many with far for greater tits and asses than mine. Some were already gaziantep escort talking to tall guys in bare chest. They looked so good, yet they didn’t care about my existence…

I walked into the pool, swam a little. I had to pretend I was enjoying my day, right? Acting like I was just innocently swimming for good fun’s sake. That was miserable, but what did I expect? Immediate sex? What a dumb bitch I was.

After maybe an hour of cooking in the pool, I got really bored. I saw guys, yes, but dared approach none. Maybe I hadn’t tried enough to show off my cleavage and my flat stomach. Maybe I didn’t talk enough (but I had no one to talk to!).

I was ready to get back to my towel to dry off and forget about my miserable day, but was stopped at the ladder to get out because two guys were just sitting there, right in the way of everyone. I was about to tell them to make way when I noticed how hot they were. Both tall and athletic, with chiseled abs and killer smiles. Their swimsuit both had the imprint of a roaring blue dragon, which represented my school’s football team. I didn’t know those guys, but they seemed a year or two older than I was, which explained why. They were casually talking to each other, oblivious to the fact they were blocking the way for everyone. I was looking for words when finally one of them noticed me.

“Hey girl, what you staring at?” asked the guy with dark hair, smiling exaggeratedly.

I paused, trying to sound as confident at possible. “I was about to leave the pool, but you two are in my way. Could you let a cute girl pass?”

“Oh, we’re sorry that we’re blocking you,” said the second guy, who had lighter hair. “My name is Anthony, and this is Fred. We’re both football players and we’re used to block everyone who tries to get passed us.”

Fred giggled at the joke. I didn’t think it was that funny, but I remembered I should be trying to seduce one of them, so I also let out an awkward laugh.

“A young girl like you should not go swimming all by herself,” said Fred with a grin. “You should be with your friends, having fun.”

“Sometimes I like to be by myself, but you’re right, a little company wouldn’t hurt me much,” I answered.

Where I found the courage to speak all sassy like that, I had no idea, but the two guys jumped in the water with me. Anthony stood on my right, Fred on my left, both towering almost a foot above me. I felt small and powerless. What had I done? My fears didn’t last for long, though, as we got to know each other better and talked about our lives. I might have invented a thing or two, as I didn’t want to sound too boring. They didn’t notice the lies, as they were talking a lot more than they were listening anyway, boasting about all their football prowesses and achievements. I nodded at every comment with half-faked enthusiasm, desperate for some more attention.

I couldn’t really concentrate, though, as Fred was recounting his last touchdown the week before, winning the match for his team. “It was luck,” said Anthony. For some reason, I laughed, but really I was just looking at the two boys’ pecs. I felt like I could reasonably fuck one of them by the end of the day.

At some point, by strolling innocently in the swimming pool, we ended up in a corner and we stopped there. I was in the middle, with Fred still on my left, and Anthony on my right. I couldn’t move. I was caught in a dead end. They had me cornered. But they still nonchalently talked about school and sports.

“Hey Fred, you remember that time when Jessica showed us her panties after we won a game?” suddenly said Anthony.

“How could I forget?” replied Fred. “It was so hot. But what about it?”

“Well, it’s just that seeing Roxanne in her tiny swimsuit made me think about that.”

I felt my cheeks burn at these words, but I knew it was meant to be a compliment. I searched for an answer, but nothing came to mind. What words could seduce young men like them? I never hung out with popular athletes before…

All of a sudden, it was Anthony who made the first move. He put his big hand on my shoulder and caressed it slowly. “Hey, I hope you don’t mind me showing some affection,” he said with a large smile. “I ain’t doing anything wrong, anyway.”

I said nothing and let him continue. Fred soon joined his friend by putting his strong arm around my tiny waist. Heat rose in my stomach. I was speechless, but acted as if everything was cool. Did both of them really wanted me? That was much more than I had hoped for! I put my hands on each of their muscular backs. They got closer, their pecs almost touching my face. I… I needed space to breath.

Slowly, their hands moved on my body. Fingers ran across my arms, my back, my belly, my legs. Fred was the first to caress my ass, than to grab it. It got me aroused immediately, but I pretended it didn’t affect me much. I wanted them to go further, to be more courageous.

