Stag 2 Cuck the Next Step

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Continuation of the story Stag 2 Cuck or both.

It was Wednesday night. We are expecting my wife’s new guy that we met at the party on Friday. As normal there is no sex for a couple days prior to any of her men coming by. She likes giving them a fresh pussy and the build up with us is amazing. This new guy wants me having the shot that makes me limp for a few days so he has her to himself and I can’t do anything to her the whole time. I expected that evening my wife would give me that shot but she did not. Thursday morning we are having breakfast before I leave for work.

“I guess I am going to have a shot when I get home? Thought we were supposed to do that last night.”

She responded saying “You did have the shot last night. Haven’t you noticed you were limp this morning?” I looked at her a bit surprised, “I gave it to you after you went to sleep. You didn’t even flinch.”

I was shocked she did it like that. Although I was also excited by it. I was a little unsure how to respond. Part of me excited she did it without letting me know and another a little scared that she could do it. However I trust her and so either way it is ok. I know I can say stop anytime.

Friday rolls around, we are both off so our guest comes over around lunch time. As Matt enters our home for the first time my wife greets him with a big kiss and hug that lasts for several minutes. She then kisses me and I hand her back to him for the rest of the weekend. “Did you give your husband the shot like I instructed you?” he asks my wife.

“Yes I did. I gave him 25 units” she added.

“It was supposed to be 5 units” he said.

“Oh my god, is he going to be ok with what I gave him?” she was worried.

“Don’t worry it won’t hurt him but instead of being limp for 4 or 5 days he will be limp for 3 or 4 weeks” Matt said.

My wife grabbed me and hugged me and said “I am so sorry. I made a mistake. Can you forgive me?”

I told her “I will be ok but 3 or 4 weeks limp is going to be tough.”

She responded “Not just for you, I love the sex with you and now I can’t have you either for a while.”

I told her “I guess I will have to have your other steady men come by more often for that time to keep you happy.”

She just smiled and said “thank you.”

“Can I take your wife upstairs for a while alone?” Matt asked.

I looked at her and she smiled “Come up in about an hour and a half” she told me.

So they went to the guest room to enjoy while I spent some time online chatting with her 2 other men. Told them each that I had a med that gave me a reaction and made me limp. It was temporary and during the time I wanted them to come by once or twice a week each to enjoy her for me. Normally they came by as she wanted which was an average of 2 or 3 times a month each. Now for the next couple weeks until I was literally up again they were going to come by 2 or 3 times a week. I never told them the drug was designed to make me limp just that it was a side effect for the 3 weeks I was taking it.

90 minutes went by and I could hear them fucking the entire time. I went to the room and she was on her back with Matt fucking her. I stood in the room watching them for a little while longer while I was getting very excited but not a single twitch in my cock. The way it was going to be for 3 or 4 weeks. My wife saw me and motioned me over to her where she started making out with me while he was fucking her. I could feel every thrust he made in her through her lips. I could also feel every time she came on him because she began kissing me even harder through each orgasm. As he started to cum in her he stopped thrusting and she began to cum very hard releasing me to watch his cock twitch in her shooting cum in her for a few minutes. Then he laid on her for a few minutes after as he recovered.

He pulled out of her slowly leaving a huge load of cum beginning to leak out. He moved up to her head as she took his dick in her mouth and began to suck him back to life. During this she put her hand on my head and gently pushed it to her used pussy. I knew what she wanted. I began to eat her pussy. I spent about 20 minutes eagerly eating her pussy and making her cum. Each time she came from my tongue her hips tilted and she pulled my face and tongue deep in her hole to lick. He was hard again at this point and she pushed me away so he could fuck her more.

As he entered her again she pulled me close. “Sorry kaçak iddaa I am so messy but what you saw was the 3rd time he came in me.” she said.

“That explains why you are so wet.” I replied.

He fucked her for another 20 minutes and came in her again. After cumming in my wife yet again they were both in need of a break so we went back to the living room and sat naked together and talked. Part of the conversation was Matt apologizing for the mix up in the drug. He assured me it will wear off in no more than 3 weeks. Just about in time for his next visit. My wife assured me next time only 5 units to make me limp for the weekend. She sat in my lap with his cum dripping out of her the entire time.

As 4pm rolled around I excused myself to the kitchen as I was making a nice dinner for us all. My wife followed and helped me for a few minutes. Then she took hold of me and in a hug asked if it was ok to go back up and fuck some more. I told her “This weekend is all for you. You enjoy all you want any way you want with either of us.”

She said “Thank you so much. I love you. But one thing I want to enjoy, I can’t. You.”

I said “soon as the drug wears off you will have me, so I guess the next 3 weeks is all for you, enjoy anybody you want the entire time any way you like.”

She walked out of the kitchen and upstairs with Matt while I stayed in the kitchen and began dinner. It wasn’t long before I could hear them enjoying each other as I cooked. My dick was as useless as an ice-maker in an igloo. But I was excited that she was fucking.

