Sprout Ch. 06

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All characters are 18 or older.

Why was Mackenzie here? And why was she telling Erica she won?

In complete shock, I tried to turn around, but Erica’s strong arms gripped me tighter, holding my head next to hers.

“Erica? What? How? I thought…” I blathered near her ear, unable to think straight.

Instead of answering she walked briskly across the room, mashing my body into hers. It seemed like I weighed nothing to her.

“I found this little stray in the hall of the liberal arts building,” Erica said with a sardonic laugh. “I think he belongs to you?”

“Yes. He’s been a bad little boy,” Mackenzie said with a few clicks of her tongue.

My head suddenly felt like it would explode. Everything had been a setup? All those feelings between Erica and I were…?

I couldn’t even bear to process the rest of the thought.

I felt more hands on me, and I was lifted higher in the air. My body spun around and suddenly I was seated on Mackenzie’s right hip, with my legs around her stomach and back. I tried to squirm away, but her strong right arm wrapped around my waist and held me fast.

Then I noticed her outfit and a mixed flood of emotions washed over me: Fear, lust, shock, fascination, terror! She was Harley Quinn again. I was being carried by Harley Quinn!

Mac looked at me and laughed fiendishly, curling her dark red lips into a sneer. Then she raised her free hand. In it was a yellow rubber chicken, the kind sold in gag stores. The kind I knew that Harley sometimes improvised as a weapon in her comics.

“He’s been a very bad boy,” she said threateningly, tipping her head down to look at the floor.

I followed her gaze and saw her lifting her red La Perla panties with the tip of a black and white high-heeled boot designed to look like a sneaker.

“Are you going to punish him?” Erica asked in a strangely gleeful way.

Mac’s hand with the chicken moved toward my face, then she tapped its beak into my forehead three times. She had on several chain bracelets that jingled with each tap.

“He knew the perils of taking off my underwear, yet he did it anyway,” she said seriously, then added, “You really outdid yourself this time, babe. I can’t wait to give you the reward later. Come closer, I want to give you a preview.”

To my shock, Erica stepped forward and Mackenzie leaned down to give her a long, wet kiss. Smooching sounds filled the room and Erica whimpered lustfully.

When they finally separated, I saw a strand of spit stretch and break between their mouths. Unconsciously, I pressed my boner into Mac’s side. In spite of my extreme distress and deep anguish, it was probably the hottest thing I’d ever witnessed.

“Now that I won, can we please do the next bet?” Erica asked eagerly, “Please?”

“Not yet, babe. First, I need to show this little loser just how bad he fucked up,” she said grimly, then her voice turned to acid. “By fucking him up.”

I immediately flipped from aroused to shaking out of control.

“Mac, s-seriously,” I pleaded with a stutter. “This is going way too f-far. I’m s-sorry I took off your u-underwear.”

“Funny, I don’t see a toilet or a shower nearby…do you, Erica?” she said, feigning to look around, referring to the exceptions when I could take off her underwear.

It was then that I realized neither of the girls were addressing me directly, as if I was just an object to them. Less than human.

I looked toward Erica, hoping there was still something between us, that she might yet rescue me. But instead of meeting my gaze, she just stared up at Mackenzie. The larger girl touched her on the nose with a finger and continued:

“Nope…the only thing I see is a delectable little thirst trap.”

With a sultry smile, Erica reached up with both hands, grasped Mac’s wrist and took the finger deep in her mouth. She sucked it in and out a few times like a hot blowjob, closing her eyes and swooning. I couldn’t help grinding into Mac’s hip again.

Mackenzie pulled her finger away with a pop.

“Save your energy for the bet, babe,” she said as her left hand cupped Erica’s cheek possessively.

Without warning, Mac’s right hand reached around my chest and squeezed my nipple, pinching and twisting it painfully. I yelped aloud and tried to writhe away but there was no escaping her iron grip. Then her other hand reached across to my other nipple and joined in the torture, causing me to scream.

“Haha, a double purple nurple!” Erica laughed ecstatically.

Mackenzie abruptly released me, and I tumbled down to the carpet, landing in a heap at her feet. I looked up just as her boot raised and shoved me in the chest, sending me sprawling onto my back.

Before I could react, she stepped forward with her feet on either side of my hips. Her long fishnet-clad legs rose like endless pillars to the sky. She looked impossibly sexy and horrifically dangerous. My ultimate fantasy. No comic book, no movie star, no Anadolu Yakası Escort anything could hold a candle to her. Mac was the ultimate Harley Quinn.

