St Mary’s Girls: A Taste Of Victory


The whistle blew as the ball sped under the net-minder and into the back of the net. With what was to be the final strike of the ball, Shona had stopped the the drive from the short corner, chosen her target and had fired in the winning goal. She didn’t have time for the realisation of what had occurred to sink in before she found herself being bowled over by her jubilant team-mates as they rushed to congratulate her, their cheers ringing in Shona’s ears as they hugged her tightly, showering her in kisses. The victory, St. Mary’s first in the tournament’s thirty year history was all the sweeter for the fact that it came after a disappointing season. A string of bad results had given the girls from St. Mary’s their worst ever finish in the inter-school league, only narrowly avoiding relegation to the second division. They had set out from England for their annual French excursion with little in the way of expectation. Cheered on by a handful of supporters consisting mainly of coaching staff and a few parent helpers, they had progressed far beyond their wildest expectations. Having had to fight their way back into the game after being two goals down, Shona’s last gasp strike had not only won the coveted trophy for St. Mary’s but had meant they could return home with their heads held high, a measure of their pride restored.

Following a brief ceremony in which they were presented with the trophy, the girls from St. Mary’s trooped back to the dressing to shower and get changed.

Shona was a well developed girl and had a body that easily outshone those of her other team-mates. Her breasts were pert, full and firm. She had a narrow waist that tapered out to full, generously curved hips and a firm, well rounded bottom. Her raven hair, freed from the ponytail in which she customarily wore it during games, reached down past her shoulder blades.

Standing in the shower, Shona let the warm water flow over her, washing away the sweat of her endeavours. Occasionally she’d sneak a look at her team-mates, admiring the gracefully athletic curves of the other girls’ bodies. For as long as she could remember, Shona had been curious about other girls. In the three years that they’d been roommates, she had often surreptitiously watched as her best friend, Jane, dressed and undressed, admiring her friend’s naked body. Her curiosity had become more intense lately, especially in the last few months since losing her virginity when she’d been back home in Ireland for the mid-term holiday. She still smiled when she remembered how envious Jane had been when she’d told her best friend all about that episode. An envy that had lasted for almost six weeks until Jane had also notched up her first conquest.

In the months that had passed since surrendering her somewhat dubious virtue to Kieran, Shona had slept with a number of other boys and two of her teachers. Despite always having had a strong attraction for members of the opposite sex, she had recently began fantasising about what it would be like to have another girl make love to her. She was slightly confused by these conflicting emotions and wished she could tell Jane about it, her friend’s appetite for sex was just as voracious as her own, but she was sure her friend would be shocked by such a revelation.

“Want me to rub your back?” Stephanie Miller asked, lifting Shona from her reverie.

“Um, er… Yeah, if you would,” Shona replied. She sighed softly as Steph worked her lathered hands up and down her back. “Ooooohhhh,” Shona purred as the tip of one of Steph’s fingers dragged against the side of her breast. A thrill like a bolt of electricity ran through her at that fleeting contact.

“Ooooops, sorry!” Steph giggled, her fingers moving up to massage Shona’s shoulders.

“That’s ok,” Shona replied as the other girl’s fingers smoothed away the tension in her neck and shoulders. She leaned back slightly and felt Steph’s nipples rub against her back. Shona had to bite her lip to stop herself from moaning as another tingling jolt surged through her.

“Will you do mine now?” Steph asked.

“Sure,” replied Shona, quickly lathering her hands and beginning to rub Steph’s back.

“You’ve got a really gentle touch, Shona,” Steph said, pressing back against Shona’s hands.

“I have?”

“Mmmm, yes.”

Steph and Shona were the last to leave the shower. As she towelled herself dry, Shona cast a discrete appraising eye over her team-mate’s firm body as the other girl walked around the changing room, stopping to talk to her team-mates, unconcerned by her brazen nudity.

Steph had a very good body, Shona admitted to herself. She was slightly taller than Shona and slightly slimmer in build. Although not flat chested by any means, her breasts, while shapely, full and round, were at least a cup size smaller than Shona’s. Her full, rounded hips tapered down to long, gracefully slim legs. As usual, she was smiling, her face framed by her short, bobbed blonde hair.

As Shona rubbed herself with the towel, she imagined that it was Steph’s hands that were guiding its movements. Surreptitiously rubbing her mound and her breasts, Shona found herself on the brink of orgasm. izmit escort She bit her lip to stifle a moan as she came, the effort of holding her body still as she hid her release from her team-mates, added to the sensations. Despite her best efforts she couldn’t prevent the small, involuntary shiver that ran through her as her climax peaked.

“You should get dressed, Shona,” Steph said, smiling at the other girl, giving her a wink, “We can’t have you catching a chill.”