Than Anthony did just that. He lowered his head and lay a hot kiss on my neck. It tickled. But what tickled even more is the hand that was stroking my thighs, going higher with each passing second. Soon, it went under my swimsuit and, for the first time ever, a boy touched my pussy. I squirmed under the pressure, but opened my legs for more. The fingers brushed against my pussy and I moaned slightly.

As I moaned, I quickly remembered where I was and shut up. I was in the middle of a public indoor swimming pool, and there were people everywhere around us. It was no time for sexy fondling! But the boys didn’t care. Their strong hands continued to touch me everywhere, especially on my thighs and pussy as they were hidden below the surface.

It was Anthony who inserted a finger first. I gasp at this new feeling tingling inside me. I bit my lower lip so I wouldn’t moan as I was slowly finger fucked my some hot dude at the pool. So far, I enjoyed my first sexual experience. However, I was not near done. “Hey, while we’re giving you some attention, why don’t you give some back to us, uh?” asked Fred.

I knew immediately what he meant, though it scared me to do it, especially in public. But underwater, who would see a damn thing? I took a deep breath and slowly reached with each of my hands to grab the two boys’ swimming suit. I feared, at first, I had grabbed the wrong body parts, as they were too large for what it was supposed to be, but no – both of them were just that huge. My hands entered their suits and my fingers ran around their hard rock pricks. They were so large my fingers couldn’t reach around. I had seen big dicks in porn, but would have never imagined that such monsters would exist in real life.

I slowly stroke both of them at the same time, my heart thumping heavily in my chest. I was glad I couldn’t see their dicks, as I would probably have fainted. Anthony then inserted a second finger in my pussy, stretching it in a way I had not known before. As he went faster and faster, I had to try really hard not to scream in delight in front of everyone and I mechanically started to strike them faster too.

With hands all over my body, fingers foraging my pussy and enormous dicks in my hands, tears came to my eyes and my body explode in a devastating orgasm. I lost ground with reality for a few seconds. When I came back, I saw that the water around the three of us seemed… whiter. The two boys’ dicks were now flaccid in my hands, though still huge.

“Woah, that was hot,” said Anthony. “I wish I could have more.”

“Yeah, I wish I could have sex with this girl, but damn… I have to get back to the locker room,” said Fred.

Both of them got effortlessly out of the pool without using stairs or a ladder and quickly disappeared. I stood agaze, alone and wet in so many ways. Surely, they meant for me to follow them, right? It couldn’t just end there, so suddenly. I located the nearest exit to the pool. I thought about picking up my towel and my bag, but I was horny and had no time to spare. I darted to the boys’ locker room and didn’t care how many men would see me in there. Luckily, there were only a few. I quickly spotted Fred and Anthony and I followed them in a shower stall. They closed the door behind me and proceeded to waste no time.

The stall was by no mean small, but between the two giants that towered me, it felt like I was being squished in the middle of the room. The three of us were still drenched, our bodies glistening from the droplets. Fred forcefully grabbed both my cheeks with one hand and kissed me with brute passion, crushing his lips against mine, almost hurting me, but not quite. His tongue dug into my mouth with undeniable hunger. He was controlling the kiss and I could do nothing but enjoy. In the meanwhile, Anthony was kneading my ass with one hand and fingering my pussy with the other. His mouth was giving kisses on my neck and shoulders. I had never felt such proximity before. Every inch of my body was taken care of at the same time.

I think that Fred was trying to suck the soul out of my buddy. He sucked hard on my tongue, devouring my mouth like a hungry animal. I, also, was thirsty for his lips and tongue and tried to reciprocate his passion. When he broke the kiss, saliva was dripping on both our chins. Then, as he looked me dead in the eye, Fred, removed his bathing suit and revealed to me his imposing monster of flesh. It had to be at least ten inches long. He put his hands on my shoulders and forced me on my knees. “Suck me,” he said with burning desire.

The task scared me, but I wasn’t one to back up. I kissed the tip of his cock, then ran my tongue on his length to warm myself up. As my tongue reached his testicles, I noticed with fear that his dick reached behind my head. God. I licked back and forth, gaining some time before the grand act.

I opened as wide as I could in order to take his tip inside my mouth. I tasted his salty precum leaking, tried to go deeper. I took his first two inches easily, though my jaw was so stretched I felt it get tense. I removed my mouth to spit on the dick, then bobbed back and forth in order to get it all properly lubed up. I got a third inch in, then a fourth, then a fifth. Halfway through was all I could do, but I was fucking proud.