Despite her ominous threat, my cock stood like a flagpole, pointing straight up between her legs. Improbably, harder than it had ever been.

She abruptly bent at the waist until her face was just above mine. Her hand briefly touched my cock, causing me to suck in a quick breath just as a strand of saliva fell from her lips into my mouth. I should have been grossed out, but it made me think of the other times I tasted her spit. It seemed so intimate, the closest I may ever get to kissing her. I moved the dollop around with my tongue, savoring it, practically forgetting that Erica had given me a real kiss moments before.

Mac’s lips curled into a sneer as she noticed my enjoyment. Then she lifted her head a few inches, made a throat-clearing sound, and spat hard, right into my eyes. My vision blurred and I lifted my hands to wipe it away.


I flinched at the sound, sure she had just hit me. But I didn’t feel anything. Then I managed to focus just as the noise repeated, and I saw she had stood back up and was slapping the rubber chicken into the palm of her hand. Deliberately. Rhythmically. Forebodingly.

“Whatcha gonna do, Mac?” Erica asked, a hint of trepidation in her voice.

To my surprise, Mackenzie pivoted on one foot, swinging her sharp heel just above my face. Then she stepped away and sat down on the edge of her bed.

“The bad little boy is going to come to me now, lay across my lap, and take his punishment,” she answered in a steady voice.

Awash with fear, I looked around and saw my chance to escape. I didn’t even care that I would be running naked through a sorority house. I had to get out.

I leapt to my feet and made a break for the door. But Erica was lightning fast, and I was immediately entangled in her wiry limbs.

“He thinks he can get away,” Erica giggled. “He probably doesn’t realize point guards have the best reflexes.”

Erica was a basketball player? On the team with Mac? She didn’t bother to mention that before. Was anything else she said even true?

“PG-13, best hands on the team!” Mac complimented. “Little assist? Pass it here.”

Erica spun me around and shoved me sharply toward Mackenzie. I fell right in front of her. I looked up to see my comic book fantasy patting her lap. I glanced back at Erica who was now standing guard by the door. I was trapped.

Slowly, I stood and walked to Mac’s side. She stared forward with a haughty expression, ignoring me. I took a deep breath. Then I gingerly leaned over her legs. Her hand quickly swept me the rest of the way over and I fell across her lap with my feet in the air and my cock buried between her thighs. I had the same floating sensation as when Erica picked me up. And in spite of everything, her patterned stockings felt amazing on my shaft. I couldn’t help thrusting into her.


My whole body jolted as Mac nailed my ass with the rubber chicken.


“Yow!” I screamed.

“Can I get another assist?” Mac said. “We wouldn’t want to disturb our neighbors.”

I looked up to see Erica step in front of me. To my surprise, she peeled the baggy sweater over her head revealing huge tits that bulged over the cups of a light pink satin bra. And her body was totally ripped! Her abs were a total six-pack and her arms had even more visible definition than Mackenzie’s.

I only had a moment to admire before her sweater enshrouded my head…


My body shook as Mac struck again. I sucked in a breath, and it was all Erica. Even in the face of her betrayal, her scent took me back to the first moment we kissed. Somehow it still felt magical. I twisted to feel my dick between Mackenzie’s legs and almost came.


She hit me even harder. The urge to cum subsided. Tears streamed down my face, and I cried more with each passing wallop.


It felt like my whole ass was on fire and the pain started to creep outward into my body.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more she stopped.

“Spit right there,” I heard Mac say.

I suddenly felt a strange sensation on my rectum. Warm and wet. Erica spit on my asshole! Then I heard Mac gather a mouthful and do the same.

I squirmed in surprise as fingers wiped it around. Then my entire stomach clenched, and I released a deep guttural moan as something big penetrated my asshole. It was a totally new sensation for me, and I didn’t like it at all.

“What the fuck!?” I issued a panicked, muffled yell into the sweater.

“Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the phrase chicken shit,” Mackenzie joked, shaking with laughter.

She’d shoved the rubber chicken up my ass! I don’t know how far but it felt like a lot. And it hurt!

Then Erica spoke, barely able to get her words Avrupa Yakası Escort out as she cracked up:

“You could also call that giving head!”

“Or fowl play!” Mac chimed in.