“Hmmm, yeah, right,” Shona replied, clutching the towel to her, feeling grateful to Steph for providing her with a cover for her trembling body.

As Shona dressed, she wondered about the smile that Steph had given her. Did the other girl know what had just happened? Could she have any idea how the fleeting contact of her fingers against Shona’s breast had inflamed her passions? Shona shook her head. No, she thought to herself. Steph was only being herself, showing friendly concern for another member of the team.

There had been wine served at celebratory dinner. By the time the girls took to the dance floor in their hotel for the after dinner party, Shona’s head was buzzing. More than a little drunk, she slipped outside for a cigarette. As she sucked the smoke into her lungs, she began to relax. She’d been on a high all evening and this had been the first chance she’d had to sneak away for a few minutes by herself since the game had ended. She occasionally took a slightly nervous look around the corner of the building. While a blind eye had been turned to the St. Mary’s girls having a few drinks, Shona knew that the staff in charge of the hockey team wouldn’t be so lenient if she was caught smoking. At best, she could expect to be dropped from the team, at worst, she could be expelled from St. Mary’s. Confident that there was no one around who would report her, she took another long pull on her cigarette.

Having puffed happily for several minutes before finally stubbing her cigarette out, Shona walked round to the front door of the hotel. She was somewhat surprised when she found Stephanie Miller waiting just inside the entrance. “Are you OK?” the other girl asked. “I saw you sneaking outside and thought I’d better check.”

“I… I’m fine,” Shona replied, “I just needed some fresh air, that’s all.”

Steph smiled. “I see,” she said.

Shona suddenly felt apprehensive, her mind suddenly filled with questions. Had Stephanie been watching her? Had there been a knowing quality to the way the other girl had looked at her? Was she in trouble? She shivered as her nervousness combined with the cool evening air.

Steph smiled again. “Oh do come back inside,” she said. “I said it earlier and I’ll say it again, it wouldn’t do for you to catch a chill.” Shona nodded and stepped inside. Before she could go too far, Steph put her arm out to stop her. “Did you like it? When I touched you in the shower, I mean?” she asked. Shona nodded. “You had an orgasm, didn’t you, in the changing room?” Shona’s eyes went wide with surprise. She nodded again. “I thought so,” Steph said with a smile. “I saw you watching me and the others in the shower and not just today. You like girls, don’t you?”

“I… uh…, I mean…” Shona spluttered, unable to find the right words.

“Don’t worry,” Steph said, putting her arm reassuringly around Shona’s shoulders, “I don’t mind. I like girls too. You’ve got a wonderful body, Shona.”

“I… I have?” Shona asked.

“Fuck yes. I wish I had tits like yours,” Steph said wistfully. “I’ve never been, what you might call, particularly well developed in that area. Even the younger girls in the team have got more than me. It’s just not fair!” she added. Her smile was slightly ironic and there was a note of self-depreciation in her voice as she gave her shoulders a rueful shrug.

“I… I think they’re lovely,” Shona replied. “They may not be big but they’re perfectly shaped. Huge knockers like mine would look silly on someone as slim as you.” Shona managed a nervous laugh. “I like ’em the way they are,” she said, “they felt sooo good when you rubbed them against me in the shower.”

“Are you a virgin, Shona?” Steph asked.

“N… no,” Shona admitted.

“Have you ever been with another girl?” Shona shook her head. “Would you like too? With me, I mean?” Steph asked.

“Um… I, um… I don’t know,” Shona replied. Suddenly Steph kissed her on the lips. Shona felt a surge of excitement, her pussy tingled, growing suddenly wet. She answered the other girl’s query by returning the kiss with increased passion.

Steph broke away. “Not here,” she said, “someone might see us. Let’s go to my room.” Nodding, Shona let Steph take her hand and followed her through the corridors.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Steph asked when they were inside her bedroom, “I don ‘t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to.”

Shona shrugged. With a smile she said, “Carpe deum. I may not like it but I’ll never know if I don’t try it. I’ve been curious for a long time.” Steph gathered her into her arms and kissed her again. Shona melted into the other girl’s embrace, tingling with anticipation as she felt Steph’s body press against hers.

The kiss grew increasingly passionate. The girls’ tongues danced inside each other’s mouths as their hands explored each other’s bodies. Shona let herself be guided towards the bed, her anticipation mounting with every second. Sitting down, she felt Steph’s fingers begin pulling at the buttons of her blouse. Easing herself slightly from Steph’s embrace she began to assist the other girl. As Shona’s blouse fell open, she sighed softly as Steph began to plant kisses on her neck and shoulders.