I sucked his cock for a long minute, licking him at the same time, causing him to moan. As I finished, my breath was short and my jaw was tired. It was at this moment that I turned and saw Anthony’s giant cock staring at me. It was as big as Fred, but I wasn’t scared anymore, although a bit weary. I tried to go slow to get him in too, but Anthony was not as gentle. He grabbed my hair and the back of my neck and, with a thrust of his hips, shoved his dick deep inside my mouth. I gagged as the tool reached for my throat, but he held me there. I was maybe seven inches deep and air was lacking.

Anthony then pulled me back, but only to shove his dick right back in. He face fucked me with all the strength he had, getting deeper with every thrust. My jaw stretched more and more, to a point it became painful. I took eight inches, then nine. Then, my lips touched his pubic hair and the skin of his stomach. His whole length was inside me, the tip of his cock reaching inside my throat were no object had ever gone. I choked, looking desperately for some air, but he just held me there for ten long seconds before he pulled back.

My face had turned a deep red as I gasped loudly for air. Thick ropes of saliva covered my face and his dick. I felt like a total slut, which is what I probably was now. I thought about licking my saliva back into my mouth in order to clean myself, but that would have been gross. Then, I got filled again.

Anthony face fucked me still, now making me reach the deepest on each thrust of his hips. Spit was flying everywhere as I gagged continuously and my eyes watered. I had lost all willpower to fight back.

I then heard Anthony groan and say: “Fuck yeah bitch that feels so good!” He then pulled his dick back once more and he then blasted thick ropes of cum onto my face. I closed my eyes as he drenched my face with his white stuff. I could then barely open my eyes again, as I was too sticky. I tried to wipe the cum, but Anthony stopped me. “You look cute just the way you are.”

As I was taking these words in, Fred unclasped my bikini. “You’re so gorgeous,” he said as he fondled my tits from behind. I was still down on my knees, cum smeared all over my face. I didn’t move, as I found myself frozen. I only got up when Fred forced me to so that he could suck my tits more easily. He moaned on them as his tongue worked wonders around my sensitive nipples.

Anthony walked slowly around us and stopped when he got behind me. He was gently stroking his cock, which was now hard again. Jeez, how much stamina did he have? He approached his tip to my entrance. I buckled my hips, guessing that I was about to be in pain. I was not wrong. Anthony nearly ripped me in half with his girthy monster of a cock. Even though it was our first time, he wasted no time to ram me like I was his petite fuckdoll.

At the same time, Fred directed his cock in my mouth. He was not as brutal, but he still made me deepthroat him. It hurt less than before, thank God. I sucked him as best as I could as I was violently fucked from behind.

When Fred got enough from my blowjob, he moved to the back. Anthony stopped fucking me and laid on the ground. I understood the message and climbed on him, riding him cowgirl style. He grabbed both of my breasts and I leaned to meet his lips and kiss him. He must have eaten some of his own cum, too, which was still dribbling from my face, I had to be honest, I started really enjoying my first fuck.

But I was lost in this sexual passion when I felt something hard against my ass. As Anthony was still plowing my pussy, Fred got his cock in my asshole. “NO!” I shouted, but too late. I now had two huge cocks inside me at the same time, fucking me in perfect unison. Both my holes were filled and tortured. My ass was about to rip apart as it got fucked. I was too tight! The two of them continued their rough lovemaking. I was crushed, but also thrilled.

“Aaaaaaaaaah!” I screamed as they went faster and faster. The pain was turning to raw pleasure. I moaned like an animal, they boys groaned. I wanted for this to never end. “FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!” How many people heard me? I had no clue. I did not care anymore. My moral sense was completely overtaken by my animal instincts. “FUUUUUCK!”

I had never felt better in my entire life, being forcefully double penetrated by the two hottest studs of all time and their enormous cock. I felt disappointment as Fred removed his dick from my ass and went back to the front. I parted my lips and stuck my tongue out, ready to suck him again, but was rather surprised by a big load of cum. He squirted blast after blast, about two times as much as his friend did. Cum landed on my tits, my tongue and my face. I got even more drenched and sticky than before. I swallowed what I could, like a true slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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