“He’s literally the butt of the joke!” Erica added.

The mean girls lost it, laughing themselves into a lather at my expense. I just lay there helplessly, wondering at what my life had become. Finally, the guffaws died down.

“Can we puh-lease do the next bet now?” I heard Erica ask.

“Fine,” Mac agreed reluctantly.

I suddenly moaned again as she pulled the rubber toy out of my ass. The sweater was yanked from my head and then Mackenzie stood up, holding my flat naked body in her arms like I was Superman. Effortlessly, she jerked me upward and I felt my stomach drop as I flew up into the air. Then I crashed hard back into her arms, flipped over. Cradled like a baby.

“I think he likes that too much,” Erica commented with a flick of her finger at my rigid cock.

I glanced toward her and noticed again how fantastic she looked in her bra. My cock throbbed.

“Probably,” Mac agreed. “But at least it helps get him ready for the bet. Not that he needs the extra stimulation — you’re such a fucking hottie!”

She walked swiftly across the room and dropped me on Erica’s bed. I felt momentarily relieved. The spanking and chicken up the ass were tough. But I didn’t feel physically injured. Maybe this wouldn’t be as bad as I thought?

“Remember, the bet was all of it,” Mackenzie said as she pulled up her desk chair and sat down in it backward, spreading her legs around the chairback. She leaned forward expectantly.

I had no idea what she was talking about. I considered attempting another escape, then thought otherwise as I saw Erica crawling up toward me from the end of the bed. Her posture was practically feline, and she wore a determined look.

Halfway up the bed, she pushed my legs apart and got on her hands and knees between them. Her face was right in front of my raging hard-on.

She looked it up and down curiously. Then her face bunched up as if she were puzzling over something.

“It’s so skinny,” she gasped. “But sooo long.”

“Too long for you, I’m afraid,” Mackenzie taunted.

My body flinched. What was she going to do?

A giant glob of drool suddenly fell from Erica’s mouth, right onto my pole. Then she reached out with both hands and rubbed it in from top to bottom. My eyes rolled back in my head. Then she stopped and held one hand around my base and the other just above it.

“You called it a two-fister,” Erica said with a giggle as she moved her bottom hand to grasp my tip. “But I can almost get three!”

“I guess everything’s relative, babe,” Mac responded with a snort. “By the way, we forgot to discuss the other half of the bet. If you lose.”

She leaned in and whispered in Erica’s ear. Erica recoiled and glared at her.

“Seriously? They’re my favorite,” she said incredulously, then she sighed with resignation. “Fine.”

Erica turned back to look at my cock. She took a deep breath. Then to my amazement she plunged her mouth straight down on it. My eyes rolled back again. My first ever blowjob!

Except she didn’t really suck it or bob her head up and down like I expected. Instead, she took me down deep, about two-thirds of the way, and then stopped.

I heard a gurgling, choking sound as my cock pressed into the back of her throat. I looked down and saw her pushing insistently. The gurgles got louder and seemed almost desperate. It felt good, but not good enough to blow.

Mackenzie leaned forward and spread her fingers, measuring the remaining part of my shaft.

“Three inches short,” she said. “Ha! I told you. Now pay up.”

Erica pulled up and off. I finally almost came with the last sliding sensation, but it just wasn’t enough. My wet dick suddenly waved in the air, feeling neglected and cold.

I watched as Erica crawled back off the bed and stood in front of Mackenzie’s chair. Then I let out a gasp as she unclasped her plaid skirt and let it drop to the floor. Her ass was plump and muscular, encased in matching pink panties. And her taut, muscular legs were out of this world, each wonderfully accentuated by thigh-high pink stockings with decorative lace tops. For some reason I had assumed they were full pantyhose.

She shifted slightly, giving me a full view of her ass. The fabric stretched part way across each bun. Emblazoned in hot pink capital letters was the word SLUT.

Those were her favorite? The demeaning word seemed so out of character after our talk earlier. I couldn’t help thinking there was more to it. Maybe she was Mac’s slut? Mac’s hot bisexual teammate, roommate and SLUT. My cock jumped at the thought.

Mac spun to sit forward in the chair, and I watched in rapture as Erica raised a shapely leg and placed it on Mac’s knee. Then Mac reached up, slipped her fingers under the top İstanbul Escort edge, and slowly slid it down her leg, bunching it as she went. I couldn’t help grabbing my cock and stroking.