It took almost 2 hours but I had dinner a few minutes from being ready. I walked into the guest room and they were both just laying together having just finished fucking. More cum leaking out of my wife and the sight made me wish I could be hard. After seeing and hearing so much already the drug’s madness was kicking in.

Matt looked at me and spoke “You and your wife have a stag vixen relationship with 2 men right now, with me you will have a hotwife and cuckold relationship”.

I looked and just said “Yes”.

He continued “She is mine while I am here. We fuck any way and anytime we want. You will watch if possible and kiss her and make her feel good, you will also eat her pussy after I fuck her every time. You will be given the drugs to make you limp a day before I arrive and you will not have her until well after I am gone.”

I was a bit shocked but very turned on so I just said “yes I will.”

“I have cum leaking out of me right now, lick me please.” my wife said.

“Dinner is ready guys.” I said but realized she wants eaten so I had an appetizer. I ate her for about 10 minutes then we stopped and went to the kitchen for dinner. We ate naked and enjoyed dinner. We passed around a nice joint and all got high.

We were stuffed after dinner so we spent some time just watching TV together for a few hours. The time got away from us and before we knew it, it was about midnight and we all retired to the bedroom. My wife slept holding me but she was held by Matt. Soon they were touching and kissing while I sucked on her breast. He slid in her and began fucking her again. They spent about 30 minutes fucking and he came in her yet again.

He slid out and my wife looked at me and said “You do remember the rules right? You have to eat me now.”

I went down and happily ate her for a short time of about 10 minutes. We then all went to sleep. At least for a little while, I was awakened during the night hearing them fuck again, but I must have slept through most of it, it seemed like I caught the last 5 minutes as he came. I was fully awake as my wife climbed up and straddled my head and fed me her used pussy again. I was getting very worked up doing this and not able to even get hard. The rest of the night was quiet and we just slept til about 11am.

I woke first and got out of bed and started making breakfast. After about 45 minutes my wife and Matt got out of bed and came out and ate with me. My wife wrapped her arms around me and said “Thank you for doing this with me. Are you sure you are ok with all of this?”

“Yes, it is exciting for me too.” I replied. She smiled. We sat around for a while talking after breakfast.

“With that overdose you took, you won’t be able to fuck your wife until after the next time I am here.” Matt said, which I had not realized but it was true.

“I am sorry bebe, is that ok with you?” my wife kaçak bahis said.

“I really don’t have a choice, this is how it will be just make sure you are ready when it wears off I am going to be stark raving mad for sex.” I replied.

“The drug should wear off just about the time you will be getting another shot of the correct dosage for my arrival.” Matt added.

“I think I need my pussy eaten again please.” my wife added. It was all making her horny. Her and Matt continued chatting while I ate her for the next 40 minutes at which time Matt took my wife’s hand and she got up off the couch.

I stood up and went to follow them to the guest room for more fucking, but my wife stopped and hugged me and whispered in my ear “Would it be ok if since you are my cuck this weekend, that me and Matt just go enjoy each other for the afternoon? I will come out and visit you a few times.”

I replied “damn the madness, but yes you may.”

They walked to the guest room together while I sat in the living room watching TV. I could hear them fucking and I just wish I could get hard. I was going nuts with excitement. After about an hour of hearing them it gets quiet.

Shortly after that my wife walks out of the room and over to me on the couch. She climbs up on me and whispers, “you know what you have to do now.” and she straddles my head and I eat her pussy for about 10 minutes and make her cum a few more times.

I didn’t even notice the cum leaking out as I ate her. “Thank you bebe, I’m going back in with him but I’ll be out after he cums to be eaten by you. You know you can watch if you like.” she says.

I watched her walk back to the guest room and a few minutes later I can hear them at it again. This time I quietly got up and walked to the door and watched them fuck.

She was on top riding him cumming over and over. She stopped after a few more minutes and needed to lay down as her legs were tired. He wasted no time in spreading her legs and slipping back inside her. They fucked totally embracing each other and making out with him slowly sliding in and out. I watched as my wife came over and over. She loves being fucked that way. Her other 2 men do it too. Matt kept this up and after about 20 minutes of watching this she motioned me over and began making out with me while he continued to fuck her. Again I could feel each thrust into her. The thrusting got harder and a little faster, she was cumming every few minutes which had me very worked up and her very very wet. Finally I could feel the change in thrust as he came in my wife again. He sat inside for a few minutes letting it all shoot inside.

Then he slid out and she looked at me and said “A hotwife should never have to ask to be eaten.” so per our agreement I began eating a very wet cum filled pussy. She was sucking him back to life while I ate her pussy. It took about 40 minutes and she pushed me back and wanted him in her more.

