Sporty Pleasures

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Jack had watched her now for an hour, working out in the school gym. She was the captain of the swimming team, and extremely competitive. She used the gym each day for a couple of hours, working to make herself stronger, leaner and ultimately faster in the water.

She now leant against the ‘pec deck’ with perspiration running from her neck and leaving its silvery trail down her ample cleavage. His cock stirred in his shorts just thinking about that. She wiped it away with a towel, and bent to drink cool water from the fountain, bending low enough to allow him a glimpse of her underwear under her skirt. Again his cock jumped. If only…

“Hi Jack! How’s things today then?” It was Jon Pither the Math teacher. He used the gym once a week just so that he could keep trim for his young wife, and Jack suspected to keep the Sixth form girls wondering if he really did have a six-pack!

“Great! Been a good day, we’ve had the nod that two of our fourth year lads are being tried out for a local footie team, and we’ve been given some cash to spend on equipment.” Jack was games master at the school, and so really shouldn’t have been tempted by the young woman in the gym at all. But he was just a man, and she was a fit, sexy woman, even if she was only eighteen, and one of his pupils.

Jon went into the gym and began his workout, whilst Jack sorted through old equipment and decided on what he was going to buy with the much-needed funds. After a few minutes, he looked up from his seated position on the floor of the store room, to see her standing at the door watching güvenilir bahis him, still damp with her own sweat, and flushed, almost as if she’d just had sex. He told himself to stop the dirty thoughts.

“Do you need a hand sir? I have nothing to rush home for, so I could help you tidy up in here if you like.” It was an offer that he couldn’t refuse, partly because things were such a mess and it would take forever to do alone, but also because there was a chance that he might get to see a little more of her toned body.

They set to work, and within an hour had the place tidy. He was in a state of arousal, which was barely contained by his shorts, and he was sure that she noticed. He saw her large nipples stiffen through her body hugging sports top, and had to turn away to hide his appreciation of her perfect breasts. What he would give to see them, and kiss them…

“Right I think that’s done. Thanks a lot for your help, I owe you one”. He didn’t say that he’d gladly give her one, but it stuck in his mind. “I think I’ll get changed now and if you like I’ll run you home, after all it’s getting late and dark too. I wouldn’t like for you to be walking home alone”

“That would be great, thanks sir” She went off to shower and change. He stood in the staff showers and attempted to empty his mind of her, but images kept running through his mind. Her with her legs spread on the mats in the gym stretching, bending over to pick up her towel… He found that his hand had found its way to his cock, which was engorged with lust for her. He stroked it, imagining it türkçe bahis was her hand. His movements got faster and he lost himself, until the door of the shower cubicle opened and she stood there watching him wank himself.

He was shocked, and aroused all at once, but she put her finger to his lips to silence him. “Ssshh! You don’t have to say anything. Its ok I won’t tell. We both know how I make you feel. I saw how hard your cock got in the store cupboard back there. You made me hot just imagining how big it was. Did you notice my nipples go stiff, and god my pussy was dripping, I am surprised you didn’t smell me”

She stepped closer to him and replaced his hand with her own; so that she could feel for herself just what he had been hiding in his shorts. She found the soap and gently with slippery hands worked his cock until he was about to explode. He twisted her stiff nipples, and kissed her full lips, and tried to think of anything to stop his orgasm. As she knelt down in front of him, water cascading around her, he knew he couldn’t last much longer. She drew his cock into her mouth, between those amazing lips, licking around the head with small flicks of her tongue, and cupped his balls, gently squeezing them. She liked the way this made him gasp.

He lasted like this for only a few seconds. He felt a rush of electricity through his groin, which made his legs weak, and he started to thrust his cock faster in and out of her lips, grabbing at her head an forcing her mouth onto him, until suddenly he let out a strangled cry of release, and emptied his load güvenilir bahis siteleri of spunk into her sweet mouth. Wave after wave of him orgasm made him shudder. She could feel his cock throbbing and filling her mouth full. Dribbles of his seed ran down her chin and she licked her lips to gather the last few drops.

“Wow. Where did you learn that!” was all he could say. Then it dawned on him that he had just been given the best, and most satisfying blowjob of his life by one of his pupils. A sacking offence if it was found out. He turned off the water, and took her hand.

“I know that was naughty, but I’ve wanted do that for so long sir, and I just know you felt the same. Anyway who is going to know, it will be our secret. Maybe I’ll get to show you what else I know too!” She looked so beautiful, flushed from exertion, and the warm water of the shower, he just couldn’t resist her. He took her into his arms.

“You’re right, who is going to find out.” He opened the door of the shower cubicle to find Jon Pither, sat on one of the benches with an impressive hard on in hand. Shit! Now here was a problem, he had obviously heard everything, and there was a risk that he may expose their illicit actions. However that fear soon slipped from Jacks mind, as Jon looked at the two of them, his cock becoming harder as he spoke. “Hi guys, quite a performance, why don’t we see what the little lady can do for me”.

Jack realized that Jon wouldn’t tell, but at a price. It looked like he was going to have to share her. As he turned around to look at her, he found her already on her knees pleasuring his colleague, and the sight started to get him hot again. He sat back and enjoyed the view. Thinking just how wonderful his day had turned out, and how great his night may still be. But that’s another story!

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