“Your skin’s so soft,” Steph purred as she ran her hands up Shona’s back, pulling her blouse down off her body. Shona said nothing, savouring the sensations as Steph’s lips danced lightly across her skin.

It came as no surprise to Shona when she felt Steph’s fingers deftly release the clasp of her bra. She leaned back, letting the other girl slide the straps down her arms, freeing her breasts from their confinement. “You’ve got wonderful tits, Shona,” Steph breathed, “I really do wish I had a pair like yours.” Shona murmured her thanks to the compliment the other girl paid her then gasped as she felt Steph’s tongue glide over the surface of her firm, full globes.

“Fuck, that feels good. Your tongue’s so gentle,” Shona purred, leaning back to give Steph more room. Stephanie leaned forward, lifting her hands to cup Shona’s breasts, pressing them together as she flicked her tongue over their surface. As the other girl bit down softly on her nipple, Shona came, suddenly, the excitement and the sensations too much for her. “Oh fuck… Ohhhhhh fuck,” she gasped as her body convulsed. Startled, Stephanie broke away. “No… no, don’t stop, it’s all right,” Shona gasped. “My tits are v… very sensitive. I, uh, I often c… cum when they’re played with.”

“Lucky you! Now I really wish I had tits like yours,” Steph said with a smile before returning her attention to Shona’s breasts.

As Steph teased her nipples with her teeth and tongue, Shona felt her climax peak over and over again. “Oh yesssss!” she moaned, “Suck my tits! Suck my fucking tits, Steph!” Steph chuckled at the other girl’s language before fastening her lips around one nipple. As she sucked it deep into her mouth, flicking it with her tongue, Shona reached inside her jeans and began fingering her clit through the damp material of her knickers. Her body began to shake again. “Squeeze my tits, Steph!” Shona cried, “Squeeze ’em and suck ’em hard!”

Steph pressed Shona’s breasts together, teasing the nipples with her thumbs as her tongue flicked over their surface. “Fuck… Oh fuck!” Shona moaned as her climax soared, her body shaking wildly. She worked a finger into her pussy. “Ooooooh, mmmmmm!” she sighed as she felt the walls of her cunt tighten around the invading digit.

Having coated Shona’s breasts with a warm film of saliva, Steph’s hands glided easily over their surface as their lips pressed together in a hungry kiss.

“I want to taste you, Shona,” Steph purred softly. Shona freed her hand from inside her knickers. Steph took Shona’s hand in hers and lifted the other girl’s fingers to her lips. “Mmmmmm,” she murmured as she drew Shona’s fingers into her mouth, licking the juices from them with her tongue. “Oh, Shona,” she sighed, “I can’t wait to eat your pussy.”

“Mmmmm,” purred Shona in reply, “let me calm down a bit first.”

“Right,” replied Stephanie, her hands going to the hem of her top. With one gracefully fluid movement she pulled her top off over her head and threw it to the floor. Smiling, she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra before slowly sliding the straps down along her slender arms. “I really do wish I had tits like yours, Shona,” she said with a pout.

Shona giggled then licked her lips. “I like your tits, Steph,” she said then smiled before adding, “Anyway, too much more than a mouthful’s a waste of time.”

Steph laughed. “Well,” she drawled “I’ve got two mouthfuls right here for you.”

“Mmmmmmmm,” replied Shona, licking her lips once again before leaning forward to kiss the other girl on the lips. As her tongue danced in Steph’s mouth, Shona reflected that despite her reassuring words she would have liked Steph’s breasts even more if they had been bigger. Steph was attractive in a slender and athletic way but Shona realised that her preference was for the fuller, more curved figure, that girls such as her friend Jane and she herself enjoyed.

Cupping Steph’s breasts in her hands, Shona began to kiss her way down the other girl’s neck, rolling her stiff nipples with her thumbs. “Squeeze them, Shona,” Steph urged. Shona’s fingers increased their pressure. “Uuuuhhhhh, that’s right. Just like that!” Steph purred, “Now, lick them too.” Shona felt a sudden tingle of excitement race up her spine as she leaned further forward, her tongue touching another girl’s breasts for the first time. Steph sighed as Shona’s tongue slid over the surface of her breasts, the other girl’s saliva warm against her skin.

As Shona sucked Steph’s nipples into her mouth, flicking them with her tongue, Steph wriggled out of her jeans. She ran a finger over her knickers. The gusset was damp against her mound. She slipped a finger inside her knickers and began to rub her clit as Shona feasted on her breasts. “Oh, Shona, that feels so good,” Steph moaned as the sensations mounted inside her. The finger inside her knickers was joined by a second and soon, both were slipping in and out of her pussy.