“Is he jacking off?” Mac asked without looking over.

Erica turned and swatted my hand away.

“Not any more,” she answered with a chuckle.

Mackenzie finished taking off the first stocking, set it on the bed next to me, then repeated with the other. Even without touching myself I almost came.

Then Erica stepped back and unhooked her bra. Her boobs came spilling out, two giant bulbous masses that hung close together, jiggling every time she moved. They were shaped differently than Mac’s, less like sleek bullets and more like big ripe melons. They looked thick and heavy, yet they sat high on her chest with only a bit of overhang. Her nipples were big and had little dimples in the middle. My mouth began to salivate.

She handed the bra to Mac.

“You better check if he’s jerking again,” Mac laughed. “Hell, I’m getting wet looking at those gorgeous tatas.”

Erica whirled and I ogled as her tits swayed temptingly back and forth, then came to a rest.

“Nope,” she said. “He wants to, though. Really fucking bad.”

She turned away from me and slid off her panties, handing them to Mac, who stood up. I noticed how in her heels she was almost a foot taller than Erica, and recalled that Erica was still really tall compared to me. I shuddered at the comparison and my cock bobbed up and down.

Both girls stepped next to the bed and looked down at me. My eyes flicked back and forth between Erica’s fantastic breasts and Mac’s tight sexy outfit, each girl a fantasy in her own right.

“It’s all for the best, babe,” Mac said to Erica. “These will fit him better anyway.”

I immediately felt hollow inside.

Mac reached out and grabbed my feet spinning me toward her. Then she grasped my hands and yanked me to sit up so she could slip my arms through the bra straps. I felt my anger rise as she danced me around like a marionette. But I knew better than to fight back — she was way too strong.

She reached around to clasp the bra in back. I noticed how the chest strap was more snug on me, but the cups hung even more loosely than Mac’s.

Then she shoved me onto my back and lifted my legs straight up in the air, slipping my feet through the leg holes of the pink panties. Leaning my legs on her shoulders, she slid the underwear down until it reached my ass. Then her arm grasped around my knees and lifted me up, allowing her other hand to tug them down into place, leaving my hard cock sticking out to the side of the crotch. I couldn’t help thinking now I’m her SLUT.

Then she lowered one of my legs, but still held the other. Her hand reached for something on the side of the bed.

Somehow it hadn’t dawned on me that she would actually put the stockings on. Oh shit.

She put the bunched-up stocking over my foot and slid it over my ankle past my calf. The nylon tugged against my leg hairs which felt weird as they flattened against my skin.

When she finished pulling it up my thigh, she ran her fingers under the band, and I flinched as she snapped the elastic. She lowered my leg and repeated with the other. I felt so helpless and ashamed.

“Keep our little slut occupied while I step out for a moment,” Mac instructed Erica. “When I get back, the pencil dick may just get to experience what cocksucking from a real pedigree feels like.”

Mac walked across the room, opened the door and slipped out. Erica moved and sat down at the head of her bed with her legs together and straight out. My eyes darted down, curious to catch a glimpse of her sex but all I saw was a tuft of brown hair curling out from the cleft of her thighs.

“Come here, Sprout,” she said warmly, addressing me directly for the first time since Mac arrived.

I noticed how she finally used my nickname, which I had never told her. It dawned on me that she knew everything and had been involved almost since day one… that it was no coincidence she was there in the student union to watch, that the foot bitch bet had been her doing, that she was the one laughing behind the camera as I jerked off in Mac’s sock…

“How could you…?” I breathed, “I thought we…”

“I’m a really good actor,” she interrupted with a shrug.

She raised her arms and removed her pigtails. Lustrous hair came cascading down, feathering over the tops of her amazing breasts. No trace of nerdy remained, only an incredibly hot tall athletic girl, miles out of my league.

“You really never stood a chance,” she continued in a friendly voice. “Like, obviously I would never go for you in normal circumstances. But nothing with Mac is normal circumstances. Come on and put your head in my lap. You may as well enjoy the opportunity while it lasts.”

With conflicted emotions, I slid up the bed and leaned the back of my head onto her naked thigh. Then she leaned forward and put her fat tits right on top of my face. I couldn’t believe it.

They were thick and heavy, but also firm and perky. Without thinking, I started kissing the soft bottoms of her breasts, turning my head from side to side, causing them to jiggle above me.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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