I got up and said I have to get dinner ready so you guys enjoy. The entire time I was preparing dinner I was listening to them fuck. When it got quiet my wife emerged from the guest room and walked to the kitchen. She hopped on the counter and said “eat me please” and I put down what I was working on and had a sloppy pussy to eat.

Once she had enough she went back in with Matt and fucked him some more. Dinner was about 5 minutes from being ready when she came out again. Once again she was on the counter and I had my appetizer. Matt came out shortly after and watched as I ate her pussy. I kept it short, about 10 minutes because I knew she was wearing out from all the action not to mention I didn’t want dinner ruined.

After dinner we all sat and watched some porn. My wife needed a little break. A few hours of porn, mostly gangbang and hotwife vids, it was late and we went to the bedroom. She had me get on my back and they got in 69 with me having me eat her pussy while Matt fucked her doggy style. I have gotten to like this position as it drives her wild. She began sucking my dick which felt great but no erection. Matt was gently fucking her and speeding up a little at a time. Matt fell out of her and his cock was on my cheek for a minute until I realized I was going to have to be the one to put him back in my wife’s pussy. I took hold of his dick and slid it back in my wife as I heard her moan loudly. Seems she was turned on by that. They continued fucking until he started to cum in her. He stayed illegal bahis in while I licked her clit. When he slid out she tilted her hips down and fed me her used pussy yet again.

After making her cum a few more times by eating her she rolled off of me and laid next to Matt as I moved up on the other side of her and laid next to her. We went to sleep that way for the night. In the morning my wife woke up first and got out of bed. She hopped in a shower then began making breakfast for us all. Me and Matt woke up and realized 2 things. 1st was that there was no girl in the bed with us, 2nd was that we smelled bacon and a delicious breakfast waiting. So we both got up and headed to the kitchen where my wife had a nice breakfast waiting for us all.

After breakfast my wife said “Guys, I am sorry but I am worn out, I can’t handle any more sex today.”

Matt looked disappointed and asked “Not even one more before I leave later?”

My wife replied “I think I can give you some more later this afternoon but keep it quick because I am worn out”. We spent the rest of the time talking and my wife making sure I was ok with being her cuckold for a weekend. Of course I will be that for her for the next 3 weeks too. About 3pm Matt takes my wife’s hand and leads her to the guest room for a quickie before he leaves.

They are in and out in 30 minutes and Matt shakes my hand and says “Thank you man. You have a wonderful wife there. I will see you in about a month, no go take care of her.” and I walked into the room to my wife’s leg spread and leaking cum. I got on the bed and between her legs, lowered my head and began eating her to another orgasm.

After that orgasm she stopped me and said she needs a break for a few days. “I set one of your other guys up for Wednesday.” I said.

“Thank you, that gives me 2 days to rest.” she replied.

We sat for a little while and just relaxed holding each other. “I’m so sorry for overdosing you on the drug. Are you sure everything will be ok? You won’t be able to do much with the other guys is that ok?” she said.

“Yes, I told them I was taking a med that had a side effect leaving me limp for a few weeks so they sort of know a version of it.” I said. “You just enjoy them and be ready for me when I am up again.” I said.

“I want you involved, I don’t want you to be a cuck except for when Matt is around. I want my husband and his cock too along with the other men.” she told me.

The next couple of weeks went by slowly with me unable to show any signs of life in my cock. My wife was visited by our 2 steady bulls every couple days with each one spending the night with us and my wife enjoying them. I was involved as best I could be. She got plenty of breast sucking, kissing and me eating her pussy. The guys always left the next morning after leaving her pussy with one last load of cum in her. She only asked me to eat her that way after they left and suffering the “madness” from being limp I ate her often.

It had been 3 weeks since the overdose and we began trying to see if I could get it up but not much luck until the day before Matt was coming over again for a weekend. My wife went down on me and thank the gods I was hard again. It was a great feeling. However it was too late she was off limits. While I was hard my wife gave me another shot. This time only 5 units and within minutes I could feel the erection fade and I was limp and lifeless again. “It is so wild to watch you have an erection then see it go away so fast after the shot. But once Matt leaves, and you are up again, don’t expect to leave the bed for a day.” my wife said with a huge grin.

Matt arrived on Friday and I was limp again. They spent the entire weekend fucking several times a day with me watching, and eating her pussy afterward each time. Pretty much a repeat of the previous time he spent the weekend but during our time talking over the weekend, Matt offered to bring a friend with him that fucked her at the party 2 months ago. He liked my wife and was wishing he could have her again. I have not had my wife in 5 weeks now and was going nuts. So when they both asked if it was ok I said “Hell yes, I want to see her in a 3some without me.”

“You do know you will be the cuck and limp that weekend also? You will be expected to clean your wife after each of us every time.” Matt told me.

“That is fine.” came out of my mouth. So now we knew what was in store the next time he came by. He left like usual on Sunday and my wife was a messy cum filled yet happy girl with me eating her pussy. I still had to wait another day or 2 before I was up and finally able to fuck my wife too.

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