Shona bit down softly on the stiff nipple between her teeth, tugging on it gently as her tongue flicked its tip. Steph began mewing softly as the sensations intensified. Shona slid one hand inside the other girl’s knickers, her fingers joining Steph’s as they teased her pussy. “Oh yes, that’s just what I need,” Steph moaned as Shona’s fingers rubbed against her swollen clit. Shona sucked harder on the nipple between her lips as she felt the warm, stickiness of another girl’s juices coat her fingers for the first time.

Steph’s hips began to buck, increasing the pressure of Shona’s fingers on her clit. “Don’t stop!” she urged, “That feels soooooo good!” Shona’s tongue danced back and forth over Steph’s nipples as the other girl’s clit throbbed beneath her fingers. “Yesssssss” Steph cried, her body shaking with increasing violence as her climax intensified. “Yessss! Ooooohhhhh, yessss! Th… that’s sooooo gooooooood!”

Clinging to Shona for support, Stephanie let her orgasm wash over her. She whimpered softly as spasms wracked her body. Shona’s finger still pressed lightly on Steph’s clit, not letting her climax subside.

“Shit, that was good!” Steph purred as she struggled to bring her body under control. Shona smiled as Steph leaned forward to kiss her lightly on the lips. Their lips parted, Steph smiled. “Now, if you’re ready, I’m going to eat your pussy,” she said. Shona nodded, a tremble of anticipation ran through her. “Lie back,” Steph urged her. Smiling, Shona did as she was told.

On her back, Shona raised her hips off the bed and reached down to work her jeans down over her hips. Steph helped, tugging them down her legs. Shona’s lacy white knickers were damp with her juices. Steph reached forward and began pulling at them, easing them down over Shona’s thighs, pulling them off, down past her knees, her lower legs and then past her feet before tossing them negligently to the floor. Smiling up at Steph, Shona opened her legs, exposing her pussy to the other girl’s gaze. Her lower lips were swollen and red, her juices glistening on their surface. Slowly, nibbling on the end of one fingernail, Shona reached down between her legs to spread her labia with the fingers of her other hand.

Stephanie leaned forward and began slowly kissing her way up the inside of Shona’s thighs. The rich scent of the other girl’s pussy filled her senses as Steph slowly approached. Shona trembled in anticipation as Steph’s mouth made its way inexorably closer to its goal.

“Mmmmmm,” Steph purred as her tongue gently probed Shona’s pussy, lapping her juices into her mouth.

“Ooooooohhhhh!!!!” Shona cried, her body flinched as Steph’s tongue worked up and down her slit.

“You taste so good, Shona,” Steph murmured, savouring the taste of the other girl’s juices.

“You’re tongue’s so soft… so gentle,” Shona replied, surrendering herself to the other girl’s touch.

Steph’s tongue explored Shona’s pussy, working its way into every fold. Shona squirmed and writhed on the bed, her hands moving to caress the full, firm globes of her large breasts. “That’s soooooo good,” she purred as the other girl’s tongue traced its path along her slit, darting between her moist folds.

Savouring the taste of Shona’s juices, Stephanie sucked the other girl’s lower lips into her mouth, running her tongue along their edges. Shona felt as if her body was on fire as her throbbing clit fired bolts of electricity through her body.

Feeling the first contractions ripple through her pussy and womb as Steph’s tongue lashed her clit, Shona squeezed her breasts harder, tugging sharply at her nipples. “Mmmmmm, fuck,” she sighed as the sensations intensified, her womb being gripped more and more tightly by each spasm, her body beginning to jerk in response to the skilful touch of Steph’s tongue. “Put your fingers inside me,” she moaned as she realised that her team-mate’s tongue wasn’t quite enough, “I need something inside my pussy.”

Shona moaned softly as she felt one then another of Steph’s fingers slide into her hot tunnel. “Yesssssss! That’s it!!!!! Fuck me with your fingers! Fuck me! Fuck me! Don’t stop!!!!!!” she cried as the sensations Steph’s questing fingers produced added to the throbbing in her swollen clit. Pumping her fingers in and out of the other girl’s pussy, Steph lashed Shona’s clit with her tongue. Shona flinched and squirmed in response to Steph’s touch, moaning loudly as she was driven towards her inevitable climax. “Yessssssss!! Oh my God! Ohhhhhh yessssssss, mmmmmmmaaaaaaahhhhhhh!” she cried, tugging hard on her nipples as her womb suddenly tightened, the walls of her pussy gripping Steph’s fingers as her orgasm ignited. “Oh fuck! Ohhhhh Steph! That’s soooooooo gooooooood!!!!” she moaned as her body shook, her back arching up off the bed. Steph gently licked Shona’s throbbing bulb, sending fresh tremors through the other girl’s body with every contact.